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  1. Yes — thank you; that is the message I get on the desktop! Will take advice and reconfigure for my bookmarks if it continues. ❤️
  2. Has anyone had trouble getting on this site today? I’m wondering if it’s just our desktop computer, because I haven’t received the message on my iPad or phone.
  3. We will miss your commentary, @LibertarianSlut! I’m going to wait and see with Eboni. Happy to see some diversity. I will miss Tinsley, though.
  4. I have seen these elsewhere. Seem to be a thing this year.
  5. Is that a plastic jacket Leah is wearing? It looks uncomfortable.
  6. So Sonja’s intern has to “draw a bath” for her????? Please.
  7. I am so sick of Prive Reveaux.
  8. I like Amy, but I hate it when she shortens names like that! Husband saw Lori in that getup and said “she looks terrible!” 😁 Regarding “boyfriend,” I agree that it sounds juvenile, but many of the others are awkward as @CandyApple said. Even “partner” could be male or female love interest. ( Not that it’s anybody’s business!) Hey! My grandpa had a “lady friend.” Maybe “gentleman friend???” 😁
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