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  1. ChocolateAddict

    Joy and Austin: This One Time At Family Camp

    I just wanted to comment on why Joy and Austin would share such personal pictures with hundreds of thousands of people. I have not lost a baby but I have friends who have and shared similar photos on social media. For them, posting these pictures on Facebook/Instagram was a way of saying my baby was loved, my baby was real and I will not be ashamed of speaking about my child. It was about publically recognising that their baby will forever be part of their family and sharing their love. It was a way of saying to other people that they would not hide or be ashamed of what happened to their child. Joy and Austin may be finding comfort in sharing Annabell Elise with the world. It could be that they feel that her life is validated because they are speaking about her publically and recognising her short existence. By having her on their Instagram feed it says that they are proud of her and want her to be recognised as their child. This is also an expression of their faith. For a young Christian couple used to sharing their lives publically, this is an expression of how their faith and hope in God is helping through a painful, traumatic time. I think it's heartless to suggest that they are simply doing this for clicks and views. Joy and Austin are two young people who have experienced heartbreaking loss and come from a culture where this sort of grief is often unaddressed. In that context, speaking about it on social media could well be cathartic and it could provide some measure of comfort to hear to know that others are praying from them and Annabell Elise. When you don't get that sort of support from your own family, it's human to seek it elsewhere. For Joy in particular, support and love from strangers may be a comfort for her. This is all to say that I see these posts as being a way for Joy and Austin to share both their love for Annabell Elise and their grief at having lost her. And I'm not going to critique how a grieving couple wants to share the story of their loss.
  2. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    In hindsight, the unsupervised birthday party was a bad idea. On one hand Nathan was telling the court that Jenelle and David were so dangerous and neglectful that they should only see their kids under professional supervision but then had them around the same kids, unsupervised and everyone apparently had a blast? Even if the Dumb Fucks weren't alone with the kids, it wouldn't take a great lawyer to point out that you can't argue that David and Jenelle are monsters (which they are) but also take the initiative to invite them over for cake and to see the kids outside of court. Hindsight is always 20/20 but I can't help but think that the party played right into the Swamp Monster's hands. It also scares me that this is going to feel UBT's persecution complex and cause them to become even more isolated. In his mind, the government came and took his kids once and it's not going to happen again! I'll bet money that they'll be even more obsessed with both keeping the kids away from mandatory reporters and keeping them terrified so that they wouldn't tell even if they could. Marissa in particular is going to be kept on the land and in line, the only time she will be allowed off is for court ordered visits with her grandma and even then they will make every effort to stop/thwart her going. Jenelle and David are going to make sure that none of the kids get a second chance at freedom. With dwindling funds, more paranoia and an arsenal of weapons, I can't see this ending well.
  3. ChocolateAddict

    Kailyn: Kail Smash!

    I needed to kill time in an airport queue so I took one for the team and watched the video. First up, clearly Kail doesn't care that she looks unprofessional and sloppy. Her hair is greasy and dirty and she's filming it on a random bed with a blanket. For someone who did media, she clearly didn't learn that your public image should involve looking like you had a shower that morning. Next, her friend Lisa has to be one of the most desperate she's had. This 'new friend' pops up and talks endlessly about how she'd seen Kail on TM2 but she's totally nice and not the bitch that we see each week. Girl is clearly hanging out for one of those free holidays and it shows. Not to mention the hideous peach claws that she's got on her fingers. Next, she says that she's been on even more vacations with Leah that we haven't seen. I think she means that we haven't seen them on TM2 but it's just a little reminder that she spends more time on holidays for her own self than holidays with her kids. And she had absolutely zero shame about it. Then, she just choses to not answer a question about her relationship with Dom and in the classic TM2 way, just says that she doesn't want to talk about it. Well clearly you did because otherwise you would have cut that out of the video which has clearly been (badly) edited. She's just dragging it back to get the clicks and the comments and drama back since she's got nothing else going on at the moment. Can't have Jenelle getting all the headlines! Then she says that she does want a girl although she's totally happy with her boys. Considering 2/3 of her baby daddies are taken and the last one only comes around during summer for the free pool, not sure how that's going to work out for her. Maybe she can trade Chris a car for another baby. The final part that I saw was Kail earnestly telling us that she is 'definitely self aware' which has to be only funny joke she made the whole time. It's hilarious that she thinks that recalling her bitchy, awful behaviour for her try hard fake friends is self awareness. Tldr: Kail put no effort into this besides looking at Insta and still has no ability to see her own faults as per usual.
  4. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    IIRC, he did for a very very short period of time. The Kaden situation was particularly awful in my mind. Because the Swamp Monster pushed Olivia out of a moving car while pregnant, she had a restraining order for both herself and Kaden. There was an ugly scene when Kaden was in the same supermarket as David who went up and grabbed him, giving him a 'hug'. Bearing in mind, this is a kid who had never met David and whose mother was abused to the point that she went into early labour. David was arrested for violating the order and got 60 days in jail which I think he appealed. Jenelle and David bitched about how he was just trying to give Kaden a hug (and probably put the kid in therapy because of it) and how unfair the whole thing was (well maybe don't be a freaking psychopath with anger issues and you could see your kid). After that, Jenelle opened her wallet so. David could persue custody in court. Since she had a six figure salary, she financed a lawyer and basically kept throwing money until Olivia couldn't keep up. He got supervised visitation and then overnight every other weekend. Originally, they weren't supposed to publish photos of Kaden on social media. But naturally, their narcissistic need to show their 'happy family' meant that they broke that rule pretty quick. Olivia didn't have the funds to go back to court so they basically got away with it. Both of them were boasting on social media about David's special relationship with his firstborn son which made people (me included) concerned that Kaiser was going to be even more neglected. After the 911 call where Jenelle said that David pushed her over and might have broken her arm/shoulder plus the gun situation, Olivia had enough evidence to go back to court and successfully ended the visits to The Land. Right after he murdered Nugget he was in court because he hadn't paid $5k in child support. Jenelle put up the money yet again and he got away with it. Hopefully Kaden wasn't too scarred by the whole experience with a father he hadn't known and a stepmother who cared more about the photos than the welfare of her children. As I understand, David hasn't seen Kaden since the visits were stopped which must be a huge relief for his family.
  5. ChocolateAddict

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    This is going to sound bitchy as hell but I think that screaming that this is a little miracle across social media is a bit much. At this age, biologically they are both uber fertile and as long as they did the deed on the regular, a pregnancy was highly likely. Plus she got knocked up on pretty much the first go last time. We know they aren't taking precautions and on the contrary, Lauren has probably been making every effort to get pregnant. I know that the Duggars call every baby a miracle but this just seems a bit much. 1 in 4 women have a miscarriage and plenty go on to have healthy, full term pregnancies later down the line. It's not like they have been trying for years or went through a difficult and painful IVF process. Like, this isn't so much a miracle as basic biology. One time? Yeah sure. Over and over and over? Nope. If anyone wants a laugh, listen Miracle from Matilda the Musical. Sums up my thoughts about the numerical imbalance of miracles today ahaha.
  6. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    IT HAPPENED!!! On one hand, thank fuck she and her foul excuse for a human being won't be benefiting from six figures per year for being the absolute scum of the earth. On the other hand, I hope none of the kids are at the house and that they have somewhere safe to hide. Because the kids are the easiest target now that UBT has undoubtedly lost it now that his meal ticket is gone. http://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2019/05/07/exclusive-jenelle-evans-has-been-officially-fired-from-teen-mom-2-heres-how-it-happened/ This is the story that Teen Mom 2 fans (and haters) have been waiting for for years! The Ashley can reveal that Jenelle Evanshas been officially fired from the show. THIS.IS.NOT.A.DRILL! The Ashley’s behind-the-scenes sources tell her that it all went down on Monday on the phone during a call with one of the show’s big BIG bosses. "MTV ended it's relationship with David Eason over a year ago in February 2018 and has not filmed any new episodes of Teen Moment 2 with him since", an MTV spokesperson exclusively told US Weekly on a statement. "Additionally, we have stopped filming with Jenelle Eason as of April 6 2019 and have no plans to cover her story in the upcoming season". As The Ashley previously told you, Jenelle was given another chance by MTV execs on a similar call last week; however in light of the brutal murder of Jenelle’s dog at the hands of her husband, David Eason, last Monday and the fallout that has resulted from her staying with David, the network reversed their decision and finally gave Jenelle the boot! The Ashley’s sources tell her that several others were also on the call, and that Jenelle felt that she and her manager would be able to figure out a way to keep her on the show. Obviously that is not the case. The Ashley hears that this call was scheduled over this past weekend. Although Jenelle signed the Season 9 contract, which, technically sealed her into filming the 9B season (as MTV chose to extend the season, as it has a right to do per the contract), Jenelle is an “at will” freelancer, essentially, so production has the right to drop her if they want to. One source tells The Ashley that this is likely why MTV refrained from making any kind of statement regarding the dog murder last week. Various cast members including Kail Lowry and Briana DeJesushave released statements regarding what happened but MTV has yet to respond publicly (to The Ashley’s knowledge) to the situation, and has not responded to The Ashley’s multiple attempts to obtain a comment regarding the dog murder and Jenelle’s future with MTV. As The Ashley previously reported, David admitted to killing Jenelle’s dog, Nugget, last week, allegedly beating and then shooting the poor pup after she snapped at his daughter Ensley. Jenelle initially left The Land and stayed at her friend’s house, but was back very soon after and is currently back there living with David. The backlash to the show has been strong since the incident, though. Numerous large sponsors have pulled their ads from running during ‘Teen Mom 2,’ and Columbus County, North Carolina, has launched a joint investigation with Animal Control into Nugget’s death and the circumstances surrounding it. While “someone” told TMZ that David was remorseful and seeking help to manage his temper following Nugget’s murder, he shot down (no pun intended) that story as a lie, claiming on Snapchatthat he has no anger problems. As for who will replace Jenelle on ‘Teen Mom 2,’ The Ashley hears that the producers already have a plan in place as to how to fill Jenelle’s spot. (And, no, they are not hiring Mackenzie McKee –or Farrah Abraham…although The Ashley’s sure the clickbait people will try to tell you that.) The Ashley will reveal who is replacing Jenelle as soon as she gets it 100 percent confirmed! “Jenelle has always said that if she were to ‘leave’ ‘Teen Mom 2’ she would have no trouble getting another network to sign her and David,” one source said. “She doesn’t seem to understand that everyone in the industry knows what David has pulled. She will have a hard time getting any other shows on her own, let alone if she has David in tow. "Without her MTV money, Jenelle and David only have one or two social media deals that Jenelle is doing, which pay very little, plus the clickbait she puts on her social media,” the source added. “That’s all the money they have coming in at the moment.”
  7. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    One of them is talking shit (not that it's a surprise) because she told US Weekly that she did get her tubes tied. On one hand, I can totally believe that they sold a dodgy story to US Weekly. They need the cash, especially since Jenelle has lost money from not appearing on episodes this season. There is no one who could contridict them because the hospital can't say what happened. And should a "whoops" baby happen they could just do what everyone else in this franchise does and claim that the BC failed. On the other hand, UBT is a fucking moron and I could totally see him not understanding or being deliberately obtuse about what actually happened. https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/jenelle-evans-healing-after-hospitalization-getting-her-tubes-tied/
  8. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    I'm praying to the Flying Spaghetti Monster that she actually means this. The Dumb Fucks do not need anymore children to abuse, neglect and indoctrinate. If it is true, I wonder what changed UBT's mind after he was insistent that Jenelle give him another kid.
  9. ChocolateAddict

    S09.E11: Peace Gathering

    They have visitation because the court and Chelsea agreed that their relationship with Aubree should be preserved. Aubree had been staying with them for years at this point and the court agreed that this should continue but for one weekend a month. But because they have proven themselves to be untrustworthy there are strict conditions on this visitation. Chelsea would have demonstrated to the court that the order was necessary because without it she had reason to believe that they would try and get around the visitation centre order by letting Adam visit Aubree at their place. It's double protection for Aubree - Adam can only see her at the visitation centre and her grandparents cannot let him be around her. Basically the court agreed that they can't be trusted with informal visitation so it has to be formalised with clearly outlined rules. It sucks for Aubree that it's got to the point where there are rules about how she can be with her paternal family. It's really sad that her own grandparents can't be trusted to keep her safe to the point where a court had to intervene. But that's on them, not Chelsea.
  10. ChocolateAddict

    S09.E11: Peace Gathering

    It went down like this: 1. Adam and his parents have informal visitation. Adam becomes dangerous to Aubree because of his drug use, tendency to not care for her and inability to follow the law. 2. Adam is ordered by a court to have supervised visitation and to not drive with Aubree in the car. His parents are appointed to supervise any time that he is around Aubree. At this stage, Aubree was going to her grandparents every other weekend and Adam was almost never around. Whenever he was around, the grandparents would violate the order by not supervising (e.g. not being there and letting him take her alone) and allowing him to drive Aubree around, at least once without a seatbelt. This places Aubree at risk. 3. Last year Chelsea was successful in getting an order that Adam can only see Aubree at a visitation centre because his parents cannot be trusted to supervise appropriately. She successfully argued that Aubree's visits should be reduced to once a month on the basis that the every other weekend arrangement was because Adam (her legal parent) was supposed to be there. Her grandparents are not entitled to every other weekend given Adam can no longer be there with Aubree. They confront Chelsea at court after the order was made. Basically, the grandparents have bought this on themselves. The reason that the visitation was formalised in a court order was because they have repeatedly demonstrated that they cannot be trusted. Without a court order, there would be nothing to stop them from allowing Adam to be around unsupervised and going around the order that he can only see her at the visitation centre. It can't be said enough that the grandparents have a history of violating court orders and placing Adam above Aubree. They are the reason that Aubree and Chelsea are in this situation where contact must be formalised. Chelsea has plenty of faults and she should be approaching her conversations with Aubree better. But as I said before, being around Aubree means following orders made for her safety. If her grandparents don't agree with those orders they can request a review. What they can't do is decide that they know what's best and ignore them. I have zero sympathy because their actions have been the problem here, not Chelsea's.
  11. ChocolateAddict

    S09.E10: This Can Go One of Two Ways

    Thing is, this isn't the grandparents acting "goofy". It's the grandparents intentionally and actively ignoring a court order made for Aubree's safety because her drug addict dipshit of a father can't be trusted around her. According to their legally binding custody agreement, Adam can only see Aubree at a visitation centre. He cannot see her when she is with her grandparents because a court decided that they cannot be trusted to supervise appropriately. No ifs. No buts. Adam's parents have a long history of ignoring court orders and putting Aubree at risk. Exhibit A: they let Adam drive Aubree around without a seatbelt when the court had forbidden it because he nearly killed himself when he blew up his car. Exhibit B: they allowed Adam to be around Aubree unsupervised while we was using, again, in violation of the court order. And so yep, Adam isn't actually allowed to be around Aubree unless it's at the visitation centre and this was a serious breach of the order. Adam and his parents know the rules but they seem to think that just bending them every once in a while isn't a big deal. Which is exactly why the court decided that they are not suitable to supervise Adam. If I was Cole I would also have gone over there immediately because regardless of what his parents think, court orders aren't optional. And if I was Chelsea, I would note this with my lawyer in case his parents made an application to supervise him or if this happens again and the order needs to be changed. Being in Aubree's life comes with conditions like obeying legally binding orders about her safety. For all the snark that we throw at Chelsea, a judge agreed with her that Adam is not safe to be around Aubree and that his parents are not capable of supervising him. To then have that thrown in your face by the grandparents is, frankly, scary. Chelsea needs to know that when she sends Aubree over there, her grandparents will keep her safe including making sure that Adam stays away. It's not an overreaction to remove your child when they are around someone who is a risk to them, even if that someone is a parent.
  12. ChocolateAddict


    Khloe is an idiot and now she looks like a harpy rather than the victim. To start off with it was ridiculous that she and her mid 30s "squad" were going around on social media stirring up trouble and being awful about a girl more than a decade younger who doesn't have the platform to fight back. That's bullying. She allowed and encouraged older women with more power to harrass Jordyn which was a shitty move. For all her talk about how Jordyn wasn't dealing with it privately, pot please meet kettle. I did think it was interesting how there was a lot of commentary about how Jordyn as a black woman is held to a different standard to the K sisters and their friends who have a long history of being with men who were cheating on their partners at the time. It's one rule for the people making the narrative and another for everyone else. Not to mention the stupidity of putting 100% of the blame for Tristan's crappy behaviour on Jordyn. Was it wrong for her to kiss Tristan? Yep. Did Jordyn make a commitment to be monogamous with Khloe? Nope. The question which still haven't been answered is why supposedly loved up and committed Tristan was throwing parties and inviting along young girls for a good time. Boyfriends of the year aren't living seperately and throwing all night benders to their loving partners. Any sympathy people had for Khloe has gone right out the window after her childish behaviour. Funnily enough Jordyn is the one who has come out of this looking more mature, she's only done one interview where she apologised and took responsibility for her mistake. She's stayed off social media, didn't blame the alcohol and only responded because Khloe's minions and been threatening her family. I was sad to see that Jordyn was blaming herself for the whole mess, Tristan was the one who fucked up and if it wasn't her it would have been another of the tens of girls that Tristan has hooked up with while supposedly in a relationship with Khloe. This whole turnaround from Khloe looks hollow and fake and people are seeing right through it.
  13. Jill can fuck right on off. The "special needs men" are not "assaulting and attacking" because of Satan. For people with severe disability, unfortunately hitting and aggression can the only way to communicate distress/pain/anger. Does it suck that Tim was (allegedly) hit? Absolutely. But a bit of Christian forgiveness and love towards the person with disability who does not have the opportunities that Timothy has wouldn't go astray. Timothy is not on the "front line for Jesus". He's working with men with impairment who deserve carers/aids who value them for who they are. Everything Jill has said leads me to believe that they haven't taught their children this life lesson. For the sake of the men that Timothy works with, I hope that he is more compassionate and generous than his useless dimwit of a mother. I can't imagine that Timothy has any experience working with men with disability before and nothing we've seen suggests that he has the skills to work with vulnerable people. Babysitting younger siblings does not equal the ability to be a good disability support worker. By comparing these men with Satan, Jill is being demeaning and cruel. She's suggesting that they aren't loved by God or worthy of compassion. She's a truly vile woman and everything about her just makes me seethe. Note: I am presuming (correctly or incorrectly) that the men Timothy is working with have significant impairment. Not a sweeping statement for all people with disability.
  14. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    While I hope that the Evans/Eason nightmare is over, this makes me fear for the kids. The most dangerous time for a woman is when she decides to leave her abusive partner and given the weaponry that the Swamp Monster has, the kids could be at genuine risk. Even if this is just a fight and they aren't actually splitting up, they both have explosive tempers and a history of violence. I sincerely hope that Jace is with Barb, Kaiser is with Nathan, Kaden is with his mother and someone (anyone!) has Egghead and Marissa. Drugs, violence, weapons and highly strung, angry people doesn't end well.
  15. ChocolateAddict

    Jenelle: Birther Of 3, Mother To None

    It's awful but I really do think that out of all the kids Jace and Endtable are the safest. Jace has Barb (even if she's made some questionable choices recently) and multiple court orders made about his welfare. He's also there there the least and Jenelle doesn't want to give any ammunition to the haters. Endtable is the *trophy* for Jenelle and David, the proof that their relationship is so strong and wonderful. Even though she doesn't have people outside the house, she's the prize. She's the one with the Instagram account and professional photoshoots for her birthday. Kaiser is obviously the one most at risk. He is the spitting image of Nathan who is enemy number one on The Land. Even if they don't beat him, I think it's pretty obvious that they ignore his needs and deliberately put him on the bottom of the pile. I think they'll only do physical harm that heals quickly like grabbing him by the arm and shoving him in his room (which we've already seen) or spanking him with their hand. They won't want any more pictures on Twitter so they'll just become sly about how they abuse him from here on out. I believe that he is at the very least the scapegoat and the one who is "disciplined" most harshly. Marissa is the classic example of the forgotten stepchild. She's not part of the MTV storyline so she's not important. She also doesn't have anyone else looking out for her, especially since she's now being "schooled" on The Land. I don't think she would be hit but I do think they they ignore her needs and give her the responsibility for taking care of the various half siblings who rotate in and out. As awful as it sounds, some of us have had suspicions about how David interacts with Marissa and I just pray that they aren't true. II wish every single one of those children were taken off The Land and a long, long way away from the Dumb Fucks. It's even worse to know that they are getting phenomenal money for it. Like others here, I don't watch the show anymore, just some of the scenes when they end up on Twitter.