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  1. The difference is your mom knows how to cook.
  2. IIRC, a Duggar adjacent on another forum claimed it was over COVID and Pa Caldwell’s refusal to close the church. I find that hard to believe because the Duggars (save for Jill and family, and not sticklers) don’t give a fig about COVID safety guidelines.
  3. The alleged fallout happened way before Volderjosh’s arrest.
  4. There is no record of the Dillards going to court. They said they got a lawyer involved and received what amounted to minimum wage for Jill. I would not call that righteously doled out. Jill spent a big chunk of her life shilling the cult for JB’s benefit.
  5. Sadly, it makes perfect sense, well, for JB. If Joe sells properties and earns commissions he won’t be completely financially dependent on JB. And JB won’t have that because although they repeatedly lie about leave and cleave, JB must have all his adult children under his thumb. When Derick decided to stop playing JB’s games, he punished Jill by restricting her access to the TTH. It’s all about control for that despicable man. I do wonder what’s his hold on JD, who has a commercial pilot’s license, and is also an instructor. JD could work for someone else and make a decent living. I’m pro
  6. Maybe we’ll see her cry when her favorite yet reprobate son’s ass is hauled to prison, where he belongs for decades. I do know he won’t spent the time he deserves to be incarcerated.
  7. I think it’s great Jill has a support system. While thinking about Amy I had somehow forgotten about Deanna. That woman is beautiful and looks nothing like her ass of a brother. Not all is lost as Jill has her aunt and her cousin. Israel and Sam will get to experience things they never would have if tethered to the TTH. I know this exposes what a rotten human being I am. I hope Josh is convicted or pleads out. On that day, when he is going to prison, the Kings and the Dillards should post a picture at Wellingtons holding champagne glasses. Big smiles on their faces. Screw you Volderjosh!
  8. The guy on the first picture looks like Volderjosh. Coincidence? 😂
  9. That money would be better spent taking care of the 7 innocent children who have had their world turned upside down by the sins of their father. Also to pay the ones who did the work, the 19. Maybe the adults can move on and live independently.
  10. Can the one video apply as a sentence enhancement? Sorry of that is not the correct term. JB and Michelle are going to have a hell of a time spinning this one. The sad thing is they will.
  11. I think it was some tabloid. Anna took out the stroller and unfolded it while Volderjosh stood there. She also placed the kids in the stroller. So taking care of his pregnant wife is BS. I’ve read Anna carried/handled the luggage on their honeymoon. Is that true?
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