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  1. Agree. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being friends with coworkers, two of my oldest friends are former coworkers, but we were equals, neither worked "for" me, or was under my supervision, or vice versa. No matter how close you become to a person who you work for, there is always the chance that someone will take advantage. I note it's always people whom she can get to promote KYV, or people who work for her. It's just odd that as many people as they claim to know, the people who she highlights in her social media are people who work for she or Joe or the network in some capacity.
  2. How has Joe not seen the entire Jonathan Swan interview? It's only 30 minutes long. Since they played parts of it almost every day, and he talks about it constantly, wouldn't it behoove him to watch the whole thing? He comments on Donald Trump every day for how ever many minutes he decides to work, and yet he's only watching this monumental interview in 90 second snippets? The laziness is astounding. I guess since Trump didn't mention Joe, he doesn't feel it's worth it.
  3. Apparently there was a huge round of layoffs yesteday at NBC & MSNBC. Ali Velshi tweeted about it last night, and someone replied: "Some of "stars" of the network could give up some of their bloated salaries to help out these laid off workers? The Scarborough couple certainly aren't worth what they get paid, and Chuck Todd is also incompetent." I replied, Wait you don't think Joe is worth $8 million? Response: When the show is better without the hosts that's a clue they're unnecessary. Most people probably snark watching or as a drinking game. I got another reply this morning "I live on West Coast and record the show. They're out again. Willie is better.... Thought you all might enjoy... Also Ali was tagged in all these comments as it was his thread.
  4. Rachel in the IG photos has an NBC News lanyard around her neck, and Mika refers to her as a Manager and Producer, so.... Once again, a minion. I'm not on Instagram but her user name is RachelCamp3 if anyone wants to look her up. I can't find her on Twitter. Apparently if you're a producer on the show you have to undo the tangled line on Mika & Joe's boat, too.
  5. As far as vacation, they are done working at 9 am. It's not like they don't have the rest of the day to f around, because we know the crew back in NYC is doing all the work and emailing them the list of guests and topics the night before. That teeshirt is hilarious.
  6. They could fly in from whatever airport near Jupiter into a small airport near Hamptons I guess. I imagine if you come in on a private jet, you get a waiver since you are rich and Covid doesn't affect you. Those could be older photos as Mika's hair is platinum in them, and she's got darker lowlights now. Who knows. If they're up on East coast maybe they were affected by that storm? But Willie would have said if that was the case.
  7. A feisty cohost, one who isn't a raving lunatic, would work well, Willie is more sly with his snark.
  8. I dont think so, her IG says Alia Ros. I could be wrong.
  9. Check out Mika's latest IG post. Click thru to 5th photo to see the struggles of having to fly on a private jet to your Hamptons getaway, where you and your wealthy friends spend the day out on the water.
  10. Mika's off this week because she was terrified of mispronouncing Isaias. You know it would have come out "I says". Or I say I ass
  11. I believe the joke is that he said "Yo Semite". I think Willie was joking about the teeshirt. Biden is making way more hay out of "It Is What It Is". If they need someone with more "oomph", bring in Yasmin. She doesn't have anyone to chat with on First Look , but the girl has game. She does not suffer fools. She has worked as a journalist, and has more than proven she can handle the job. I think Willie has proven he could host and it wouldn't be fair to pass him over if he wants it. He's put up with these tools for ten plus years. He hosts Sunday Today by himself and he handles three hours quite well.
  12. She struggled because she lacks the intelligence or maybe ability to apply herself. It's odd that someone coming from that gene pool, considering her brothers and their careers, that she just doesn't have much going on upstairs. She's a 50 year old woman who behaves like a 16 year old teenage girl. "Why do I have to do that? It's hard...." "I just want everyone to tell me how great I am". I guarantee Joe pushes this KYV thing as something for her to do. He convinced her she is great at being an advocate for women, when she is definitely not. Unless it's women who slept with the boss who then used her family name to push her into something she is not suited for, because he wanted to get her in the sack. She fell for his bullshit, hook line and sinker. "Oh Joe is so wonderful, look what he did for me. He's a true patriot." Barf
  13. Agree 100%. Willie is great in the morning. I don't need yelling and bragging and whining and sighing, and it's interesting Willie has no trouble pronouncing people's names, their titles, etc. This is the first time since the twins were both gone last time that I've watched the whole show. I like replaying the Swan interview, it's important that people see how an interview of this type can be conducted, there's push back, and it highlights the obvious in more than the shouting matches at the briefings. Swan makes a point of not berating Trump in his interviews on the various channels, then he doesn't come off as having an ax to grind. I'm tweeting at MSNBC how much better the show was. Joe & Mika have been gone more than they've been on air the last few weeks. Joe was off 2 weeks, then again most of last week, and now she's gone, and he's gone. Good. Stay away. I guess we are stuck with boxes since we can't have 3 or 4 people around the desk. Sometimes the other shows have 2 or 3 along the side of the screen. I will say I don't know why Barnicle is still on. He's as useless as Joe & Mika.
  14. Next thing we know he'll be editor at large. He's such a jackass.
  15. Mika has no intellectual curiosity. She would be better suited hosting The View. She got where she is on her looks and her father's reputation. She knows she's out of her league, as is Joe. All he's good at is bragging about his 4 years in Congress & how he is always talking to people " in the gov't." The guy at the DMV doesn't count, Joe.
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