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  1. QVC had a special with the large and small versions of this, and I ordered a set for me and one for my husband, figuring if he didn’t like it, I’d find a use for it. To my surprise and happiness, he likes it! We are traveling, and he likes it for all his medications and some other stuff. I like mine, too. (I got leopard, he got plain black.) 😀 https://www.qvc.com/Lug-Cosmetic-Case--Trolley.product.F12728.html?sc=IROA
  2. These shoes are a lunchtime special (not for the first time, either). Every time I see them, I crack up. First of all, they are not a style I would wear. But maybe it’s the way they are positioned in the photo. They look long and flat, and I just picture myself flapping around in them like a duck! 😂 https://www.qvc.com/Vince-Camuto-Leather-Slip-On-Loafers---Perenna.product.A368298.html?sc=PRODFEED
  3. I’m going to check my toothpaste! I often feel nauseated after brushing— it’s not like I’m swallowing gobs of it either. My doctor gave me some info on a low fodmap diet once, and I have a book on it that I may look over again.
  4. Thank you for this information. I have some stomach “issues,” so maybe that is why I have steered away from sugar substitutes.
  5. Does she HAVE to wear the shoes????? But agree the rest is pretty good. No striped top. (Although I would never wear white.). It is sticking to her.
  6. Despite drinking my share of Diet Pepsi, I am leery of sugar substitutes like Stevia. Your thoughts?
  7. That looks like a nice pan. Have not seen the presentation, but I have two of his pans that I use all the time.
  8. Don’t be jealous, but I discovered that I have a “ finger gap” on a few fingers ! I am pretty jazzed about that. 😂😂 Or maybe I just have big knuckles ... 🤓
  9. I buy joggers, but most of the Q’s are so short! Fine when I can wear sandals, but goofy when It’s too cold. I mostly just wear them around the house anyway, as they are comfy and loose. lol. My husband is soooo lucky! 😜
  10. I did not need to know this, and I am not sure it is true on Amy’s part at least. Was wondering if anyone had watched the JRT and Caro show. Sounds like they were in competition!
  11. Didn’t see the presentation, but I agree on the longer top to cover camel toe issues. Is that Katrina in the photo? If so, that outfit does not flatter her — she is slim, but does not look it in the photo. Not sure about the drawstring waist comment — I feel like they would be MORE comfortable after a big meal because you could let them out. As opposed to a fitted waist.
  12. I wish I had seen that! Two of my favorites. Forgot Shawn is away this week.
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