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  1. Because we know Mika was never do that!!! Lol
  2. Either that, or she's not aiding and abetting Sunny's brag-mom persona.
  3. She's mentally and verbally wandering around like a lost soul in the desert. How long has she been moderating this show? She either never learned how to do it, or this modding from home in the Brady Bunch box has her completely flummoxed. She cannot think on her feet, or wing it in any way. I realize it's a difficult and different dynamic than being in the studio, but Sunny and Sara seem to have figured it out.
  4. Sara looks like she's about to crack. I'm expecting the tears to start streaming down her face. I wonder how well she's dealing with this; it's worrisome. I know she experienced post-partum depression in the past and she might be having flashbacks to that. I like her and want her to be okay. I love Joy, but why does she look so pissed off? I mean, I know why she's mad, but her usual sense of humor is not getting her through this now. I'm concerned for her too. Congrats to Gabriel. I'll keep quiet about Sunny.
  5. Oh, I agree. My "three at the table" comment meant have a stable of hosts: WG (if they must), Joy, Sunny, Ana, Sara?, MM - because she would stage a coup if they ever tried to fire her, anyone else? ..... but then have a changing mix of three of those on any given day. That way there wouldn't be the stale mix of the same people and viewpoints day in and day out.
  6. Ladyrain


    I know! I'm loving it too. It gives us a wee bit more insight into what they're like off-camera. Loving all the bookshelves almost all of them have. I'm always waiting for a toddler or dog to come bounding in.
  7. This whole remote thing is moving along much more smoothly with only three people. Maybe that's what they should always do. Three people at the table, and rotate which three are there on any given day. That we we won't be sick of all of them at the same time.
  8. Oooooh. Sunny's house is pretty. Now, why can't they get Joy's video and audio as professional as Sunny's? Is Joy even there today? Didn't catch the first minute or two. Sara looks like she's been crying. Hope she's dealing with everything okay . . . .
  9. You mean she doesn't already?
  10. That is the depth of desperation - seeking approval from Mr. and Mrs. Scarborough. The 'rona must be messing with Shannon's head. No one should be that needy.
  11. Thank you, NutMeg, for some uplifting comments. "WAKE UP AMERICA! YOU ARE DYING AT EXORBITANT RATES!" At least, that's what I think she said. Thank god she didn't decide to go into medicine.
  12. Did Megs just say 'domesticy' instead of domesticity? Rather than Whoopi or Meghan, can we get Lisa Ling back?
  13. Loving! Everything you said! Yeah, for a college graduate, has Nutty never come across the plural of crisis? I don't have a higher education but even I know the proper word. 😏
  14. Haley Pullos should have saved the money she spent getting her lips puffed up and spent it on a vocal coach instead.
  15. I couldn't make it through the whole show today, which seemed to be The Meghan McCain Show. Lord, when that baby gets here, that's all we're gonna hear about. Was Sunny bragging about her children? Maybe I'm just cranky from being holed up for weeks, but she was playing on my nerves. Back in the day when my sons were growing up, I knew too many mothers like that. Whoopi couldn't find words in her head that she needed; I'm really starting to think there's something wrong there. Sara, who was booted from her original seat at the table, was the only one who kept me around for as long as I stayed. Then Nutty started braying again........
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