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  1. Someone get Sally Struthers and do a commercial for her husband. Jeez
  2. Sorry I'm late. I stopped off at the gas station to get some death for us to munch on. How y'all doin.
  3. Let me start this by saying that I'm against body shaming in anyway, however, what do they think the reaction is going to be when they're that size, at a all you can eat buffet and going back for multiple plates when one of them can't even walk to said buffet but has to use a wheelchair? I mean, not that I'm saying they deserve shaming or people should point and laugh, but jeez, it's shocking to see.
  4. "A lot of our fans are over seas" Queue Dr. Phil crossover where Amy is telling the audience that her boyfriend in Nigeria is a honest to goodness millionaire but needs money from her to move his trunk full of treasures to the US.
  5. My husband has to go away for a week on business. I told him don't be alarmed when potential renters come by tomorrow to look at our room.
  6. When it's time to renew my registration, I'm getting personalized plates that say "EAT DEATH"
  7. Good lord. The government should be notified about the oil spill in that bag.
  8. So she basically admitted that she likes that he's an addict as well. I like to see people in a healthy, stable relationship.
  9. How y'all doin. I already want to give Lonnie a hug and bitch slap their mother the perennial bride.
  10. It's basically the same movie. Teaching Mrs Tingle was even supposed to be called Killing Mrs Tingle but they changed it due to Columbine.
  11. I just watched this and I've never regretted anything more, and I had vinyl pants in 1997. Reality TV producers, tell me, why is it when you come to my state these are the people you find? We have a couple big cities, people who are educated, people whose family trees actually have branches. These two were repulsive, and not because of their weight, they're just disgusting. The burping, and that food scene! Bacon in the lasagna? These two have no desire to lose weight. I also want to know what distorted funhouse mirror is Amy using that makes her think she is in anyway better of weight wise than Tammy? Also, if people had to weigh me at a junkyard, I'd waterboard a baby to keep that secret.
  12. WhitneyWhit


    I'm going to sit at the table with the people who have no sympathy for Sam. Quite frankly, I've been over our men's team since 2016 when they bitched and moaned that they didn't get the attention that the women do and actually said that maybe they should complete shirtless. They completely ignored the fact that the women get their attention because they are beasts of competitors that win everything coming and going while the men do the exact opposite. On the subject of leotards: I'm loving that the USA has embraced blue. I loved the periwinkle leos they wore for qualifying, they were stunning. So Russia is doping, huh? This just in, water was found to be wet, And if I may go against the grain here, I find Simone's floor atrocious and undeserving of a world title. Her tumbling was out of control and the less said about the choreography the better.
  13. I don't know if this belongs here but there's a woman who just started working in my office and she has butt wings, not huge, but they're butt wings. I felt guilty for looking but also morbidly excited that I had seen some in real life. I'm going to hell.
  14. MM's behavior yesterday reminded me of those women on Maury who spend 10 minutes jumping and screeching about how they're "4,000 percent" sure that whatever loser they dragged in from the gutter is the father of their unfortunately named child, only to haul ass off the stage the second it's revealed that he isn't. The audiences' reactions were pretty similar, too.
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