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  1. stcroix, if everyone could use this as an example of how to make a gracious and sincere apology, this would be a finer world. We have all spoken before we thought, or tried to be humorous and failed. No shame in that, we are all human. But to empathetically realize the impact of our actions, and to make an apology like this is lovely.
  2. Adam Levine, in an example of his helpful, thoughtful guidance and coaching specificity: Maybe in the music world these sentences have deep and useful information and can be interpreted by singers. But, "You both should sing the same amount"? Number of words? Volume? Key? Or could be just me being colored by my disdain for Adam. Possibly. Probably.
  3. Really enjoying this season so far, I think there are many talented singers. Really enjoying Shayy. However, Katy Perry is really beginning to annoy me. A lot. First she makes a proposal All About Her. Histrionically. Like a kid who acts up for attention, and if they don't get enough, they up the annoying behavior to another level. And then look around to see if everyone is watching them. And when that poor pastor's kid says he no longer lives at home or works at his fathers church? There's Katy to give him a heart to heart discussion ALL ABOUT HER. And how HER life was affected, and how SHE felt. And puts in a plug for I Kissed A Girl to boot. I swear this woman could turn a conversation about lawn care into one that is All About Her. Had the exact same thought. Added: Just finished the thread, looks like lots of you had the same reaction. . Hate, HATE that they put those poor last contestants in the position of receiving their news in the company of another contestant.
  4. 1. Did not post this intending for anyone to view it as "actual news." It is from a gossip site. 2. I'm sorry my attempt at humor fell flat for you. 3. Perhaps you could consider providing the site with some content that you consider"actual news" since that is important to you.
  5. Jada Pinkett Smith Unfollows Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian & Kim After Jordyn Woods Fallout
  6. Clippers chasing a ring; Cavs playing out the string Just in time for the new KUWTK season.
  7. What Really Happens After You Get Dumped by the Kardashians?
  8. Kylie Jenner shows off her natural beauty by going make-up free in selfie (and gives rare look at freckles)
  9. Kris Jenner Addresses Tristan Scandal, Working With Billionaire Kylie Show must be starting up soon, Kris is getting interviewed.
  10. Thanks for that info, RHJUNKIE. Makes sense. I didn't know the discrepancy (huge) between the earnings, size and niches of the two industries. Ha ha, you may have inadvertently invented the name for a new line: Glowy Khloe.😉
  11. Khloe, no one wants the responsibility of being someone's "everything." And it is certainly too great a burden and expectation to put on a young child. Remember, mothers can disappoint their daughters.
  12. Outdoor Voices Blurs the Lines Between Working Out and Everything Else This is a long article about the start of Outdoors Voices, an "athleisure" clothing brand. This is the part I found interesting and applicable to Khloe's workout wear: With that kind of money and growth, I'm sort of surprised all the Kardashian Jenners aren't entering the market.
  13. Khloe Kardashian flaunts her derriere and flashes a hint of her flat midriff in skintight denim while heading to the studio in LA
  14. Kim Kardashian's daughter North West dresses up in cute rainbow outfit as she films music video with JoJo Siwa... in THAT car Justin Bieber wanted to 'burn'
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