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  1. That's a generalization and not necessarily true. I got tested immediately after symptoms started. My first test took three weeks (seriously). Second took a week. My test and retest when I actually had covid-19 took four days each. However, I spent most of the month before my diagnosis listening to the hoaxer at the next desk cough and cough and blame it on "allergies." He never got tested at all. Topic: I'm sure Derick's definition of civil rights law has nothing in common with the ACLU.
  2. There's always a National Coney, which I think is better anyway. *neighborly wave*
  3. I read that as "Jill's other husband" and my mind jumped to her brothers. My mind is deeply troubled now because I don't understand how or why this thought process happened.
  4. Involuntary cackle for "hotbeds of lechery like the grocery store."
  5. I hate the ever-popular "I'm OCD." Unless OCD is your name, you're not! Language is important. Back on topic -- after the filth and crowding the older Duggarlings experienced growing up, I wouldn't be surprised if one or more of them has issues with cleanliness and neatness. NOT OCD.
  6. I have a generalized anxiety diagnosis, and I agree that anxiety is frequently dismissed. At the same time, I think anxiety is often overused (or misused) as an excuse by people who don't actually have anxiety. I think Jill does have anxiety. It's no surprise after what she went through from the time she was a young child, thanks to her worthless parents.
  7. I happened to catch a season nine L&O/Homicide crossover today featuring the wooden one. Not only was she not even in the same stratosphere as Orbach or Belzer, the episode made it patently clear that her only task -- only expectation-- was to be a pretty face. I almost felt sorry for her. The episode sucked, too.
  8. Except Mullet didn't name that pregnancy until years after the fact. I guess she realized she needed to name the embryo for it to "count."
  9. I didn't think Chuck was a completely awful character, but with Susan? That pairing never made sense, especially the Las Vegas thing. Susan always looked like a professional, while Chuck looked like he smelled. Susan looked like she thought Chuck smelled.
  10. I liked Homicide, and I thought she was a mediocre actress then, especially compared to actors like Andre Braugher and Richard Belzer. Michael Michele was awful when she played a non-cop guest role on SVU, too, and she was bad in New Jack City.
  11. I saw that episode a few days ago. 🙂 I found out I can order seasons of L&O on DVD through my library. I'm up to season five now. I'm not looking forward to the next seasons, though -- Benjamin Bratt is deeply annoying (but at least I have Briscoe and Van Buren).
  12. Michael Michele was so wooden it was flat out unbelievable that she was human. There, I fixed it for you!
  13. ER reusing old plot lines was really, really annoying. Dark, handsome, moody doctor? Check. Same doctor sleeps around and gets caught in tragic or near-tragic fashion? Check. Staff member has an emergent, complicated childbirth? Check. Doctor gets mad at wait times, goes rogue, and treats-and-streets patients in the waiting room? Check. Helicopter misfortune? Check... Sam as a character was mildly entertaining until she got involved with Luka. After that she was just a caricature, and her son got more and more irritating.
  14. There was no follow through after Babcock's name came up -- no mention that Babcock was fired, no description of what he had done, if anything. Just -- poof.
  15. You are correct. Corday being blamed for a string of patient deaths, which I don't believe was ever explained, was after Ella's birth and before Mark's death. The HIV positive/positive transplant surgery was a few years later. Her post-Mark rebound wasn't all single fathers.
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