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  1. I’ve never heard of Hess either — until today. Thanks for educating me!
  2. Yeah, I think she’s burned that bridge with Rick.
  3. Hmmm .. maybe I should have kept the cinnamon-vanilla body wash then, but I didn’t even open it up to smell. Thanks for your response.
  4. I bought one of those roller tools (gasp! From a drugstore!) just because someone here or another forum recommended it for headaches. I carry a lot of tension in my face, neck, shoulders; it does help somewhat.
  5. Similar situation in my family, @LeeDenny. I totally agree with you.
  6. Eek; I didn’t know that! Thanks for educating me. 😬
  7. Has anyone here ordered Korres products? I ordered a couple of “specials” from HSN last week, thinking I could give some as gifts. Well, I tried one hand lotion — the “plain” olive oil scent, and it was soooo strong! My husband could smell it across the room! I washed my hands and could still smell it. Today I returned two orders. I didn’t even open one item, even though it was a different product and scent. Disappointed, because I really wanted to like it.
  8. Do you remember how much they wanted for the Diamonique mask? I have seen people wearing sequined masks, so I believe this would sell. In all fairness to VPH, she probably has to display all that merchandise in a smaller space at home than she does at QVC. SNL once did a very funny skit about guys going to the drugstore Christmas Eve to buy their girlfriend a Christmas gift! I agree that it’s fun to stroll the aisles and find random items I need (or suddenly realize I need!). lol. I like Walgreen’s better than CVS.
  9. And I’m sorry I didn’t credit you originally, @Boston! 😜😜. My eyes weren’t working properly!
  10. @Boston, I didn’t know til you pointed it out just now! You are not alone! “From where I sit” makes more sense! Edit: because it was @Boston, not @Booney!
  11. HSN: the red TS is not “buffalo check.” It is a red plaid, though.
  12. She has a good figure, but that lacy black catsuit is a "no," even on her.
  13. I missed seeing the first guy, but saw the second guy. I am not a longtime viewer of these shows. Was he supposed to have researched her? I thought the point of the show was to get to know each other. I did not understand that conversation.
  14. I have pumpkin scent deodorizer and room fragrance in one of my bathrooms! Not sure about Poopourri.
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