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  1. Editor's Note: Discuss Renovation Realities Here! OK, here we can chat about the show generally, not limited to a specific episode. I'm pasting below what I originally posted in the Small Talk topic: Oh, man, I miss the DIY Channel. Eighteen months ago I cut out cable TV. It's saved me a ton of money even after I pay to keep up with my handful of must-see cable shows via Hulu, Amazon streaming, iTunes, and Netflix. It's been hard to find many of the DIY shows, though. Renovation Realities is now on Amazon, and I sometimes tune into an old episode just for the Schaden
  2. TLC has announced several new shows, including this one: I wonder if Jim Boob is seething at a Duggar who's outside his "headship" getting airtime and bucks from TLC. Edited for clarity.
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