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  1. Big D was the youngest of 11 children from many baby mommas. I don't think he had much of a relationship with his dad.
  2. Anyone but Big D. He is the laziest, do nothing, delusional player ever.
  3. I lmao at this remark. He has been a worthless player. But he thinks he's running the place.
  4. I always thought upstate NY was Albany of Rochester. I did some searching when I went to Hyde Park and found that anything outside of NYC is considered upstate.
  5. How can they be dresses to part in? She can't move! (And the are atrocious) Her dd was in the basement cheating on his wife. Candice is a self centered piece of work.
  6. I just love the fact that not only did they have the CO but then they each had an outside partner. This really helped hide the alliance.
  7. Thanks for posting this. I'm always looking for good snark videos or podcasts.
  8. My son told me about the show and I binged it in one afternoon. Just a feel good, silly, fun time.
  9. I hope Kyra realizes the other girls just don't want her to win.
  10. Did I miss why Eboni doesn't know who her father is? Does her mother have any ideas?
  11. Was anything ever said about Cash and Trina wearing the same dress?
  12. Why did production pick a place in Hawaii where it rains all the time? It must be really annoying.
  13. I don't consider anything cheating on this show. They hardly know each other and it's a game. Why shouldn't they explore a little. All that matters is they came back for each other.
  14. Does Gisell and or Robyn have a podcast? If so what is the name? Thanks.
  15. Mayim Bialik has a PhD in neuroscience.
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