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  1. Brooklyn was super-trendy around the time Precious Miracle was born, IIRC. I don't know why Joe and Ofjoe chose the name for #3. There's already a Jackson in the Duggar family. Oh wait, it doesn't matter if they have two people with the same or almost the same name. It doesn't matter if they have FOUR people with the same or almost the same name.
  2. Wasn't Jinger the first to wear pants? She started on her honeymoon. When did Jill start?
  3. Duggar car lots are the kind that self-finance, charge 30% interest, and prey on the desperate (or truly stupid). Anybody with a choice or a brain would go to a real dealership. It was speculated here years ago that John David had the tow truck(s) so that he could repo the cars Smuggar had sold, at his original car lot, to the desperate or dumb. It certainly made sense.
  4. Are the rumors credible? Do they say why he's doing that, other than to be a dick? I agree with all those who have pointed out the difficulties of adjusting to life where operating on "Duggar Time" will get you fired and "we've always done it this way, we learned by watching others" won't fly (haha). I feel sorry for the Duggarlings. They're fucked, and I think some of them (Jessa, Josiah) might even know it. It would be easier to be dumb and vapid, than to be bright and know your parents screwed you for life.
  5. In the Zillion Kids and Moving In special, didn't Smuggar have his own room, too? (I swear I remember that.) It was the "editing studio" or some BS, but it was Smuggar's alone. Of course, his nine brothers got a big dorm room to share, and his five sisters, who did all the work and were raising the kids, got a smaller dorm that would clearly be too small very soon. There were times over the years when I thought Jim Bob didn't like Smuggar much, especially a few moments in the On the Road special when Jim Bob's tone on speaking to his son was odd. But there were many more times when it w
  6. Good grief, did you see the kid on that nose?! I'm glad Joy has active, non-Duggarlike hobbies. It's something, anyway.
  7. My comment was a reference to a specific person. She lies even when it's in her own interest to tell the truth, and even when everyone she's speaking to knows she's lying. Also, Munchausen by proxy and cat hoarder. ETA: I hope Jill allows herself to a few minutes of smug. Not Smug as in her cockroach of a brother. Smug as in, "Look at me, craven parents. Look at my family. You told me I was just a uterus and slave."
  8. Thanks for the info. It didn't occur to me that there were (still) essays in the bar exam. I was thinking of someone I knew who took a professional exam (she's a neonatal nurse practitioner) and found out immediately that she passed, or so she said. She lies like a Duggar, so who knows for sure. That would be fantastic. The work part AND the F You, In-Laws part.
  9. I think there used to be a wait to find out if you passed (but I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV), but since everything is computerized now, he may found out right away.
  10. He may very well have changed his mind in the two and a half-three years since then. He may have realized that in his corner of the world, it's entirely possible to be a deeply conservative Christian and still have a "normal" day job. I'm not sure he really knew that before, since in Duggar World, it's apparently all or nothing. All: fundie and no job; nothing: sinner with a job.
  11. Honestly, I wonder what Story knows. Is he in on the alleged scams along with Jim Bob and Mullet? Are they paying him under the table so he doesn't have to declare X amount of income?
  12. That guy in the suit jacket makes Smuggar look svelte. Maybe Smugs can borrow some clothes from him for court.
  13. There are plenty of people on this forum who don't believe in any gods, and we are not dirtbags.
  14. I just got the text update that Smuggar has been released from jail "by court order." Sorry, Mrs. Reber.
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