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  1. Mike looks like he's 54 which for an Asian man means he's more like 74 and I say this being part asian.
  2. Little People, 90 Day World.
  3. This 90 Franchise has really spanned out from just getting a visa in 90 days, next we'll be getting 90 DAY DATELINE edition when one of them kills the other.
  4. I signed up for 90 Day Fiance, not 90 Day cleaning for ancients.
  5. This is so ridiculous, Summit's tiny weenie definitely isn't worth all this. GTFO out of India and go on Medicare.
  6. Kenny's grown children are Armando's age or older. I can see why he wouldn't want a baby when his youngest is late twenties. Their age difference is becoming a problem.
  7. He makes pina colaladas for all the middle aged American women on a sex tour.
  8. Who sells their pizzaaria to get treated like an atm by a man who is just tolerating you til the house is rebuilt and the economy improves.
  9. It can be both. He loves being cucked in front of millions and gets a check for it. It's a win win win for Corey.
  10. God how many more scenes of these two assholes do we have to see about this fake break up.
  11. Kenny, Armando, Veronica, Tim, Asuelo and Kalani were on Bares All today and they were all really fun and good. Asuelo killed it with his comments, he is very astute and blunt.
  12. I think the wife and the sister of the guy who left the family to join the cult and was found naked and lucky to be alive are in denial. I can understand the wife worried about him and wanting to find him safe because she cared about him but how can she trust him to not fall for another cult or person and run away again or to do something else idiotic. If I was her I'd be getting a divorce and making sure my money, safety, and future wasn't in jeopardy living with a partner who's a lunatic. He seems to be one of those people susceptible to falling for cults or has some type of menta
  13. Pretty sure lie detector tests was not made for these two idiots.
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