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  1. 25-45 item per hour???? Never ever ever in Q-land!
  2. Yes! What ‘s with that top, anyway? Is it a burnout fabric? It looks see-through in parts.
  3. Jill: “ I could never live up to the fans wanting me to come back ....” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Not missing Jill one bit!
  4. Do I pay for Adblock Plus? Is it an app? Sorry so ignorant. 😬😬
  5. This. Oh, for Christmas gifts, I will buy an expensive TV, Bose, or ... shampoo???? Another zzzzzzzzzzz day.
  6. Yes! The ad that appears right under the first post always messes me up. I end up hitting the “message from the moderator” all the time! Ack!
  7. I wouldn't either. But people fall for it every year. 😥
  8. Agree! I won’t be watching any of the channels selling electronics. Free shipping on all tsv’s too!
  9. I have heard of it (Wisconsin and Minnesota), but it might be just from reading it somewhere. ”Crap flap”! 😀😀😀
  10. Well, I don’t put any of my thermo drink cups in the dishwasher. I think it breaks the thermo seal?
  11. Braunwynn missing her wild and free life in Miami seems in such contrast to now having 8(?) children. That’s such an extreme life change! I share your puzzlement, @A-Lo!
  12. I just started watching this show, mid-season. My husband has been watching it. Found this forum and am relieved to see that others are hate-watching it, because several of the characters and plot lines (cringe-inducing behavior about heart of dead brother) are annoying me! lol. Sorry to say, especially the child Theo. Do they ever have fun? I know it’s tv, but every week is so.much.drah-ma! The actors are very pretty, though.
  13. Poor Kerri having to display her tummy bulge like that. I totally agree with all of your comments — that demonstration irritates me to no end every time I see it. I usually start yelling at the TV! 😀
  14. Your description of her was hysterical!
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