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  1. Yay for Dave! Going for the fall/ Halloween spirit!
  2. Watching Jayne on Q2 doing a mostly Blowout Clearance show. She had a nice pair of Levis for sale at $25, but neither she, the producer, nor the online info could tell us what the inseam was! Now in the “old days,” the host would have a tape measure and could measure the item to let us know. (Or for jewelry, a small ruler.). Really not a difficult prop to provide the host on a clothing show. 😞
  3. Did anyone else watch the afternoon Halloween decor show today with Alberti and Janine Graff? I’ve heard her name before, but don’t really know her. Is she a decorating “expert?” Practically everything in her show was black! Including a black “Halloween Tree.” Not my idea of fun Halloween decor, but then I’m not a huge Halloween fan.
  4. I was interested in the Rhonda Shear TSV “2-piece Jogger Lounge Set,” but the inseam on the joggers is only 24.5 inches. For a fall/winter lounge set? Even on my 5’4” body, those pants would be too short. SMH
  5. I don’t think I have ever really laughed at a RH episode like I did tonight when PK started rolling on the Tom story — fixing his foot before his head! 😂. Now THAT was a real moment!
  6. I like the VC OAP. But yeah, ready to see less of Jilly.
  7. I LOVED Joan Boyce with “Billy” (as she called him) Green! She is so entertaining!
  8. Party of one; I like Amy’s hair. It’s different and cute on her. I like the messy look. I dislike that she calls Lori, “Lor” and Lori calls her “Aim !”
  9. Yeah, I only know Lea Black from RHOMiami. Didn’t know she’s buddies with Jeff.
  10. Ooops! Skimming your response, I was confused by your use of the word “diaphragm,” as it took me back to my 20’s and awkwardly trying to insert it! Then I realized you meant something else . . . 😂.
  11. Just bought something very similar (different scents) from a local pop-up store, for $36. Mine are soy with three wicks. https://www.qvc.com/Lightscapes-18-oz-4-Wick-Filled-Wooden-Bowl-Candle.product.H227565.html?sc=IROA
  12. I only saw that clip of Rinna and Eileen from the Salem show and it looked so fake with bad acting. Not a selling point to me.
  13. This! I don’t watch her, and I get all the complaints. But to be rude and dismissive of the guests is the WORST. This is what the Q PTB need to see and reprimand/remove her for. 😡😡😡
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