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  1. ShaNaeNae

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    I'm in. Also noticed Rosie is hella dramatic with every sentence. It's like she's trying to act affluent. I kind of like Brianna. I think she's got enough sass to her to stand up for herself instead of just being this guys doll. I don't find Gentille's boyfriend handsome in any way. At all. Trying to figure out if Megan (new couple last night) really loves him or his money.
  2. ShaNaeNae

    S01.E01: Can't Buy My Love

    I asked that in a Marrying Millions FB group I'm in and he answered. He said he was born with pneumonia and had nerve damage. He also stated he's deaf in one ear.
  3. ShaNaeNae

    Except Chelsea (and Cole)

    Coley saved my life! She chocked, Cole did Heimlich maneuver. Choking is scary, you can die, but we get it. COLE IS A SUPER HERO. Yeesh.
  4. ShaNaeNae

    General Gabbery: DWTS

    I just finally cancelled my People subscription after like 25 years...
  5. ShaNaeNae


    Oh, that's what he said, makes sense. I wouldn't even think she'd be smart enough to run his practice. So in that family, women are nurses/hygienists, but leave the doctoring to the men.
  6. ShaNaeNae


    Passionate conversations, psh. I side eyed that they were holding out for TLC. Mainly, they saw how popular the Gossellins got and they aimed to be the next Jon and Kate (why, I don't know).
  7. ShaNaeNae

    S08.E07: Mother of a Mother’s Day

    On top of Amber making it about her, I got the feeling she was blasting Kristina for saying ON CAMERA that this has been going on with Leah. I don't think she was thinking of Leah and her life being shared on TV, but more "now everyone knows the teacher calls Kristina first and I'm not there to play pretend caring mom. Now everyone knows Kristina knows about Leah's issues before mine." Does Amber do anything with that girl besides mani/pedis? I really hate the way she snapped at Kristina like a dog. I can't remember what she said, something about "this is an issue" and Kristina looked like she was going to shit herself right there in the pedi chair. Amber is such a bitch. Cheyenne, just admit you wanted a day off on Mothers Day. "I didn't want to disrupt her schedule, so Corey kept her on Sunday, Mothers Day". She's 1. I don't think one day with you instead of with him would disrupt her greatly.
  8. ShaNaeNae


    I got about 3/4 through it and got tired of reading of this egotistical couple. Of course Adam sees no end to this, only if people stop watching. Never once says if the girls decide they don't want to do it anymore. He keeps going on and on about how much people love them, love watching them except some who feels they can say what they want about us behind their screen. He really needs to get that not everyone is buying their act and won't love their family and that's ok. Don't put yourself out there if you're going to get that butthurt.
  9. ShaNaeNae


    That was another question I had. While in his talking head segment, he said "my whole family is doctors..." and mumbled something I could not make out that had his mom, forgetting and medical school in the same sentence. If anyone heard it, can you verify Dawn DID NOT go to medical school? There's no way. The woman is as dumb as a bag of carrots and thought the "radiation" from the plane reaching altitude can harm Cher's pregnancy.
  10. ShaNaeNae

    Bachelor in Paradise 6: Speculation and Spoilers

    Still not too excited to see Demi's relationship. I don't like when they bring someone from their RL that hasn't been on the show. Like when Ashley I brought her sister, I wasn't pleased about that. I like the see the interactions between those who I've seen on the show.
  11. ShaNaeNae

    Amber: A Rill Woman Goes to Gel

    I thought I was reading a letter someone wrote in their childhood. Except the prison part. But ro-model will keep me chuckling for DAYS. That's rich. Does anyone follow Splendor in the Trash on IG? She mainly does 90DF and Love After Lockup drawings, but this killed me. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz0gadrntaHKCych1cDzFMs2dbrEgYTnhaIKus0/
  12. ShaNaeNae

    Season 21: Live Feed Discussion

    She is. I don't watch that show, but she's on the commercial for the preview of the season. And I can't imagine Elena passing up a famewhoring opportunity.
  13. ShaNaeNae


    I looked him up to see what kind of doctor he was (ER, and a hot one at that) and was shocked to see he was on The Bachelorette a few years ago (Rachel's season). I don't remember him at all. He said his sister signed him up for the show because she's a dating coach. So, Cher's also a dating coach. The whole family has famewhore blood running.
  14. ShaNaeNae


    Living not far from A&D, I can say I've honestly never known such a thing. I hear all different levels of voices just like anywhere else. I'm also thinking of quitting this show. I can't deal with Adam and his famewhoring much longer. He just strikes me as shallow. He's always posting about his "hot wife". Their fans are rabid too.
  15. ShaNaeNae


    I guess he's smart enough to not go on this hot mess of a show. The first episode they did say they lived like 6 houses apart or something so they don't share a house. Hey I saw pops of red in there. Black, white and red together are like the mascot colors of trashy decor. I noticed the same thing! "Grandbaby will like me... and want to play with me". BECAUSE THEY KNOW YOU HAVE BOTOX AT 8 MONTHS OLD. Jesus woman. That talk they had gave me chills. Tearing up and everything about how Sunhe will leave this earth one day... Technically, we all will, so quit boohooing Sunhe. You're not any more important than the rest of us because you enabled your daughter through life.