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  1. I tried watching it when it came out, and it was so cringe-worthy, I gave up pretty quickly. I wanted to try again this weekend, but decided to read the reviews first... I will keep it on my DVR in case I need to watch later to understand any of the subsequent episodes. but I am going to skip it for now... Not the first time I found an episode unwatchable, though.
  2. I think it may vary by jurisdiction. In poorer areas where there are plenty of families with real problems, and case workers are overloaded, removal is probably an option of last resort. In towns where they sit and twiddle their thumbs all day, they might jump to remove kids if Mom let a 12-year old bike half a mile to the corner store (I think I remember a story like that from Connecticut or Maryland). I know I lived in a town where every time there was any kind of road work or utility work, there were 2 police cars hanging out at the scene, because the total crime rate for the town was something like a dozen per year, and that included someone pouring a milkshake over a parked car! But Sean wouldn't have qualified anyway... and I think he was doomed. Some people cannot be saved, and probably not worth the gargantuan effort required to save them.
  3. And Daniel Gil is this year's winner. Well-deserved. Though I wouldn't have been unhappy with any of the final four... Hope they renew the show for next year, and that next season will be more of a normal season!
  4. Wow, that was photofinish. What was the difference, hundredth of a second? They were dead even all the way, but Gil had a better posture on dismount, leaning forward, and edged out Adam Rayl. I am rooting for Daniel Gil since last year... but I won't be sad if Austin Gray wins either...
  5. Amir Malik didn't win but he still had an amazing rookie year. Hope to see him in future seasons. Good job Austin Gray. Good guy, good performance.
  6. And Amir Malik beat Jake Murray. This kid will go far! And he bakes! No surprise that Daniel Gil beat Flex. She is good but she is not fast. Cliffhanger will be cruel for those who haven't been to Stage 3 in Vegas before...
  7. Yay, Austin Gray beat out Najee Richardson. I used to like Najee but the last couple seasons he has become a bit annoying. Well, power over speed on the Power Tower. Good job, Adam Rayl and his awesome biceps.
  8. Joe fell on Slam Dunk. I hoped it would be even 8 finishers/8 Power Tower finalists, but it turned out to be Amir Malik's lucky day. It would be super funny if Amir Malik won it all.
  9. Wow, Jake Murray is crazy fast. Happy for Adam Rayl (and thanks @Lantern7 for posting about his story, I went back to rewatch instead of watching Jake Murray's story) and a little sad for RJ Roman being knocked out...
  10. Wow, Jesse Graf is out early too! So I guess the only woman with a shot at the power tower is Jesse LaBreck... I have a colleague who has four kids, his wife and he joke that if their last child was their first, they would have stopped right then and there. The older kids were super easy, calm and quiet, but the youngest girl is a handful.
  11. And I think they jinxed RJ Roman's run by saying 'this is the smoothest we have seen' right as he ran! Even though I think they do the voiceover long after the season is over and they know the results exactly. Still, I am sure their actual commentary during his run was no different...
  12. And Thomas Stillings is the surprise early exit. I would have felt sorrier about it if his sob story didn't take about 10 times longer than his run tonight.
  13. Wow, The way Daniel Gil went up the spider trap, you wouldn't know he just completed a tiring course. Very impressive!
  14. Just how did I know that they will turn it into "and he knocks X out, but he may get knocked out himself". I wonder if everyone who is still to run will either complete or fail pretty late, unless they saved a true shocker like a top ninja falling on second-third obstacle for this night too...
  15. Well, it's 30 minutes away and according to Twitter, they are still planning on showing it... unless something major happens. Let's hope they wait until AFTER the show.
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