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  1. Oh no, Ben Wittes should have done a quick check on his lighting as that halo light is reflecting back on his glasses and making him look like he is peeping through Cheerios . . . 😧
  2. Ok, on Twitter there is a Rate My Skype Room poster who critiques folks that are now trapped in their homes and highlights their positive and negatives on the backgrounds of their rooms. One of the most constant are Heileman and Steve Schmidt and their never ending snarking about flowers/fruit and clearly after seeing Heileman just now he has totally brought out the big guns. Good grief, what is going on on that counter behind him, it's like he bought out the entire market? I can't wait to see the counter attack (pardon the pun). Oh goodness I so appreciated the laugh (and they both have l
  3. So after Diamond and Silk (aka the Scarboroughs) throw fastballs directly at his head every day, the president responds with a nonsensical tweet and then Meeks says "please leave us alone"? Goodness, I guess we truly do live in a reality tv world these days.
  4. Hee actually I was more thinking along the lines of Woody Allen's Sleeper:
  5. Is it just me or does anyone else want to reach through the screen and do something about Ratner's tie? Yikes that print could trigger a medical episode. eta: Ok, just saw Joe's choice of neckwear/bib . . . good grief you need a yardstick to measure that thing. Please tell me wide ties are not coming back . . . 😞
  6. Exactly Oakville, it was a different panel but it was the same focus of the conversation. At least some anchors are starting to have productive conversations instead of the usual rinse and repeat.
  7. Yes them and their alleged ground games . . . I should have stayed watching Dr. Phil. Blech.
  8. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP . . . ok I need to back up a bit. Joe was right about Obama being popular with AA voters? WHAT? Oh, ok. No wonder he thinks he's qualified to tell folks how to "behave" in an AA church . . . seriously, I am speechless.
  9. Couldn't agree more unfortunately . . . ugh!
  10. So true Kemper. Meeks and her ilk will never have enough. You can never do enough for them and whatever you do do isn't right anyway. There is never enough light shining on them. The entire planet is having a world class event in narcissisms and unfortunately for Meeks she is once again just a bit player on the stage. But at least she has access to comfy shoes.
  11. Thank you Oakville, I am having a lot of Comcast problems this afternoon and tried to amend my post to reflect it was the David Gregory segment that Rachel chased Joe out of but it wouldn't let me post. Still a splendid segment all the way around. So odd that such a classic example of a snowflake is now ensconced in the brutal Florida heat and humidity. Thank goodness they stole all of those Cap d'Antibes towels the last time they were there.
  12. Oakville, didn't they also duke it out during an election night coverage segment and suddenly no more Joe (but a very smirky Brian Williams)? Apologies in advance if I mixed this up.
  13. Seriously, this is such a load. Back in the day, I noticed my watch stopped on the way to work (this was before smart phones) so I swung by Walmart on my way in as a watch was critical to my job. I would also argue that if I noticed on the way in I had accidently grabbed navy blue shoes and had on a black suit, I would have swung by said Walmart for whatever black pumps I could find as for me you need to look put together to project to your team/peers you are together. I would have cut off my feet before I would appear as she did on a public stage like that.
  14. Talk about a picture being worth 1,000 words. Couldn't the Atlantic Festival have found a more appropriate/equal shot of both of them? Ouch.
  15. Ok, this has suddenly gone from incredibly funny to incredibly angry. I've become immune to Meeks tearing things/people down to make herself feel better but to start attacking the classics? You know, like the pillars of our society? What/who does that remind you of?
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