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  1. @TheView Given what she recently tweeted she is very close to her due date. I hope she goes into labor on camera while waving a flag and grunting "Alexa, play Yankee Doodle Dandy."
  2. That says a lot about Kyle butting in and telling people to shut up. Basically, anything that somebody tries to sell you, if they insist on using Friends and Family, that is a giant red flag. Don’t do it! I hope this guide was helpful! If so, please share it with your true friends and family so that we educate everybody. That’s the best way to fight these fraudsters! https://www.angelleye.com/paypal-scams-friends-family-payments/
  3. At first glance on my phone the stroller photo looked like a piglet sitting on someone's lap and I thought "Wut?"
  4. I started weekly grocery pickup from WalMart last winter, $35 minimum, delivery was not an option. A month ago delivery became available but the cost was $8 - $12 per order, depending on time of day, plus tip, no bueno. Two weeks ago unlimited delivery began, $13 per month. During my 2-week free trial they rolled out unlimited delivery for $98 per year. That's $8 per month so $2 weekly. The drivers don't pick the items, they only deliver, and they put everything inside a large plastic tub on the porch for me. I've been doing a $4 tip on a $60 order. Only once has the time I wanted not been available, and they are good about knocking on the door to say it's on the porch and I answer through the window. Substitutions are the original price even if the substitution costs more. One example: 16 oz block of cheddar instead of the 8 oz block I ordered. We will be navigating the front steps and driving the icy roads during the winter much less often now and we are grateful for that.
  5. @hoodooznoodooz Move on, re Patricia from Muskoka? No way. Talk about the husband, talk about the husband!
  6. When I hear what it is my reaction will be "Oooh, you're so angry."
  7. Nice! I would love for that to catch on! Patricia could become the new Becky... or Karen.
  8. Also intelligent, well-spoken, well-educated, a world traveler, and represents her segment of society without being obnoxious.
  9. When it comes to hair, some of us spend a significant amount of time wishing we had what others have. We also spend significant amounts of money on chemicals and professional expertise to, only temporarily, transform ourselves. Some of us with textured hair wish it was straight and some with straight hair wish it had texture. I have a decent amount of hair but it is straight, fine and limp. Left to its own devices I would go through life looking like a swimmer wearing a cap made of hair. Volume, lift and shape are achieved only with copious amounts of product, hot irons and effort and they disappear when exposed to humidity, wind, moisture or physical exertion. "Looking like a drowned rat" describes me after I walk through rain or snow for 15 seconds. My hair can do amazing things if I stay inside my house and don't move. Yay! I am so envious of what I will call "ethnic" hair that I could bite myself. A couple times I have said to someone "Your hair is so pretty" but I could tell it wasn't received in the spirit I intended so now I keep my thoughts to myself. Sigh.
  10. She looks like a 1970s mannequin in a brokedown budget store that's having a liquidation sale. Everything Must Go!
  11. Given that she produced Paris and Conrad, Kathy's redeeming trait is that she swats at Kim and Kyle as if they are annoyances, mosquitos. That could be interesting. I can't recall the context but Kyle was wistfully recounting how long it had been since she saw Kathy or heard from her and LVP said [paraphrasing] "We met for dinner last week." LOL
  12. Founded in 2012, Younique is headquartered in.. wait for it... Lehi. My neighbor in St George showed me mascara and lipstick she bought via an ad on Facebook (two of each). The mascara was so thick and chunky that she could barely get the brush out of and back into the tube. The lipsticks were lifeless and dull and made her lips look like paper or cardboard and the colors were nothing like the ad. Adding insult to injury, it was expensive. Younique was majority owned by Coty, Inc. between 2017 and 2019. Coty purchased a 60% stake in Younique for $600 million in January 2017. This acquisition valued Younique at $1 billion. Younique's founders continue to own 40% of the company. The acquisition increased Coty's profits in 2018, with Younique witnessing double-digit sales growth in its second quarter. However, Younique's revenues and profits declined year-over-year in 2019, with Coty attributing the weakness to decreasing hype, a complex business structure, increased consumer awareness of the risks of participating in MLM schemes, and Facebook's algorithm changes. Coty announced that it was cutting ties with Younique in August 2019, saying that Younique was "definitely different" from other businesses owned by Coty. Coty intended to sell its 60% stake in Younique back to its founders. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Younique
  13. ASMR Dinner Party From Hell, LOL. ASMR Amsterdam is a hoot as well.
  14. I got mine from Amazon for $99, it's called Isavera. You can also buy direct from the website, same price. 3x per week/every other day for 60 minutes is recommended but every day is OK if you alternate where you wear it. Customer service is very good, the owner responds to emails w/in 24-48 hours. I think your friend will like it. 😉
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