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  1. So they started an IG just for building their home? I notice there’s already a ton of contact names in the bio. So they’re advertising for free stuff I imagine. No, they’re regular people like you & I! Fame hasn’t changed them one bit!
  2. Will you marry me? I'll let you have THREE weddings! But really, this is a-fucking-perfect! I'd love to post this to all her stans.
  3. ShaNaeNae


    I thought of Amber too as soon as I saw that picture! She also looks like she's trying to poop.
  4. She's so damn full of herself. And she's always got some condition. "I can't wait to run, but I can't because of...(insert some condition she got while doing martyr things like giving birth or breastfeeding)". How much does she go to the doctor to be diagnosed with so many things? Or does she just Google and self diagnose? And the Valentines pic she used another filter to make Embers hair red. I fucking hate Auj.
  5. They'll never get used to real life if they had to live it. They couldn't live without the attention. I can't stand all the physical compliments either. What does that teach kids? That's you're only worthy if you're "hot" or "perfect" and have the perfect candid photo to go along with it?
  6. I think Jeanette wants Jazz to go to Harvard just so she can brag more. What difference does it make if she makes bad decisions in California vs Boston? She's still far away. She could live next door and still make the same, crappy decisions. Jazz has no clue how the real world works. She is the last person to tell others they should have surgery to save their lives and that it'll make it all better. Her anxiety attacks have been all too convenient too. As soon as she claimed that, and Ari backed off, Jazz went on like normal and when Greg walked in, was all chipper. One thing I rolled my eyes at was Greg telling Jeanette she shouldn't have plastic surgery because, "what if you're recovering and Jazz needs you...in college". So she's supposed to put her life on hold in case Jazz has another meltdown and needs Jeanette to come running? Stop living your life in Jazz's world. This is why she is the way she is. Jeanette looked a tad better after the makeover. She still had frosty eyeshadow on which she needs to stay away from.
  7. Another week of watching young girls make stupid choices. I'm glad I'm not involved and I just get to sit back and watch it. I snorted when Brianna said something about the boyfriend moving there without a plan or a job and her mom said, "yeah I can't imagine doing that..." Did she already forget we watched them on TV move to Portland without jobs and a temporary place to stay? Her mom is like mentally 17. She doesn't act as a mother should. Rachel is so stupid I can't even process it. Her mom needs to stop being a friend and start being a mom. Make her do 100% of the child care and she'll really think twice about getting pregnant. The fact that the mom is always caring for either baby and Rachel seems to be out partying a lot means she needs more guidance. I kept thinking when Kiana and Tezha went on their date, why couldn't the other grandma watch the baby then? She wants to see her grandson. I'm sure she feel uncomfortable letting her take him, especially to jail, but I'm sure she'd have no problem staying home and babysitting him for a few hours.
  8. I saw the commercial Friday night. Alana eating a bowl of Cocoa Puffs (of course) and on the side of the milk carton was Mama June's mug shot. It was disgusting they are still running this, disgusting that this whole thing is a storyline and it's even disgusting that Alana is still eating processed bowls of sugar. I know that's small in the grand scheme of things but she's headed straight for My 600lb Life if she keeps this up. She was never on this show, only on the one on TLC. She's the only smart one that is going to school and doesn't want in on this ish.
  9. ShaNaeNae


    Does she know what AKA means? It seems randomly placed in there. I actually don't think that's one of her best photos. She always does what Jill Duggar does and raises her eyebrows in photos. Her foundation either looks caked on or it's a shade too dark. And I had to do a double take on the hair. It looked like my high school hair, circa 1989 for a second.
  10. Ughhhh here we go with the perfect again. They are turning into Audrey Roloff with a photographer to take "candid" photos. He is so full of himself.
  11. They are. Here's: Adrianna's IG Kristin's IG Joy's IG
  12. Wondering the same. No matter how much they protest, there was no way they purposely set that up for 3 episodes only. I've seen TLC run some low budget-ass shows and they always have at least 6 episodes with a ridiculous, fake story arc and a will-they-or-won't-they OTT ending.
  13. The Canadian gal (Adrianna) said on her IG it was only 3 episodes long. She also said the footage is almost 3 years old.
  14. I probably missed that, I was doing the dishes while watching. Yes, I didn't care for that. It was very blue.
  15. I just finally watched it last night and everyone else has posted exactly what we were saying while watching it. I live an hour south of Austin in San Antonio and have lived in Austin and thought, ironic the show was so big on being woke, but then stereotyped Texas. No, we all don't wear cowboy hats, have a thick southern drawl (the actors accents were so fake it was painful), hang out all the same local bar and line dance to 90's country hits. Not a fan of Liv Tyler or her voice. I'll try a few more episodes, but not sure this one is going to be staying on my already oversized DVR list.
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