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  1. Have you ever tried Trader Joe's skincare? I've always wanted to try their body butters but don't know if they're any good or not.
  2. I wasn't expecting Derick to have a cute, normal-looking prom date. That threw me for a loop.
  3. They're God-bothering in English and Spanish now?! At least Latinos had a fighting chance by pulling the "No hablo Inglés" line if a Rodlet ragamuffin approached. Now we're all equally screwed, lol.
  4. It may well be. I can't remember who said it, but one of the siblings talked about how, as kids, they'd literally fight for the scraps of steak that Gil and Kelly brought home from "date night." I imagine the Bateses were similar to the Rods. Unless a sweet friend was picking up the tab, they ate very little in the way of protein, fruits and vegetables.
  5. Question for those in the know: If Josh goes to prison and has to register as a sex offender, how does that affect his access to the family going forward? Can he be around his nieces and nephews, or is no contact with children limited to strangers? Is it up to the Duggars' discretion? I'm not familiar with how all this works.
  6. Jonathan is a nice-looking young man, but both he and Kaylee look painfully uncomfortable. They have no chemistry at all, not even that surface level physical attraction you see in many Fundie couples that masks the fact that they're complete strangers. I'm really curious as to how this courtship came about.
  7. I agree. She went to school as a consolation prize for not being able to get pregnant. Now that the possibility is on the horizon, the career's been dumped with lightning speed. I kind of wonder if things are as hunky-dory between John and Alyssa as they like to make it seem. All these siblings flying down and staying way beyond what would be normal for guests feels like buffering to me.
  8. I think Anna is exactly where she wants to be. The Duggars can provide a more comfortable life for her and her children. I don't think she wants to go back to her childhood of stacking kids up in a double-wide. Sure, a windowless warehouse isn't ideal but I think they just sleep there. Most of their days are spent at the TTH. Leaving with seven kids and trying to carve out some form of existence for herself is an uphill battle that would take years. The path of least resistance is the one Anna is currently on.
  9. Jinger looks like she barely has enough body fat to sustain her own life, let alone someone else's.
  10. My first thought was she looks a bit like Jordyn in the eyes. I think Ivy looks a lot like Jinger.
  11. BitterApple

    Tennis Thread

    Emma and Leylah are gorgeous. Felix looked very dapper in his tux. Serena's outfit was a choice... I'm whatever on Naomi at this point. Her social anxiety appears to be very selective.
  12. I had a tree swing as well. That video brings back a lot of fond memories.
  13. The photos are crazy filtered. Joe's skin isn't that smooth and even-toned.
  14. Definitely not. I think the Duggar kids couldn't care less about Amy and rarely give her a second thought. She's the one clinging to the drama, not them.
  15. Has anyone tried that brand? I love Hibiscus flavoring in beverages. This might have potential.
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