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  1. Kody's "conversation" with Christine and Ysabel regarding her surgery - I was flabbergasted that he was proposing that she delay because it wasn't just about her but the whole family? Does the whole family need to go to New Jersey to support her? I think as long as Christine is with her, that would be sufficient. He's disregarding the level of pain that she must have all day, every day. I understand the concerns regarding possible exposure to Covid during travel there, time spent in hospital, staying with relatives. But this is also surgery that is absolutely required. I felt sorry for I
  2. That's a HUGE steak! I'm happy with a 6 oz. filet mignon!
  3. Exactly!! You don't wait until a kid is 15 to have "the talk"! And it's inconceivable to me that Melissa thinks it's in any way appropriate or advisable to do this with her daughter in front of the camera. What kid in the world would want that? Some things should actually be private.
  4. I really feel badly for Jennifer's mother (and I'm not sure that Jennifer has much sympathy for her). A young girl married off to a man ten years older and then taken to a different country. It doesn't sound like it ever became a loving relationship and I can't blame her for her anger and bitterness - she's in her 60s looking back at her unhappy life. And perhaps Jennifer and her siblings thought he was a good dad, it sounds like he wasn't a good husband. And, to be fair, perhaps her mom wasn't a good wife either. What an unhappy situation.
  5. Except that it was Kameron and she speaks as if her listeners are year old children - it's practically baby talk. Plus Kameron was also doing her explanation in such a long, drawn-out manner. I mean, c'mon, her daughter's not wrong!
  6. Kary has absolutely no judgement at all. I don't know how the rest of the group tolerates her at all. I have never seen anyone of any age do something as stupid as dumping food on someone's bed. What a fucking mess. What a fucking idiot.
  7. Kary gives the worst apology in the world. She was vile to Charles and it had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he didn't want to give her the machete. He hadn't judged her or done anything at all to her - she was just a drunk bitch who thought she could behave horribly to this man she thought was below her. He was very generous in accepting her horrible apology and really had no need to apologize back to her. Kary is vile.
  8. I can't watch this show anymore - I can't stand Hannah and I find her to be incredibly immature. She cannot be criticized in any fashion - even when warranted such as not taking the garbage out - she deflects and makes circular arguments and never takes responsibility for her actions. She's an asshole. Hannah please fuck off.
  9. I agree 100% with you - her delivery and tone of voice made it abundantly clear what she was doing.
  10. Has there been one episode where Jen hasn't become completely unhinged?
  11. I know this has been said, but Jen Shah's look for the reunion shows is just awful and the shiny eyebrows are distracting. She would look so much better if she took her looks down several (hundred) notches - clothes AND makeup. The phrase that comes to mind is "no-neck monster" (from Cat On A Hot Tin Roof).
  12. Teresa will never apologize to Jackie. The only time I remember her apologizing was to Daniele Staub a few seasons ago. Teresa is so depressingly stupid - you can't discuss anything with her where she doesn't get her back up if she feels she's being criticized in ANY way, and you certainly can't discuss a situation with her using logic. She only sees things from her own perspective. Delores is spot on when she said that the only thing Teresa heard was something about Gia and then her brain both reacts and shuts down.
  13. Elizabeth was striking poses throughout the reunion. That's what I meant MovingTargetGal - couldn't think of the correct phrase!!!
  14. It's so incredible to me that after Francesca and Ashling have repeated to Elizabeth the error of her ways, and then Captain Lee confirms that he saw things the same way - Elizabeth argues with him that he didn't get the chance to see her doing her job well! How fucking delusional of her! I think she's been coddled all her life - like why aren't people applauding her every effort? Everyone else is facing the camera - and Elizabeth sits there posturing - at one point I swear I saw Sarah Sanderson/Sarah Jessica Parker sitting there! (Probably the same IQ too as Sarah Sanderson.) I think it
  15. When Luke and Hannah were talking/fighting: I'm pretty sure Luke's recollection of the last season was correct. Hannah and Luke would be on the same page and she'd be so cool with it, and then she'd get with the girls and portray it a different way - enough so that the girls would be pissed on her behalf. They are both asses.
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