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  1. retired watcher

    S06.E04: The Honeymoons, Part 1

    I'm going to fast forward Shawniece/Jephte from now on.
  2. retired watcher

    S11.E17: The Athenaeum Allocation

    He doesn't know he has an impediment. Remember the Siri episode?
  3. retired watcher

    S11.E17: The Athenaeum Allocation

    I don't think Howard makes over six figures.
  4. retired watcher

    S02.E06: Faith, Hope and Charity

    The Irish man was a minister. If she can't trust him who can she trust?
  5. retired watcher

    S04.E13: The Home

    I thought the house was Grace's. She got it in the divorce settlement.
  6. She's a relationship expert. No degree needed, as she said at the reunion. It is a made up career. Her relationships with her son and with Marge are not anything I would call normal.
  7. Her parents were probably driving them to the prom. Kids in my area always go to each others houses with parents for pictures. Exactly my thoughts. I think she made it up to appease her brother.
  8. Joshua is leaving me. Is she crazy? Joshua is going to college. Everything is about her.
  9. retired watcher

    All Episodes Talk: French Country in Texas?

    I know people who put their books in backwards because they like the look of the cream colored pages. It is a stupid idea. I think she like the bland look of the pages rather than the noise of colors.
  10. retired watcher

    The Wendy Williams Show

    I've been to see her show and she uses cue cards for hot topics.
  11. retired watcher

    S04.E05: Trans Girl Meets Girl

    Last season and this season have become the Jeanette show. She seems to be thriving on the spotlight. I don't know why she is not seeing Jazz's immaturity and body image issues.
  12. retired watcher

    S02.E05: Entente Cordiale

    I believe the queen is not allowed to nurse.
  13. retired watcher

    S02.E04: The Sins of the Father

    Drummond was a real person.
  14. retired watcher

    S04.E04: Big Trouble in the Big Apple

    i did that several years ago. It is not the best way to see the Grand Canyon, you are only there a few hours. A couple of years later I spent 2 days at the GC and stayed overnight in a cabin by the rim. Now that is the way to visit the Grand Canyon.