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  1. My two cents is Kris produced some bullshit paperwork to get Kylie on the Forbes list, but any tax returns filed with the IRS were legit, as were the sales figures they gave Coty. I can't imagine the lawyers and accountants at the latter didn't go over the numbers with a fine toothed comb, especially considering the amount of money they were about to fork over for the business.
  2. Have you guys been following the Myka Stauffer controversy? For those not familiar, she's a well known Mommy vlogger who recently dumped her adopted special needs child. Crystal Ball Katie did a YouTube video about it: https://youtu.be/LNWeX7Ydb_A The woman is narcissism on steroids. She makes JRod look like a lightweight. I try not to judge, but she gives off vibes like the kid was an inconvenience to her perfect aesthetic and needed to go.
  3. I wonder if Kris just submitted fake tax returns to Forbes, but gave legit numbers to the investors and Coty? I mean, the former is certainly shady and unethical, but would it be considered illegal?
  4. I always thought the same. I know Kylie has millions of mindless sheep ready and willing to buy whatever she puts out, but her skincare line was universally trashed, and there's hardly any buzz about her makeup anymore. When I watched that tour of her empty warehouse of an office, I didn't get the vibe any serious business was going on there. I know she's still loaded regardless, but I never believed she had billionaire status. I don't think Kanye does either.
  5. The Reddit comments had me choking on my coffee, I was laughing so hard.
  6. It's interesting, because oftentimes features that look cartoonish on babies make for really good looking adults. Ivy has sort of a creepy, possessed doll look about her now, but I think she'll be really pretty as she grows up.
  7. Is this TLC's and the Duggars' way of trolling Jana? I feel like this poor woman has become a running joke, standing smack dab in the middle of all the marrieds and babies. They should've definitely thrown a couple J-boys in so she didn't stick out like a sore thumb.
  8. Are they covering Joy's loss as well? If so, that's going to be a pretty morbid season. As far as Jinger, yay, I guess. I wish her the best, but I can't muster up any enthusiasm for yet another pregnant Duggar.
  9. What a horrible angle. Erin looks like someone on a medical oddity TLC special titled "Born With Half A Body."
  10. I agree. Jingle definitely looks preggers and her hair is longer and in desperate need of a salon visit. I think the professional Instagram pictures were taken a while ago.
  11. It wouldn't surprise me if Austin's father had the cheapest, bare bones policy that meets the minimum requirements of the law. Fundies seem to have a pretty big aversion to insurance.
  12. Lulz! It's like all the YouTube beauty gurus and their "highly requested videos".....which happen to be filled with products they're being paid to promote.
  13. Jinger watched The Last Dance?! Really? With f-bombs being dropped every five seconds and tales of cocaine and strippers in the hotel rooms? If that's true, I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one.
  14. This x a million. Followers think their idols truly want to hear their opinions, but for the influencer it's all about engagement, clicks and traffic. I unfollowed a lifestyle vlogger after she asked her followers how they clean their mirrors. I mean, really? The whole thing is so fake and disingenuous.
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