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  1. Michio Kaku! I've been a huge fan since the late 90s when he started regularly guesting with Art Bell. Dr Kaku explains the most intricate concepts using simple terms and examples. I subscribe to C2C just so I can listen to Art's 3-hour conversations with him. Too bad we won't see him on MJ again until he writes another book. 😞
  2. That splash pad is in the Town Square Park on Main St in SG's historic district. It's next to a beautiful vintage carousel and the children's museum. The month of March brought warm days in the usual 70s and the high today will be 83.
  3. I'm hip to this. I liked my last job so much I could hardly believe they paid me for doing it. I now hate this show so much I can hardly believe they aren't paying me to watch it.
  4. The pink overlay with hearts is darling! I want that in my size for a nap dress.
  5. Tripping down memory lane because I watched John Denver's Wildlife Concert, which I do every couple years, and his 1975 song Calypso always puts me away. It is dedicated to the man who co-invented recreational underwater diving and showed probably 90% of the world its first glimpses of whales breaching and dolphins leaping into the air and spinning for joy (among many other wonders). In 1943 Jacques-Yves Cousteau (a French navy veteran) worked with a partner who was an engineer to modify and perfect a regulator for existing military/professional diving equipment, allowing the general pop
  6. All of that sorta sounds like what sister wives are supposed to provide.
  7. oakville can continue from this point. Joe was growing more furious by the day. He had believed in me from the start, and he wanted me to focus solely on Morning Joe. He probably saw me getting in my own way as I tried to get my due, but being aware of the challenges all women in television face, he knew how difficult it would be for me to solve this problem on my own. https://medium.com/s/story/i-made-14-times-less-than-my-co-host-on-morning-joe-a393e8512548
  8. Do we think she can actually rope in 50 marks for the accountability group? Because that's $2,250.
  9. The father's contribution determines the sex of the child. Mothers contribute x, fathers contribute x or y. If she didn't produce a boy the "fault" lies with Kody.
  10. Kody is a lousy actor and the look on his face gave it away when he started fake-asking about Mariah and Audrey. He has no shame because he must realize that the scenario as presented revealed yet again that he is an asshole.
  11. Excellent point although I would like to tweak one sentence: the U.S. has historically done things in those countries that led to some all of the situations that exist today. And then we downplay and deny the cumulative effect of what was done. Our hands are filthy dirty, and bloody. It's a conversation that absolutely needs to be heard and wouldn't it be amazing if The View played a part? Nah. Too busy with VYD.
  12. Giant skillets plopped on a lumpy tablecloth, and no beverages or napkins. Did they pull the cleanest forks out of the unwashed load in the dishwasher? Yummy birthday meal at Billy Goat Acres! How does a tablecloth lose the ability to lie flat on a table? I like Gabe but he lost me with rubbing the face of the dog butted up to the edge of the table and then running his hands through his own hair before resuming his repast. Yuck.
  13. Quote from linked article^^^ "No one has ever wanted to be fired from a job more than Meghan McCain's hair stylist"
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