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  1. Since I’m too cheap to subscribe to D+, I’m thrilled this show’s coming to TLC!
  2. I’m sticking with my theory that LeBlur is voiced by Buddy, who’s fulfilling his contractual obligations but largely staying and away from Whitney. 😂
  3. That’s all of what I was thinking. I think she’d really resonate with older kids. We have a beloved band teacher at our local high school and she leads the award-winning marching band. She welcomes any kid who wants to participate, even if they don’t play an instrument. She and those kids practice for hours a day in the summer and into the fall. I have nothing but mad respect for the people who dedicate their careers (and often, themselves) to educating and mentoring kids. I really do think that Moriah, with the right education and some maturation, could be one of those people.
  4. It wasn't intended to be, lol. I don't think she's a good singer at all, but she's a musician and I think she'd really relate to teenaged students with a lot of care and compassion.
  5. Her family’s from Virginia. She’d be a great high school music teacher.
  6. You caught up very fast and your observations echo many of ours, @Baltimore Betty! In the earlier seasons, Kim and Barry were very clear that their kids couldn't have sugar (or at least very, very infrequently).
  7. Pretty sure saying that certain jobs are or aren't "real jobs" isn't only about the show and its characters. And, I asked you a question, I did not "critique" you. LOL And if he did discuss his work, he'd be accused of trying to use the show to sell more real estate.
  8. So now you have new criteria for what a "real job" is? LOL
  9. What difference does it make? The point is that he was successful enough selling real estate to support himself for many years (which takes work ethic) and apparently keeps his hand in the business (he sold a house on 10/7/21). He's also near or at the age when many people start to work less and transition to retirement. I'll be sure to let me FIL know that he didn't work at a "real job" for 40 years when he owned his own roofing company and funded his own pension, lol. But let's be consistent. If we're using company pensions and a 9 to 5 schedule to quantify "real jobs" then Matt
  10. Selling real estate is a "real job." According to his client reviews, Chris "shows up" when he needs to. I wasn't aware that earning a pension was the criterion by which jobs are quantified as "real." I guess all the doctors, small business owners, and other people who fund their own pension accounts don't have "real jobs," either. And, whether Tori has taught one year or 30 years, teaching Kindergarten is a career with longevity and even a pension. Matt didn't and doesn't "own and run" the farm independently, lol.
  11. Except that he's been a successful Realtor for many years. Aside from Molly and maybe Tori, he's about the only person who has or had a secure career with longevity. https://www.zillow.com/profile/IBMarek
  12. And neither does being 4 feet tall with short arms and legs.
  13. The double standard is astounding.
  14. Moriah wasn’t put in the middle, she knowingly made choices that resulted in the situation.
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