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  1. Ask for help? She was on a bender, stealing her kid's money, driving under the influence and whatever else. I don't see any other way to look at it then Bethenny saved that drunken dumbass from being arrested and jailed again. I wish Bethenny and the others would of ignored her so she ended up in jail where she belongs. wow......
  2. My take is the opposite. Carole thought Luann was obnoxious and a joke so she was making fun of her. Carole has a much different way of being a princess/kinda a Kennedy thing. She also has a brain, has accomplished quite a bit and seems genuine. Luann is about as genuine as pleather. They also run/ran in much different circles. Carole knows real society and has bonafide big shot friends. Luann by this point in the show had already done her Indian imitation at dinner and tried to score free clothes from Carole's designer friend. Luann is mentioning In-Style or some other lowly mag thinking its some big enticement to the designer, while Carole has to remind her he has dressed The First Lady.
  3. One of the comments on the song was Please make an adult video ! LOL Animals know, they can sense a bad person a mile away. Remember the camel that wanted no part of Luann? That camel knew she was a piece of shit.
  4. Thank you ! I have been thinking this for a long time, as to why Luann is the way she is.
  5. There are two housewives I have disliked since the beginning. Luann and Vicki. They are both despicable people for many reasons. Rahul's post nails it.
  6. Especially Sunny Hostin. She was horrible on Court Tv. There hasn't been one time where she didn't mention she was a federal prosecutor. Its like a Tourettes thing with her.
  7. I predict she will have a major delusion and end up in Vegas. She will get rip roaring drunk and head to The Mirage. She will spot the big show outside with the pirate ship, jump on board and try to sing the Titanic song with the pirate because she thinks she is on par with Celine Dion. She gets arrested and when they search her they find stolen silverware, shot glasses and a bottle of Ramona Pinot Grigio.
  8. I think that was actually Luann when she ended up in the bush(es)
  9. Her crummy little apt. is proof enough she is not loaded. She has her one paid for home and her housewives salary. That's it. She is making peanuts on her appearances. She is probably the lowest paid in the cast. The rest are real performers.
  10. Well, I think this episode was a culmination of "everything Luann" since her sham engagement and marriage to the present. Sonja and Dorinda both validated this by saying they were ALL feeling and thinking the same way, but Bethenny said it all. Mention it all ! She has traded in gloating for ogling.
  11. Cherrio

    Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole

    I have watched a few of these shows, one recently where it seemed law enforcement, prosecutors and everyone railroaded this young man. It made me very angry, as he at the very least had a right for a new trial. But this James, wow.....this is one guy who should never ever ever get out. Configdotsys's post said it all. Well done. That father was as you said truly creepy and he scared the hell out of me. Very tragic story and it may not be nice, but I hope something horrible happens to that father.
  12. Where did this list come from?
  13. Cherrio

    S07.E24: Sean

    I agree. He didn't even know how to or want to wash his face, comb his hair, very basic things. I think he was way too far gone for any help. He might of been alive, but his mother murdered him years ago.
  14. Cherrio

    S07.E24: Sean

    I meant before he was of age. 🙂
  15. Cherrio

    S07.E24: Sean

    Judge Judy was on and he was missing it. It doesn't say much about Sean's family, school or as I mentioned before his church that NO ONE intervened. They could of had Sean removed from his mother's home. What she did to her son was a crime and nobody did a thing.