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  1. IIRC, several posters on here speculated Jill was in counseling based on the books she was reading. Gold stars for those who called it. With regards to the lawsuit, is this the one stemming from Joshgate? I thought that was dismissed?
  2. I'm wondering who all the aforementioned guests are as well. Since when is Jessa into entertaining?
  3. I like the name Colton, but not sure how I feel about Kolter. Not the worst I've heard, but not one I'm crazy about either. Anyways, congrats, I guess.
  4. I agree. Khloe is Tristan's "ol' reliable," the girl who's always available, always willing to give him sex, desperate to have him around and never makes demands. He'll circle back to her when he's bored or doesn't feel like putting effort into chasing other women.
  5. Kim is just trying to drive traffic towards her social media. She doesn't need ideas on how to keep kids entertained because she has a team of nannies paid to do that.
  6. The Duggar boys are all very doughy. Wide in the hips and not much muscle tone.
  7. Why would Amy cave to Boob though? If she didn't say anything damaging about the family or even mention them, what grounds would there be for a lawsuit?
  8. That girl sawing away on the violin is going to give me nightmares. Poor kids are so miserable
  9. I agree. All the Duggar grandkids are cute, but they blend together because there's not much variation in their features. Felicity might be the outlier.
  10. Birkenstocks and joggers? It's like she's trying to rebrand herself as a combination of Jinger and Jill.
  11. My favorite is Dragonfly in Amber, hands down. I'd have to go back and think for a bit, but most of the episodes that really resonated with me are from S1 and S2. Seasons 4 and 5 are very Roger/Brianna heavy and they're my least favorite aspect of the show.
  12. A dance party?!!! Shes officially giving the big f.u. to her family. I love it.
  13. I agree it's likely mutual disdain. I don't get the sense any of the Seewald girls are pining for a friendship with Jessa, nor is she going out of her way to spend time with them. As for Bin, I think he's deeply resentful he pissed his future away for Jessa, and Jessica and her husband represent everything he doesn't have (careers, income, benefits, freedom, independence, etc.). He probably disagrees with his sister's lifestyle, but there's a jealousy aspect as well.
  14. I just read about a seven month-old baby hospitalized with corona, and he contracted it from his grandmother. It seems like a lot of parents have this false mindset that kids are immune.
  15. Yeah, Claire always goes about things in the most ridiculous way possible. The logical course of action would've been to excuse herself from Wylie, tell Jamie about the Bonnet connection and formulate a rational plan. Instead, she uses the feminine wiles approach which promptly goes awry when her target tries to sexually assault her. Given that men are particularly rape-y around Claire you'd think she would've abandoned that tactic by now...
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