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  1. Sure. Just like the at-home parties where adult beverages are served. Inhibitions lessened = more sales. Back to:an earlier post, I have not noticed that the wine in JRT’s glass gets any lower. It is a prop, unlike Shawn’s use. (I don’t really care if Shawn is drinking, but don’t want other who care, to think JRT is in the same sales mode.)
  2. Carolyn has a lot of self confidence, but as an Apple shape like her, I wonder if the stylists don’t care, because she doesn’t fit the Q mold of a woman’s body. To me (and I may be biased), QVC seems to cater to the small waist, fuller hips woman — a “real woman” in their language. Caro doesn’t fit, neither does model Pam. I put up with baggy thighs so the waist will fit me. (Not just Q products, either, although once in awhile I find a non-Q brand that fits my body, like Democracy jeans, some Vera Wang jeans from Kohl’s.) I just get so tired of looking at models on Q where the shorts
  3. Have not had much luck with DG2 items from HSN, but have to admit I like these. https://www.hsn.com/products/dg2-by-diane-gilman-crocheted-lace-trim-tank/9868314 A little too A-line, but hoping with washing it will relax a bit. Bought one in black and other in coral. Love the crochet. https://www.hsn.com/products/dg2-by-diane-gilman-classic-stretch-crochet-hem-cropped/9869024 Love the crochet. Did not size down as I am fat in the waist. Thighs a little big, but so it goes for us Apples! Really cute. Bought one in coral and one in chambray.
  4. Unkind and rude to Gary, who is a good guy. I have always disliked French manicures. They are creepy to me. lol 😂
  5. Funny that Jane shut Gary down. If only Nutsy were a ballerina!
  6. A399297 Hanes Soft Comfort Short Sleeve Tee and Cropped Pant I don’t care for shiny fabrics much and this thing really clings! JRT just said we could meet a friend for coffee in it!😂. ( The OAP did not respond. lol)
  7. Yes! I am a white woman too, and I am reading, listening, and trying to learn. Thank you. Just because we don’t experience it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. We (whites) need to be less defensive.
  8. Yeah, I don’t think MBR is to blame. I’m kind of loving JRT doing the shoe show from her closet! So odd and dumb!!! Yayyyy! Hooray that Katrina is kicking off the TSV tonight. I want her to succeed. Not sure about the linen/ rayon not-wide leg ( but to me it is wide leg) pants. TSV. I have a wide gut but thinner legs, so not sure this works for me. Cute, though.
  9. That was my understanding too, which was weird because somebody has PYKAG.
  10. Late — watching JRT on Q2. WHY is she filming in her closet???? 😂 I don’t know why this emoji of me is showing. Can’t get rid of it, sorry! I no longer have bangs, FWIW. 😂
  11. I love how this group helps one another. Did Dawn’s helping _______ (forgot who it was ) give her less time to get her food ready? Wasn’t paying enough attention to the QF challenge. Didn’t realize Maria did not have the LCK option. I think Maria grew up in this season.
  12. Well that’s scary and concerning. Does the heat thing lose its power over time? Might be worth an inquiry to Q or Temptations at the very least, @CandyApple.
  13. I was not happy that Crystal called Sutton "crazy." You explained it well. It's not going to help that person either way (clinically true or just behaving oddly) to say that. It is very shaming and demeaning. Also, your "crazy" and my "crazy" might be two different things! lol It's just so interesting to get different perspectives on this board, and I think sometimes we see ourselves in different HWs. For ex, I want to be thicker-skinned and less sensitive, but it's kind of how I am wired! I don't see Sutton's tears as manipulative, because I cry easily too (and I HATE it)!! Crys
  14. Well thanks for bringing it up here then. Sorry she is stressed.
  15. I noticed the hair clip too!! 😂😂😂. I thought “wow, she’s rich and wears the same Target plastic hair clips I do!”
  16. I didn’t understand Lisa’s story or how it related, but then I tend to shut her down in my head because she has been so awful on this show (and unkind on social media). So thanks to those of you who explained it. Never thought about Crystal thinking cameras might be coming in, but that might explain what to me seemed an overreaction. She also may just have been exhausted by having to be with these women all the time. I know I would be! 😁
  17. Again — she needs a diary!!! Keep it there! I like my therapists/coaches to at least *appear* to have it together!
  18. I’ve used it by itself just to give my face some color.
  19. That cracks me up! “Almost food recipes!” 😂🤣😂
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