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  1. To be more "authentic" I've never wanted to see someone's ass get kicked as bad as I want to see Quincy's ass get kicked.
  2. I think that they have milked all of the drama they can out of this particular group of idiots Sarah picks up some random dude in the bar, and her girlfriend thinks she just met her soulmate. These two have an EQ of 15 year old high schoolers Why do these heart to heart meetings all take place in a public park? Angela is still wearing that ugly ring. So, Megan's a "singer" now? Huh. Forehead doesn't like flawed women? The irony is strong in this one
  3. I just LOVED this crazy ass show!
  4. Now, THAT would be something to see! That would beat "ow ma laig!" in a heartbeat
  5. No family means no obligatory hand wringing scenes, so there's that. Little miracles!
  6. Right?? It's not like he's in jail, but he is probably homeless
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