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  1. @TV Diva Queen — you and I can meet at an undisclosed location. I’ll wear my suede jacket with appliquéd pumpkins on it, which I never wear but can’t bear to get rid of because I still think it’s beautiful. We’ll have a glass of wine and admire each other’s jackets! 🎉😁🎉😁🥂
  2. I like the plaid top with a shorter backside. Would not buy because it’s a Rinna. (Her comments about Q viewers, fat people, and the way she behaves on RHOBH.) Do you recall how much it cost?
  3. Not sure about Halston, but I have seen the occasional Joan Rivers and Louis show.
  4. Rhonda Shear has some funky looking lipstick on today. Looks like dark lipliner with frosty whitish lipstick or lip gloss. 😳😳
  5. I think Leah is thin but I don’t see her as having a great body. (I’d take thin, though! 😄) Lu has a great body, IMO.
  6. I like Courtney K and hope she isn’t taking cues from Shawn. Maybe she thinks it is a way of relating to the viewer who is bored at home.
  7. I have always disliked the TSV’s shoe style. The high flap in front reminds me of my dad’s house shoes/slippers.
  8. Is the Turkey Candy Corn a joke? 🤮
  9. People who answer a call and sit there talking in front of me/the group is one of my pet peeves.
  10. Leah could have said what she said without being so “in your face” about it. Not a fan of the pointy bustline style on Tins. Too dramatic. I always think if you bend over, they’d poke you! 😁
  11. They all have flat bellies ... I only wish! 🥴 Agree that LVP’s best look is in jeans and a shirt.
  12. HSN has a 20% off code today, (one item) if interested.
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