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  1. Boo fucking hoo Dorinda. You had a bad year? This woman has been a nasty bitch for more than this current season. And are we supposed to feel sorry for her that her mansion flooded? She has an apt in NYC and I'm sure plenty of insurance. She can't be carefree HA. Wake up you psycho. There are people who don't even have one decent place to live, who work 3 jobs to feed their kids, or are sick with no access to good healthcare, or dying alone of a virus so contagious they can't have their love ones with them. But you had a bad year so that excuses your vicious behavior. She is truly a very sick woman and I'm glad I'll never have to see her again. And while I'm at it, her treatment of and outrage at Tinsley was really bordering on psychotic. It's so obvious how jealous she is of her. And accusing Tinsley of making her money lying on her back? WTF. Has Dorinda ever worked a day in her sad life? I doubt it. She married a rich man who bought her that mansion and supported her. Hypocrite. I also find it interesting that she not only won't admit what a raging alcoholic she is but also encourages Leah and Louann to drink. Good riddance.
  2. Can Ramona please follow Dorinda out the door?
  3. Or how about a second BH show with Denise, Garcelle and LVP and a couple of fresh faces. We could have a ratings war. Guess who would win.
  4. Bravo Choco9! Exactly. Rhinna went low, she went high. It was killing Rhinna that she wouldn't engage in the bs. She obviously doesn't need the $ and isn't the fame whore you are. These women aren't worth her time or energy. Or mine for that matter.
  5. As much as I can't stand Brandi, and now that Denise and Garcelle (probably) ore out, I say bring her back. Someone has to take down Rhinna and Kyle. Maybe a little "truth cannon" aimed at them is what this show needs, since it's gone so far into the nasty black hole it's in.
  6. "The cover up is worse than the crime"? So Rhinna thinks That if Denise and Brandi had sex, that's a crime? What does Andy think about this? Rhinna has probably not been laid in 20 years. Perhaps that's where all her anger and vitriol comes from
  7. This is the most boring crew ever on this show. I didn't sign up for the love boat. Poor Aesha is trapped in a snooze fest of tiresome people. The only one who has any sense of humor is Alex.
  8. Erika. That voice goes through me like nails on a chalkboard. An she's sooooo angry. Hopefully the theater will open again before next season and she'll be gone from this show. along with the other mean girls. I noticed Kyle hasn't jumped on Denise yet. Is she going for redemption? Cause it won't work for me. Let's not forget she is the one who engineered this whole Brand - i Denise set up with her lovely sister.
  9. No Rhinna, you major pos, the fans didn't come at you bitches for anything Denise said, they came at you because you're hateful toxic nasty women. Don't get it twisted. And stop with the gaslighting dance. You're ridiculous.
  10. A lackluster finale to a lackluster season. A finale so boring that the producer had to approach Garcelle to try and stir up so more Denise hate. I can't remember that ever happening before. Of course Denise didn't show up. Who would? She's not an idiot and isn't as desperate for the paycheck and screen time as the the other hos. I only came back this season because Denise was a breath of fresh air last year. Then I came to love Garcelle. Sutton is kind of an enigma, I found her interesting once or twice. Dorit somewhat redeemed herself for me. Somewhat. As for the rest of them, I won't repeat what I've posted all season about how much I detest them. This show needs a huge recast. And I don't mean bringing back the toxic twins.
  11. My world is upside down. Pk has no opinion on this and basically tells Dorit to stay out of it. PK the voice of reason. Who woulda guessed.
  12. Does Malia actually work? Because I can't remember seeing her do a damn thing other than tell her "boys" what to do, oh and she dries dishes now that snowflake Tom is cooking.
  13. ITA. Lisa was the only one of these bitches I found interesting and fun to watch. Wasn't this show originally about lavish lifestyles? That I want to see. Give me ponies, flowers and beautiful homes with a touch of drama. Not a damn pile on every season by a bunch of vicious women some of whom are washed up never beens and wannabees.
  14. The best thing that could happen on this shit show would be Denise refusing to come back unless Rhinna and Kyle got the boot. And she won.
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