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  1. Thank you for helping us out, HunterHunted. re lawsuit #2 you said "Mauricio agreed to cover the insurance company's lawyers fees and potential damages." Is that still in play or did it pertain to a separate matter? If Mauricio loses lawsuit #3 is he, alone, on the hook for all fees and damages?
  2. That, and she also told the big whopper that they/whoever were plygs. This aligns with "You didn't tell us your mom was going to live there" - - - >"In my mind I did."
  3. One of the slams called her out for dumping her first kids because of her thirst for fame.
  4. The first lawsuit was initiated by the group of investors who owned the property and were selling it. The new lawsuit was initiated by a potential buyer who lost out to Mauricio thanks to his alleged shenanigans. PS: IIRC the first lawsuit was settled.
  5. Caitlyn was on the Alec Baldwin Roast and she and the Kardashians were slammed hard and it was funny as hell. Kendall's ex Blake Griffin said Caitlyn completed her gender reassignment surgery in 2017, "confirming that no one in that family wants a white dick."
  6. Ugh. With the right wig, Christine in the makeover photo would look like one of the Founding Fathers or a face on Mt Rushmore. She looks so much better in the photo with glasses because the frame covers the crevasse on the bridge of her nose.
  7. Did she take the "baby bar" exam in June? If not, the only other opportunity in 2019 comes in October.
  8. The Stand has been my favorite book since the day I cracked it open in '78 and I was very disappointed with most of the casting in the 1994 mini series. But, Part 2 of that series opened with Frannie and Harold listening to a song from 1986 by Crowded House (which belatedly became a favorite of mine; somehow, I didn't remember hearing it before). The mood and the lyrics were a good fit with the scenario. It was the last song at their farewell concert in 1996, at home in Australia.
  9. Heh. This reminds me of a real old Robin Williams joke: When Stephen King's kids fool around at bedtime and won't settle down he yells up the stairs "If I hear any more noise I'm going to come up there and tell you a story!"
  10. Chin, definitely. She had quite a plain look, didn't she, bordering on unfortunate?
  11. Dang. She looks like she should be on display at one of Madame Tussaud's museums.
  12. What a shame, he already used the best title for a book about her: Misery.
  13. Yes, that one came via the wayback machine. OG Morning Joe's homage to the cover of Abbey Road, while Dionne Warwick warbled "Walk On By." Oy vey.
  14. I'm seeing new backdrops for everyone this morning. Mom and Dad are together in one shot, at a remote location, no clue as to which one. But both of them in one shot, remotely, is something not previously done. IIRC. Their backdrop gives the impression that they are sitting in a corner. The camera is somewhat elevated, possibly attempting to dilute the impression of Mom's bewbs - which are quite perky in her red cardigan. (I read about, but did not see, shows that possibly originated in Maine recently).
  15. suomi


    At the wedding reception for Tom Arnold and Roseanne Barr, he boasted that "We are America's worst nightmare - white trash with money." Ditto, with this bunch of grifting rubes.
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