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  1. Biden is up by over 3 million votes. So maybe the percentages are off, but overall, the polls were correct. The nitpicking of the media over the very thing they use to draw viewers drives me fucking insane.
  2. I heard Jake Sherman telling Katy and Aymin this around 4:30 am. That Biden and McConnell have a somewhat good relationship and Biden will get some deals done. Who knows?
  3. BIngo I did turn it on for 30 seconds this morning while Joe was bellowing about how Democrats insult the Cuban population of Miami by not kowtowing to them? So if they're going to vote Republican anyway, what are Democrats supposed to do, Einstein? Reject the party platform so they win one county in Miami? I don't recall anyone but Joe complaining about Miami/Dade. I heard not one word about Joe or Kamala or the campaign outright insulting Cuban Americans. Hey Joe did you see how Biden did with the Hispanic community in the rest of the country? I think the anger Joe is ex
  4. They could have donated it to the Park Dept and taken the value of the land as a charitable write off.
  5. Gladly!! I just saw a Tweet from a reporter and retweeted by Katy Tur. "The worst thing about this election is that the polls don't accurately reflect how Americans feel, and now Americans don't know how others feel. " Are they fucking kidding with this bullshit?? The media knows polls don't reflect reality but they need something to get people to turn on the tv. The media knows polls are useless, and that you can get the response you want by asking the right question. Pearson80 I'm gonna move the rest of this to Small Talk, it's not about the show.
  6. Gosh Joe might have helped if you realized this in 2015. Maybe stop letting your own ego & ambition color your opinion of people? "we were very tough on Trump we never let him say stuff that was outrageous or false, we didn't give him a pass, we didn't want to go to Mar A Lago, he begged us to come, we wanted an interview and had to go there to talk to him, (phones don't work in FL) How many lies can I remember off the top of my head?
  7. They'll have to cover more straight news, legislative stuff, etc. The only channel who will keep ratings is Fox, because they'll be loaded for bear in going after Biden.
  8. There was so much early voting in Indiana that yesterday people were in and out. My friend voted in 8 minutes at a location downtown. Where I voted on Thursday, a huge church on the north side of Indpls, on the days when it was nice out, the wait was four hours every day for a week.
  9. I turned on the tv at 5:30 am and saw Joe bellowing about how he's always right and he was right before, blah blah barf. Turned it off. The last thing I need this morning is his bullshit.
  10. Except no one was really trusting the polls, everyone knew it was tighter than it appeared. Joe didn't say anything that the Biden campaign wasn't saying.
  11. Except all the votes HAVE NOT BEEN COUNTED. They're counting Election Day votes first, instead of early and absentee/mail in votes. Last I heard Joe Biden was 3 million votes ahead, and that's without a lot of votes counted, so maybe the polls aren't that wrong. In 2018, it took a week for the Blue Wave to show itself. Perhaps the media could, oh I don't know, SHUT THE FUCK UP. Let the votes be counted.
  12. Except you can stream MSNBC live from the website. I tried to watch Peacock news live but the people on in the morning are pretty blah. Bless their hearts. My BF Joshua is going to be on so I may tune in for a minute.
  13. He still broadcasts from home I believe. He may be on set tonight. Brian has done a lot to come back from his problem with misremembering the story about being in Iraq. TBH, I would imagine going thru that it's easy to get confused as to what happened, he was on one helicopter in a group and the other one took on enemy fire, he certainly didn't have any reason to lie about the experience, he's well known for going places that could be dangerous to report. Unlike the bullshit Joe has pulled and hasn't even gotten a slap on the wrist. Brian's show is now very highly rated. H
  14. Neona my love your ability to endure this insanity is at Saint level. Do we need to schedule an intervention? Yes I turn it on because I'm a Taurus and we're nothing if not creatures of habit to the point of not realizing something better is out there, but just as quickly flip on Netflix and watch my friends Josh and Toby and Donna and CJ save the world. I know my sister thinks I'm obsessed with these two knuckleheads but it just infuriates me that there is so much talent at MSNBC and this is the best they can do for a three hour political talk show. FOR FUCK SAKE. It is
  15. Here's what I'm wondering. Will Joshua Johnson, who actually does host on Peacock in the afternoon news show, (I know this becos I follow him on Twitter and he tweeted about it yesterday, asking "if you're watching let us know if you like the show or what we can do better", words we will NEVER in a bazillion years come out of Joe's mouth), if they have Joshua on MSNBC tonight and JoMika are on Wayne's World Bargain Basement Election Coverage. OH THE HUMANITY!!!!!
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