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  1. So should we assume the mall pic of Sam's 15th birthday was because they were there to get his Build a Bear? Poor kid.
  2. Where I live (FloriDUH) not wearing a seat belt is a primary offense and you can most definitely be pulled over for it. They also did this with texting and driving. So, it's possible they have similar laws and he was really pulled for no seat belt and they found the weed.
  3. Do you think they know who Bela Lugosi was?
  4. A lot of money could be made if this was done pay per view. I know I would give up hard earned money to see Jilly and TFDW sing Culture Club!! Of course, they have to dress like George. We know Jilly has enough make up.
  5. Yes, but I wondered if she keeps her license until she is convicted. I don't think she's been to court at this point, so I thought maybe that's why she is able to drive. I believe that's how it works in my state, but I'm not 100%. This would go along with the presumption of innocence. Also in my state, if you refuse the sobriety test, you automatically get your license taken for a year. That happens right at the arrest because it is part of the contract when you sign for your license that you will submit to a test.
  6. So he has no policies and probably can't even spell the word.
  7. You don't get better than Addison DeWitt a/k/a George Sanders.
  8. No you had it right. Jed's Beavis. Butthead was just a hair smarter than Beavis. Hey, my dad was a doctor* and I took biology my sophomore year in HS. Anyone need surgery? I can totally do it, I swear!! (JK, my dad wasn't a doctor, but using their logic, this would work. Of course, Duggar and logic don't belong in the same sentence.)
  9. I think the girls would have been better off with this arrangement. I believe with all his faults, Joe was a better parent. I don't think the girls would have free reign or be wearing some of the make up and clothes Tre allows them to wear.
  10. This is so true. I have an anxiety disorder and sometimes it really bothers me when I say I have it and other people say they do too, when, in fact, they have not been clinically diagnosed and are dealing with normal feelings. I get it that anxiety sucks, but having a true clinical disorder is a whole different ballgame. Every human being gets anxious and depressed at one time or another, real anxiety and depression are truly horrible. That said, I hope Lauren truly doesn't have real clinical depression. I wouldn't wish that on anyone.
  11. Did anyone see the pics of B and Bryn dressed up as policewomen for Halloween? B's costume is skintight and Bryn is posing just like Mama. I really worry about how that kid is gonna turn out with B as her mother. All I could think of was raging narcissism.
  12. I wonder about that myself. The more I think about it, tho, I doubt Jill would allow her kids to stay in a separate room or be inclined to spend any extra money on their comfort, so I'm guessing same room.
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