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  1. Michelle in pants?! They're really desperate for attention aren't they? She does look good, btw. Much younger and more normal.
  2. The bagged lunches caught my eye as well. Normally the family would make twice daily Starbucks runs and eat at restaurants. It's amazing how quickly things change when UP isn't footing the bill.
  3. No, I think they were recorded before the engagement/wedding.
  4. These are the two videos: https://www.reddit.com/r/BringingUpBates/comments/sbcrh4/how_the_men_in_traviss_family_show_love_to_each/ https://www.reddit.com/r/BringingUpBates/comments/sbe772/another_one_you_guys_this_time_its_daddy_clark/ You have to unmute in the bottom left hand corner to get the sound.
  5. At this point Travis is playing nice, a) because Katie can be annoying and visitors give her something to do and b) they're not comfortable around one another, so it's a nice buffer. However I agree, it will wear thin eventually. Someone posted videos from Mr. Clark's Twitter on the subReddit, and they're highly disturbing. Travis and his grandfather are "play" fighting...with straps. The kind you'd use to whack a kid with. Towards the end, the grandfather starts choking Travis. In the other, Travis' dad is wrestling him. It starts out kind of funny, but Travis says multiple times his bac
  6. Nice pictures. Both Jingle and the bride look lovely.
  7. I used to use Mary Kay makeup when I was a flight attendant, and that stuff had crazy staying power. I'm not sure how the quality is now, but back in the day, it was pretty darn good. The only thing I hated was the cult aspect. The lady I bought from was always trying to recruit me and it was annoying.
  8. I've learned to tune him out. He's a horrible actor.
  9. One thing I'm curious about is how many adult survivors we'll see in S2. Just doing a running tally we have: Misty, Tai, Shauna and Nat as "knowns." Travis, Jackie, Laura Lee are deceased, albeit in different time periods. The unnamed redshirts are goners, unless the writers pull a Lost and start giving them random plotlines. Lottie is a given. No one mentioned Javi when Travis was murdered, so I'm writing him off as dead in 96/97. That leaves us with Coach Scott, Akilah, Mari and Van. Mari is the only one who fits the description of pit girl, so it's down
  10. Jesus God, that plane looks like it was last used in the 80s to make cocaine drops for Pablo Escobar. You couldn't pay me to go up in that thing.
  11. Oh, they absolutely are. The writers already admitted they didn't expect the fan base to be so rabid in their quest for Easter Eggs. I think some production assistant wrote a list of movies off the top of his/her head and that was it. My guess is they'll retcon the mistake and draw from the fan boards. Shauna will write the entries post-rescue.
  12. I didn't realize Lawson's wedding was in California. That's going to be an expensive trip for the Websters and Paines. Alyssa will bring all her kids, because she won't miss an opportunity to do a family photo shoot in Tikky-supplied dresses, but Erin and Chad may be a different story. Finley can be a lap child, but if Holland is two, she needs a seat. That would be six plane tickets from Knox to San Diego. Unless Spirit services both airports, they may have to leave some kids at home or drive. With regards to finances, I think Zach will end up having to go back to work. It seems like the
  13. Plus she's abrasive and not a people person. She doesn't have the social skills necessary to shmooze her way to the top.
  14. They'd be able to identify Adam through DNA.
  15. I think the cops would find out about the affair via cell phone records and target Jeff. Shauna can lie and manipulate like a pro, but Jeff is a dope. He'd be a pretty easy nut to crack.
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