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  1. The Asa box awkwardness where Michelle is basically a bump on a log while Lauren cries. Lauren talks about how much she's wanted to share the memory box with her and Michelle vaguely mutters about how nice it all is. Given Michelle doesn't particularly care about her own kids, the daughters-in-law aren't getting much love.
  2. Ahhh that makes sense. Either way, it was clearly difficult and painful even without the added baggage of her previous miscarriage. She's still so young in many ways.
  3. For all Lauren's insensitivity and self-centredness, I feel for her with Bella's birth. I doubt she was told what to really expect given that fundies think sex ed is dangerous and talk about birth as a blessed event etc etc. She's expecting to go through a beautiful, spiritual process and instead she's in incredible pain with a failed epidural and a difficult birth. That's got to be a hell of a come down. She's stuck with Michelle who clearly doesn't care for her given the miscarriage conversation and Siah who she doesn't really like. Although she's got her mum, this would be the most stressfu
  4. I think it's easy to forget that it wasn't just JB&M who were telling the Duggarlings that their parenting was the best way to raise children. Michelle was given a prize for being MOTY, they were invited onto national TV shows with a wide reach (like Good Morning America) and they've been doing speaking tours for more than a decade now. Not to mention the obvious one which is that they were rewarded with a national TV show as a platform to show off their superior skills in childrearing and by exension, they got a house, international travel and a comfortable lifestyle without having to wor
  5. Couldn't agree more @GeeGolly. Somehow in the space of one day it became fact that this little girl (I don't even think it's fair to use her name) lives with Josh and Anna and, further, the speculation was that she has been sexually abused. Given how upset everyone here was about Pickles outing the fifth victim, it seems unbelievable to me that this child has been openly discussed as being another potential (almost confirmed) victim complete with her name published. For crying out loud, she's been called a 'slave' and trafficking victim! From the information on this forum it would be incredibl
  6. It's called the 'White Saviour Complex' where someone (usually from a Western country) goes to a disavantaged area with the intention of helping but really just reinforces their own priviledge and contributes to the cycle of poverty, or worse, feeds the exploitation of serious issues. For instance, Westerners visiting orphanages as voluntourists brings in big money because they usually donate money and promote the 'great work' done. This reinforces that having children grow up in orphanages (a deeply harmful practice) brings in money and tourists. It also feeds into negative stereotypes about
  7. Y'all SEVERELY underestimate Jill. She locked down that job literally years ago when PRECIOUS Nurie asked her to be her Matron of Honour at their vow renewal. No doubt Jill will make sure that Nurie is the centre of attention at this BLESSED event by wearing white, singing at the ceremony and being in absolutely every photo of the SWEET couple. Bonus points if there is a couple's photo of Nurie and Tim and Jill talks about her wedding fifty thousand times. I'd put money on her asking the M kids to be flower girls/ring bearers because there is no way Anna is being a bridesmaid. This post
  8. Sierra posted that her littlest is in hospital, he's only a few months old and had a febrile seizure following RSV Bronchiolitis. The worst part? In her incredibly long Instagram post, she includes a selfie in the helicopter and talks about how she asked a nurse for a photo so that she could document her motherhood journey. This was right after she was told her kid would have to be flown to a specialist children's hospital. It makes me sick that Michelle, Jill and Sierra always make their children's medical emergencies about them. Their children are scared and hurting yet each of these wo
  9. As a reminder, this is what Jill's children got for their birthdays. Sofia was honoured with a half eaten pumpkin pie, Sadie got disposable diapers and Timbits was lucky enough to get a pile of crappy cake rolls. She really is a foul, narcassistic woman.
  10. I was thinking about Kail's desperation to hold onto Chris at the expense of pretty much everything including her friends and her actual job filming. I think that part of it is her obsession to prove that she 'made it' the same way that she constantly goes on lavish holidays, upgrades her car, moves to bigger houses and buys expensive bags. Not to mention that out of the people in her life and even the TM2 girls she's the outlier who hasn't got her love life together. Chelsea has a husband and cute family, Leah hasn't popped out another kid in 6 years and is presenting herself as a strong s
  11. If this is real, I hope Jenelle is safe purely for the sake of the kids. She's currently got two children in her care and an ex with a history of violence against women and access to guns. Having left him, she's never been more at risk and David has form for abuse and murder. I really, truly dislike her but I wouldn't wish death on anyone who has left an abusive relationship.
  12. She's actually smarter then Kail/Jenelle et al because she wouldn't have invested any of her own money in this. The company is online based and already has a solid customer base. They contact her and suggest a "collaboration", she picks the ideas board that she likes and they produce it. They then sell it online to their existing customer base and get Chelsea to promote it on her Insta to get more sales. Unlike with what some of the other girls are doing, Chelsea was pretty much guaranteed sales because she is working with a company that already has customers. It's just a way for the compan
  13. It never fails to shock me how fundementalist fathers can be so condensending and awful to their daughters while talking about how precious they are. This particular arsehole is proudly boasting that his daughters are so insecure that they ask him about their outfits and what to say to other people. Reminder, these are fully grown women. According to this, Grace's only noteworthy traits are that she prays, bakes and makes coffee. Lovely to know that two of the three things that your father remembers are when you make him food. Meanwhile, can someone please hand him the Father of
  14. Clearly Jill has taken lessons about caring for your kids from the MOTY. Accidents happen but it's the "... falling or something 🤷🏻‍♀️" bit that really gets to me. You are a stay at home mum with two kids and no obligations (study, volunteering etc) and you don't know when your kid fell on his face hard enough to do that damage? She's literally shrugging about her kid smashing his face and causing injury to himself. I'm not even going to start on the grammar. Heaven help those two boys with Jill as their teacher. And for all you waiting with baited breath to know where the ugly as
  15. When Leah looks like the sensible one on the family, you've got problems. Victoria showing all her class by getting knocked up to the white water rafting instructor in Costa Rica before she was legally seperated. And hid it so that it wouldn't impacted her custody battle with her second baby daddy/husband 🙄🙄🙄 https://www.theashleysrealityroundup.com/2019/09/05/leah-messers-sister-victoria-pregnant-by-man-she-cheated-on-hubby-with-during-costa-rica-trip-drama-to-be-featured-on-teen-mom-2-exclusive-details/
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