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  1. Not to mention Michael J. Fox is in it. I think of him as a mix of 2/3 Josh and 1/3 Sam.
  2. Norah and Willie... The Dream Team! Norah can have her way with me. ANY time! She's beyond HAWT! Smart. Beautiful. Gorgeous. Beauty Pageant Sexy. Mika is a mere shadow to her. Plus, the AWESOME laugh! You can tell she loves men! She loves people. What bothers me most is Mika and (Andrea Mitchell,some) boil stuff down to gender politics. I think Mika hates Hillary based on her sticking with President Clinton. I, to this day, don't believe she stuck with him based on politics. She's a Scorpio like me. Scorpios are faithful. Even when their mates go bad. They stick with them. Hillary got deceiv
  3. I still use "victory is mine!" online. I used it once in real life, and people didn't get the muffins and bagels part at all.
  4. Today, Joe and Willie were going with the cross/square striped patterned jackets today. I can't say I'm wild about Mika's outfit today. It just doesn't work for me. The scarf is not really needed. A sleeveless top with a scarf just doesn't make any sense to me. Scarves just don't work with certain types of tops. http://www.msnbc.com/morning-joe
  5. On TWoP, what they wear is often a topic of discussion. Mika's scarves and Andy Warhol hair HAVE to go!
  6. A general thread about the show itself.
  7. I'm a big fan of her opening scene in The Midterms. Ah, poor Josh. CJ said psychics at Cal Tech! "Holy interruptus, Batman!"
  8. Leo McGarry: The Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee has a... Josh Lyman: There's a Citizen's Stamp Advisory Committee? Leo McGarry: Yes. Josh Lyman: Made up of members of the "There But For the Grace of God Go I" club. Leo McGarry: You wanna mock people or you wanna let me talk to Toby? Josh Lyman: I wanna mock people.
  9. SAM Ah...Well, that's my office over there. (points to his area) And the President works in that round room over there. (points toward the Oval Office) And nobody else really matters.
  10. Generally, recaps are part of the general discussion I guess. Our main recapper, Oakville, has been busy lately. Trust me, it's a thankless job. Think Andy Dufrense crawling through 500 yard of shit-smelling foulness. I vote just based on who I like or don't like. There's no real set crtieria of how a person votes in the Survivor Game. Even if you've seen the show only a handful of times, you still come away with stark views on the show's main players. Thinking on it, it's kind of apt that MJ now has a survivor game being how it's become more of a reality show now.
  11. We did see Sam late in season 7, so he did manage to be rescued from Mandyville, as did Mallory and and Ainsley.
  12. I'd like to inclue Ave Maria from The Crackpots and These Women, and New York Minute from SGTE, SGTJ. I love the Big Block of Cheese eps!
  13. Season 5 is the worst of the 7 seasons. It's has its moments, but it's not nearly at the same level as the Sorkin Era. Unfortunately, John Wells and Alex Graves make it more like a political version of ER. Not nearly as subtle, clever, or rhythmic. A little overly dramatic at times. A certain scene with Josh and a building had me embarrassed for Bradley Whitford. Maybe the nadir of the series. That, or the epic fail of the CJ doc. Or the season 6 ep which had Leo going to Cuba. Yowza!
  14. Well, 'ol Jethro is my fave, but of the non-Presidents, I gotta go with Josh. Then, Toby, Leo, Sam, and Donna. Was disturbed that they turned Leo into a warmonger in season 5. Not exactly the same guy from "A Proportional Response". I get the Israeli defense minister's plane getting shot down in season 4 affected Leo, but gloriosky, people! A special thumbs-up to Fitz, Ron Butterfield, Nancy McNally, Mrs. L, and Margaret! NOBODY had a better bench than TWW!
  15. Something tells me somebody gave Ms. Vick the "hairbrush" overnight. Somebody close was telling her that she was wrong to spin for CC, and that it was hurting her potential bottom-line. No way she changed her mind because it's the right thing to do. Apparently Ms. Vick only learns by getting her ass kicked. It makes sense. She's not the brightest bulb on the tree.
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