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  1. I always roll my eyes when the Jesse James Deckers of the world start wining about how people are mean to them and the "haters" and what have you. They put every moment of their lives on social media and are surprised when assholes show up. I don't want anyone to be bullied but you're posting your life on a (very) public forum for all the world to see -- if you can't handle the good, bad, and ugly, perhaps don't do it. Of course that means they don't get the publicity that comes with their emotional posts calling out "the haters" ala Chrissy Teigen who would always, do something, say something
  2. Sigh...Tammy shouldn't even have one piece of fried chicken. Also, I will straight walk out of a shower if they start that diaper game.
  3. Lord Tammy, he just went to see his other internet girlfriend, he wasn't deployed.
  4. They looked like the number 10 on that couch.
  5. Jerry tried to activate Google in his own brain after that announcement.
  6. This is the most random thing but I just figured out who Chris reminds me of; Alex Karras from Webster!
  7. I tuned in in time to hear Amy say she's finally embracing her pregnancy -- um, did she forget the Chinese food that sent her to the ER?
  8. Sleeping 15 hours a day screams depression to me.
  9. Their hug reminds me how much fun I used to have riding bumper cars.
  10. That rice is fried so she probably won't even need the surgery.
  11. "Coming to TLC and streaming on Discovery+...My 600 Pound Bearded Lady"
  12. Evening pounders. My eating habit tonight is homemade pulled pork sliders and cole slaw.
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