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  1. I agree. Jingle definitely looks preggers and her hair is longer and in desperate need of a salon visit. I think the professional Instagram pictures were taken a while ago.
  2. It wouldn't surprise me if Austin's father had the cheapest, bare bones policy that meets the minimum requirements of the law. Fundies seem to have a pretty big aversion to insurance.
  3. Lulz! It's like all the YouTube beauty gurus and their "highly requested videos".....which happen to be filled with products they're being paid to promote.
  4. Jinger watched The Last Dance?! Really? With f-bombs being dropped every five seconds and tales of cocaine and strippers in the hotel rooms? If that's true, I would've loved to have been a fly on the wall for that one.
  5. This x a million. Followers think their idols truly want to hear their opinions, but for the influencer it's all about engagement, clicks and traffic. I unfollowed a lifestyle vlogger after she asked her followers how they clean their mirrors. I mean, really? The whole thing is so fake and disingenuous.
  6. I'm thinking she meant Khloe. Sometimes when I use the quote feature, it goes wonky and cuts out Instagram pictures. Speaking of which, whoever that is in Khloe's post looks like the love child of Denise Richards and Jessica Alba. Funniest comment I've read so far came via Daily Mail: "Of course Tristan liked the post. He thought Khloe made a new friend." Lol....
  7. What's the obsession this crowd has with Daddy/Daughter dates? Growing up, my dad used to do stuff with me all the time, but it wasn't a big production that needed a title.
  8. That dress looks like something Dorothy Zbornak would wear on Golden Girls. I try to be mindful that these people don't have a lot of money, but that is one of the worst bridal ensembles I've ever seen.
  9. I agree. Boho suits Jill, but the cuts of those outfits are so boxy and unflattering. She'd look great in clothing that had a more defined shape
  10. I was just about to ask whose dog that was because it doesn't look like the Great Pyrenees the Smuggars had ages ago. I'm assuming the latter got dumped just like every other Duggar pet.
  11. I'm starting to feel Jinger is as much a prop in Jeremy's quest for celebrity as Felicity.
  12. The funny thing is, the Duggar girls' frame of reference is so warped and skewed, "creepy" could mean a guy with a college degree who lives independently, travels and has non-Christian friends. Remember, this a crowd who didn't think twice when their tutor married an anal rapist. Their view of weird is the opposite of what ours is.
  13. I think so as well. The bohemian vibe suits both him and Jill.
  14. Yeah, it's pretty depressing. I don't get the sense Bin and Jessa do much of anything besides wake up every day and schlep over to the TTH. There's no hobbies, no excursions, no shared passions, nothing. They don't ever seem to have any fun. I feel like they can't even use the kids as an excuse considering there's a steady supply of babysitters right down the road. Hell, my grandmother at 90 had more of a life than they do at mid-20s.
  15. Jessa is a lying liar who lies. If Bin legit finished a while back, she would've bragged about it on Instagram. Also, you'd think Guinn would've posted if Bin had graduated.
  16. I love Lauren's outfit in that birthday picture. Very cute and casual. Si's birthday message was cringey. He has zero emotion in his facial expression, so the words come off as hollow. He should've written something instead.
  17. My mind went there as well! I guess there's a 12 year-old in all of us! Jill looks really pretty in that cake picture.
  18. They're just determined to keep digging the hole deeper, aren't they?
  19. This is beyond ridiculous. Jeremy, get a damn job. You have a degree. Use it.
  20. I remember Mama Jane saying Alyssa was the only one she liked having visit, because she helps. I can't believe Gil and Kelly are that tone deaf they can't see what a strain 20+ houseguests are on an elderly couple. They really should be staying at a hotel.
  21. Cute kids, and yeah, real smart on the (non) social distancing.
  22. I'm choosing to believe Bree's and Jemmy's desires to stay at the Ridge overrode Roger's desire to return to the future. I know it's a flawed theory, but it works for me, lol. I always figured Claire initially ended up in the 1740s because she and Frank were discussing Culloden all the way up until she went poking around at the Stones. History was on her mind, and that's where the Stones took her.
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