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  1. I just re-watched this one because I'm familiar with the town. Two personal observations. First, the editors were careful to show shots of only the most rundown, raggedy-*ss parts of town, except the outside of the city office building. You'd never know from watching this show that Altus isn't some godforsaken near-ghostown crossroads spot. It's a town of about 20,000 with an Air Force Base, decent motels, nice homes, a state college, and so forth. I bet the town fathers (and mothers) who saw this episode were mortified. Or indignant. Second, Kelly mispronounced the town's name throughout. It's not "Ahl-tus," it's "Al-tus." Short "a" sound, not an "ah" sound. About the show, it was interesting that an Altus cop would care about solving a "so cold it's frozen" case involving a woman from the wrong side of the tracks. I'm glad to see that. It's good that Kelly and Yolanda and their team helped solve the case. The bully-boy abusive husband did it, which I think everybody suspected, but it took work and a little luck to build the case. Of course, when they finally caught him and he knew he was cornered, he changed from big bad bully who kept everybody in line by fear, to a whimpering self-justifying little rat. OK, maybe that was harsh. By which I mean, it's an insult to rats everywhere. I hope the daughters get some counseling and have some good strong people in their lives who care for them. Because they've been dealt a bad hand in life.
  2. Editor's Note: Discuss Renovation Realities Here! OK, here we can chat about the show generally, not limited to a specific episode. I'm pasting below what I originally posted in the Small Talk topic: Oh, man, I miss the DIY Channel. Eighteen months ago I cut out cable TV. It's saved me a ton of money even after I pay to keep up with my handful of must-see cable shows via Hulu, Amazon streaming, iTunes, and Netflix. It's been hard to find many of the DIY shows, though. Renovation Realities is now on Amazon, and I sometimes tune into an old episode just for the Schadenfreude. I'll have to check in here for the latest misadventures. I've called shenanigans on some episodes in the past, as being just too stupid not to be staged. But I'd hate to think that all of them were phony. I can't remember his name, but I think my all time most hated guy in this series was the obnoxious guy with the equally unlikable wife who set out to build/replace a deck in his backyard. He expressed contempt for the local building codes, his neighbors, and I think the world in general. Because he of course was so infinitely superior to all of them. I think he lassoed a friend in to helping him, then treated the friend abominably. I was just astonished that he had any friends. My grasp of the rest of the details of that mess has failed me. I just remember how easy he was to hate. EDITED to add: I've now found that at diynetwork.com they have full episodes of RR available to stream, for free. I haven't explored it all but it looks like most of not all of the shows are there. If I find the one with the obnoxious guy I'll add the episode info to identify him.
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