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  1. Philadelphia is an extremely diverse city. The school I taught at had about 30 different cultures represented. There are very few PA Dutch/Amish in Philadelphia. They live in the Lancaster/Reading area about an 90 outside of Philly. There is a large Asian community made up of many countries. There are also many, many Asians who were adopted by white parents. According to Wikipedia: The 2010 Census redistricting data indicated that the racial makeup of the city was 644,287 (42.2%) Black(non-Hispanic), 562,585 (36.9%) White (non-Hispanic), 96,405 (6.3%) Asian (2.0% Chinese, 1.2% Indian, 0.9% Vietnamese, 0.4% Korean, 0.3% Filipino, 0.1% Japanese, and 1.4% other), 6,996 (0.5%) Native Americans, 744 (0.05%) Pacific Islanders, and 43,070 (2.8%) from two or more races. Hispanics or Latinos of any race were 187,611 persons (12.3%); 8.0% Puerto Rican, 1.0% Mexican, 0.3% Cuban, and 3.0% other. The racial breakdown of Philadelphia's Hispanic/Latino population was 63,636 (33.9%) White, 17,552 (9.4%) Black, 3,498 (1.9%) Native American, 884 (0.47%) Asian, 287 (0.15%) Pacific Islander, 86,626 (46.2%) from other races, and 15,128 (8.1%) from two or more races.[102] The five largest European ancestries reported in the 2010 Census included Irish (13.0%), Italian (8.3%), German (8.2%), Polish (3.9%), and English (3.1%). The white population is made up of people whose backgrounds are from every European country.
  2. Kevin said the only Asian in Philadelphia. There are over 35,000 Chinese not to mention people from many other asian countries. If he's talking about the suburbs there are still plenty of asians, some adopted like him and some rom asian families.
  3. I think Monique was fired. Bravo always lets their housewives save face by saying they are leaving. Think of Dorinda.
  4. I would think there would be a morals clause in his contract. Of course if Jamal got himself a slick lawyer he could have kept that out.
  5. Yes there is a difference. Chris is supporting his family. He a Monique agreed on her staying home and raising kids. When you marry you share everything including income. The fact that Candaice is still taking money from her mother should be embarrassing. She is a grown ass woman with education and talents. She should be independent of her money at this time of her life. She just doesn't want to lower her life style. When I first got married My husband and I lived within our means on our two incomes. I did not expect my parents to fund me even though they had more money than I did. I was taught to be independent. My husband and I pooled our earnings to live on and to save. I took a year off when my first child was born and lived on just my husband's salary. My parent's loaned us money to buy rugs when we moved into a house. We payed it back. Living off a parent's money is not the same as a husband supporting his family.
  6. Thanks. I've heard the song but didn't know who sings.
  7. Sun is Leanne Rimes. Mushroom I have no idea.
  8. The Mushroom has a daughter.... Crocodile is Nick Carter.
  9. I wanted anyone but Carter...Sigh... Instead of humiliating the 5 finalists by saying what place everyone was in how about just announcing the runner up and winner.
  10. My first reaction is Robyn should be seated on the other side. All you see is her hair. Let's not be like Coco Chanel. She was traitor to her country and slept with the enemy.
  11. I follow Jen and Bill on Instagram. Jen posts regularly, Bill once in a while. It's a little peek into Jen's professional life as well as updates of the kids.
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