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    Well if I ever had any respect for Khorkina that interview would certainly be shocking, fortunately I’ve always found her to be an egotistical, self centered bitch so I’m not at all surprised to find out she said things like that. I always found her vastly overrated except when it came to bars. Her floor routines were often little more than prancing and posing and her form on vault was nothing short of atrocious. She always wanted to blame others for Russia’s losses when it was often her mistakes that lead to them. I’ll never forget her hissy fit in Sydney when she ripped off her silver medal from the team event as if Russia was cheated out of a gold medal when in reality, they were damn lucky to hold on to silver with the way they performed that night. And of course she said the fix was in when her past her prime ass lost the AA title in Athens. And her dig at Simone is cute, but 20 years she lost the AA title while still in her prime, lost it in 1996 too. Have a seat.
  2. Is this real? Did this dumbass really do this?
  3. WhitneyWhit


    Is she just straight up hooking on the street corner now?
  4. WhitneyWhit


    Sure 🙂 The Amanar was devalued following the 2012 Olympics, so a lot of gymnasts stopped doing them. It's a difficult vault and because of the score change, gymnasts don't really need one to be competitive anymore. The amanar craze really kicked in because nearly everyone on the US team pre 2012 could pretty much do one which gave them a huge advantage in any competition, so a lot of other teams began training them in an attempt to remain competitive.
  5. I'll admit that I don't watch GH with any regularity anymore, in fact I can't remember the last time I watched a week's worth of episodes but I always watch the Nurse's Ball, even though the rebooted version is such a letdown. I know the show doesn't have the budget it once had, but is that the best they could do with that ballroom set? Why is Lucy coming in the same doorway as people entering the ballroom from the lobby/bar? I miss the Port Charles hotel. Remember the ballroom set? It just seemed much more grand vs. everyone looking as though they were setting on top of each other now.
  6. I don't know if it's a matter of not liking her or just finding her strange, but there's something about JoJo Siwah that's just strange. I was exposed to her via my niece who is a huge fan and I thought she was maybe 11 or 12, but I recently read an article about her candy themed bedroom and discovered she's almost 18! Is it all an act? I mean she's almost an adult but she seems emotionally stunted if that's her actual personality. And if it isn't, what is she going to do when the kids grow up? I can't imagine her easily transitioning into any kind of mature career after such strong branding as a borderline clown.
  7. Season six was indeed a nightmare but it's actually the show's highest rated season. Go figure. I think the biggest mistake they made with the new characters was trying to make them carbon copies of the characters they were replacing. Alison was supposed to be the new Suzanne but she did not have nearly the charm that Suzanne had. I don't know if it was the writing or an acting choice by Julia Duffy, but I couldn't find anything likable about Alison, she just came across as mean and not someone I enjoyed watching. Carlene was annoying at first but thankfully they calmed her down and she became much more tolerable as season six went on. I'm mixed on BJ, I liked her overall but between her, Julia, and season seven Mary Jo always ranting about something, it was like having three Julias, it was a bit much. However, even though I dislike seasons six and seven immensely, season six did give me one of my favorite episodes: "Julia and Mary Jo Get Stuck Under A Bed". It was the episode that felt closest to earlier season and just overall hilarious. "Jellies of the world" "Oh Chuck, Oh Chuck, Oh Chuck", just hilarious from beginning to end.
  8. Someone get Sally Struthers and do a commercial for her husband. Jeez
  9. Sorry I'm late. I stopped off at the gas station to get some death for us to munch on. How y'all doin.
  10. Let me start this by saying that I'm against body shaming in anyway, however, what do they think the reaction is going to be when they're that size, at a all you can eat buffet and going back for multiple plates when one of them can't even walk to said buffet but has to use a wheelchair? I mean, not that I'm saying they deserve shaming or people should point and laugh, but jeez, it's shocking to see.
  11. "A lot of our fans are over seas" Queue Dr. Phil crossover where Amy is telling the audience that her boyfriend in Nigeria is a honest to goodness millionaire but needs money from her to move his trunk full of treasures to the US.
  12. My husband has to go away for a week on business. I told him don't be alarmed when potential renters come by tomorrow to look at our room.
  13. When it's time to renew my registration, I'm getting personalized plates that say "EAT DEATH"
  14. Good lord. The government should be notified about the oil spill in that bag.
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