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    Where are the bangs?! It looks like they are combed back with gel or hair spray because her sweater is flying but the bangs are stationary. Ow, my eyes.
  2. Here's the abridged version: mainly, his struggles with polygamy consisted of #1 hiding it from his first/legal wife, Emma, as long as possible. (When she found out, she was livid). #2 hiding it from the general membership as long as possible. (In the beginning, for many years, it was a dirty little secret only shared with and practiced by a very small circle of his friends. Which tends to lessen the validity of the eternal salvation angle - because why should that be available only to a select few?. The women they chose to marry were complicit in keeping it secret). #3 hiding it from the husbands, brothers and fathers of the wives he and his minions were acquiring. (Many who objected were invited on excursions by his outriders, from which they never returned). #4 hiding it from authorities and neighbors. (While breaking into homes, stealing crops and rustling livestock because those who practiced the principle had too many mouths for one man to feed). #5 hiding from the membership that the tithing books were being cooked. (See #4). It truly is a shame that an angry mob stormed the jail where he and his brother Hyrum and some others were in custody. They were murdered; after so many years citizens were fed up with him/them skating time after time. All told, including the times when he fled state jurisdictions and/or federal judges set aside state arrest warrants, history would have been better served if he had lived to face trials on charges of illegal banking, bank fraud, perjury, inciting to riot, treason and conspiracy to commit murder. None of that will be found in books written and approved by members/church historians. You will need other sources to get the big picture.
  3. This is the perfect description, or review. (I would love to see it in my Dish TV Guide, LOL). It's like watching The Office except it's intentional, it's their reality. They have no qualms about coming off as they do and they continually get worse - but I've tried to move past outrage and settle back for the camp. Bless their deluded little hearts. It helps that, for the most part, I "retired" from following politics in June because I was worried about stroking out. My exposure to political news/shows/articles now totals 1-2 hours per week and it used to be about 35 hours per week.
  4. Yikes, this is starting to sound a little bit Jonestown-ish. More than a little bit.
  5. I tried Joy's recipe. It's OK but IMO it lacks gumption, it's kinda wimpy. Going along with someone who mentioned it upthread, I remove the sausage from the casing to brown it and then add it to Ragu Prego Chunky Vegetable spaghetti sauce. No tomato paste. There, I said it. Come at me! (I skip the onions but add garlic toward the end of the sausage's time in the frying pan). My cheese mixture layer is ricotta with two eggs (beat 'em) and parmesan and parsley flakes. Don't skimp on the parsley flakes - it adds an authentic "look." Presentation, right? The first sausage/sauce layer is thoroughly topped with grated mozzarella. So, noodles/ricotta/meat then roodles/ricotta/meat and dot the top layer of meat with sliced mozzarella. In the olden days when I was feeding a husband and/or many guests I made three layers but two is enough for me now. Leftover lasagna for breakfast, yum! ETA you can use small curd cottage cheese instead of ricotta. No one will even notice.
  6. The actual video isn't bad, really, but oh my hell in the gif she looks like a grumpy drunk who is close to passing out and can hardly lift herself off the table. LOL. I never noticed before how jerky her movements are, how stiff and brittle her body gets sometimes.
  7. Holy wow, Eliot, thank you for posting that nice and long right on interview. My cat is still recovering from my reaction. Every third or fourth sentence I was like OH!!!
  8. Die is the singular form of dice. "The die is cast" refers to a done deal, something already completed. As in: you can place a bet at a gaming table before the dice are thrown (cast) - you, obviously, cannot place a bet after the dice are thrown. For someone with a formal education she mangles vocabulary, grammar, syntax and idioms entirely too often. If you are craving a word salad she can toss up a mean one in no time at all and make it look easy. What a maroon.
  9. Hey, here's one for our COLs - have you been seeing the Applebee's Sizzle commercial backed with Peggy Lee's Fever? It charted in 1958 and it rocked my world. Finger snaps! Like the beatniks! I was 8 years old and, along with my girl posse, we lived on our roller skates from morning 'til night, with our skate keys on a string around our necks. I was lucky because popular music was big in our house and my parents always had the radio or the hi-fi on. Lip syncing never occurred to my posse, nuh uh, we belted that baby and we sizzled. I don't know why such a sultry song spoke so strongly to us but it did. The Pocahontas verse was our favorite part and my bff who went to Catholic school not only snapped but did something with her hips! Most of us moved away within a few years and in the late '60s we realized that some of us were cruising Whittier Blvd so we met up at Bob's Big Boy. Someone started humming Fever and man, that was all it took! We treated everyone there to Some. Sizzle. That night (and many others) was straight outta American Graffiti. We also cruised Harbor Blvd in Anaheim, Firestone Blvd in Downey (Harvey's Broiler), and Beach Blvd in Buena Park. In fact, we are the reason Knott's Berry Farm built a fence around their property. You're welcome! Captain Smith and Pocahontas Had a very mad affair When her daddy tried to kill him She said Daddy ooh don't you dare He gives me fever (with his kisses} Fever when he holds me tight Fever (I'm his missus) Daddy won't you treat him right? Here's a version she did about 10 years later which is visually worth it purely because of the drummer. He was one cool cat!
  10. I think Axel has always had sad eyes. In almost every situation his eyes are sad. He looks like he has been crying, or like he wants to. At first I thought he had allergy eyes but the older he gets the just plain sadder he looks. That one photo where he was smiling with Christine was like wow, he looks like a totally different child. In my humble child raising opinion, all kids (and most adults) function better with limits and boundaries and I don't think he has any. It's not the least bit about being mean or being too firm, it's about "we do this and here's why and we don't do this and here's why." You start out in subtle and matter of fact ways before they can even talk. When they grab something they shouldn't have you take it and substitute with something they can have. "No, that is mine and this is yours, this is for you." They don't understand the words but they understand the pantomime. It takes time and and it might will feel like you are repeating yourself endlessly but the effort eventually pays off. I feel bad for the whole family, especially now with Evie's special needs.
  11. How cool, she is now the third girl on the 2016 bus who is starting a family. LOL at the reply that warned against drinking the water at 30 Rock.
  12. I thought you were kidding, I was sure you were kidding! Given the expected age of the HWs, polygamy would pertain only to great-grandparents. I cannot see it coming up because it's rarely acknowledged and never discussed. It's the third rail in Utah and you make enemies for life if you mention it. I predict that this franchise will eventually be known as The Real Housewives of Stepford. I. Can. Hardly. Wait.
  13. So, you can drink it before a meal, during a meal and between meals. That is very helpful information but not easy to remember so be sure to jot that down. It's good to know that it reduces "glass and bloating."
  14. IA. I think that's the reason for the wording "seems to have a similar reaction ... ” rather than "has a similar reaction."
  15. https://www.msn.com/en-us/tv/celebrity/the-kardashians-face-backlash-over-insensitive-family-food-fight-in-kuwtk-clip/ar-BBWMfMZ
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