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  1. Jinger needs deep conditioner and scissors, asap. Her hair is on life support.
  2. IIRC, Boob is around six feet, right? Michelle must barely be pushing five these days. She looks tiny by comparison.
  3. Virtue-signaling at its finest. It reminds me of a Facebook acquaintance who made this big announcement about going vegan, saying she could no longer be complicit in mass murder. 🙄
  4. The graduation photos are nice, squinting aside. Jill looked lovely in the red dress, and I'm glad her oldest son could attend. My hope for Derick is he becomes so busy with a new job he has no time for Twitter rants against Boob. It's not like he's saying anything that isn't true, but I think he should let it go.
  5. Do you guys remember that old Lifetime movie Death Of A Cheerleader? Joy and Carlin's dynamic reminds me a bit of that, minus the jealousy and murder. Carlin's the popular, glamorous Queen Bee and Joy has an almost puppy-like adoration for her and what she represents. I think Joy is beautiful, but she's not naturally outgoing or flirty. I think her brothers, and even Austin, treat her as "one of the guys." Maybe friendship with Carlin gives her the girly-girl bonding experience she never got to have during her teenage years.
  6. Exactly and the fact that Josh felt comfortable downloading CP at a place of business is proof positive nobody ever came in there.
  7. I don't have anything against WOACB. I take her with a grain of salt, but she can be entertaining. I liked Joy's statement, especially that she kept the focus on the children rather than stepping up on the Christian soapbox like Jessa did. Interesting that she removed the part about the courts though. That's got Boob's grimy paws all over it.
  8. I'm not sure if any of you lurk on Reddit, but this is an interesting read. This person used to monitor sex offenders and gives his/her opinion on why they think Josh will violate his release conditions prior to trial. There's no triggering details, for those who are trying to avoid that sort of thing. https://www.reddit.com/r/DuggarsSnark/comments/n7y9n3/i_used_to_supervise_high_risk_sex_offenders_i/
  9. I guess it's true what they say: we all have a calling!
  10. From stories I've read, it seems like a lot of parents don't handle sexual abuse well, especially when both victim and offender are their children. Boob and Michelle aren't unique in that aspect. My main criticism is they've continued to treat Josh with kid gloves since then. Jesus Jail instead of real rehab, financially supporting his family, bailing him out of the Ashley Madison scandal, hiring an extremely high-priced attorney for the CP case, asking people who are casual acquaintances at best to act as Josh's foster parents, etc. I don't know if it's guilt, denial, self-preservation
  11. Given the failure of Hope and Stead, you'd think Jeremy and Jinger would've stepped up their game. Laziness and apathy seem to be their default. They waited until the last minute to promote their book, then got blindsided by the Joshley arrest. They show up to Barnes and Noble looking like they just got off a three day bender, and when it comes to basic things like engagement and timeliness, they can't even get that right. At this rate, their fan base must be hanging by a rapidly decaying thread.
  12. I was about to say that. The Duggar siblings have put up with enough.
  13. I've had mixed results. Some times it's good, but if they forget something it's a total pain in the ass. I had once ordered all the ingredients and fixings for tacos, and they forgot the damn seasoning packet. One or two wrong/missing items can kill your dinner plans.
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