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  1. That display was up for some other shows and I wondered what they were! What Would Valerie Do? (WWVD?). I say she’d gently remove them …
  2. I really dislike camouflage and Q goes overboard with it. This might not make sense, but to me it is disrespectful to those who serve(d) and earned the right to wear camo (or had to). As for hunters, I guess I just don’t want to look like a hunter! 😂
  3. Any fans of the Clarks TSV? I don't want sparkles on my sneakers.
  4. Thanks! I’ll take a look! I recently bought two pairs of DC jeans that many complained about, but for once fit me well. lol. In my cart and will give them a try! I like that the pants are 31” — a little long for me, but better than the 28” pants QVC usually tries to sell.
  5. I haven’t clicked with Bowen Yang yet. It’s like he’s so aware of himself playing a character. I still see him, not the character. I appreciated the cleverness of the spider sketch, but I wasn’t wild about it. Enjoyed Rami as host. He seemed game for anything and wasn’t looking for cue cards in every sketch.
  6. That leather crown on red-mustache guy reminded me of some old comic strip figure. I can picture it in my head, but can’t recall the comic strip or the character.
  7. LOL! I can watch Jane on mute. I cannot watch Kerstin or Shawn at all.
  8. I think I saw HQ’s red-haired model Shawna modeling clothes on the Christopher and Banks website. Sure looks like her.
  9. I’ve been buying some Q jeans lately, but today I found a pair of jeans for $16.99 at Sierra Trading Post. Happy! I need to get out and check out the stores more often.
  10. I know! I almost gasped out loud when I read that here! How COULD she??!!! 😂🤣😂
  11. I agree with the idea of an even playing field with every designer having to design for a plus-sized model in the same show. As a size 14 apple shape, I never want to emphasize my waist and I never want a big old belt there either! Especially tied with a bow in front!!! Ack! And I won’t wear a skin-tight skirt that they say emphasizes my “curves,” but actually emphasizes my belly. Maybe some people have more confidence/better body image than I have, but I would love to see someone design for my body type without it being a) a tent, or b) what they’d put a slender person in and who
  12. Saw some of those Snoopy Berkshire throws at Home Goods today for $14.99. $23 at QVC.
  13. Now that (bolded) made me LOL! 😂🤣🤣😂
  14. Couldn’t we make butter from cream with our (KitchenAid) mixer a lot more easily??? If we so chose .. I guess it might keep kids busy for awhile.
  15. Just realized I must not know how to double quote — or my iPad’s acting up. I watched part of the Ali and VPH show last night and Ali didn’t bother me much, but I can see how she might come across to others. There were times when, to me, she seemed to be giggling over the absurdity of some of the things she was saying! I remember her from Evine when she was either a “fashion expert” or host, or maybe both.
  16. Oh yes, I’m sure it is from photos. She has said her mother was so stylish.
  17. I can’t watch these reunion shows; they make me too nervous and stressed. Plus, I cannot stand Ericka so don’t want to see or hear her. But — I do thank those of you who do watch and are commenting here! I’m loving it!
  18. I like the woman who fills in for Renée Greenstein too. Now on Q2. Sorry I don’t remember her name. Much calmer. Knowledgeable. No dancing, “curvation,” or showing off her butt.
  19. I’m watching Q2. Jane is selling Truth + Style. I mostly have her on mute, but one item came up that interested me, so I unmuted. As soon as I heard her say (paraphrasing) “this clasp reminds me so much of something my mother wore in the 1950’s,” I quickly muted her. Does she think that’s a selling point? 😫
  20. Hahaha — might be fun to watch! 😁 SHE’S not going to be with him, is she? 😫
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