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  1. People having affairs jump at chances to be out of the house. Especially when their amour is out of their house as well and the beard is that it's work-related. If your co-worker cheated with you for many years you know how they operate. If and when you finally get together the first thing you buy is a leash.
  2. Jeez, it took nearly 10 minutes to read his bloviating. How much did that print commercial cost? I liked this part, because he is entirely self-aware: "So we decided that we were going to go on and sort of be the anti-cable cable show and let people know on both sides that when they came on, as long as they didn’t just spout out talking points, they would have safe harbour and that we weren’t going to have shouting matches like you’d see on primetime cable shows." Bless his heart.
  3. I am really impressed with the layout. And a balcony! Such a bummer that you can't keep it. I guess too much hassle to lease it? How long did your parents live there?
  4. If not for the widely watched television series under discussion the part about only knowing Diana from books and movies would be true. But The Crown is sending great numbers of today's youngest generation to the internet for background information. It's no longer necessary to read books like it previously was. These days an hour or even 30 minutes down a rabbit hole concisely lays out the unfortunate set of incidents. Realistically, how much longer does QE Ii have? Another year or two, three? It's not like the next generation after this one will be the one deciding whether to retain the BRF. It will be up to the generation that is currently watching The Crown. It says a lot that the pertinent social media accounts have disabled comments within a week of the series dropping. That speaks volumes about how delicately balanced this issue is and how easily the efforts of the PR machine over the last twenty years can be undone.
  5. Plus, add the factor of an incoming monarch at his advanced age. In the olden days the populace accepted what was served to them. I don't see that happening now. An old man who aspired to be his hag of a mistress's tampon while his young wife was binging and purging until she resembled a pipe cleaner, largely because of him/them? Nah.
  6. Gad, she was like Miss Meri on Romper Room using her Magic Mirror to spot and name check all her little fans.
  7. He was never shown leaving the set but the sound when he pulled off his mic and slammed it on the desk was clearly audible, as were his mutterings. He was incensed because someone (Rachel) questioned the points he attempted to make while bloviating. There was a similar incident on Meet The Press when he, as a guest, tried to take over the show and was rebuffed by the host. "Does not play well with others." To be clear: no fighting here but a lot of laughing while tripping down memory lane. Insecure windbags crack me up because they are so predictable, and he rarely never disappoints.
  8. Gee, while Rachel's book debuted at #1 on the NYT Non-Fiction Best Seller List, remained #1 for five weeks and placed in the Top Ten for another two weeks. Her second book debuted at #1 on the same list as well. 😉
  9. I was looking for the video while you replied. Did you notice that HuffPo deleted the video r7eferred to in its article? The pertinent part, where he threw a snit that a tween could be proud of, has been erased. Do we remember when he was complaining that the interwebz could not be cleansed to his satisfaction, and he wanted to know WHY he couldn't sanitize and rearrange search results to his satisdaction? This is the caliber of ego he revealed. Rachel was on Air Anerica at the time, not a colleague but absolutely a peer. Why should she be expected to overlook a slam intended to demean her professional abilities? Let's compare her "gets" (and her audience) to those of MJ, shall we? This earlier portion where he is merely snide and condescending ahead of his snit survived the purge: Why would you assume that Rachel is the one holding a grudge, LOL?
  10. Response in Hosts Thread because it went down on another show.
  11. Since neona asked (I think Mediaite and the usual suspects have links as well): April 2008 Joe Scarborough Walks Off MSNBC's "Race To The White House" After Exchange With Rachel Maddow https://www.huffpost.com/entry/joe-scarborough-walks-off_n_97330
  12. Ooh, ooh, here's one - The end is nigh
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