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  1. Well ironically Jenna is equally needy with attention and validation. I just remember when Max left Catfish, next thing you know his wife was on every episode giving her input on the situation at hand.
  2. I bet it’s killing her she can’t be in the audience. She’s going to miss those camera pans and dance dedications to her. Girl loves attention and being right there beside Nev for everything.
  3. Ha! I got notification and I’m like “did I pocket post there? Why am I getting notification?” That lexicon still stands!
  4. Jenelle hasn’t been on TM in over a year. But no, nothing anyone does will make this show end. It’s like cockroaches and Jenelle, it keeps going on and on.
  5. I’m beginning to think there won’t be. I saw Whitney gave birth but had no idea Austin had Covid! He just won Texas a few weeks ago!
  6. Not in that 2nd pic of Riley and one of the twins walking. There are no pants. Creepers gonna creep but A&D should still be taking precautions.
  7. Saw this on Instagram. Why would she take pics of the girls in their t-shirts and panties to post on the internet? Do these people stop to think of the predators out there? Or allow their children any freedom? Also, seems a few pics have a bit of a “soft” filter on them (the first one of Riley and the last one with Danielle). These kids don’t need a filter!
  8. She found better doors to her new house? Came up with a new color combo for her plaid shirts? Found a new band she’s never heard of to buy in a band shirt? I can’t take the suspense. 🙄
  9. I about pissed my pants watching this
  10. Thank you @justdoit10! He’s ok. He did test positive but quarantined and just got back to work. We live together and I thankfully tested negative, but quarantined as well. I appreciate you asking!
  11. It’s also pissing me off that they are just taking numerous tests so willly nilly. We are in the same state as them and when my bf wasn’t feeling well, we had to go stand in line for 2 hours to get a test. It also took 10 days to get results back which means no work until it came back. Curious if they’re taking up state resources just so they can get away from their “hard life” to go on vacation.
  12. Every day I don’t think I could hate these people more, yet here I am. They act like they sacrifice their lives by both working full time and never seeing each other and never get to get away. They are so full of themselves and Adam is a cuntpickle. They are getting worse then Jon & Kate.
  13. If this show wasn’t already on its last 2 legs, they just shot themselves in the foot. “Let’s get rid of Tom, that’s a great idea!” -said no one EVER.
  14. She can’t even spell “friendship”.
  15. I didn’t know Frank passed until right now! I’ve met him in person a few times as he doesn’t live far from me and we’re FB friends. I hadn’t a clue! I’m so sad!
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