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  1. And that is why we used to call this show "Morning Douche" ... does anyone remember that? Were those Television Without Pity days? I do recall calling him Doucheborough.
  2. Morning Joe: This Show Oozes Stupidity
  3. When Mika was speaking to Peter Bergen re Trump's management style, did I hear her say "Trump likes to keep people on the edge of their sheets". I swear that's what she said. Which, if she meant to say edge of their seats, that doesn't even apply. That phrase refers to a thrilling book or movie, or a true life story, not an employer who tries to make his employees feel like they could be fired at any minute. Off balance, anxious, worried, fearful, etc. is what you're looking for Meeks. Oh STFU about Joe's album (I'm typing as I listen in real time). Joe released a Christmas album?? Are you kidding me? I give up.
  4. Joe isn't qualified to run a lemonade stand.
  5. I was watching "Watchmen" this morning instead of "Super Crazy Batshit Hour", and I thought, if we wanted to drive Mika insane, tie her to a chair and make her watch "Watchmen". Since she hates anything that makes her think or is about super heroes, graphic novels, pop culture, you know.....fun. Her head would explode with the way they play with universal laws of time, the alternative universe where Robert Redford is President, etc.
  6. I was going to say you could write those out on a 2"x2" Post It Note
  7. Joe & the panel arguing about Rudy's popularity post 9/11 is ridiculous. After any event of that magnitude and tragedy, the country comes together and unites behind leaders, and their faults are forgotten temporarily as we try to heal. It was Rudy's job to help New York heal, can you imagine the mayor of a city attacked like that NOT attending funerals of the police & fire dept personnel who died? Isn't it time for Joe & Mika to go on vacation again?
  8. Joe said that Hunter was not qualified to be on the board of the company Hey Joe, Arianna Huffington is on the Board of Uber. Walter Isaacson is on the board of United Continental. Serena Williams is on the Board of Poshmark. Shaquille O'Neal is on the Board of Papa Johns, after Peyton Manning left. You think any of these people know anything about running those companies? Granted, Biden being on the board of that energy company caused concern due to Joe being VP. But it is not unusual for celebrities or connected people to be on Boards. You don't have to be qualified, you just have to be asked. I also thought it had been settled that Hunter did nothing wrong.
  9. Twitter was enjoying this over the weekend. Michael Che on SNL said "if you have to flush your toilet 10 times, might as well just grab whatever's in there and throw it out the window". I'm surprised one of them hasn't tried to smother the other with a pillow.
  10. Yes I remember in 2008 early voting in Indpls was a HUGE success. I waited almost an hour to vote. Didn't mind at all, enjoyed talking to others. It really does help voter turn out.
  11. Wonder what Grandma will think if she finds out Leland is coaching young men on how to commit mass murder.
  12. Can we impeach hosts of morning cable shows?
  13. How did the cat get into a closed closet? And why wouldn't you just take the cat to a shelter the next day? Are they feeding it? Cats don't screech like that unless they're facing another cat coming into their area, or if someone is hurting it. I think Renee was in the original production of Hamilton. So Grandma & Leland are over (fingers crossed)? At least the girls' scenes are being kept to a minimum. The whole thing with Renee admitting her crush on David was so ridiculous. And when the Father Peter introduced them and they said each other's full names, I was like "so we're on a soap opera, now?"
  14. I believe they live in Maryland and he stays with them the majority of the time. That's the story Washington Post had last year. Nothing wrong with that if it's better for him, but for Joe to make comments on what kind of parents they are, as if he has first hand knowledge. Joe got his panties in a bunch this morning about what Pelosi said about Bill Clinton's impeachment and that Dems are getting this wrong. How would YOU feel if YOU had to testify in court under oath regarding your affair with Mika while you were married to Susan?
  15. Does Joe know Barron lives with Melania's parents?
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