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  1. I am so disgusted that Angelica let her mom tell Jason he couldn’t come to the hospital for HIS OWN CHILDS BIRTH. Fuck that noise.
  2. And since she couldn't win every topic, she had to insert some kind of quip on each one about herself. I think they should have had a category for "Love Story Most Likely Formed To Get Fame". There! See Jamie, there's a category for you to win!
  3. Well, technically the show is called “Extreme Sisters”. I guess if they casted men, it could be called “Extreme Siblings”
  4. When Anna went and picked up her dog while crying broke my heart. Amber reminds me of my own mom who often criticized which left me in tears.
  5. I can’t watch this again. After seeing the commercial with the father excitedly saying “I suspect WE’RE pregnant again (there’s no we since you don’t have a uterus, dumbass) and the mom saying a cutesie “ohhh no!” like shucks, more kids! When really they don’t need anymore. They already have the oldest daughter helping and their youngest had all those issues. If I recall, dad didn’t do shit when it came to childcare and mom was stressed. Plus I think they’re lying. There’s no way all those multiples were natural.
  6. She is so disgusting. “Poor us. What will I tell the girls?” How about some kids go into their adult lives without a vacation! This seriously pissed me off to no end. What an awful family. I was hoping to still see this on her IG but it’s expired. I wanted to tell them they are awful.
  7. Ah I pushed the two quotes together and now they won’t separate. Samantha is married to Dannnnnielles brother. It’s odd because she looks like Garrick. And Kimberly said she wears the cap because she has alopecia.
  8. I did, thank you! Didnt think of that before! Download the Lifetime app. I was able to catch up on it.
  9. So it was on last night? My DVR didn’t pick it up for some reason and I don’t see it On Demand. Poop.
  10. There were some twins on My Strange Addiction years ago that did the same. Obsessed with being the same as her twin. Same thing, measured out cereal, dated the same guy together. I just can’t handle their voices. The nasal sing-songy trying to harmonize and finish each other’s sentences are too much for my ears.
  11. I was snorting with laughter at seeing Jeremiah on the back of his dads bike riding bitch with his Mad Magazine kid horse face. That was the highlight of the season for me. What does anyone see in him? Sabrina, shut the hell up. Have we seen her hold her baby or do any kind of parenting at all? Jethro is always holding and playing with the kid. She doesn’t have a maternal bone in her body.
  12. I loved Abygail. Probably one of my favorites and I’ve watched this show since the beginning. She actually tried to prevent pregnancy and wasn’t one of these “we thought it wouldn’t happen to us/we were too lazy to buy condoms”. She had a good plan for the future. Her mom was a great mom. I kept waiting for a dumpster fire and was surprised it didn’t come! Was sad to see her dad took his own life, but it was nice to see she was getting therapy and her mom advocates for mental health therapy. I really hope for the best for her future and her family.
  13. I agree with this. If BLM was an important issue to them, why are they just now caring? I get a lot more people are informed this past year which is great. But I hope they don’t just drop it and jump on the next important political issue by next election. Then Caitlyn wears her t-shirt, yet doesn’t want to talk “politics” at her in-laws. For one, BLM isn’t politics. She knew wearing the tee would garnet a reaction out of them. I really hope this stays important to them and they educate themselves. All of the adults in Bentley’s life need to STFU. Maxi and Taylor included. Here Larry
  14. I read that this morning. So sad. But after the scaledown last season and Derek Hough signing an exclusivity contract with ABC, the writing was on the wall. I’ll miss it.
  15. I’m not watching these assholes anymore but why are they even getting a home on Galveston? They live 20 min away! These people are getting out of hand. They think they are special and an exception to any rule. I hate inconsiderate jerks like them. This is why I’m not even watching this season.
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