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  1. My favorite thing about August is definitely the peaches. I picked a peck today, and now I am trying to decide between peach cake, peach cobbler and peach tart. Why does adulting have to be so hard? 🤣 And that's on top of apple cider donuts I bought today as a consolation prize since yellow plums for which I drove another 12 miles to the second orchard were all picked clean by the time I got there! Here go my plans to lose those final 4 pounds and get back to my college weight!
  2. How is everyone doing? It's summer, the ultimate temptation season with all kinds of gateway fruit beckoning! A friend came to visit from NYC and we went to a wonderful berry farm in New Hampshire. Picked black currants, red currants, gooseberries and an amazing variety of blueberries that taste just like bilberries (they have regular blueberries too, but I don't need to pick them 90 minutes away when there are several orchards 15-20 minutes from my home). I even made jam, and for the first time ever - jelly, where I strained the pulp through the sieve before adding sugar. Yum. Will
  3. So strange, it's a Wednesday and there is no snarking and no sharing eating habits... I guess I will go for a long walk. I need it since I bought absolutely delicious pastries at the Russian store... plus I still have a slice of the chocolate cake I bought on Sunday and haven't gotten around to eating it. I should eat it today before it goes bad...
  4. Have a great rest of the week, month and year, everyone! I will miss our regular Wednesday chats.
  5. Wow. If Cillas was just standing, you would never guess he used to be over 700 pounds! He moves a little off kilter (but no longer waddles) but I think that is something he can work on over time. And his stomach skin probably affects him a bit too. He looks amazing, and I am so happy for him and the whole family. They look active and happy and they work... that's great.
  6. Cillas is looking much better - his face and his expression included. Tiffany is still fully delusional, about her weight loss prospects and Aaron...
  7. I should have known all big sodas are from the South. One time I was at the Atlanta airport and I forgot to specify that I want my tea unsweetened. I nearly went into sugar coma from what I was served and the girl really couldn't believe I *didn't* want a *free* praline to go with it. When I refused twice, she thought about it and brought me a slice of Granny Smith apple. That apple saved my life!
  8. That wedding was the saddest wedding I have ever seen. Tiffany lost Aaron. I think she won't be able to lose any other weight now!
  9. I actually wear giveaway t-shirts when exercising. Especially if they are white cotton because I can wash them on hot to get the sweat out. I also get jackets/sweatshirts/coats from my employer... they are pretty nice jackets I actually wear. Sometimes they send nice electronics too... but a lot of mugs/water bottles/etc. that I don't know what to do with and take to Goodwill regularly.
  10. Living with a spouse's parents is no easy thing, and for someone who is somewhat fragile psychologically like a poundticipant... good luck, Cillas. Glad to hear he is working on separating himself from his walker.
  11. I ended up with an awesome ankle brace. Of course, when several years later I happened to twist my ankle badly, I was two thousand miles from that brace at a conference. It was a pain conference with a large chuck of the audience being orthopedic surgeons. Oh, the irony.
  12. With the surgery, it kind of makes sense, maybe he can't fully put weight on that leg yet?
  13. Back prior to 2006 (or was it 2007?) companies were able to give out pens and other branded non-educational stuff, then the laws changed and everyone was stuck with lots of leftovers. I suppose they ended up in all kinds of places...
  14. My great-grandmother was bedridden for the last three years of her life in her 90s after she broke her hip, but laying in bed, she would spin wool, like she did most of her life. She would mix sheep's wool with angora rabbit for super soft yarn later used to knit socks, mittens, scarves and anything else you would want...
  15. There is an official brand color palette for every drug that is used in all the materials associated with that drug. I am sure it's the same in the consumer goods world. :)
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