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  1. The irony when Wendy was too busy having lunch with Kelvin instead of attending her mother's funeral. Not to mention she wouldn't have even mentioned it had the death of her mother not been outed by a family friend on IG. Wendy is the rat, that's why she sides with the awful dad. I really need to quit watching her, I don't know why I can't stop when she's so toxic and awful.
  2. I had to come back and comment on the Gary Owens interview. That was just so inappropriate asking a guest out DURING THE SHOW. Then the fact you can tell he was not into her and showed it MANY TIMES prior to her asking him is all kind of cringe. Wendy needs to learn to read men and when they don't have an attraction for her, not to mention she needs a course in sexual harassment in general.
  3. Wendy was so awful today. It was funny when she was talking about Ripa's Emmy nomination and asking Norma who else was nominated. Today's show is a prime example of why Wendy wasn't nominated. First she just went on and on mocking Kanye and his mental illness. I'm no Kanye fan but that was too far. Then she repeatedly said she didn't know who Irina is and claims Kim Kardashian is prettier lol. Irina has been with Cristiano Ronaldo and Bradley Cooper and models for Victoria Secret etc not to mention the topic of several rap songs. She is much more of a natural beauty too.
  4. Last few days Wendy has been so mean to Suss, the DJ. He probably will be gone soon. I think he should sue for harrassment and bullying. WTF
  5. Natalie is cuckoo for cocoa puffs, why wouldn't they show the Mike's Mom calling her that if it really happened.
  6. Spoiler Alert Swinging Viagra Ron is gonna be 70- this might explain ALOT.
  7. This is it exactly... Garrick is some category of psychopathy and gets off on the humilation of Danielle and her parents. Most men wouldn't dare treat their wife like because they wouldn't want to raise the ire of in laws and friends, even Garricks own family have disowned him, but Danielle's family silently suck up and approve the abuse. Something is just not right with her family.
  8. Okay why the hell did Ashley have the kids set up 2000 candle lit bags and then Demitri keeps her blindfolded til they get to the couch. She missed out on the whole ambience. What a waste of money if it's true they were resorting to grocery delivery during the lockdown. What kind of parents agree to go on a trip to Mexico after Ick divorces your daughter and wants his ex inlaws in the same condo while he screws his new love. Danielle's parents sound like they're part of the Garrick cult too to go along with this. The Kimberley story line was probably fake, otherwise Kimberley hopefu
  9. This family is cute but after finding out about all their frauds I can't watch. Also I get a vibe that Eric and the husband are lovers.
  10. Angela should have gone to Mexico for her sugeries and she could have booked a flight for Michael to meet her and Michael gets detained. Sharp missed an opportunity for a recycled story line.
  11. Natalie GTFO with your vegeterian B.S. when you're out here eating fish. With that 'high IQ' of 90 that she brags about you'd think she'd at least define herself as a pesceterian. Counting the days til Natalie does a paid Instagram post promoting Butcher Box.
  12. No Tim they are not getting rid of Andrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii from the fake family business because they want camera time.
  13. I highly doubt the neigbors are calling felonious cocaine Charlie...if anything to ask if it's him breaking into his own property during a binge or hiding from the police.
  14. Love Armando and Kenny on PT. Make them permananet and rotate out David and Annie.
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