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  1. Could it be because the trip was already paid for even though it won’t be filmed? It’ll be interesting to see how many of the married children go.
  2. Tiffany and her family live in CA. I don’t think they have disclosed where they will live.
  3. I’m obviously bored because I was checking out their Amazon wedding registry. I understand Lawson asking for tools since I’m sure he used the ones at home. But Tiffany allegedly has a condo. Why does she need to start from scratch? She didn’t have an iron? I’m also puzzled by the amount of food storage sets, roasting pans (3), 2 cake stands. SBaba and I cook at least 5 days a week and we do not need that many storage bowls (we do vacuum seal and freeze). They are doing much better that Jer and Hannah. A few big ticket items have already been purchased including an espresso machine fo
  4. Good! There goes whatever was left of Lawson’s “career.” Also, no TV wedding for Tiffy and Lawson. Looks like Alyssa, Carlin, Whitney, Josie, and Katie (long shot?) will be in the best position as influencers. Not looking good for the men.
  5. The videos of a very young Joy wrangling two toddlers is sad. I understand helping but Joy was parentified at such a young age. It makes me wonder why she comes across as not getting motherhood at times. I found it ironic that Jessa was combing a kid’s hair but can’t bother to do the same for her children.
  6. Looks like Jackson was in Katie’s area with his boss and they had dinner together (IG) I thought Jackson worked for Chad. Anyone recognize the guy?
  7. You’d be surprised at the amount of fools who will keep the Fucking Felon well stocked with snacks.
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