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  1. This was what I observed. I came from a family of doctors--no obgyns but family friends. A woman could threaten suicide or could be diagnosed with neurasthenia, or anemia. A D&C was prescribed.
  2. I'm guessing Till (about Emmett Till). She's starring in the film I read on IMBd.
  3. I'm hoping that will happen.
  4. Louise Penny is a favorite mystery author so I'll enjoy the chance to watch her and interested in her book with Clinton.
  5. Most current states have no age limit. I'm guessing there wouldn't be. https://thecollegepost.com/free-community-college-states/
  6. And community colleges tend to provide education in highly needed professions. We all win.
  7. I so agree. Judy Parfitt is a wonderful actress. I enjoy her tremendously but not as the present Sister Monica Joan. Maybe the character should just die and we could see her in people's memories, dreams, home movies, whatever.
  8. I could potentially enjoy any of these shows assuming Farah is in a hot seat both days.
  9. I agree. Kamala has taken on far fiercer battles than Sunny. If anyone would be concerned about that sort of fireworks, it would be Sunny. I think it was just another ABC screwup-nothing more dramatic than that. Still, it was pretty dramatic when they were escorted off the set.
  10. I thought the same, including my Sikh friends as well. Was she even in America then?
  11. Walking barefoot in grass or on a sandy beach is considered healthy by many, many people. "Earthing" seems a relatively new name, but the idea isn't new nor narrowly related to Jeremy. I do it myself.
  12. Regardless of her Trump connections. Guilfoyle is an unpleasant woman.
  13. Why do they need a new Trump Republican. Will they look for a new Obama Democrat or a new Bush Republican, perhaps a new Reagan Republican would be interesting.
  14. I hope it wasn't one of those "both of you need to play nice" lectures.
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