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  1. I’m rewatching this and I don’t know why it didn’t hit me last night but I think Cheyenne may either be in love with Dolly or have a huge crush on her.
  2. So that house was full of squatters right? I mean I can’t imagine any city allowing that to be rented. I imagine they didn’t tell the head crackhead in charge (hcic if you will) they came with a film crew and that’s why they had to go. I’m still trying to unpack all of this. I echo the comment up thread about her weird trance she was in while waiting for food, she looked like a fish on dry land. I love that mom shut down the enabler talk quickly by pointing out that she puts normal portions on her plate but she can’t do anything about it if she gets more food. I know that a lot of th
  3. Mom is done and I don’t blame her. She’s having to raise her child while she’s out doing ::gestures at all of that::
  4. I had the worst time logging in tonight but I’m glad I got in just in time to ask what in Grey Gardens hell did they just move into?
  5. Really wish we could have gotten a picture of him in cuffs, I need a Christmas card.
  6. Everything AJ/Carly related from the 90s and early 2000s. Especially the stair fiasco. AJ didn’t push her. No matter how many times it was repeated.
  7. Oh my god his belly button, You could build a sky walk over that thing.
  8. I miss the other nurse who used to give great side eye when a poundicipant would swear to every saint in the heavens that they followed the diet despite gaining 75 pounds.
  9. Irma standing there looking like she just spun the wheel on The Price is Right
  10. Holy Flintstones, look at that slab of meat.
  11. Well this is new: usually it's the man wanting the woman to stay bigger.
  12. Pounders, I have missed you! So far I like him, the past tells me that will change however.
  13. I always roll my eyes when the Jesse James Deckers of the world start wining about how people are mean to them and the "haters" and what have you. They put every moment of their lives on social media and are surprised when assholes show up. I don't want anyone to be bullied but you're posting your life on a (very) public forum for all the world to see -- if you can't handle the good, bad, and ugly, perhaps don't do it. Of course that means they don't get the publicity that comes with their emotional posts calling out "the haters" ala Chrissy Teigen who would always, do something, say something
  14. Sigh...Tammy shouldn't even have one piece of fried chicken. Also, I will straight walk out of a shower if they start that diaper game.
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