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  1. Maybe because it comes across as so immature and vicious it seems like it is more often?? Five min is hyperbole.
  2. I really want to read this. I'm in the early chapters of Shakespeare in a Divided America by James Shapiro (2020) and I thought of Hamnet as a nice companion read. (I liked Maggie O'Farrell's The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox alot and her writing style didn't seem too... mannered?... in that one).
  3. Agreed. Tiff is a very clever, observant person and this isn't a great strategy. Slut shaming SB every five minutes, or when anyone is within earshot, is definitely beneath her. What is the implication? That because SB is unfaithful to Shelly it follows that eventually she would be disloyal to her fellow hgs? That she's too distracted by Ky to focus on the game? She doesn't explicitly say those things (or maybe she has and I've missed it!). I suppose the veto scandal has turned off a lot of people, so perhaps she could focus on SB's self-centeredness/poor sportsmanship instead of specul
  4. Blake must feel great (wherever he is).
  5. Right! It felt like she was intercepting the proposal.
  6. Has there ever been a bachelorette with fewer guys interested in her?
  7. I don't believe any of this. It comes across like terrible third rate acting.
  8. Meghan's stylist has a great sense of humor. Friday can't come soon enough! (I wouldn't be disappointed if good breaking news interrupts the sign-off).
  9. I'm not smart enough for this show. I guess you need a good mind for metaphor! Alyssa's ego will inflate even more after avoiding this eviction. She loves that Christian singled them out as the beautiful people. I hope she doens't morph into a Gillian Flynn "cool girl."
  10. Katie looks like she stepped out of a Robert Palmer video. Very distracting.
  11. I know! I'm watching through the slats of my fingers.
  12. I still can't admit to anyone in my real life that I watch this show.
  13. This is precisely how I feel. I cannot warm up to him. He comes across as a whiny tool without much sex appeal despite being, as you said, reasonably good looking. Ah well. Was Nick wandering around Italy asking for directions to the library? I can't stop laughing.
  14. This preview is over-the-top. Why is this season so dark and joyless? Ugh.
  15. I hope Katie doesn't pick Andrew because he would make a great bachelor. It would be great to tune in for the right reasons (and not be zoning out or cleaning during the next season).
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