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  1. Hi, all. I'm a serial lurker, and love reading the Duggar threads. I generally keep my mouth shut...but the photo with Izzy standing on the chair just has me floored. Most importantly, yes, that is not going to end well for Izzy. But I am a petty person, and so the first thing I noticed is that Jill has a $400+ mixer. It's a Bosch Universal Plus, and it's fabulous. I love mine! But this is a spending priority? I used a $20 hand mixer for 35 years, from the time I moved out of my mom's house (the Bosch was my Xmas present to myself this year). With no visible means of financial support
  2. Well, I guess that springing for the wet bar finally paid off. What a spread.
  3. I'm glad the Secret Six is on the verge of being dissolved--if I want to watch a bunch of egos band together to pick off the "less worthy" players, I'll watch Survivor or Big Brother. And don't use the "You're just too smart, I have to get rid of you!" line either...everyone is smart, that's not why the particular victim was chosen. I just want all the nerds to have fun together. I don't want strategy, I want everyone to be valued and appreciated. Alliances just seems to degrade the premise. **sigh** Hi, my name's Abra, I live in a beautiful world full of butterflies and rainbows.
  4. Atari 2600--Favorite game was Warlords, because four players could all play at once. There were many Friday nights at my mom's, with sodas, popcorn, friends and Warlords. Later, my friend's dad had the Leisure Suit Larry games (PC) and we wasted hours snickering over those--ooh, racy! By the time I got a PS2, my reflexes were pretty much shot and I moved away from shooters toward other types of games. The Bard's Tale was interesting and occasionally hilarious, it became my all-time favorite PS2 game.
  5. The veto meeting blow up was entertaining, but I was hoping for a little more; I was hoping that Brittany would tell Devin that she asked the Diary Room if she could refuse to let Devin use the POV on her. That would have been quite a smack at his ego--the little mother would rather take her chances on the block than accept help from him. On second thought, he would probably just stand there wearing his smug, superior grin.
  6. Rob Cesternino is doing podcasts after every BB episode--the discussion is usually pretty decent. He gets old houseguests to appear on quite a few of the shows, which can be fun--tonight he has Matt Hoffman, who cracks me up. He also has Ian Terry tonight, who makes me laugh, but for different reasons--he's gotten pretty laughable, bragging on himself and his BB knowledge. When he predicts an outcome in the game, you can bet the farm that he'll be dead wrong.
  7. "We're here! No rear! Get used to it!"
  8. Did we ever learn how Mike and Carol met? I don't think it was ever discussed, so it was probably scandalous. Maybe the Bradys and the Martins all attended a swingers key party, and Mr. Martin and the first Mrs. Brady ran off together. Mike and Carol were left to their own devices... Well, yeah, probably not, but Carol did always wear short short skirts--and that twinkle in her eye...
  9. I find Frankie much easier to take now that the pink is fading from his hair!
  10. I had Time Warner cable & internet, but decided to dump TWC when Google Fiber came to town. I paid a one-time fee to have it installed, but now I have free internet for the next seven (I think) years. Google also offered a tv package, but it wasn't much of a price savings from TWC. So once I decided to take Google's internet, it just seemed a good time to cut off TWC altogether. We'd had a long love/hate relationship--and like all my exes, now they are dead to me! No little kids in the house, just teens that are more interested in being online than in watching tv. Also don't have
  11. I loved her long, curled, fake ponytail last night. Why can't I find faux hair like that?
  12. I'm finally going to "cut the cable" this weekend. There's so much content available for free, that I just can't justify the cable bills anymore. I've got a new antenna, Netflix and a Chromecast dongle--hopefully, those will keep the family entertained. And I'll pocket the $$$ savings every month. I'll be trying out these links--thanks!
  13. Looks like Pete & Co are moving out of Dane's building this fall. This is apparently not the storefront that Marcus discovered on the show, but an even larger location: http://www.sweetpetescandy.com/pages/about-us
  14. Oh no...earworm! Thanks, Silver Platters (and yeswedo)! Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on...
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