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  1. I hope it wasn't one of those "both of you need to play nice" lectures.
  2. So, does JB fear Jill could influence others there --even Michelle? If so, what could JB fear from a Jill visit?
  3. I didn't realize Jill can go to the TTH if JB is home but not otherwise. What is the supposed rationale for this rule. I had figured the opposite, she could go only if JB wasn't there.
  4. BBM, thus enhancing their ego-centric views of self.
  5. Have the Duggars ever read about the lives of the first century Christians post-Pentecost? Nothing in Josh's behavior remotely resembles them. Wouldn't a follower of Jesus bear a greater resemblance?
  6. I struggle to understand their belief system. In their belief "Satan made him do it," does that exonerate someone?
  7. I suspect JB learned a long time ago he shouldn't pull any wool over Michelle's eyes (or any other part of her anatomy.)
  8. Is it typical for people who take in a person awaiting trial to get no remuneration for feeding and housing said person?
  9. I understand the judge allowing Josh to go to church, but I'm imagining all the little girls who will be there. I wouldn't be comfortable there with my granddaughters.
  10. I especially admire your language "stick his oar in." That is all.
  11. I can't imagine this arrest and charge for one or two photos. It suggests Josh had an addiction to child pornography and would have--as you say--gathered 100s at least.
  12. I have enjoyed Sunny for years, but her change in appearance so puts me off, I can't enjoy her. I have a sense of her wanting to be a different person from the person I have enjoyed.
  13. I'm glad I'm not the only one soaking in schadenfreude after all this time with the Gaetz nastiness. However, I would like to see an indictment, then stop covering. By then I'm hoping some other investigations will bring more pertinent truths to be covered.
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