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  1. Once they calmed Carlene down, I actually came to like her, but Alison? What a horrible character. I always thought Alison is who Suzanne would have been with a less talented actress and poor writing. Alison was just mean with no redeeming qualities and it wasn't fun watching her have such contempt for the people around her. Yes Suzanne often thought she was better than most but she loved the girls and Anthony, she was human and had a warmth about her, something Alison lacked. As for Carlene, like I said, once they calmed her down and she stopped being such an idiot, I actually came to like her. BJ seemed redundant since we already had Julia, that was also the season they decided to turn Mary Jo into Julia-lite, so it was like we had three Julias running around, it was too much.
  2. Cindy reminded me of Pauline, both in looks and voice. What a pointless episode. I kept waiting for something, anything, to happen and it never did. I actually rewatched to see if she ever moved from that chair as it seemed every scene featured her sitting there, eating, and cancelling an appointment because she wasn't ready. I mean, what can you say about someone who said no to losing weight by simply laying in a bed and doing nothing for a couple months?
  3. Mileage may very but I don't think he believes he's just slightly overweight, I think he's aware of how big he is, I just think he tries to make Tammy see there is a difference between them whenever she starts in with "but you" or "but Amy" because there is a difference between them. Chris is still mobile while Tammy can't even make it to the mailbox without coming close to needing someone to call 911. I sort of appreciate that Chris, while admitting his issues, also keeps it real with Tammy by letting her know there's a difference here and she needs to see that.
  4. They're textbook examples of how a toxic childhood can effect you long after childhood is over. Both of them saying they were taught to simply toughen up when something upset them and that it was wrong to show emotion played a hand in what we see today. I can definitely see how they turned to food to comfort them for emotions they weren't allowed to physically/verbally express. I felt a little sad when Amy said she was embarrassed over how they acted in therapy -- IMO, there wasn't anything to be embarrassed about, but when you've spent your whole life being silenced emotionally, finally being able to express them can seem wrong.
  5. Poor thing's probably already anxiety ridden.
  6. Gee Amy...it's almost like a medical professional would warn you against having a baby right now....oh wait.
  7. LOL, that's what I was thinking. Yay for a veggie but you have sugar laden marinara and loads of cheese.
  8. Amy will be 500 pounds again before long. She wanted the surgery to get the baby, she's now getting the baby and has moved on from the weight loss.
  9. Tammy never imagine life outside of Amy doing everything for her, did she? She really can't believe her sister would dare do something that would prevent her from being the center of her universe.
  10. She sure didn't. I bet she called her accountant after the first visit to see if she has enough for early retirement.
  11. Well I can't help but like the brother, and he seems to be someone that they respect and perhaps listen to. I think having someone new help Tammy (and go along for the journey with her) may benefit her. Amy is just tired (and who can blame her) of being her caretaker and has sort of a "just fucking do it already" attitude with her.
  12. It's going to be interesting to see how they navigate this in today's world. The world has changed so much since the show went off the air -- even the first movie seemed out of touch (although fun), and the second was just appalling. As mentioned above; the show will focus on three, wealthy white women, nobody's going to be interested in watching them moan about how hard their life is. They tried to be relatable in the second movie and that resulted in wealthy Charlotte, who had a full time nanny despite not working outside the home, complain about how hard it is to be a mother. Personally I wouldn't mind if they reveal Carrie and Big are divorced and focus on a 50 something Carrie entering the dating scene post-divorce. I never liked Big so I wouldn't miss him and I seriously doubt would last anyway.
  13. Dr. Proctor could tell me to slap my mom and I would say BRB
  14. I just can't help but think that there's going to be a poor child at the mercy of this group.
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