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  1. I turned it on for a couple minutes this morning I swear to God it looked like she had 3 bras on on under her top!!
  2. I read a review of her $90 cleansing balm, guess what? "Remove your make up first". So on top of $90 you have to use something else to get the make up off? Or, for half the price Tatcha cleansing oil will remove your make up, clean your skin and leave it soft and moisturized. If I want my house to smell like my bathing suit area, I can just not bathe for a week. Or cook some salmon. Same effect as a $75 Vajayjay candle. YMMV. 🙂
  3. There are COVID tests, Mika, Just not enough. Lilly is testing health care workers starting this week in a drive thru set up. Roche is sending out 400,000 tests every week starting today. She really needs to just stop doing the show. People like her are causing more panic.
  4. Yeah I barely watch 5-10 minutes any more. Every morning I have something dvr'd from the night before. Most are tension filled dramas, but at least they feature highly talented actors and well written stories, not Morning Stupidity with Douche & Screech.
  5. Gwynnie could buy & sell Mika and Joe ten times over. Between her acting career and GOOP, her net worth in 2019 was $100 million. Glad to hear Mr. Kemper is better!!
  6. She'll probably lose her fucking mind when she reads this: Condolences to the NBC Family.
  7. Yeah why wasn't that being discussed? Did they have Steph Ruhle on? She actually tweeted "shouldn't this be wrong or something". I responded "Insider trading is illegal. You should know that". JFC on a cracker. What is wrong with these people??! She covers the stock market & financial news.
  8. I've been saying this all along about Mika's screeching. She is SO unprofessional. I really don't care for any of the anchors being so over the top. I realize they want to make people pay attention but here's the deal, people are either going to go along with the rules and guidelines now, or they're the dumb ass kids in FL. Mika and her lot aren't going to change anyone's behavior. In fact when they over react, it tends to make viewers think, Good lord they're making it worse than it is. Which doesn't help.
  9. Yep. And that's what happened in Contagion, the film. The food they served at a big conference she attended in Hong Kong or somewhere in Asia was contaminated with bat feces, she came home to US and died. The Outbreak film was with Dustin Hoffman & Cuba Gooding Jr, that was caused by a monkey that Patrick Dempsey illegally smuggled into US. As it should. And now she's taking revenge by telling all of us to shove porcelain eggs in our hoohahs. And to buy $5,000 pizza ovens. But werent' those deaths more like Ebola? It seemed they were more violent and fast. We better move this to Small Talk. 🙂
  10. Joe is actually correct on this. Most of these viruses come from bats for some reason. I heard a story about it on NPR back before the US outbreak.
  11. Maybe Mika should stop being a broadcaster/journalist and start a tele-psychic hot line. She would have just as much credibility as she does now.
  12. Just saw on The Guardian Twitter feed that Japan has virus drug that is effective in 91% of cases, China is praising it and stock in the company is sky rocketing. Hopefully FDA will waive extensive testing and get it the F over here.
  13. Sweetie you & hubby wrote the book on this.
  14. Seth Rogen got high and live tweeted Cats Movie if anyone needs a good laugh. Chrissy Teigen's Twitter is always good.
  15. I had about a 60 second panic the other night, thinking "what IF I get sick and have to go to hospital, who will take care of Buddy". But then a friend re assured me I have people who can come over and let him out and hang out with him etc. Indiana doesn't have very may cases 39 at last count in 19 counties and 2 deaths, but they were both elderly people who had several other medical conditions. I do hope in the next few weeks we get tests and number of cases start flattening out so businesses don't suffer too much.
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