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  1. suomi

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    No, not fan art - the source is Himself. It's a promo for the iTunes release of his version of The White Album. Although ... he is his own biggest fan ...
  2. suomi

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Joe looks so awful this morning it's like he's the corpse at a funeral where the family tells the funeral director they will expect to have the bill adjusted because someone made their family member look like that. "FFS, he wasn't even a real color. And what did you do to his HAIR?" Ms Au Naturel's color is closer to something seen in nature but there is so much filler in her cheeks that she looks like a chipmunk and her nasolabial folds/marionette lines are merely a memory. Lucky break, they were able to bring up that Trump's "our country kills a lot of people also" happened on this show. Yay, them.
  3. JFK Jr's death just about did me in; I was 13 when he saluted his father's coffin. The kicker is that his 3rd birthday party was held as scheduled, the day of the funeral. RFK Jr was addicted to heroin and his 1984 guilty plea to felony possession of heroin (age 30) insured that he would never run for office. As mentioned above by WendyCR72, his brother David overdosed (age 28) in 1984. Their brother Michael (age 39) died when he skiied into a tree while playing football on skis on New Year's Eve in 1997. John Jr had dyslexia and ADHD; he was impulsive, made poor decisions and thrived on pushing boundaries. Somewhere in the run-up to the flight, someone who knew how inexperienced he was mentioned the visibility to him and he told them he was flying with an instructor as co-pilot. (He passed his written instruments test but had not taken the physical test). He had no intention of having an experienced co-pilot aboard and he knew enough to lie about it. He crashed his paraglider three weeks earlier, and broke his ankle. The cast was removed the day before the fatal flight and he was visibly limping. The record shows that he flew along the coast at 5600 feet until he reached a visual to guide him across the water to the Vineyard. At that visual the plane was tracked at 2500 feet, it dropped 300 feet in 14 minutes and then dropped 1100 feet in 14 seconds. They were aware of what was happening. There are two categories of Kennedy deaths and JFK Jr's falls in the category of addictions and/or poor decisions that risk everything. Poor Carolyn. Poor Lauren.
  4. suomi

    Morning Joe: All Episodes Talk

    Mika just introduced Ayman Mullideen.
  5. suomi

    Small Talk: The Polygamous Cul-de-Sac

    Thanks for posting that. Is their property in or near the pre-evacuation neighborhoods?
  6. suomi

    Unpopular Opinions

    I disagree. Sociopaths, narcissists, borderlines, bipolars, et al are found everywhere, every day, among the general population. It's not like we are rarely exposed to them - it's not like they are rounded up and segregated but somehow manage to make the occasional escape and roam free until they are re-captured. On the contrary - they are relatives, significant others, friends, neighbors, bosses, employees, co-workers, teachers, authors, physicians, talk show hosts, actors, politicians, clergy, etc. After enough exposure to them (whether by interaction or observation), even without a formal education leading to a degree, we may not know the precise name for their maladjustment but we do indeed recognize that they are "off," and we often are quite close to the mark when "naming" what we perceive.
  7. This photo was taken at Lagoon, Utah's only amusement park, which is 20 minutes north of Salt Lake. Christine and her dotters were there also, according to a couple posts on Mitch's IG. We used to go there every year but quit when the tickets got too expensive. Prices currently are $65 for adults and $48 for kids under 48" tall. I guess the upside to not paying your property tax is that you have lots of play money - must be nice. The Celtic Festival admission for adults is $20/one day and $30/two days. So I will approve of that, LOL. (The cool thing about Lagoon is that you can bring in coolers full of food and beverages and stash them on tables with benches in wooden pavilions near grassy areas. Most Utahns are incredibly honest - in all the years we went to Lagoon, no one ever disturbed or stole the towels, food, blankets and pillows we stashed in the morning for our all-day/all-night use).
  8. IA. Compare that article with this little gem:
  9. suomi

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    I hadn't heard the phrase until I saw the movie but figured it was a regional thing. This is cool: there really was a player named Moonlight Graham who made only one appearance in the majors and then went to medical school and spent his life as a doctor in Chisholm MN. (He played ball about 15 years earlier than Shoeless Joe).
  10. At the end of the article she says she pictures her father in the hereafter, holding his granddaughter in his hands - so I guess she was however far along that the gender of the fetus can be determined? (At 7 weeks via blood test, that much I do know).
  11. suomi

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    "Hey ... Dad? You wanna have a catch?' "I'd like that."
  12. "In short, how would this benefit you/what you compel you to use this service?" Should that be "what would compel you?" It's beyond tiresome with this entire bunch, their typos and their spelling errors, having to re-read their stupid shit while going "now WTF does this one think they're saying?" What galls is that they make no special effort even with the posts that are bidness-related.
  13. suomi

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    re the settlement, I thought Denise said "greedy fucking whore."
  14. suomi

    S09.E22: Reunion Part 1

    And, she just said it was Balmain!