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  1. The Maxwells are superior to a lot of fundies in that they don't obviously dick around when family members need medical care. See: Melanie and her high-risk pregnancies.
  2. I wonder if they chose laser surgery to preserve her breastfeeding capability. I have a bad feeling that having cancer will not end well for Anna Marie or her children.
  3. There are idiots with medical training everywhere. I know a PA who thinks the flu vaccine is designed to make money for Big Pharma.
  4. She's wearing more makeup than I ever have for Halloween, let alone normal life. I guess the Rodriguii are lucky they don't have the Duggar acne problem (it doesn't look like they do, anyway).
  5. I forgot about her. She was nuts, too. Re: Carlin the moron. I was reading earlier about the death from influenza of a four-year-old from an antivax family, complete with dumbass mother. I really think that something like that, except probably an infant, will happen to a Bates or Duggar or their offshoots. I'm surprised it hasn't already, except for the slim chance that they're not really as stupid as they appear on social media.
  6. Thanks, all who beat me to it. Lydia of Purple and the homely-ass daughters, and Emily and Dna, were my first nutcase fundies. "Sixth daughter is 19 and always ready." FOR WHAT, pray tell?!
  7. Most of the Bates sons-in-law remind me of Randy Travis, but particularly the one who is married to Tori (or whoever the daughter is who looks most like Kelly in face and frame). The Bates sons-in-law are as homogenous and boring as the Bates daughters.
  8. 1. No way Carlin actually said any of the quotes attributed to her. She's like the rest of the Bates (and Duggar) offspring and can barely string two words together. 2. Her insistence on smiling with her mouth open makes her look like an idiot. 3. The Bateses are just Duggars in more aesthetic packaging, which is probably why they annoy me even more than the Duggars do.
  9. Maybe Jilly Rod and Ears figure a freezing cold bathroom will take the boys' minds off masturbating. Also, Jilly and her "leading" someone to the lord over the phone? BSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBSBS.
  10. I thought Phillip was the dark-skinned boy. Who is that super-skinny blond boy?
  11. I dunno about his hair, but I swear he has two beards. Back on topic: I'm pretty sure the Duggars think their magic name and Jed!'s Y chromosomes will guarantee him victory, thus no point in posting about MLK Day or even mounting a real campaign.
  12. Yes, he's ugly, but he can't help his teeth or ears. Now, the jelly belly while his kids are emaciated and wearing 1940s homeliness, that's a different story.
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