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  1. WaPo editorial AND music video!! McCartney should sue his ass. Im pretty sure you have to get permission to use someone else's music in tv or film.
  2. And don't forget Joe's band, The Pathetics, could play in the lounge at Mar A Lago every Thursday night!
  3. It's not about Eric, or Mr. Floyd, or Freddy,or Michael or even Lori. It's about Joe. Pay attention to his glorious outrage. Don't worry about the details!
  4. Funny how Lori appears to have loved her country more than Joe. She took a job in a Congressional office to help constituents, Joe quit Congress to become a 2 bit cable news show host and rock star wannabe who has used a major newspaper and her death for even more self aggrandizement.
  5. Can you imagine the poor technician who had to put that video of him singing three different parts together. And OMG how cool is he, he's wearing SUNGLASSES!!!!!! Any other wife of a guy doing this shit would roll their eyes and walk away "Take it down a notch Elvis, no one's booking Madison Square Garden just yet".
  6. Yes, I Googled it. I made it to 1:27. I don't get how this song about falling in love has anything to do with the pandemic. Did he do a "Let it Be" and the control room played the wrong one? I guess it's a good thing they're in FL, so they aren't at 30 Rock with everyone else and could hear their fellow employees howling with laughter at Garage Band Joe. Joe the health care workers don't want your stupid tribute. Haven't they suffered enough?
  7. Yeah I'm not sure what happened. He couldn't be hypnotized if he was a vampire right? Maybe he was a vampire all along and forgot. I am utterly amazed at the genius of the writing. All those crazy songs. Hitler, Lindbergh baby. Also people from Indiana love "Kokomo" so I was dying.
  8. Thinking doesn't get in the way of them promoting a side gig/sham/scam/pathetic need for attention.
  9. I'm sure even if she was half lit she wouldn't accept that job. What in the fuck is going on? He performed from the basement? And she can't tell the difference between those two songs? How can I be sorry I watched What We Do In The Shadows instead of this? Oh wait, no I'm not because WWDITS is supposed to be funny
  10. The Olympics song? "What else do you have planned Mr Hitler "? Omg And Kokomo. How do they know the words? I hope Sam comes back. I love how Colin Robinson screws with them. Only the best get asked to appear. Sing your new stuff. Is there anywhere further away from here than Delaware?
  11. I'm so confused about what day it is due to the holiday, I forgot it was Wednesday. Mrs America will infuriate me, and Shadows will cheer me up immensely. And we all know what a bad ass feminist Nadja is.
  12. Mika's just pissed that Kayleigh's got somebody touching up her roots.
  13. My sister's email is still aol.com!!! I didn't even know aol still existed.
  14. Since this has been in all the ads for the show, didn't know if it's a spoiler or not, but I'm going to have that "We're feeling Horny for Love" in my head for all eternity. I already go around the house singing it, just like Nadja.
  15. I cannot believe that kid in the class responded with "Yeppers".
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