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  1. It almost feels like they're trying to drum up interest in Jana by making the false claim that soooo many guys are after her. Sort of a Fundie F.O.M.O if you will.
  2. Sadly, I agree. It's like when Kylie gave the weird makeup guy that really expensive ring for his birthday. The first thing he did was pull his phone out so he could start showing off on Instagram. Thanking her was barely on the radar. I don't know if any of you follow Shallon Lester on YouTube, but she does a lot of great videos about the Kardashians. This one in particular touches on how Kris' narcissism has damaged her children, most notably Khloe and Kylie: https://youtu.be/eoKjr_yV-c0
  3. It always boggles my mind how people can lose custody of their kids and go on to have do-over babies without a second thought. I guess jumping through hoops to get the first kid back was too much trouble.
  4. I love that Joy is staying true to her tomboy roots and hanging out with her brothers. Everyone looks and sounds really happy in the video. It's amazing how different everyone is away from Boob's and Michelle's clutches.
  5. Damn, that stadium looked to be 80% Pittsburgh fans.
  6. I think Bobby's friendship with Kelton is the only thing making life tolerable for him in East TN. I also completely agree about Erin and Whitney. They're trying to come across nice with the fakey-fake enthusiasm, but you can tell they're secretly hoping a tornado hits Castleton Farms the day before the ceremony.
  7. Kitchens isn't going to last long in Cleveland. I don't think Cam will get his starting job back. Injuries aside, his heart doesn't seem to be in the game anymore.
  8. It's all three, but it's so gripping and haunting you can't look away. The performances are really good.
  9. My husband and I saw it last Thursday. We both loved it.
  10. Of course they have. I'm convinced DirecTv is the creation of Satan, put on this Earth to drive subscribers batty with their horrid customer service and connectivity issues.
  11. They're all starting to look like that. So much for plastic surgery being the fountain of youth.
  12. Wow, Anna has one hell of a nerve. How about watch your own damn kids? Or stop breeding? Or tell your useless douche-nozzle of a husband to get off his lazy ass and help?
  13. Lol, it definitely has that "father dragged him to the altar by his ear" kind of feel, doesn't it?
  14. I agree Kylie has absolutely no clue as to the nuts and bolts of her company. She does photo shoots and picks out colors. That's it. Kris and whoever else is running it deals with production, factories, distribution, etc. During the tour, she seemed like a kid play-acting her pink Barbie office fantasy, not a mature adult running a billion dollar business.
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