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  1. So if watching poor Kiko get canned and publicly humiliated by the cunt of the sea wasn't enough to make me hate this show last week, now we have Sandy's cunt in training bringing on bf as new chef (surprise, no surprise) and demanding everyone accommodate their need to bang, and throwing Hannah under the bus for prescription drugs. This used to be a fun show. Now it's just a rhobh style pile on at sea.
  2. Yes to all this! Her treatment of Kiko was beyond unprofessional and so cruel. I'm surprised he agreed to finish the charter. He's a better person than I, because I would have been on the tender off that boat right then and there. Like chef Leon - who was awful btw. And hovering around the guests every meal gives the impression to them that she has no faith in her chef. But not to worry, because she's super Sandy , who fixes everything, even if it means demeaning and humiliating her crew in front of the others. Anything for screen time. Right Captain? No wonder Hannah is over this. I am too!
  3. And yet Sandy told Kiko she wasn't happy with the previous night's food. He can't win. I think Hannah was trying to help but it got lost in translation. This whole season seems so scripted. Sandy has Malia, who she adores, and who hates Hannah. Then brings on Bugs, her fave stew, who hates Hannah. Next week she'lll fire Kiko so that Malia's boyfriend can be the chef. Hannah, who Sandy also hates, will be the next to go so that Bugs can be chief stew. Sandy is a bitch and should stick to driving the boat. Her micromanaging and playing favorites, while undermining crew members she doesn't like is annoying af. She's like a gnat I just want to shoo away. Or smash.
  4. Oh that evil Denise, seducing poor innocent Brandi, and making her a cheater! Brandi, you know, that sweet kind sexually naive model of ladylike behavior. Give me a break. She and Kim are quite the pair of irrelevant washed up reality stars who both look like hell. You know the season is in trouble when they have to bring those two back. And poor Teddy - wow the truth hurts doesn't it girl. Loved watching her expression as Brandi spilled the tea on Denise's opinion of her. She went from being just so boring to now just so boring and bitchy after hooking up with the queen of mean girls Kyle. And does it come as a surprise to anyone that Erika is a cold hearted bitch? I ff through Rhinna and her brats. There's only so much I can take
  5. How about when one of those hilton nieces got married and only invited vyle and one daughter to the wedding and she went. There is no way in hell i would have gone if some of my children had been left out.
  6. As i just posted on RHONY - as drunk and nasty as they (Dorinda) get they make up and move on. No rehashing, no weeks and weeks of regurgitating the same arguments. You need to check yourselves RHOBH. You're boring to watch and most of you are just fake as fuck.
  7. Here's the one thing i love about these women. They get drunk, get nasty but wake up and make up and move the fuck on. Looking at you RHOBH! Oh and they eat!
  8. Great point about her soap training. She and her entitled brats need to go
  9. Denise should have taken a page from Kim and asked Rhinna if she wanted to talk about the husband. If these women weren't so insecure about their own parenting they would have let this Denise thing go 5 episodes ago. I'm not really sure what it is they want her to say. They're insufferable. And nasty. This show is not fun to watch. Hasn't been for a couple of years now. I'm up for a little cat fight now and then but the storyline every season is pick someone, imagine they've offended you and circle them like the pack of wolves they are and attack. Nothing will change until they get rid of the mean girls. Rhinna and Kyle need to go at the very least i love you Denise. And Garcelle. ,,,
  10. "Lee was the only one of the couple’s four children who had been cut from Dan’s will. Dan took her out of the will shortly after she had left his house to go stay with her mother, according to a 1993 article in The Los Angeles Times." Interesting. He was a dick. Didn't deserve to be murdered, but a dick none the less. I think she's served enough time.
  11. I am getting really bored with this show. That's my only comment.
  12. Yes yes yes. The circular argument. That should be the name of this show. She's done talking about it. I would be too. I'd be walking away too. Like LVP did. Like Denise is probably going to do. These bitches are so exhausting and vapid (save Garcelle). And now next week we have to see Brandy?
  13. I don't think things have changed that much. There are laws about background checks but they're easily circumvented by buying from unlicensed dealers at gun shows for example.
  14. You can only push a person so far. Not in anyway condoning murder, but scumbag husband and his woman made Betty's life a living hell. She spent all those years supporting him while he was in school,working, having his children and pumping him up. And when he found a younger hotter girl he threw her away like trash and took everything from her. She got no justice in the courts because he was a well known lawyer, and if I remember correctly no decent lawyer would represent her bc of him. He took her children, hid his assets, gaslighted her by denying his affair for a long time, and then when he and Linda did go public they taunted her and enjoyed it. Should she have just let it go? Yes. These things happen all the time. But if you're any kind of a decent human there are ways to make the split a little kinder. He said all she cared about was money but he's the one who had plenty and wanted to keep it from her. I agree with poster above that the acting is pretty bad here, except for Christain Slater. He is so smug I just wanted to slap that smile off his face. The real victims here are the kids. Those little boys really loved their mom and now their fathers dead and she's in prison. She should have thought about that before she pulled the trigger.
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