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  1. Once a house is listed with a realtor does the seller have any control over who buys it? Yes, they can refuse offers based on price, but if the Beelzebubs came in with a fair offer, and JB refused it, couldn’t they say they were being discriminated against because well, they’re devils? Since the house is on Zillow and multiple listing it’s out there for all who are interested, and if JB wanted to control what it was eventually used for wouldn’t he have to sell it privately? The lack of bedrooms continues to mystify me. I also wonder what the neighbors think of this monstrosity. They
  2. I kept the jerseys but not all the cleats,only the ones that still fit. I framed in a shadow box my grandson’s first town rec. league baseball shirt. He was 4 yrs.old. He’s kept the same number during all his school years and it was one of only a few that had his name on the back as well as the number. His uncle, my other son, recently gave him a bunch of his original LED Zeppelin, Rolling Stones and Pink Floyd tees. Grandson loves their music and gets compliments every time he wears one.They will make a great quilt one day although The Rolling Stones tee is getting kind of ragged.
  3. Wouldn’t it be funny if it originally had an indoor pool under a retractable floor that’s been hidden. One like in those old Esther Williams movies? One that the Duggars know nothing about?
  4. I wonder why Eddie had no bridesmaids? She could have snagged Erin and Nicki,and Danny’s boys for extra groomsmen. I guess then it would be a true all -Reagan affair, but they never show any of them hanging out with friends. Jamie is so serious, but he did attempt a little smile at the end.
  5. There is one in DC that my granddaughter has visited. She’s going back to DC again for a summer internship and can’t wait to visit it again.
  6. The rest of the clue said something along the lines that it was first used in Houston, so I guessed Astro turf because of the Houston Astros.
  7. As it’s been said here many times, it’s funny that Meshelle took advantage of all that medicine has to offer and delivered most of her children in a hospital under a doctor’s care. She has done her daughters no favors throughout the years. She never taught them to cook or clean, she blamed them for their brother’s actions, and now doesn’t advise them to get proper medical care as she did. She was there when Jill and Jessa had complications( not sure about Joy),and even then it doesn’t seem to phase her one bit. I can’t even force myself to like this woman for one minute. In my
  8. If that’s a bedroom it looks pretty large. Maybe, the bedrooms are designed to accommodate lots of people like the boys and girls dorms in the TTH. They packed 19 children into 2 rooms. If they did that, they’d still have a master suite and a guest room,and that would also account for the extra bathrooms. I still can’t figure out the reason for all the kitchens unless Jill is going to give cooking classes. Whatever it is, it’s one fugly house. The good thing is that it’s giving us lots to snark about, and probably will for months to come since I don’t envision a quick sale
  9. I would imagine that Alex has private chemo sessions. Most hospitals have a few private rooms, but most are communal with patients relaxing in recliners while they get their treatment. There are curtains that can be drawn around each area but many patients tend to leave them open to chat with others. Some will walk around pushing their IV. Sadly, the chemo lab is always filled to capacity. I’ve seen teens,businessmen,and the elderly. It’s amazing that some businessmen go to work right after their session. The nurses are angels, Chemo tends to irritate the veins, so as time goes
  10. Thank you. In June I will be 8 years cancer free.
  11. I noticed the difference in his hair this week. His sideburns are thicker and the top a little fuller, but it’s a very good hairpiece. When I had chemo I was given a combo that did not cause me to lose my hair, it just caused it to thin, and it did go back to normal after I finished treatment. Chemo is exhausting. They give you steroids the day before and the day of to prevent nausea, and you feel great, then comes the letdown along with extreme fatigue. When you start feeling normal, it’s time for the next round. I hope he does well. It’s encouraging that he can still host the
  12. I wish it were true that the boys did the work. That would raise my opinion of them instead of picturing them lolling around the TTH doing nothing. When the house was described as mansion, I was picturing one of those beautiful old homes in Charleston or Savannah, not this bunker. If I were in the market for a house I wouldn’t be able get past the exterior even to see that the inside isn’t so bad. With three kitchens, maybe the buyer will chop it up into apartments, if zoning allows.
  13. I said coloratura which is a high soprano. The Bell Song from Lakme is extremely difficult with an very high range. I wonder if that would count.
  14. Well the way I see it, Anna’s little business is a plus for Josh. It’s perfect for him to divert his mail, Log into dating sites, even arrange in-person “meetings”.
  15. I wasn’t comparing myself to a midwife, just saying that the courses for nurses and nurse midwives are very demanding. Lots of science and math. Jill doesn’t have the background in either from her SODRT.education. Even if she were permitted to try, she’d have to spend a long time taking the required courses for admission to a nursing program. At this point, I don’t think she’s had many of them, if any. Nursing has gotten a bad rap for years. My family was very upset that I chose nursing because they didn’t think it was respectable..It was what I wanted and I never regretted it.( even
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