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  1. Robyn is such a sap - can she never speak without crying? I'm not really sure what effect the tears are supposed to have on other people. I think she's so invested in the fact that they were one family in Las Vegas because that situation is really her only experience with the family. Contrary to what she'd like to pretend (that they shoulda all been together from the beginning), she wasn't part of the Lehi home where they were actually all together under one roof.
  2. This is so petty of me, but why is Jazz wearing what looks like dark brown lipliner with a bright pink lipstick? It looks awful.
  3. Does Brittney ever say anything without giggling? I don't think it's ever happened and I CANNOT STAND her fucking awful porpoise laugh. If I never saw her again on TV, I'd be good with that.
  4. These stupid Brus - none of them have redeemed themselves one iota. Ashton pulled the "I just saw a therapist last week" card out of his ass for the reunion - are we to understand that he's been seeing a therapist all this time since the charter season, or he just saw a therapist for the very first time (just so he could claim that)? He's said he's sorry but really, he's just wanting the chance to point out everyone else's flaws. Same with Kevin and Tanner and Brian. Brian is just a weasel. Kevin's still upset about the penis cake - OMG, what a baby.
  5. Apparently vaginal dilation is a huge commitment: I had no idea how involved it was and how much time was necessary to do it. http://www.chet-plasticsurgery.com/dr-chettawuts-vaginal-dilatation-instructions/
  6. Jennifer's daughter, Gabby, looks really lovely at her uncle's event (even though she's wearing her mother's Chanel earrings). I think she's a nice kid. And, while I think Jennifer is a horror at times, I really like how supportive she is of her brother.
  7. I may be a party of one here, but I thought it sweet how everyone gathered around to see Gia and Frankie go off to the prom. Delores spoke so highly about Gia (again, sweet) and Frankie looked genuinely happy to be there, complimented Gia on how nice her dress was, they held hands on the way to the car. I liked it (and yes, it's totally OTT from when I graduated from HS 46 years ago!)
  8. That's exactly what I was wondering. Jeanette said something about JoJo's mom being a single mom - so perhaps they need some financial help from the grandmother.
  9. I truly wish that Jeanette would stop wearing cold shoulder tops - well, actually, she needs a complete overhaul - cosmetic surgery if that is what she wants, a totally new wardrobe, new glasses, makeup, hair. Even without cosmetic surgery, they rest would make a huge difference. Everything about her is so very dated. Her mother reminds me of the woman who does Prancercise.
  10. Watching Jazz suddenly have an anxiety attack when speaking to her sister Ari - I think she has anxiety any time she's challenged. I really have difficulty seeing how she's going to cope with the high stress that can come with going to university AND being on her own in another city.
  11. It all just seems so ridiculous - Kody's married to four women, some of whom seem to want to pretend that they are the one and only wife. Let's pretend he's not having sex with the other wives. Let's pretend he's not going on dates with the other wives. Yes, that's really living the Principle. To me, living in the Big House would be like living in a small apartment building - you'd be totally autonomous with your own apartment and your own front door, but have the ability to get together in the "party room". And like an apartment building, there's one door to the outside. I can't believe that's such a big point with Christine and Robyn. Of course, other than Janelle, logic isn't anyone's strong point.
  12. I really disagree that Kate sabotaged Kevin's dick cake - after all, you serve dessert at the end of the meal - not Kate's fault that the primary went to bed. Was there going to be no dessert because the primary wasn't there? Was Kevin going to produce another dessert at the last minute?
  13. Carl, just the same old schmuck as the previous seasons. Who finger bangs and tells - is he twelve? When any guy feels the need to brag to his bros about what happens with anyone in the bedroom, those are the guys that need to be promptly dumped.
  14. Of course you do!! Everyone wants/needs a cushion! I have to wonder how Jazz will survive on her own away at whatever university she chooses. I don't feel that university life is is real life in the sense that it is its own little world - but it's the most independent life most kids deal with at that age. Sort of a beginner independent life!
  15. Jazz is an entitled, privileged girl and I find a lot of her personality traits to be very unappealing. She feels she's always right, she wants what she wants when she wants it (enabled by her mother), she's kind of a lazy person - I mean, c'mon, she won't do the dilations? , her description of her friends sounded like they were strictly there only to support her as opposed to it being something mutual. She's just too much all about Jazz. I felt badly for Noelle - what a contrast - Noelle and her family may have to struggle to get her the surgery and Jazz (who traipsed all over the US seeking opinions and (it seems) chose the one who told her what she wanted to hear) is able to get surgery after surgery. That must be very difficult for Noelle.
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