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  1. If something was going down, there'd be more than one cop car. For all we know, the Sheriff's deputy was looking for a quiet spot to eat his lunch. I wouldn't read too much into it.
  2. One thing I will say positively about Jessa is she speaks very well and sticks to the point. There's nothing more annoying than YouTubers who drone on and on, repeating themselves endlessly and going off on unrelated tangents. If she worked at it, she could do well in that medium.
  3. I agree. Derick certainly had no issue with the arrangement when he was living rent-free in two McMansions and being subsidized by donors while in Danger America. He only got pissy after TLC refused to pay Izzy's hospital bills, conveniently forgetting those bills were racked up due to Jill's negligence and stupidity.
  4. I can't imagine Jana ever being spunky or rambunctious. What did they do to that poor girl?
  5. I like Chelsea's hair. It looks like she toned it down to a more natural shade of red.
  6. It would've been nice if they wrote a birthday wish for Jana. I'm not letting Abbie off the hook for it either given that Jana planned and executed her entire wedding.
  7. Smuggar completely ruins what's otherwise a great picture.
  8. Ain't that the truth. I left a comment on a YouTube video saying I wished Jana could go to school or have a job. I was left a nasty reply by a fan who said Jana works as a midwife. Uh, since when?
  9. I love the purple shoes as well, although I can't tell if they're flats or pumps.
  10. Congrats to JD and Abbie! Given her tough pregnancy, I'm glad they had enough sense to do a hospital birth.
  11. Hannie is very pretty. She looks like she's still going through that awkward phase where her features haven't settled out, but I agree she looks a lot like Joy.
  12. Michelle was working at Chik-Fil-A. Not sure if she's still there, though.
  13. You did the right thing. If your daughter is struggling with anxiety, the last thing she needs is an unstable presence brought into the house. The mother pressing charges is a major indicator this kid isn't the innocent victim he's making himself out to be. Usually when a parent gets to that point it's because there's a lengthy history of combative behavior. Always trust your instincts.
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