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  1. Maybe she does smell ripe, too.
  2. I suspect that Brandon sniffed Taylor out from the get go, and now he's got validation that she's on the show for exposure. Zach is saying Taylor doesn't get it, but I think she does and she's known from the get go. She's just mind fucking him just to watch him squirm and spew and feel guilty.
  3. Heh. Actually, Michael's feet didn't look that bad to me. I don't expect people to have nice-looking feet, just as long as they're clean.
  4. Yes. That hair is a hot mess. I do wonder what she's been up to because girlfriend looks like she's been rode hard and put away wet. I think Brandon isn't the only one who's been slipping out. Meka could be fun if she tried harder. Then Michael would loosen up and start talking and telling her the truth.
  5. I came here to say the same thing. Nice to see he's getting other work.
  6. Katie thinks Derek is a nerd but she doesn't realize that she's the one with no "game." Girl please.
  7. And now shut the fuck up. (That's really what he wanted to say.)
  8. Some advice to Taylor: never fry anything wearing short shorts. Trust me. I've got the burn scar on my thigh from years ago when I was frying chicken. It really does. There's a lot of food on Brandon's plate.
  9. Zack calling that dog: The dog said "my name is Bennett, and I ain't in it.
  10. This "love" talk is stupid. And boring as hell.
  11. I noticed that sneaky look too. Maybe he really isn't into Lola like he says he is? If he's not, I hope we find out soon what he's up to.
  12. Ohwell

    Tennis Thread

    I watched High Noon on ESPN today and they mainly talked about her getting her butt kicked over and over and over by Serena, and her suspension. No mention of her being a future hall of famer.
  13. Don't even get me started on Stacy. I don't remember her backstory and whether she had any relatives or friends in ABQ, but she got on my nerves constantly relying on Mike for whatever she needed or wanted. There were many times when I wished Mike had said "No, sorry, can't help because I've got other things to do." I know she would have punished him by keeping him from Kaylee, but still, there were times when I wish he'd taken a stand.
  14. I just have to say it: I love BTS! And I'm old.
  15. I'm sorry, Billie Eilish sounds like she has a cold. I want to give her some tissues to blow her nose.
  16. Ohwell

    Tennis Thread

    I just read that Sharapova retired. I'll be interesting next year to see if Serena and Venus will do the same.
  17. Ohwell


    I agree. I've really liked Spittin' and Sputterin' Chris over the years but it's time for him to be put out to pasture. Maybe come back as a guest analyst from time to time.
  18. At some point this season I wish they'd give us a quick glimpse of the Kettlemans. I wonder how they're doing, especially Mrs. Kettleman. 😈
  19. Wasn't Chad the one who was all 'roided up?
  20. I think Kate looks very nice in her navy and glittery silver accessories.
  21. Yeah, that dropped ice cream cone was there for a "reason."
  22. Yeah, I don't recall either. My problem with BCS (and some other shows is the long wait in between seasons, and I forget a lot of stuff that happened in previous seasons.
  23. And waiting for the men to bring her food, and being coddled, but pretending that she's annoyed with them and doesn't want the attention. I wish they had just left her alone to fend for herself.
  24. I hope Nacho and his dad survive this mess.
  25. One of those new interns is a really heavy guy, and if I were a patient of his I'd wonder why I should listen to him if he can't even take care of himself?
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