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  1. I watched the dog scene a couple of times too. I have a toy poodle, all of 10 lbs but he can sprawl himself out and take up more room than you'd think on the bed. And I surely have learned the meaning of the phrase, let sleeping dogs lie. After 8 PM, he's not budging 😀 I was impressed that Gus did not let out a quiet growl while she was pushing him over. Good dog!!
  2. I do the same thing. I have a friend who watches the commercials and I just didn't get it. However, she's the one that told me about GoodRX, a company that discounts drugs. It saved me close to $200 on cataract eye drops. So now I don't hassle her at all and am grateful to those who do watch them.
  3. I do that too then I discovered imdb.com. Has saved my sanity more than a few times 😀
  4. I totally agree. One year is not a long time after losing a spouse. I quit watching it, then went back and finished it. I'll give it one more episode.
  5. I recently watched th episode of Molly's former student who is pregnant. My heart broke when she encouraged her to keep the baby instead of letting them have him/her. At the same time I found myself thinking the seeds that she sowed believing the Bible's scripture: Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatever a man sows, that shall he also reap.Galatians 6:7
  6. I've started watching S1 and really want to know if Ziggy is the one abusing Amabella. For me I like to watch how it unfolds knowing this. Thanks.
  7. I grew up in a skinny family. The family doctor told my Mother when she expressed concern: "you don't get Great Danes from Poodles." Thankfully this was in the 50's so there was no talk of eating disorders. We were all healthy (6 kids) and seemed to have good genes as we remain fairly healthy. My Mother was like your relative, ate lots of food but stayed slim. It was healthy food and back then there wasn't as much junk food either. A few have over eaten themselves into now being fat but still remain fairly healthy!!
  8. The woman is a mocker. She will find a way to mock most of the clothing items she sells.....with a smile on her face. Such a sad way to live.
  9. Did you see the Friends episode when Ross took Rachel to task after she had written an 8 page letter("both sides") about those two words? It was so funny and I was cheering him on.
  10. There was no need for him to explain what was going on really. All he would have had to say was "oh, sorry, we'll take off the block." What I don't understand is why they can't put a block on the person's account. Close it down until they pay up. Involving other people in a private credit issue is ridiculous.
  11. The first question he asked was "do you know a John?" it kinda freaked her out....like why would he ask that. Unless he was trying to figure out if John lived with her? Then he said two people so she asked for the other name...curious mom that she is, and he told her the other name. It's not HIPAA but still. I thought the same thing. With that kind of info a bad person could spread it all over the complex. Mom won't, she barely knows the names of who live there. But still, it could be used by an unscrupulous person.
  12. My Mother tried to order an item and she received a message saying that there was a problem with her account, call CS. She was told that her apartment house's address was blocked. Two people living there had outstanding accounts. He even gave her the first names. Wow. Her account will be unblocked in 3-5 days. Has anyone else heard of this? It is kinda nice that they are taking means to block the deadbeats. But it seems they could block just the units at the address and not everybody.
  13. We were in a fancy restaurant and my Mother took her rolls home. I was so embarrassed. But they were hers so she wasn't stealing. Back at the hotel room at snack time my sister and I are scrounging around for some snacks and my Mother pulls her rolls out and with a sly grin on her face eats them. She's passed on now but honestly, it's one of my favorite memories.
  14. I've started watching Season 11. It's been over a year since I saw S10. Could someone refresh my memory on Ty's Mom Lily and her illness? Thanks!
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