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  1. Completely agree. And 'disinterested' describes her attitude perfectly. None of this is playing out according to the fantasy island script she had in her head. She was going to show up at the table everyday; everyone would ooh and ahh over her pregnancy glow and expanding girth. She'd get to bitch and moan about leg cramps and stretch marks and acid reflux like she was the only pregnant woman on earth, and now......this. A pandemic world, pandemic topics, can't go out and be SEEN and adored. And we got a glimpse into the Nutty household when she said being quarantined 24/7 wi
  2. Nutty looked like she fell face first into a vat of neon pink blusher. Did she honestly say she'd consider taking hydroxychloroquine just to be able to get out of the house???? Does she even remember that she's pregnant?? And if she's feeling the pinch now, wait till the baby shows up and really cramps her style. We ain't seen nothin' yet.
  3. So happy!! As was said above, it's not often that my choice wins. Maybe Just Sam's victory can once and for all erase my bitterness of Kris Allen beating out Adam Lambert.
  4. I tuned ini 5 minutes late. Was there any explanation about Nutty's absence?
  5. Whoopi forgot herself just now and let the name "Trump" escape her lips when talking about Howard Stern. Loved what Howard had to say. Truth to power.
  6. Well said. And yes, Joy does seem more agitated lately, and I don't blame her. I'm roughly in her age category; seen some things in my life; seen some of those things handled so differently. I'm hoping (aside from catching the 'rona) that I don't leave this world in these times of fear, angst and social distancing. My heart breaks for all those who have, and also for their families for all the obvious reasons. (If any of that makes sense.) Joy may also be fearing for her grandson's future and the world that he'll be growing up in going forward. She's pissed off. And sc
  7. Why is Monica's / Leslie Charleson's right arm in a sling?
  8. I have another theory about Nutty's obnoxious attitude. - This whole pregnancy is probably not playing out as she was envisioning. The world was supposed to revolve around her for 9 months. How are you feeling, Meghan? You look so beautiful, Meghan! You're glowing. Here, take my seat. What can I get for you? Do you need a back massage? Baby shower?!?! We're giving you a baby shower for the ages!!! -- None of this can happen now. She's stuck in her apartment, her black roots growing out, getting bigger by the day, with no-one to acknowledge her delicate, oh-so-spec
  9. Megs never smiling at any of her co-hosts' humorous little stories means she's not even listening when they talk. She's busy going over in her head all of the hateful things she's about to spew. And her asking that poor mother the question about the very thing she'd just explained in sad detail was stupid and hurtful. She wasn't listening to her either. So she doesn't actually pay attention to anyone, just rehearses her hate speech in her vacant head when they're all speaking. Maybe there's discord in the McCain family over the Senator's will? Maybe Meggie thought she'd get eve
  10. How would we have known she was even pregnant, unless she told us? And I too was rolling my eyes at her saying "the big bad press is going to come after me for not losing the baby weight, wah wah wah". First off, Nutty, you are so far down the list of what's important in the news that you needn't lose sleep over that one. And second, if you're so freaked out about it, then lose the baby weight. It sounds to me that she's already of the mindset that the weight will be sticking around and she's defensive about it before it's even happened. And yes, this all is politically incorrect, b
  11. I completely agree! Instead of conveying frustration or sadness or I-don't-know-what, Sonny always seems so pissed off at his father. That's not what the show means to convey, but that's all that MB can do I guess. Another thing that has pissed me off about the whole 'Mike has Alzheimers' storyline is, the constant "You remember Joss, right?" - "This is Bobbie - you remember her, right?" "We blah blah blah'ed, REMEMBER?!" No, you dumbasses - he does NOT remember! He has Alzheimers! REMEMBER?!?!
  12. Thank you so much for that information. Joe and Meeks are maybe shaking in their boots a little bit??
  13. I believe you're correct, from what I've read. The show is trying as best it can to make things as analogous to a live show as they can. The singers performances are pre-recorded, but everything after that is live and spontaneous as it can be, given the odd situation everyone is in.
  14. Yes, but I still found it odd that he hightailed it out of there the way he did. I don't think he's enamored of Idol. Didn't he sue them to get out of his post-win contract or something?
  15. Someone -- please initiate the uninitiated: How will Andy Lack's departure affect our intrepid duo? Are Meeks /Joey friends or foe of his? Are they now on surer footing or shakier ground? And is that why Meek-a went after Joe Biden with all verbal guns blazing, to prove that she's a serious journalist to be reckoned with? If so, she failed miserably. If Lack's leaving puts JoMika in an uncomfortable spot, then this show might be worth watching for awhile. And if they're forced to return to the NY studio, I bet they'd threaten to quit. Boo hoo.
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