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  1. Willie operating solo this morning and maybe for several mornings to come. He opened by saying Joe and Mika are on a delayed ‘extended’ honeymoon but will be covering the anniversary from France next week. So far(to the extent I’ve been listening) we’ve had a very low volume discussion on Mueller’s press conference. Eloise said that no author could produce a book and then refuse to do publicity, and how the spectacle of Mueller doing a dated FBI type press announcement contrasts and loses out to the tweeting from the WH. They also discussed the USS John McCain but it was so low
  2. https://www.thewrap.com/morning-joe-ratings-rise-2018-rivals-decline/ Morning Joe audiences increase by 12% as Fox and CNN fall.
  3. SNL could do a great skit on Mika claiming every feminist/female break through is because of KYV. It’s so contrived (and pathetic). Yesterday it was the new Congresswomen in the Elle feature. Today it’s the Forbes most powerful women in the world where she trilled on breathlessly about Ann Finucane being number zz and a supporter of KYV and how they had texted yesterday on flights and Ann was going from Paris to Brussels and she’s amazing and did I mention she was a long time friend. Joe pointed out Mika had been scared of her and Mika agreed and then she realised that Ann was strong
  4. I lasted 5mins max. I streamed the video as I wanted to see if they had made it to the studio. Agree about Mika’s hair and her chest. She is looking so very err... mature on screen these days. I heard the end of Jon Meacham’s praising Maureen O’Dowd’s relationship with GHWB and Joe’s response was ‘Right’ or something equally bland. They then linked to Richard Haas and showed some pictures from his Reagan/Bush days when Haas had ‘windswept’ hair. Joe and Mika just started giggling and laughing. Summed them up - image first. Please send them away and bring back Willie ( or s
  5. I’m really enjoying listening this week. Even guests who annoy me when J&M host seem tolerable. Interesting and diverse discussions, no shouting and trying to get the attention of the WH occupant. It’s civilised. I love Heidi too, and not keen on Kasie or Katty but frankly I’ll take anyone over J&M.
  6. Political daughter: political wife. She knows her value.
  7. It Makes Sense Now”: Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski Tie the Knot in a Secret Washington D.C. Ceremony https://www.vanityfair.com/news/2018/11/joe-scarborough-mika-brzezinski-wedding
  8. I thought the same last week. It would make sense, given the recent sharp turn right. I switched on 5mins early to listen to Stephanie Ruhle. It started well with Joyce Vance being her usual clear competent self. Then Joe saying words and Willie wondering why we had this hearing. Nothing had changed.
  9. Updated Weds. guest list: Mike Barnicle, Susan Del Percio, Nicholas Confessore, Michael Steele, Jonathan Lemire, Mimi Rocah, Maya Wiley, Sophia Nelson, Seth G. Jones, Michael Moore, Eddie Glaude Jr., Anand Giridharadas and more I agree Nidratime. It’s ruined the show for me. As a new non US listener, I put it down to the impending elections and the fact he can’t stomach Democrats so would always prefer a Trump President and Congress. I might come back to listen after the elections.
  10. Only Doris Kearns Goodwin is keeping me listening. The last 30mins have been torture and I share your headache. Today has been a bad show.
  11. She’s quite the opposite of the independent woman making her own way. No wonder KYV comes across as false.
  12. Mika was odd about the Kavanaugh story. She began strongly and Joe didn’t interrupt for several minutes. I thought #metoo was her topic. Then she started saying she hoped the Dems weren’t playing dirty on this. Joe was more empathetic and seemed to be treading very carefully among the issues. Mika and Joe open with Kavanaugh/Thomas clips but move quickly to Trump. Willie is also there - brought into the Emmy discussion. Mika has already raise KYV in relation to Clare Foy winning best actress. Perhaps she will be paid more says Mika ignoring that 1. She’s left and 2.
  13. Updated Tues. guest list: Mike Barnicle, Katty Kay, Matt Miller, Eugene Robinson, Steve Rattner, Noah Rothman, Steve Kornacki, Heidi Przybyla, Nina Totenberg, Sen. Chris Coons, Doris Kearns Goodwin, Daniel Klaidman, Rep. Jim Himes and more Noah Rothman has tweeted he is on from 6.20 to 7.20.
  14. Updated Mon. guest list: Donny Deutsch, Kasie Hunt, John Heilemann, Benjamin Wittes, Jim VandeHei, Emma Brown, Robert Costa, Jonathan Turley, Joyce Vance, Sen. Dick Durbin, Fred Kempe, Martin Fletcher, Fmr. Pres. Jimmy Carter, Bari Weiss and more I hope people are keeping safe in the storms and floods. Mika presenting but no mention of Joe.
  15. They are having a conversation rather than addressing each other. More spontaneous. Better discussion.
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