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  1. She's crying because she a liar liar pants on fire...whose is going to JAIL..
  2. ...And she probably pays him big $$$ to do such things!
  3. I love Tiffany, but i understand why she wouldn't come back. She needs to think of her professional reputation, and needs to get out before the others rub off on her and she starts to talk about butt lube etc. Take you class and RUN Tiffany!
  4. I'm beginning to think Delores is a cover for the real relationship..David and Frank! David and Frank get along alot better and have more chemistry than Delores and David!
  5. Unpopular opinion, but I thought Elizabeth looked great. Full-on, shame-free body. I wish I had that confidence Totally agree! Love that she doesn't give a ratts ass! Tired of seeing the Tamaras and Heathers of the world!!
  6. Now i know why Sean had a panic sticken look on his face & started pacifying Brauwyn when she went off about not being able to talk..he was afraid of her..theres more to this than a slap here and there..
  7. Looks like Tom and Erika could be a couple of real scumbags Ya think???
  8. You know, we hear sooo much about Braunwyns family structure or, lack of, while growing up, I'd really like to hear about Seans..Where did he grow up? What was his family like to make a such a great enabler..
  9. ON 12/3/2020 AT 4:35 PM, CHATTY CAKE SAID: What is Sean getting from the relationship? The BILL!
  10. Angenette seems terrified of Royal...and why is Chantal all up in their business? Asking Angenette those questions, calling Uncle Ronson..what a train wreck! Run Angenette! RUN..
  11. Tamara probably was\is jealous that Gina got the invite email and she didnt!
  12. Yes, she said he was on their yacht partying with Steven Tyler and the Guns N Roses guys.
  13. Shannon's home is officially my favorite of all the housewives! Love it!
  14. I lived in Calabasas and honestly, would go "over the hill" several times a day...depending on where Kendell lives, "over the hill" is no big deal...I've driven farther for a Starbucks run.
  15. Me too! It sure seems to discredit Rick from being a distinguished reporter, when he has his girlfriend running around in the background..geeze. But then again..he works for FOX.
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