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  1. Sigh...Tammy shouldn't even have one piece of fried chicken. Also, I will straight walk out of a shower if they start that diaper game.
  2. Lord Tammy, he just went to see his other internet girlfriend, he wasn't deployed.
  3. They looked like the number 10 on that couch.
  4. Jerry tried to activate Google in his own brain after that announcement.
  5. This is the most random thing but I just figured out who Chris reminds me of; Alex Karras from Webster!
  6. I tuned in in time to hear Amy say she's finally embracing her pregnancy -- um, did she forget the Chinese food that sent her to the ER?
  7. Sleeping 15 hours a day screams depression to me.
  8. Their hug reminds me how much fun I used to have riding bumper cars.
  9. That rice is fried so she probably won't even need the surgery.
  10. "Coming to TLC and streaming on Discovery+...My 600 Pound Bearded Lady"
  11. Evening pounders. My eating habit tonight is homemade pulled pork sliders and cole slaw.
  12. So Tammy doesn't think there's anything she can do to stop strangers from making comments about her? Maybe she should make a Youtube video and ask strangers or ask that reality television crew following her around.
  13. "I'm scared she'll stop her diet" Who wants to tell her?
  14. I mean what do you expect when you go to a "meet and greet" with two people who quite literally do nothing but sit on their couch all day calling each other a bitch? What is there to even ask them about? "So do you prefer the right or left side of the couch?"
  15. Amy honey that belly is not because of your baby.
  16. This was the first episode that made me miss Christy because 1) she wouldn't have went a long with stalking Andy 2)she would have tried to stop it and 3) if she couldn't, she would have gotten Marjorie involved much sooner to put a stop to that foolishness. Jill is obviously suffering from abandonment issues: her mother committed suicide, her husband left her, so IMO her behavior wasn't born out of jealousy, but fear. It would be interesting if the show could have her address this with Trevor. It's a very real thing and can be crippling. I was actually really angry at Tammy and Bonnie for
  17. Even if she hasn't lost 100 pounds, I hope Dr. Now will do the surgery if she's ready for the move. She's trying and is doing everything he asks, and she's not simply relying on the surgery and hoping it will be a magic pill.
  18. I would totally wear her outfit, I've never said that about anyone on this show.
  19. I'm so happy for her, and I'm so happy her progress is giving her so much confidence about her stuff and making her stronger. She went to Houston by herself and was OK with it.
  20. "I think Dr Now's next goal is fair" I don't understand what's happening.
  21. Is this the right show? She's actually complying and not whining about how unfair it is.
  22. Just from experience I'll probably come to regret these words later in the episode, but I kind of like her.
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