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  1. I just logged into livenewsnow.com to listen to MSNBC (forgetting it wasn't 9 am yet) and saw her hawking that idiot book. I don't have an issue with the subject, I think companies make a huge mistake by thinking a 25 year old has more to offer than a 50 year old. The fact that Mika thinks she re invented herself is ludicrous. She has had the same job for 20 years, at one network or another. You would have been fired by MSNBC if it wasn't for Joe, and you didn't change, you just got a better position because of Joe's lechery. How she equates herself with a woman who either was laid off or took time off for family, and tries to re enter the work force, is maddening. You DID NOT RE ENTER THE WORK FORCE OR RE INVENT YOURSELF!!! Unless you consider going from a wife to an adulterer reinvention. I'm hearing her say "making mistakes all the time". No shit Sherlock!
  2. Watching the impeachment trial starting, I'm so glad Joe will finally get a chance to talk about his time in Congress when he single handedly impeached Bill Clinton. Did you guys know he was in Congress? I notice they have a new Morning Joe contributor, first prize was you didn't have to be on the show.
  3. I was watching the Rachel interview this morning and noticed it was a little after 6 am and I thought, Rachel is interviewing the man involved in the Ukraine scandal and Joe & Yoko are at Prohibition embarrassing themselves.
  4. At least your gym had it on. I don't even know how they judge ratings anymore. Are nielsen boxes still a thing?
  5. She did mention in her post re the Lady Gaga love that she had a problem with sleeping pills. Could explain a lot of this relationship. Not that she isn't a self serving twit, but I know from my father's experience people do a lot of crazy stuff during an Ambien haze.
  6. You should watch this interview if nothing else. It was not her normal style, she was direct and got a lot of information out of Parnas. I was shocked that Joe & Mika even covered it this morning, other than it's a huge get for MSNBC via Rachel's great journalism.
  7. Yes, really. I wouldn't say it's normal, but it sometimes happens. This whole scene takes up a TON of pages in the book, and it fleshes out the decision a bit more. Spoiler tagging because who knows if this is describing a future flashback to before the perp walk.: I was wondering about that too. Thanks for the explanation
  8. I just don't see why Chuck Todd needs to be on tv 6 times a week. . Every show on MSNBC with the multi panel format is like that scene in Moneyball, where Billy Beane goes around the table asking the same question to a bunch of people. "What's the problem?" "WRONG!" BLAH BLAH BLAH.
  9. A woman already did that Joe. By 3 million votes. Don't @ me re the electoral college.
  10. OMG Terry's death was gut wrenching. I really like the way Jason is framing shots, keeping the camera further away from the actors to give it the feel that someone is watching them. Did the farmer find the outfit Terry was wearing when he left the bar? I really wish this was on Netflix so we could binge it. I hate waiting.
  11. Headline of this article implies it's about Chuck Todd being a massive tool, (do we really need to suffer thru MTP AND MTP Daily) but read on and you'll discover Andy Lack (Friend of the show and Joe protector) could be on his way out, Morning Joe is ratings success (does badmouthing Mika on Twitter count as a ratings point), and Shep Smith may be coming to the network, as is Joshua Johnson from NPR. How many people sit thru this shit show day in and day out? Is my expectation for intelligent political talk that high a standard? Does EVERYONE turn it on hoping Joe & Mika won't be there, and then just figure "fuck it, I have to get ready for work" and leave the tv on MSNBC. I figured most of us hate watch and then come here to hang out and chat about how we hate it. I am pretty fed up with the network as a whole, they have let the hosts' biases (Not just Joe's) and lack of basic fact checking across the board, get totally out of control. Congrats to Andy Lack & Phil Griffin, you had the chance to run a network based on good journalism and fair opinions, whether they be conservative or liberal leaning, you turned it into Fox Lite. And allowing Cake Bossette to use the network to run her scam doesn't help the credibility. The one good thing re this article is Nicole Wallace is being recognized for her talent, just please don't thank Mika for any promotion you may get. https://www.thedailybeast.com/jitters-at-msnbc-as-brass-eyes-moving-chuck-todd-and-talks-to-shep-smith?ref=home
  12. All I got was "I watched Oprah interview Lady Gaga, and realized I could claim I used that therapy to talk about myself and how hard my life is, what with the cakes and ice cream, the Ambien (explains alot) and deciding several years ago to put myself first as I deserted my husband and humiliated my daughters in order to shack up with a wealthy man who is as big a dipshit as I am". Lady Gaga hanging out with Joe & Mika is going to happen right after Lady Gaga and Irene Shayk hang out. In other words, never.
  13. Jesus fucking Christ on a cracker, now she's glomming on to Lady Gaga. Mika states this therapy is helping her with her addiction to sugar and sleeping pills and helped her realize she can put herself first. When in God's name did Mika EVER have a problem putting herself first?? I have never in all the time she's been on Morning Joe heard her mention Lady Gaga. So what she watched A Star is Born this weekend on HBO and decided she & Joe are Jackson & Ally?
  14. https://www.mediaite.com/tv/mika-brzezinski-pete-buttigiegs-flagging-poll-numbers-due-to-voters-not-wanting-to-make-another-mistake-after-trump/ Mika, if age=wisdom, explain how you're in your 50s and a complete fucking idiot.
  15. A lot of people in Georgia are transplants from the North.
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