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  1. I hate ridiculously long hair on boys, so yay, this was badly needed.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if Jill was the one who pushed for the anniversary party after the wedding rather than combine it with the rehearsal dinner the night prior. This way, she got two free meals paid for by the Kellers, rather than one.
  3. Jenny is a beautiful girl. The baby on the left (Bella, I think?) is adorable. The M'kid looks exactly like Pa Keller.
  4. It just goes to show what an absolute joke of a school Clown College is. Tori got her degree in education and can't handle four kids, meanwhile public school teachers manage classes of 25+.
  5. I think the longer hair suits Henry's face better, but the shorter hair makes more sense for summer.
  6. Apparently, Dee Dee Carlin had little Gypsy Rose Layla back at the doctor's office. Thankfully, the kid turned out to be fine. Carlin worked the whole "panicked, first-time mom" angle to the hilt, and promptly dropped the shtick the second she got home so she could gush over the return of her car. Evan was equally as obnoxious. Poor Layla doesn't seem to be much of a priority until they need to pimp out her health issues. https://youtu.be/2hCF4kRve9M
  7. Wow, Esther has aged twenty years since moving to Africa. If you google younger pictures of her, she was an attractive girl. I would never have guessed that was her in that group photo if you all hadn't pointed her out.
  8. It went over my head as well, but now that I get it is kind of funny.
  9. Nothing says you're a valued child like candles stuck in a tub of Great Value ice cream. They couldn't at least get the poor kid a nice Carvel cake from the grocery store?
  10. Real classy, Jill. So she hijacked the Keller anniversary dinner (paid for by the Keller children) as the 2nd "reception" for Nurie's wedding (the 1st consisting of grifted wedding cakes).
  11. I'm 100% convinced these entities are nothing but fronts for money laundering. I remember that one scene where Kendra called Joe at the car lot and he said a couple people came by over the course of the entire day. Not exactly a high traffic operation. There's no way these piddly businesses are generating enough profit to support the sons and their families. The Duggar marrieds live off whatever allowance Boob gives them.
  12. I agree. 200 invites is a lot, even by "regular people" standards after you factor in family size and plus-ones. 200 invites in Fundieland should've translated to a much larger crowd (which it didn't). Apparently the Rods are low-hanging fruit. Even with a Keller groom, no one was willing to attend. That has to be a kick in the teeth for a narcissist like Jill.
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