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  1. Hopefully not all of them, because there’s nothing helpful in that scenario.
  2. No need to worry, Jase will continue to make an ass out of himself. The posts will get worse.
  3. You’d think BME would have learned her lesson after Nurie’s first guy ran for the hills.
  4. There was a recent discussion here speculating if Derick passed the bar, and what if any financial cushion they had. If Derick failed the bar exam and their financial cushion is at its limit, they are smart monetizing their vacation. I can see Derick being confident at passing the bar, it’s what he’s done his entire life, go to school and pass exams. He probably thought he was going to sail into practicing after their rather expensive vacation (for a student and SAHM).Ten days on the road doesn’t come cheap.
  5. You mean you doubt Jonathan could afford wristbands for the entire family.
  6. IIRC Anna had a helper, Cousin Emily. Anna was presented as a mentor to a child not much older than Mackenzie (sp?). At some point Anna deleted Emily’s pictures from her SM. But she has shown up on the Duggars’ SM. Then there are the Lost Girls, Anna blamed one of the girls when she couldn’t find an M boy. This happened when they descended on Ginger like the vermin they are. Turns out Ginger had the errant toddler. Anna is not stupid, she is (was) savvy about curating her media to come across as MOTY.
  7. I wonder how much that outing cost Jonathan. They are wearing wristbands, so unlimited ride$$$. Jill and GWE are freaking grifters.
  8. I’m not comfortable with them not addressing their dog’s fate. Would they even bother to return the kittens or rehome them? Its not fair for Jill to have to take on pets she didn’t adopt.
  9. Jill and the kids seemed to have fun visiting Derick’s family in Oklahoma for the long weekend. Jill didn’t have to wear that swimming dress abomination, or leggings under her dress. I think the Dillards got the better deal. JMHO. It was good to see how much Sam missed Fenna and how Jill greeted her with obvious affection.
  10. Spurgeon’s shorts were so darn tight, poor kid must have been uncomfortable.
  11. Oh, I agree, both families are batshit crazy. Before they became media savvy the Duggars heavily promoted the Pearl’s abusive methods. The more TLC money rolled in the more they learned to hide the worst of them. Even after Joshgate 1, they managed to get a spin off. I would not be surprised if JB and M not only believe in the medicinal value of ivermectin, and other dangerous/worthless drugs, but have stocked up for the family. The difference is that JB and M are still angling for a come back and know better than to run their mouths on SM. Especially with the pervert’s latest screw up h
  12. I think the lack of engagement occurs when Jessa is filming and controlling even how many breaths he takes per minute. That was a beautiful daddy-daughter moment. Notable that it happened around his family. No one ran up to scold him for teaching his daughter to stir desires that can’t be rightfully fulfilled. 🙄The junior Seewalds would be better off moving near Ben’s family. Same horrible beliefs, but more in tune with their children. Heck, Spurgeon’s hair was combed, and his clothes were not wrinkled. That was not Jessa’s doing. Maybe now that there isn’t a show to anchor them to Lord JB…
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