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  1. Poor Tessie, or whoever the younger, lovely sister is, doesn't stand a chance. Jill will probably make her wear a burqa.
  2. Whereas Nurie, quite frankly, tends toward the homely end of the spectrum. I have said before that I think Jill uglifies her own daughters so that she looks better in comparison. Nurie doesn't outshine Mama, but Kaylee might.
  3. Link? I like reading real estate listings. That size house is perfectly fine for a couple and a baby. Not so much when they're expecting number X.
  4. Any bets on a wedding date? I have a dollar on a Christmas wedding or an early spring wedding. I can't see them putting it off any longer, although I don't remember how long Nurie's courtship was so might be wrong. Speaking of Nurie, Jill and company should be heading to Floriduh soon to grift off Nathan prepare for the blessed arrival of their first grandchild.
  5. I know what your post is in response to. You asked if Derick was only worried about fundies on social media. Since I have no way of knowing, you should ask him. "Respecting" one's parents is on the final frontier of cultural "decency," IMO. To try this at home, tell friends and coworkers that your parents are not worthy of respect. (I've done this.) Watch how fast people tell you that you should respect your parents just because they're your parents and that you're selfish if you don't. Have a nice day. I'm pissed off at three certain government employees, and it's not likely to ch
  6. It's not as if they would say otherwise. Derick and Jill aren't stupid. Saying they DON'T respect or appreciate either set of parents would be social media suicide, at least to some people.
  7. The Juno character is a teenager who was presumably trying to keep it on the DL and not let her parents know until she was ready. Katey is a grown woman fully capable of buying a pregnancy test, driving home, and then taking the test in her own bathroom. Katey taking a pregnancy test in a public restroom is just weird and attention-whoring. Apples and oranges.
  8. Rewatching season 11, episode 22 (Carter's departure episode) reminds me that Shane West is not a very good actor. His response when the third- or fourth-floor balcony railing collapses, along with his love interest, is almost giggle-worthy. Also, didn't they freaking learn, from Chen and Malucci killing the Marfanoid patient, to always have an attending IN the ER?! Somewhere, Weaver impales Kovac with her crutch.
  9. That'll just put more swagger in Jed's step, as if his choice had anything to do with it.
  10. I worked for the Wal in claims. It was my job, among many other things, to scan out the stolen stuff. Condoms, pregnancy tests, and cosmetics are always amongst the items with high theft rates. I heard over and over about people getting caught stealing condoms and pregnancy tests at the same time. Topic: I wish Katey had bought some condoms instead.
  11. More Maxwell news. I had forgotten a Maxwell son (they're interchangeable) and his creepy wife had a preemie a couple months back. https://blog.titus2.com/2021/09/06/maddy-came-home/
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