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  1. I like the colors and think the cork sole is cool looking. But I really dislike that style of upper with that long “flap” (I don’t know the real name) so far up on the foot. They remind me of men’s slippers. Unattractive.
  2. I have had periodic cold sores since I was about 10 years old, and have never heard that certain foods can cause them. I tend to get them when stressed — maybe all your holiday preparations helped contribute to yours? Here’s some more information. Sorry for your pain, @TexasTiffany! https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/324707.php
  3. Thanks for the Brett/ Max explanation, @ghoulina!
  4. There are two Bretts?? And a Max? I can’t keep any of those guys straight. Is one of the Brett’s Danica’s (ex?) boyfriend? And did Scheana have sex with him? Way too much Scheana. I don’t know too much of her backstory, but I’m not liking her this season.
  5. And she could feel it IN her vagina, which is an internal organ, so the breezes there must be very strong.
  6. DuJour OAP (Q2 PMS) — take a breath!
  7. She treated THE Anastasia, of brow product fame, this way??? (She makes a great tinted brow gel!). Appalling, rude, and unprofessional! I really can’t believe she gets away with it. I hope Anastasia complains.
  8. Is Stassi’s book really a big deal? I must be out of her demographic. 😀
  9. That TSV is ridiculously overpriced. I’m not buying the “you’d pay 3 figures for this look at other stores.” Please.
  10. Just saw the Zuda rep refer to the jacket she was selling as “sexy.” She also said it was like a windbreaker. Yeah, when I think windbreaker, I always think sexy!😁
  11. I have a similar trivet that I think I bought from Zulily. I use it as an extra drying rack across my second sink.
  12. Sorry to hear about this. I don’t watch many LnL presentations. Do they recommend microwaving? In general, I avoid microwaving in plastic as I’ve read safety concerns about it — plastic molecules migrating into food or something like that. I also tend to hand wash plastic like LnL (unless it had raw meat in it) just because the dishwasher has such high heat.
  13. Hey, my MIL need some new cookware — nonstick — that are lightweight. Any recommendations? I will be looking too, but thought surely someone else has been through this before. Oops, this is probably in the wrong thread. Edit: I wonder what set of cookware David would recommend that is good but lightweight?? 😬😬😄
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