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  1. The four - five? women going after Aaron - good for him for standing up for himself all while being cool about it. Erika says in her TH - "what - are you trying to intimidate me?" - when in fact that's usually her schtick. "Are you going to hit me?" - that wasn't at all the situation - so why would Erika say that - Karening the situation much? I can't stand that the hive mind won't leave Denise (and Aaron) alone about what happened several weeks ago - they won't let things go - I guess at least until Denise agrees with them about their point of view. These women are vile.
  2. Oh Dorinda! Admonishing Ramona to be kind when she's given the chance to be, but Dorinda tries to annihilate Tinsley whenever they are together! Does Dorinda not get how horrible she's being? She's certainly not being kind!
  3. I was in a restaurant in Canada that serves all day breakfast every day and they didn't know what over easy was! Couldn't believe it. OTOH - with Kiko - I'm wondering if the term is more North American and not a world wide term?
  4. Lara is acting like she's the chief stew and she's telling Hannah to shape up. I would have trouble restraining myself from decking her. Hannah actually isn't the problem here.
  5. Personally I can't stand Lara. She's kind of acting like the deck guy- Jack? - from last year who I also couldn't stand. Lara is being deliberately obstinate - I can't imagine her as a chief stew, or actually in any stew position. She doesn't seem to want to do anything for anyone - even I know you don't walk away from prepared eggs - you serve them immediately! This is a service industry and Lara doesn't seem suited to it. Her only goal seems to be to piss off everyone and I'm not enjoying it.
  6. To me, Leah is an example of someone who has had lots of therapy and intervention and her takeaway is a vocabulary that is used to excuse her behaviour and choices rather than enabling her to make positive change. I don't blame her mother for cutting off contact at times - she must really need that break.
  7. I rewatched it too. Nope to you. She spoke quietly to the person sitting right next to her - she didn't address the whole table.
  8. Exactly! They are going after Denise for everything! Denise leaving the award event "early" - "well, don't we all have things to do?". Denise doesn't bring her kids to Kyle's BBQ - "you're implying that we're all bad moms!". Kyle especially makes it all about herself in any given situation. And let's face it - Erika wouldn't have liked the sex talk that happened at Denise's dinner if it had taken place in front of her 80 year old husband - but it's okay in front of teenage girls. Erika couldn't be more of a hypocrite if she tried.
  9. Actually, she did lean in and she spoke very quietly.
  10. I was thinking Denise's two teenagers were just too old to want to play on a bouncy castle or swings or be in a Princess tent - so why would she bring them? And Eloise might find it a bit much to be with other kids she doesn't know? (Not that I know this.) After all, the kids aren't being paid to put in appearances. (Not directed at you Bencr - just an observation.)
  11. Oh thanks, I'm usually doing something else while watching the show and miss stuff. Still don't like Erika though!!!
  12. What exactly does Erika's talking head with the mirror have to do with anything - other than the fact that she's demonstrating what a fucking bitch she is. Aaron didn't help with his intervention - the husbands getting involved to defend their wives never flies with these women - but really, who can blame him.
  13. Teddi must be feeling pretty confidant to be going after Denise like she is. Plus, it gets the heat off her. Winning!
  14. So, by resolution - does Rinna mean that Denise will finally admit that she's a hypocrite and the rest of the Housewives did nothing wrong and are just the best moms? (I hate Rinna!) For the record, I think that Denise is in the right and the rest of the women just can't admit they may have behaved inappropriately and didn't like being politely admonished to wait until the girls were gone - they've made this into something much bigger (of course) and their interpretation (now) seems to be that Denise is implying that they aren't the best mothers. Which isn't at all what Denise was saying.
  15. I know that we've all talked about the Singer Zingers in past years - but Dorinda's tirades against others is at a whole different level - they are just vile. As someone mentioned above - I don't think Dorinda or Leah feel shame. Instead, they embrace the ugly sides of their personalities and it's for everyone to adjust to them. "That's who I am". It's a total cop-out. It's the same for those HW who feel they can be blunt and nasty - "I'm just being truthful". I guess manners are just for the rest of us. And Tinsley.
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