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  1. At first I was worried that the dough turned out too wet, but all it took was another dusting of flour. They were very soft inside and nicely browned on the outside. Thanks! Today I had lunch like a queen. Lobster mac & cheese with rose wine and fresh-baked scones with fresh-ground, fresh-brewed coffee. I suspect dinner should be a small salad to balance out the calories! Though now that the weather is beautiful I have been walking 4-5 miles a day... and at a healthy pace, too, to outrun the mosquitoes... Or I could claim it's a celebratory lunch (Flag Day in the US today and Russia Day was Friday) and celebratory calories don't count, it is known!
  2. Thanks again! I will try it out this weekend.
  3. I went to Wegman's today and I was so happy to finally have a Wegmans nearby (20 mins is not bad at all!) again, I got absolutely giddy and wanted to dance and hug everyone (ha-ha, during an epidemic especially) and started throwing stuff in my cart. I will be eating like a queen for the next few days! 🙂 With all this sitting home not going to see shows or eat out I am saving a ton of money anyways. But it was funny to be this excited about a grocery store, literally almost light-headed. I only used to feel that way about jewelry stores! But now I kind of understand how poundticipants feel about food. Not that I went for the kinds of food they would choose...
  4. I think it's a testament to human body being constructed with a huge safety margin in terms of 'structural robustness'.
  5. Thank you! I will follow your recipe, though I will either make plain scones (no filling) or use frozen cranberries or frozen aronia (I am a fan of tart berries as filling, plus I have a lot of both in the freezer). Would you suggest any modifications for frozen berries? Also, what's your opinion on using a dough cutter for initial mixing of the butter into the flour mix? My mom likes melted butter wash on her baked goods, I have seen a lot of options from egg wash to butter to heavy cream in different baked goods recipes, I don't think I have encountered an oil option, but I will probably try it - I often don't do anything myself... This will be my first test of the oven in my new place for baking. I have only used it for roasting over the two weeks I've been here! 🙂
  6. Great idea! Also, since I have only ever made scones once in my life before and went with a recipe I found online - would you be willing to share your go-to scone recipe? Pretty please!
  7. I am here! I haven't seen her before, I don't think I would have forgotten buttwings this epic. Eating habit today is split pea soup and half an avocado.
  8. I actually lost weight during coronavirus, I am now only 7 pounds heavier than my usual college weight and 3 pounds over my 'ideal body weight'... I am eating everything I want, just eating home cooking instead of eating out is doing that. Sometimes unexpected things helps... I wanted to make scones but the closest grocery to me is Target, and they surprised me - they had cow's milk, almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, even freaking hazelnut milk, but no buttermilk. So no scones for me until I get to a regular grocery store and I only go to those every 7-8 days... PS I was going to join the live chat today, since I have never seen Charity's episode before ( I would not have forgotten such epic butt wings!) but the thread is still not locked...
  9. I came to ED with my broken wrist also hoping it just just badly dislocated. I knew better - a human arm cannot possibly be the shape mine was - but I hoped against hope because broken bones cannot be happening to me. Of course once they showed me the x-rays it was clear as day... but it almost didn't hurt. Didn't start hurting until a few minutes after breaking (I actually got up and continued on my way as if nothing happened, until I looked down and realized that's it's a shape a human arm cannot possibly be), never got so bad that I couldn't drive myself to the ER and once they straightened it, it never hurt at all, not before, not after surgery (they put plate and screws in three days after I broke it)... so every time I read about how painful broken bones are, I have to wonder if it's just my high pain threshold or what. It's a pain to live one-handed, though, given that I live alone and had to learn to do everything from washing my hair to clasping my bra to doing dishes with only one hand... Don't want to ever experience what living with any other broken bones is like! And speedy recovery to all who need it!
  10. I feel sad for Steven's cat. People like him should not be allowed to inflict themselves on innocent pets.
  11. Hi All! I am able to join you, after all. I am in the process of moving to Massachusetts, and I thought I would be moved into my apartment today, but it will be tomorrow. So I am at a hotel, and able to join you when I thought I wouldn't. This hotel doesn't have TLC in it's lineup (Really!?) but I was able to login online (at least it does have internet). Eating habit today was Chipotle - lunch and dinner combined at 6pm after the 10am breakfast from Wendy's as I stayed last night at a hotel too...
  12. I usually tell any spiders I encounter inside my house that they may stay as long I never see them in my bed, on kitchen counters or tables, or in the bathrooms. And they have to eat insects, as many as they possibly can. They are usually very polite and understanding and stay out of sight except for one that set up shop right under the garage door opener in the garage, which always greets me when I open the door and scurries away immediately after. So sorry you got such an ill-mannered one!
  13. Another snoozefest of an episode. At least I got to hang out with you all. Have a good night!
  14. It's sad that people would rather reduce themselves to objects in their own life than accept responsibility for their actions and their choices.
  15. I've been waiting for the mutual blaming to start... took them longer than I thought!
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