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  1. Wow, I think Bode looks like Matt!
  2. I think she could have forgiven the infidelity, but she's having a harder time forgiving that he changed forever how she thought her life was going to play out. I also think she forgave and overlooked a lot over the years in her marriage because she really believed she was married for life with the end goal being that they'd live on the farm in their old age with their kids and grandkids nearby. It's hard to let go of a dream, but slowly, she is. Matt had the advantage of moving on way before Amy knew that she'd have to. It's easy for him to be snide because he's getting everything he's wanted.
  3. Yes, they're flawed, complicated human beings like all of us. Having said that, I don't think I've ever seen Matt be introspective about himself or his faults.
  4. The thing about using I and me is that there's a fairly easy rule to help to know which one. Just take the other person/people out of the sentence and you'll know whether to use me or I.
  5. I agree! And, people can say what they want about Matt and Amy, but has anyone ever heard Chris say anything negative about Matt? Has he ever been snide about Matt? Caryn can't wait to get her digs in about Amy, but Chris is a class act. Amy traded up; Matt traded for someone like him.
  6. The whole family's (with the exception of Molly, who's smart enough to stay out of the limelight so we have no way to know) grammar is somewhat horrid, lol.
  7. Or, in Amy's case, "fustrating," lol.
  8. Why do you need proof from Amy when he says it himself? https://radaronline.com/videos/matt-roloff-drug-addiction-cocaine-little-people-big-world/
  9. Wow. I think Amy pointed out that he had DUIs and was a drug addict whose campaign wouldn't survive his opponents bringing his issue to light. And, that's just the stuff we know about.
  10. Does anyone else want to throat punch the woman in the promo for this show who says, “Callhecallhercallhercallher?” Or, is it just me?
  11. I’m watching the reruns TLC’s showing in the early morning and I dislike all 3 Snowdens more now than I did the first time. Ashley and Dmitri are egotistical assholes and Vanessa was a fool to get involved with them.
  12. I saw that and looked him up. He's a dog and she's a fool.
  13. And, I respect him a ton because I think that he took it hard, but chose love and acceptance.
  14. I'm not surprised given that they're all faker than a $3 bill. Schmoozers like each other because of all the ego stroking give one another.
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