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  1. Let’s take that claim at face value. Great that her kids are allowed to be just kids. What about cousin Emily? She does not deserve the right to a childhood? Typical Duggar hypocrisy.
  2. I spent years going to courtrooms waiting to be called as a witness. It’s one of the most boring things in the world. And I was the one who wrote the report the parties were arguing about. I also understood the terminology and other confusing aspects. I wonder if Jill can keep up, or spaces out. If she can’t keep up, I wonder if it makes her doubt all her talk about how superior Duggar Academy was to public school. I still recall a (I think) 13 year old James doing multiplication flash cards with Jill. SGirl is 13 and taking algebra this year.
  3. The caption referred to snack and court. Court?
  4. You grew up in a home that taught and valued independent thinking and education. Those poor kids are being raised in a cult. Everyone likes the same things, have the same opinions on every subject, same beliefs, and are together 24/7. They have no free will, only function as an unit. What a terrible way to grow.
  5. Probably because it’s the first time she has bought them a treat.
  6. When my asthma gets out of control I’m prescribed Prednisone. I put it off as long as possible, because of the swollen face look. Hate being on that stuff.
  7. Leaving a cult and not being part of a herd 24/7 will do that to a person.
  8. Duggars are not known for thinking ahead. I watched the video and it was good to see Israel so excited about school. SGirl (13) was watching with me and was instantly annoyed by the “yay” and “are you excited.” When Jill said she was homeschooled, SGirl said “yeah it shows.” I did explain to my snarky child (no idea where she got that from) that there are many parents who do a good job homeschooling. SGirl retorted, “The Duggars certainly screwed up royally.” I was surprised at the hour long wait for pick up. I really hope Israel can remain in school, no outbreaks, so he doesn’t have to do virtual school. SGirl is doing DL but she is already used to being on a schedule. Israel attending school forces Jill into an area of the real world she has never inhabited. Set bedtimes for the boys, making it to school on time, picking up Israel on time. It also gives her one on one time with Sam. The experience will benefit the entire family. I hope Jill grows from this new season of life. PS. Even distance learning requires more of a schedule than Jill had at the TTH.
  9. Israel wore shoes the first day of school, flip flops on the second day.
  10. Baby calf? Volderjosh’s illegitimate child?
  11. Jill does not have the basic daily life and social skills to join the PTO.
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