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  1. Because we already have threads for Janelle and Kail, so why the hell not? (Sorry for the lack of creative/funny thread title, I tried.. also I wanted to make one for Leah but had nothing for a thread title-thought maybe something to do with insurance since it seems to be her MO this season or maybe something to do with the Mary Kay makeup she's selling)! Chelsea might be my favorite. Which is strange. Although if I'm being honest, I remember her original episode and when Adam send that text telling her to not put his name on the birth certificate because Aubrey was a mistake. Tha
  2. So that last episode was.. the most boring episode ever. It was a filler episode. Even The Bruce-Kris fight was so lame and then the other story was "Kourtney thinks she has a famous painting"? What. The. Hell? I fell asleep halfway though and then woke up to Kourt finding out her painting out her painting was not worth money. I think this last episode just proved that the show is really done and not exciting anymore. Still MIA: Kendall and Rob. Although Kendall was mentioned this week and shown in the previews for next week. Rob was not.
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