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  1. I don’t see Courtney K. much since she’s on when Shawn is on. Shawn is a click. She should not let Shawn influence her.
  2. I agree that dark and red lipstick colors are not flattering to older (including me!) women, especially anyone (like me) with thinner lips. Similar to the dark under eye liner — stop at a certain age (MBR and JRT). If you must do the under eye, go to a softer brown or gray color. I’m not even into makeup, and I’ve learned these tips! 😁
  3. Rachel seems like she’d be a good friend — upbeat, cheery.
  4. Would you report back in on the little plug-in heaters? I was wondering about them.
  5. I noticed Pat’s lips today, too. She is so pretty and IMO a lovely person; I wish she would stop the procedures.
  6. I agree, @Booney! And Happy Thanksgiving to all of you!
  7. I ordered it a year or two ago, but I don’t think it was the chocolate flavor. My mom’s name was Beatrice and she loved fruitcake, so I bought one to a family gathering in her memory. I don’t like all those chewy things in most fruitcakes, but this one was pretty good. The fruits seemed like real fruit, the nuts were good, and the cake tasty.
  8. Good to hear all went well. I had similar experiences this past year when I left Mr. Thumper at the hospital for various procedures. The staff was great about keeping me in the loop via phone calls and texts. Wishing Uncle Carol a speedy and successful recovery — you too!
  9. I believe Bob Mackie also created the famous “curtain dress” for Carol Burnett’s portrayal of Scarlett O’Hara in their spoof of “Gone With the Wind.” 😂
  10. Just started watching this season tonight, but glad to see that Martin is as awful as he seems tonight! Very high on himself.
  11. The Laurie Felt off-kilter heart sweater looks nice on the models. I like that it is different. I really like the snowflake version of that sweater — then seeing it just now on JRT and not as flattering. I’ll wait til it goes on clearance or LTS and give it a try. Jane’s hair looks nice tonight. I wish I could still do bangs, but mine got too flimsy. 😜 Not that my forehead is a gem, either! 😂 Why all the clips of JRT from years gone by at the end of her show??? (It’s muted here.) Oh crud. Now Shawn. Click!!
  12. I wish happiness for anyone who is lucky enough to find love, but agree about overpublicizing this.
  13. Did she really permanently remove her nose hairs??????
  14. Love Joan just lounging around in a skirt and heels! 😁
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