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  1. I recently gained access to the show and binged both seasons yesterday. I have some gripes but mostly enjoyed it, especially the ranching scenes. Longtime Costner, Birmingham and Hauser fan. Team Beth. I see her as someone with a gaping emotional wound who doesn't (and perhaps can't) recognize her condition and I don't fault her for that. Also, she physically resembles Costner to a satisfying degree that the casting of the sons doesn't even come close to providing. The Yellowstone is the largest contiguous (under one fence) ranch in the US. The Yellowstone's RL counterpart, Waggoner Ranch in Texas, had 520,000 acres (800 square miles) when it sold in 2016 for $725 million. It currently has 535,000 acres (836 square miles). That isn't an exact comparison of value because WR has 1,100 producing oil wells (although production and profit fluctuate) but it does put John Dutton's potential to exert power in perspective.
  2. You know she scarfed down the sour cream and bacon with cabbage under it.
  3. ITA and that's what I've done for the 50 years I've been driving and what I preached to my daughter and her friends and to my grands. #1 is radio off and hands at 10 and 2 as soon as the vehicle goes in Park because you can't accurately judge what the LEO can see as they approach - leave absolutely no room for doubt re your intentions. Name your movements before you make them even though you are following instructions: I'm going to open the glovebox/the console, reach for my purse, etc. I think this shows respect for the human behind the badge because you can't know how shitty their last encounter was or how lousy their shift is going. Your default should be "I am the most delightful traffic stop you will make today.'
  4. She posted for weeks as if she were at home in Manhatten and mentioned how deathly quiet her streets and neighborhood were, except for the wailing of ambulance sirens. All the while, she was (and still is AFAIK) freakin' doin' hard time on the posh island of Mustique!
  5. I've been wanting to watch Kevin Costner's Yellowstone but the Paramount channel isn't part of my Xfinity package and the show isn't available on Netflix or Hulu. Xfinity started offering the Peacock app free of charge to all subscribers and Yellowstone was the first show listed when I browsed tonight and the first two seasons are available. Yippee ki yay. Season 3 begins on June 21 and it's already been renewed for Season 4.
  6. No blood, no exile. But being remembered as tacky enough to think it's a fun idea to dress up as a murder victim and her murderer sounds about right. It's all good as long as no one mentions anything about her family members that she might consider offensive or disrespectful. Because then she will flip the fuck out. My point would be that if you apologize for being an insensitive asshole but keep on being an insensitive asshole your apology is hot air and nothing more. I don't like Rinna, I think she's a conniver (and an insensitive asshole) and most of what she says and does rubs me the wrong way. But she's not a hill I would choose to die on so my inclination is to say we can agree to disagree.
  7. lf a mature adult can't pull off a recognizable Halloween costume without displaying a swastika, common sense and discretion dictate that he would opt to portray someone else. There are people still walking this earth with death camp identification numbers tattooed on their wrists. (Harry Hamlin was 64 years and clearly not a frat boy in 2015). If a mature adult mother of two daughters thinks it amusing to dress as another mother's daughter who lived an entirely tragic life, was deeply and seriously disturbed since birth, was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 15 and stabbed to death by her heroin-addicted boyfriend at age 20, common sense and discretion dictate that she would opt to portray someone else. (Lisa was 52 in 2015 and has never been described as having good taste or core values). Apologizing after getting a cheap thrill from the shock value you chased after is meaningless. Immature kids who did that could be described as owning it; for mature adults, it was just lip service in reaction to blowback. Yukking it up with Lori Laughlin and two Jews, Kyle and Mauricio. (The parents of eight daughters). https://people.com/tv/halloween-lisa-rinna-harry-hamlin-apologize-for-swastika-sid-vicious-costume/ And I Don't Want to Live This Life: A Mother's Story of Her Daughter's Murder https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/10055.And_I_Don_t_Want_to_Live_This_Life
  8. Is it under the trendy umbrella? Where ks = x? I've seen it lately with business names: ElectricWorx and YardWorx.
  9. Ignorance, prejudice or practicality aside, the main reason why I can't see they/them gaining wide use or acceptance is that it doesn't directly effect or represent a large enough percentage of the population. Sad, but true. I definitely see where people* are coming from when they say the they/them designation is meaningful to their lives and psyches. My posts here are made with the insufferable Mariah in mind and are not directed at anyone else's reality. I hope they haven't come across that way. *Posers excluded
  10. Thank you for the clarification but the fact remains that the concept is meaningless. Politically correct, but meaningless. Even if someone's preference for they/them is known it is impractical and/or useless in myriad situations where gender matters. Over time there have been numerous transformative and lasting contributions made to society as youngs make their mark. They/them is a fad, and by definition a fad is something that comes... and then goes, and is faintly recalled. Like most of what spews from Mariah's yap, they/them is a yawn 'cause there ain't no meat on them bones.
  11. Charlie has been petitioning since 2016 to reduce the support he pays to Brooke. Denise agreed to receive less than half of what he was ordered to pay her when he and Brooke went back to rehab while Denise fostered their sons. Charlie, being what he is, an asshole an addict with a progressive disease, stopped paying Denise anything. She eventually filed to receive back payments worth $450,000, and stipulated that during the period in question he diverted $600,000 to adult family members to reduce his assets by more than what he owed to his daughters. Going up against him means being willing to poke a maniac. He acts halfway decent when Denise asks nothing of him and behaves like a rabid badger when she stands up to him. The transcripts of his emails and voice messages are full of filth and violent threats and violence and filthy threats. The constant barrage from a totally out-of-control addict who isn't getting his way wears a person down and extracts an exhausting price. It isn't a matter of giving one deposition and making a couple of appearances in court. It also means paying an attorney to attend with you. Some of the depositions Denise gave were 7 and 8 hours long and her attorney bills by the hour for that, as is the custom. Lisa knows this, they have been friends for twenty years. Charlie has sworn to bleed her dry financially and emotionally, and is succeeding admirably, so that's why she hesitates about going to court. It isn't lame, it's self-preservation. The vipers desperately want her to spend her airtime laying out all this nasty business. They're not the least bit sympathetic or empathetic, they're out for a kill so they can feel superior because they conduct their lives "better."
  12. Wow, there are two protests in Utah today, in Salt Lake and in Ogden. Protesters in SLC scaled the wall around SLPD headquarters. Words cannot express how radical this behavior is in Utah. I saw signs with the letters ACAB, which stands for All Cops Are Bad. I'm from the '60s and went to my fair share of anti-war protests in SoCal but this ACAB angle sets my teeth on edge. An officer was killed (and another was wounded) in Ogden two days ago while responding to a domestic violence call. Local boy, 24 years old, 15 months on the job, two days short of his fifth wedding anniversary, father of two, second generation LEO, his brother is a code enforcement officer, described as someone whose default expression was a big smile. Your car is stolen, you hear a prowler, your child goes missing, you're in a traffic accident - your husband is threatening to kill you - who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters? Pffftt. The people who made those signs might just as well go to the cemetery after the funeral and piss on Officer Nate Lyday's fresh grave.
  13. She is radical only in two environments: her family, and Utah. Big turd:small bowl.
  14. The delicious bite is that it's not just about them and Forbes. Coty is also a part of the mix, even if for nothing more than the embarrassment factor. It will be interesting to see if the Coty angle comes more prominently into play. Is it possible that there were three sets of books? Or am I misreading the story?
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