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  1. And now we know why she needed that glam squad. Looking almost as ugly on the outside as she is on the inside
  2. Ita. I think when PK said she was in a controlling marriage and was still being controlled he was onto something..
  3. Oh wait. Isn't he supposedly living in an assisted living facility?
  4. I seem to be the only person liking this show. Must be all those drugs I took in the 60’s and 70’s. I don’t love it like I did Big Little Lies, but I find it pretty enrertaining. Wheels on the bus ha I think she’s my favorite charactet
  5. I think they get the episodes before they air. I hope so. Erika needs to know her so called friends aren’t buying her absurd stories, and that two faced shit stirrer Kyle is laughing at her. Kyle has actually surpassed Rhinna at stirring the pot.
  6. I wouldn’t count on it. I heard him comment on The Hustler and the Housewife something like “If you can call that a documentary “ I’d love to see him go at her but she’s getting him the ratings he craves and he’s probably afraid of her like the spineless bitches on the show (save Garcelle and Sutton).
  7. Because there isn’t really anything I can say about the human trash that is Erika that hasn’t been said, I’ll just say this. Kyle, stfu you 2 faced shit stirring dumb ass hypocrite. When is someone going to finally come for her and Rhinna?…Should we bring back Camille and her friend Alison?
  8. I’m hoping the documentary came out during the filming so that all these morons that can’t read a newspaper article that isn’t page six can have it all spelled out for them and put some faces to the victims. Let’s see how they feel then.
  9. Does eveyone get it? Matt wants his cabin back. What a whiney little bitch. And fuck Sandy, who has had no problem firing people in the past, and who should have fired Lexi when she brought on Delaney. What’s her agenda here. Katie told her twice she wanted Lexi gone, and now she has to be the one to can Delaney.
  10. I will gladly admit that I’ve never liked Erikunt but she has really taken her nasty trashy self to a whole new level. Attacking Sutton out of nowhere like that. Isn’t she the girl who gives zero fucks? She certainly does when anyone has the balls in this group to not kiss her ass. Sutton laughing her off was the best In the previews for next week she seriously looks like the something out of a manga. The evil alien. I can’t wait for her to crash and burn.
  11. This doesn’t surprise me at all. He may or may not have dementia now but you can be sure he’s squirreled away a huge stash of cash in the many years he’s been defrauding his victims.
  12. I’ve been waiting for this but haven’t seen it yet. It brings to mind rhony’s comment by Alex “You’re a thug in a cocktail dress” Is Erika in some kind of street gang now? Who talks like that?
  13. So here I am thinking this episode might actually be bearable since Leah was gone and we only had professor Ebony to deal with. But nooo. Of course not Ramona - not everything has to be about you. Jews hated you.. Your doctor wouldn’t medicate you even though you’re white. WTF. Let someone else tell their story without you butting in. Ebony was guilty of this too I wanted to hear what her other friend had to say, but of course what Ebony had to say was more important. Sonya off the rails again This woman is seriously ill. What is she even going on about? Her charity? Bitch doesn’t have
  14. According to the documentary “The housewife and the Hustler” the settlement money after the lawyers take goes into escrow and is not to be touched by the firm. Somehow greedy Ghiradi got his hands on it. This docu was so upsetting. If featured some of the clients he robbed. Heartbreaking. I hope the two of them do jail time. They’re the worst
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