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  1. ShaNaeNae


    She also probably not had to work as hard as regular consultants because she has a huge following and a built in fan base from her family’s show. So Mykelti, sweetly, don’t say people didn’t want to work hard.
  2. Ugh I’m embarrassed by her spelling. That’s bad. And of course Tanger’s Claire’s is bigger than Baybrook malls. Tanger is an outlet, Baybrook is a regular mall space. Apples to oranges.
  3. I saw that! And 40K members! Just what these dimwits need, them thinking their kids are just so perfect! Wait, what? I’ve wasted too much time in the Auj/Germy thread. What is this? She did that?
  4. Yeah Tori is annoying but Audrey is 100 times worth. She’s a professional victim.
  5. The Ashley has the best recap of Jenelle’s latest health woes (according to her from using her Google degree). This chick is straight up mental (which we already knew) but I’m serious. She needs help. And not the kind she’s thinking of. Mental and substance abuse because I think she’s pill shopping.
  6. Is it me or does Katie sound like Chelsea on Teen Mom 2? She has this baby talk that starts up randomly and adds “uh” to the end of her sentences. “Justinnnn-uh!”
  7. I can guarantee most of those people aren’t vaccinated. I just lost a coworker to Covid on Friday so my hate for them and their non-vaccinated crowd is on full high right now.
  8. And Zach’s constant “Jackson and me”, “Tori and me”.
  9. There’s just way too much going on here. Way too much.
  10. So is Alex’s ex going to stay in the phone the whole season? I can’t tell who is who in the black haired girls/military guys marriages. Also wondering if the other two ex’s tried to hook up.
  11. I am so disgusted that Angelica let her mom tell Jason he couldn’t come to the hospital for HIS OWN CHILDS BIRTH. Fuck that noise.
  12. And since she couldn't win every topic, she had to insert some kind of quip on each one about herself. I think they should have had a category for "Love Story Most Likely Formed To Get Fame". There! See Jamie, there's a category for you to win!
  13. Well, technically the show is called “Extreme Sisters”. I guess if they casted men, it could be called “Extreme Siblings”
  14. When Anna went and picked up her dog while crying broke my heart. Amber reminds me of my own mom who often criticized which left me in tears.
  15. I can’t watch this again. After seeing the commercial with the father excitedly saying “I suspect WE’RE pregnant again (there’s no we since you don’t have a uterus, dumbass) and the mom saying a cutesie “ohhh no!” like shucks, more kids! When really they don’t need anymore. They already have the oldest daughter helping and their youngest had all those issues. If I recall, dad didn’t do shit when it came to childcare and mom was stressed. Plus I think they’re lying. There’s no way all those multiples were natural.
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