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  1. Add me to the list of people not watching anymore. I can't believe this show. That was in such bad taste. So disgusting.
  2. I really don't think that group of scientists knew about Zombies. A lot of people chase drugs with red bull (or "max rager"). The scientist guy even said he didn't have the clearance for the basement ( a few episodes ago when Liv tried to go down there). The found the utopium and thought it was people's secret stash and they just wanted to party with it. At least that was my understanding.
  3. Wow that episode was so well done. I just don't know how next season will work. I totally saw that Viv thing coming. Although I wished it was Dale who somehow figured things out and came to save her boo. I knew Viv was a zombie and was up to no good the minute her character was recognized. Hopefully LIv will due the smart double-agent thing. I am pretty sure she wants Zombie's to take over the world. I'm kinda sad Rita is dead. I wanted her to come to the good side. I kinda like that the Mr. Boss subplot isn't related to the zombie things (that we know of yet). Except for the weir
  4. The thing that makes me nervous for Major is that his bag contained the knock out gun.... hard to explain that. But he could definitely throw Max Ragger under the bus and hopefully get a good deal? I, too, am waiting for Clive to figure out the zombie thing. I can't decide if I'd like it better if he's smart enough to figure it out himself or if I would prefer Liv confided in him. Maybe a combination of both? Gilda as a blonde is awesome. I hope she turns on her father. I love Keith Mars! Hope he's back next season too somehow. And I agree about the minor characters coming bac
  5. How dumb would you be to have a plan to take someone's company and tell them about it ahead of time? And then follow them into a secluded area immediately after telling them?
  6. That was great, except Rebecca was on trial for Lila's death not Sam's.
  7. I hate what they are doing to Major. :( I am probably in the minority but I really liked him. Poor guy! But excited to hear more of the backstory of how Blaine came to be Blaine.
  8. It makes sense to me. She isn't going to buy new clothes each time she eats a new brain. She has to wear what she has
  9. I finally watched this episode and I definitely agree with how it doesn't make sense that Clive doesn't notice Liv's swinging personality changes. I wish she would either tell him that part of her visions makes her take on the personality traits or tell him the truth. But it's just not believable anymore that he would go with it. I really hope what we saw Major do didn't really happen. That would totally ruin him for me. I also think it's weird that nobody is worried about Peyton. Nobody looked into where she is?
  10. One thing....I think Anna was just saying her dad died of a heart attack from smoking pot too much and was in his late 40s to get at Chet. Just the way she said it made me think she was making it up to make Chet see what a loser he is
  11. I'm actually not sure that Rachel IS bipolar. It sounded like her mom is the only professional that thinks that. And clearly her mom has issues of her own. I'm surprised how dark the show is. But I kind of like it. Was Chet implying that Rachel would do coke with him for him doing her "the favor" for his own show?
  12. What happened in Jill's year before this? Sorry if I missed something major. I only started keeping up with the family after the scandal broke.
  13. I can't help but love this show! I know it's campy and over the top, but a lot of it holds true. I love knowing the behind the scenes and I love that Quinn is unapologetic about it. I kind of wish the show would have an online version of Everlasting episodes. That would be cool to watch the behind the scenes and then what actually airs!
  14. http://www.intouchweekly.com/posts/duggar-interview-7-crucial-facts-they-didn-t-tell-you-the-cover-up-continues-59917This article talks about the misinformation and lies that were told in the interview
  15. Oh I forgot about the part where the Duggars know "a lot of families" where worse things have happened. So it's all good folks! Nothing to worry about here since it happens in other families.
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