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  1. It's all in the Leah thread.
  2. If he really quit to take care of the kids because of Chelsea's anxiety, they'd lose the 1/2% of respect I have for them. Meanwhile, she's talking about having more. Must be nice to not be in the real world and just be able to have your husband leave his job to help with the kids because of anxiety. I don't think that's it. My only knowledge is from 90DF, but most of those people aren't homeowners. I do know it costs a lot and you'll be on the hook for them for 10 years. I think they need to make sure a immigrant won't come in and go on government assistance. @heatherchandler jinx!
  3. I know I'm late to the name game, but I just adore this title. I can't even help it and as usual @Sofa Sloth made me laugh. 😂
  4. Sad, losing fur babies is the worst. But, I've never heard somebody say "yesterday night". LAST NIGHT Maddie.
  5. I think mentioning they're adopted/blended/foster kids is reaching just because they use the word "my...". I've heard many people do that.
  6. Aww she looks adorable. She got to be her own person, I'm sure it made her happy!
  7. I haven't listened to this since I'm at work, but just saw it. Please don't be true, please don't be true. She's back!
  8. #theamountoftimesihavesaidputthepenisaway. Oh, Maddie. 🙄 Just because you CAN write it on IG, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
  9. The popular name on the show a few years ago was Ashley. I went on a date with a massive Bachelor fan (and it was only 1 date after I realized he was obsessed with Carley Wad and his phone would go off every time she tweeted) several years ago and he came up with a new name for the show. The Ashlette's.
  10. Now you've got me saying, "possibly????" I thought she looked familiar too and I'm a FW whore. But a Google search doesn't bring up much.
  11. Wait, I must have missed this. She said she likes Mexican food because she's Salvadorean?
  12. Yeah I've heard that since I posted that last week. But her IG hasn't been updated since last week so hard to tell. I do think the emancipation was just wishful thinking, but do think she hoped to stay in MN. Makes me wonder why she came back. If it was only supposed to be a few months originally or what.
  13. This is making me sick. Josh with another CA underage girl? Ugh.
  14. The Winder's shared on their blog a few days ago, Sophie's pregnant!
  15. Interesting. I don't think things will end well for these two unfortunately.
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