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  1. Ok...what did Kalani do before this show? Did she work? Why can't she get a job? I'm confused. I had to work when my kids were toddlers.. it can be done Kalani.
  2. Im just glad that Kyle is finally getting her moment in the shit seat. I've never liked her since she hid Brandis crutch. The mean girl is finally gonna get hers! Bring it on! Oh..and enough of Faye! She's looking a little like Michael Jackson with all her plastic surgery!
  3. Did you ask you friends if they would date him or worse yet, sleep with him? Eeee gawds
  4. Khloe and Tristan do make beautiful babies! I think True is the prettiest of all the Kardashian/Disick kids. And Khloe seems to be a great mother, of course, IMO..
  5. Yea, ill probably keep watching..it gave me motivation to get up off my arse and get walking!
  6. I love this family! I wish Foxy and the mother would dress alittle more age appropriate, just tone it down alittle!
  7. Obese or not, Emily is stunning. I am 6 ft. And technically "obese" its a horrible feeling to be told your obese..its embarassing and I felt horrible for Emily when Eddie said it on camera. Boo Eddie.
  8. Eweweee..not only all that you mentioned above about David...but..he has his socks on...
  9. First off, I think Emily looks amazing. I, myself am 6ft tall and weight slightly over what Emily does. A person can be big, and yet healthy. I've had several Drs tell me that what matters is my actual numbers. My BP, cholesterol, pulse, etc are all great. I do exercise everyday but this is where my actual body wants to be. That said, i would love to know Eddies and Tamaras' qualifications. Anyone can own a gym, but not everyone should be giving advise or instruction.
  10. I think Ericka was so much prettier in her first 2 seasons. More natural and approachable looking. She's gone way to fair..to me, she looks like something out of a comic book.
  11. OK. I'm just going to say it. I totally love Denise. She is so down to earth, honest, fresh and hysterical. While my gfs and I don't exactly talk about penis' we do normally discuss personal subjects.. And Denise has dated some pretty heavy hitters..Richie Sambora..Nikki Six...Bradley Cooper...John Stamos...Scott Baio. Hell, of I was sitting around that camp fire I'd be sayin' come on girl.. Let's talk! Denise, will you be my best friend??!!. However...I cannot stand Ericka anymore. She is trying way, way to hard. I don't think she likes the attention Denise is getting. She's so fakey fake..
  12. Yes..unfortunately I get them too. My trigger is sun. If I've been in the sun to long, I get one. Last time I went to Dermatologist, she told me that there is a shot you can get that will help you to not get them as often or as severe..Fortunately, I only get one about once a year.
  13. I'm thinking PK or Tom are behind this. PK is broke and needs the money AND he doesn't want the women to focus on his money troubles. And Tom too. He doesn't need the money, but he & Ericka need to refocus the women on something else besides his law suit. I can completely relate to how Lisa responded to Kyle. When I'm accused of something that I didn't do, I will defend myself to the end of time, and if I even think my bff is mad at me..will turn me into a blubbering idiot!
  14. Does anyone know what exactly Marty does? How he got his money? Or if he actually does have money?
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