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  1. She is not. Since I don't want to go shovel snow yet this morning, here are all the ladies ages. Brandi : Nov 16, 1972 (45) Marissa : Feb 2, 1973 (45) Shannon : Sept 7, 1973 (44) Omarosa : Feb 5, 1974 (44) Keshia : April 9, 1979 (38) Ari : Dec 25, 1993 (24)
  2. I-Tunes as of 11:55 am EST 1 Adam (Lonesome Broken and Blue) 3 Hannah (Every Breath You Take) 4 Alisan (Somewhere) 5 Alisan ( Down That Road) 6 Laith (Morning Light) 7 Hannah ( I Call The Shots) 9 Adam (When I Call Your Name) 13 Laith (White Room) 21 Alisan (You've Got A Friend - duet) 22 Laith (Duet Medley) 28 Adam (I'm Sorry) 45 Alisan (Desperado) 57 Alisan (Blue Bayou) 61 Adam (Tennessee Whiskey) 66 Laith (One and Only) 68 Hannah (When a Man Loves a Woman) 77 Laith (The Thrill Is Gone) 103 Laith (Make
  3. Aside from season 1 when TPTB made it happen, have there been many(any?) other seasons where all 4 coaches were represented in the finale? I'm kinda happy it happened this way, as I had gotten tired of Team Blake plus one finales.
  4. I-Tunes 11:50 am EST 2 Adam -I'm Sorry 3 Alisan- Desperado 5 Hannah - When a Man Loves a Woman 6 Mary Sarah - I Told You So 7 Bryan - Hurt 10 Laith - One and Only 27 Shalyah - And I'm Telling You 71 Paxton - I'd Do Anything For Love Previous Songs 102 Laith - We've Got Tonight 112 Adam - Love Has No Pride 119 Laith - The Thrill Is Gone 125 Alisan - Let Him Fly I wasn't paying attention to how tonight is going to work, but it's going to be close no matter how they do it. I'm slightly surprised that Laith has the most songs on
  5. I-Tunes as of 11:45 am 9 Adam 10 Laith 13 Mary Sarah 19 Hannah 21 Bryan 25 Alisan 37 Shalyah 78 Paxton 113 Nick 123 Alisan(last week's song) 139 Laith(last week's song) I liked Laith and Adam last night. I don't get the Hannah love, she's just not a memorable performer for me at all. Alisan, that was awful. Sometimes I think she and/or Christina think her voice is bigger than it really is, leading to lots of screeching. It also seemed like she was running out of breath super fast, IMO, and maybe she should have toned dow
  6. Did anyone else find Anika's behavior suspicious when she and Rhonda were relaxing? Rhonda said something to the effect of, "this wine is going straight to my head", and Anika's reply of "good" seemed super quick, then she caught herself and came up with some other response. It came across to me almost as if she had put something in the wine prior to giving it to Rhonda, though I don't know why she has any reason to currently want her gone. I may be over thinking things, and subtlety isn't this shows strong suit, but it just struck me funny.
  7. This is pure speculation on my part, as I fell asleep about halfway through and didn't see previews for the next episode, but the move to Sundays could be because of March Madness, and then going back to Thursdays when it's over, unless they specified permanently. I hope it's not a ratings issue, though, because this is one of the only shows I look forward to watching anymore, and I'll be bummed if it gets cancelled.
  8. wings707, Blake has 4, Adam has 3, Usher has 1, and Pharell has 1.
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