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  1. Lady of nod

    S10:12 Tell All: Part 1

  2. Gutenberg Bible Sonja. The Guggenheim is a museum. In NY, Lady Morgan.
  3. Why oh why are these bitches so determined to bring LVP down? Let's count the reasons: LVP - 4 successful restaurants, 2 TV shows, a husband and children that adore her, Animal rights activist, (who actually works at it, a dog rescue, a new spot in Vegas, always being recognized for her charity work and for advocating LBGTQ rights, a home to die for, ponies, swans, dogs. Beautiful and classy. Kyle - washed up child star whose own sisters nephews and nieces want nothing to do with her. Failed clothing shop. Failed TV show. Generally dumb. Rhinna - could write a whole page on her, but lets just say nasty, anorexic bitch with 2 entitled brats selling crappy clothes on QVC.. Erika - I'm not really sure what her beef is with LVP but her "fabulous" life - loveless marriage, employees paid to tell her how amazing she is, How long can she sustain the Erika Jane persona? The end's in sight dear. Sadly for you this is a career that you will age out of. Then what? Teddy - Accountability coach? A liar who never lies? Get's downright scary ugly when she''s pissed off. Take those man hands and go work for Habitat for Humanity. In fact all these women could give back a little more than a cycling class for charity and an occasional visit to a soup kitchen. Dorit -Doggie dumper, liar, PK, fake accent, bathing suit designer who can't pay her manufacturers, lawsuits galore. Camille - wtf with the LVP gums take down? Low blow bitch. Better go back to that publicist who rehabilitated you after season 1. Denise - hoping you won't join the dark side.
  4. Lady of nod

    S02.E11: The Snowdens Say "We Do!"

    I was dreading watching this as I have never liked the Snowdens (well, Dmitri in particular) . But I have to say that I thought the wedding was beautiful. I loved Ashley' dress, her hat and Vanessa's dress not so much. And unless they're all good actors, they seem happy and committed to each other. I guess time will tell how this plays out, but the two women seem to really like each other, as opposed to the Brown clan with their separate houses and constant jealousies and vying for position. The three of them seem much more evolved than the other plygs on this show and sister wives. They've going into it willingly rather than because of religious pressures.
  5. Lady of nod

    S09.E08: Showdown at Villa Rosa

    So grateful that two great thinkers of our generation explained how propaganda works. God I am hating this season.
  6. Lady of nod

    S02.E10: One Wedding and a Funeral?

    Absolutely. Paige is a total bitch. Bernies a creep. Glad Brandy's out. At first I felt bad for her, but after I read a really nasty post of hers (on the McGee link) I got her number. She's having none of this second wife crap and she'll just keep stringing horndog Bernie along to keep his hopes up and stay on this show.. what's really disgusting is what they're doing to their kids, who seem pretty sheltered and lonely to start with. And wtf, they spent one weekend with this woman and it's like the end of the world. The kids reactions are so odd. Home schooled , probably have zero interaction with the outside world. Something is really wrong here. All these woman - why don't they have any girlfriends? they want sister wives because they can't make friends. This whole thing is just bizarre. At least the Browns (as nuts and annoying as they are) seemed like the wives were found in a much more organic way- from other plyg families in their community.
  7. Lady of nod

    S09.E07: Eat, Drink, and Be Married

    I tend to agree about Aaron. Kids and animals tend to be pretty good at sniffing out bad people, and his interactions with Eloise are sweet and real. And I agree she was too late, but at least they had drinks - like a pre wedding cocktail party, so there's that. However, sitting in the hot sun is not acceptable - there should have been tents for shade at least.
  8. Lady of nod

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I agree and I think this is why they gave the win to Hester.
  9. Lady of nod

    S17.E03: All the Rage

    I'm in the minority here - I loved Hester's look. I thought it was cute and fresh (though I haven't cared much for her). I've been pleasantly surprised so far this season with the judging. Sebastian's was awesome too. He's an amazing designer. I think Hester might be a one and done. We'll see. Glad to say bye girl to nasty Nadine. Sour grapes much?
  10. Lady of nod

    S09.E07: Eat, Drink, and Be Married

    I am loving Denise Richards. Her wedding was the best thing this season. Her romper, Camille's dress, the sneakers, no fighting, no Kyle, the ice queen melting in her polyester Rhinna rag and a great venue. This is what I wanna see.
  11. Lady of nod

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    All I could think of when they pulled those nasty boxes out of the car was STD!
  12. Lady of nod

    S02.E09: It's Getting Steamy Up in Here!

    ain't that the truth? Last year I thought it couldn't get worse than Dmitri, but I think that pig Bernie may be even more disgusting. Well they're neck and neck I guess. That shit eating lecherous grin. When i look at him I just think serial killer. And I felt sorry for his dumb ass wife till I read her disgusting FB post on the previous page. They deserve each other . edited to say , sorry the FB post was under the Mcgee page.
  13. Lady of nod

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    I doubt that they are now, though I know I had read they were before the show. I was really referring to plygs in general who are famous for "bleeding the beast" which is their phrase for getting welfare
  14. Lady of nod

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    Really. Christine becomes more annoying with each episode. I'm sick of hearing her vooiiice already. shut up. Who made you the boss of everyone? And yea Christine, Kody can only have one legal wife. That's the law, get over it. She's now surpassed Meri in wife I dislike the most. And, if polygamy is legalized all you second third and twentieth wives won't be able to collect welfare. Thought about that?
  15. Lady of nod

    S11.E19: Where does Eva Live?

    I haven't watched this yet, but this has been a recurring theme in this show that has bugged me since the get go. These women are always talking about money and bragging about what they have and what others don't have, judging each others houses and bank accounts. Who acts like that? They're so trashy. People who have money don't talk about it. What was it the countess said? The only ones on this show with any class are Eva and Cynthia.