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  1. Found this, you are correct. But I do recall the weight lifting video.
  2. I read somewhere he went to the gym and there’s video of him lifting weights without a mask. A man claims he called Cuomo on being out while allegedly in quarantine, and was called a jackass. I was very disappointed to see that short video.
  3. Family favorites? I hope she is not referring to the Duggars. Their idea of Italian comes in a can, and 5 stars is Olive Garden. Not buying it.
  4. I think it’s lovely they were able to enjoy a sunrise together.
  5. Duggars are just not thinking creatures, they just do as they have been taught. I’m going to wear a green dress, heels, and stroll through grass. Because it’s Easter and also time for a reminder of my godly availability.
  6. Because you are a Duggar and that is the extent of your creativity.
  7. I thought those masks are the homemade type. Did notice the hair growth, also hope his hair is just wet. Yuck.
  8. Jana is a concert pianist, why isn’t she teaching the J girl? How long before the iPad falls and cracks?
  9. But somehow Josh is doing very well with a family of eight. It was his actions that led to less money.
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