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  1. Henry scared the crap out of me. Legally, if he is deemed still dangerous they can commit him to one of those never get out of places. The government did it to Kevin Coe, the Spokane serial rapist.
  2. I am wondering that too. I am guessing he is borderline (height) because he is very much in proportion head and body wise. Or maybe Justin is 7 feet tall?
  3. She has a witch chin, only much fatter. I want Dr. Now to remove it and suture her mouth up.
  4. That was me a long time ago. He is slovenly, bossy, overweight and wants a woman who will obey. Plus he has one of those mothers, like Mikes. Plus he lives in nowhere-ville. What did see in him in the first place?
  5. A real beauty to go along with her asshole behavior. Your son is no prize, well maybe if you entered him into a livestock show for pigs.
  6. Maja made it very clear that in less than 5 minutes of being home, she chose the fattening desert. I will have one bite, as we see her taking a second. I bet she ate half the plate. Messed up family too, putting it out there for her homecoming. Creepy people. I hope Justin has a happy life now. He looks great.
  7. Cherrio

    Figure Skating

    Wow ! Brings back a lot of memories. I still have my T shirt. We sure saw some of the greats.
  8. Andrew should marry his mother. He gives me serial killer vibes.
  9. I strongly second that Natalie should marry Uncle Beau and live happily ever after. Anybody but fat beedy eyed Mike the flat affect pig. World class jerk.
  10. Cherrio

    Figure Skating

    We are buddies ! Ice Dancing warm ups were also my favorite. The sounds and the strength of the stroking always blew me away. In those days too, you could hardly hear a blade. These days a lot of skaters sound like hockey players.
  11. Cherrio

    Figure Skating

    After reading here I watched some of the ice dancing. I LOVED the Brits too, Fear and Gibson. I did like the Russians Singin In The Rain program, to me that is dancing. Brings back memories of one of my all time favorite programs. I was there in Halifax for Worlds, Also the year of Ito's triple axel and Chris Bowman's Desi Arnaz's Bob-a-loo meltdown on ice.
  12. Cherrio

    Figure Skating

    I am older so I am not a fan of how skating has changed, as I miss the flow and artistry. So, I think Karen Chen was robbed. I get the whole quad thing, but I feel her program was so far superior to the rest, even sans quad. And Bradies free skate dress? Awful, reminded me of an ashtray that needs to be cleaned. Am I seeing the TV coverage right? They are repeating the womens free skate tonight ?
  13. I agree. I hit rock bottom on Friday when for reasons I cannot figure out I binged watched Mama June. I thought this show(s) and 600 lb. Life were my rock bottoms, but I had further to fall.
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