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  1. I don't think there ever was a hospital-approved midwife. CPM's don't have hospital privileges in Arkansas, and a CNM would've had coverage if she was going out of town. The whole thing was a fiction to buffer the backlash. I also noticed Bin involuntarily twitched when Jessa started telling the story and he wouldn't look directly at the camera. He's obviously not as comfortable with bold-faced lies as his wife is.
  2. Finally caught up on all my shows. Bin is over it. Over. It. I don't know why he won't dig his balls out of Jessa's purse and demand hospital births. I wasn't surprised Lauren hijacked Jessa's moment and made things awkward for everyone by having an Asa meltdown at the hospital. Spurge's take on gender was hysterical. Jinger looks totally washed out as a blonde. I know mileage varies, but I thought the dye job looked like shit. The top half was ashy and the ends were brassy yellow. Also, someone needs to educate her on the definition of balayage, cuz that wasn't it. Seeing Grandma Mary was bittersweet knowing she didn't have much time left.
  3. I think it's awesome the cop basically told Jill to fuck off. I guarantee she wasn't expecting that.
  4. IIRC, Briana only made something like 20k the first season she was on TM2. As a baby daddy joining the show in its' waning stages, I can't imagine Chris would be paid much more than that. I think the embarrassment of being publicly associated with Kail outweighs the modest amount of income he'd make off MTV.
  5. Oh, I wouldn't be surprised in the least. I think the move was 10% Jeremy attending seminary and 90% wanting to fulfill his dream of becoming a Big Stah. If the Vuolos can't score influencer gigs and burn through their savings, the allure and shine of L.A. will dull very quickly. I can see then tucking tail and returning to small-town preaching.
  6. I have a feeling this is going to end with Leah back on pillses and a negative balance in her bank account. I can't believe she keeps getting suckered into these things.
  7. Pretty swanky kitchen for two people who have no jobs.
  8. Barb is under five feet, so she may be, lol.
  9. I can't help but wonder if Cole likes Chelsea helpless and dependent. I get the vibe he didn't have much prior dating experience, so maybe he's the type who needs to be needed? (If that makes any sense). For example that scene where Chelsea was talking to Donna. She was completely in control of the situation, firm voice, handling it well and then Cole runs over to eavesdrop and feeds into her anxiety the second she hangs up. Instead of telling her she did great, he mimicks the whole "omg, I'm shaking, this is so traumatic" shtick. He tends to parrot Chelsea's facial expressions, words and emotions rather than say something authentic. If it works for them, great, but I find it to be a strange dynamic, and one that certainly doesn't help Chelsea's issues.
  10. I buy the jarred minced garlic as well. I love fresh, but I feel like I can never get the smell off my hands, no matter how hard I scrub.
  11. The aesthetics of the wedding were beautiful. The dress was a little risque for my tastes, but not the worst I've seen. The only dud was the groom.
  12. I know I'm beating a dead horse, but what the hell is Gabby's attraction to Cade? He's not good-looking, his personality sucks, and he's not a big enough artist to advance her career. It's such a bizarre pairing.
  13. My hair salon has a little coffee and cookie set-up, but it's in the reception area. Nobody takes food into the back where the stylists have their chairs. I've seen girls have coffee or Frappuccinos next to them while getting their nails done, but drinks are in closed containers. Bringing food into a salon is just tacky and unsanitary.
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