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  1. Carrie could of easily dropped 50-60 lbs just by cleaning that filthy place she called her home. Someone should of told her that her act so to speak has been done, probably best by The Smothers Brothers. Mom liked you best ! The only other thing that stood out to me is that she shoveled the food in huge amounts, just like Whitney Thore.
  2. As Sile replied, it has been rumored that his grandfather may have been his actual father. I must of missed the show where the DNA test was talked about though. I am pretty sure no one has talked about whether or not a genetic genealogy had been done. I would assume it has been since there are so many questions still unanswered. Bundy could never talk honestly about his childhood, except during the last few days before he died and his mother did the same. All she ever claimed is that it was a military man passing thru town sort of deal. It has also been rumored it could of been a higher up in their church. The only known part we know for sure is that she never wanted to keep the baby, but her father forced her to. Her parents supposedly pretended to be Bundys parents and his mother his sister. Supposedly he was told the truth by a cousin when he was a teen. We also know that the father/grandfather was an abusive man and his wife had mental issues. After Louise had Ted, unknown people in the family felt she should leave with Ted and move from Philly to Washington State where she had a cousin. Lots of stories about that, but nothing concrete from Ted or Louise.
  3. She even left a full bag of sugar there. I am sure both son and mother were thinking, good one less thing to buy this week.
  4. I have watched it a few time now. I loved it, but am perplexed as to why they didn't follow thru with an arrest. The DNA match, plus all the circumstantial evidence imo would of been enough. Maybe they had a production deadline?, but you would think an arrest would be more important. I love genetic genealogy. I wonder why "they" haven't done a search on one of the biggest questions lingering, Who is Ted Bundys father? Maybe they have, but its still under wraps.
  5. She reminded me of Penny, the way she held her fingers while she ate. Oh, if I eat in a dainty way it will deflect that I am consuming 15,000 calories a day. I wonder which show smells worse, 600 lb Life or Hoarders?
  6. When my dad smoked cigars, he called the device his circumciser.
  7. I think she had a flare up of Herpes Simplex 10 (courtesy of Axel Foley)
  8. I think Andy mentioned that they had hauled out all the props from previous reunions so maybe that included all those rugs?
  9. They also have lots of production people who do the same thing in various ways, so its curious to me.
  10. I would love to know why in the credits they list a script supervisor? I noticed it recently watching the credits roll on RHBH. Maybe these women are so stupid they have to pay someone to help them say " For more on the Houz-wives.........?
  11. Dorinda would of been shouting over and over I made it nice !! while stabbing Andy. Oh and her lipstick would of been smeared too.
  12. If anyone can remember this scene, I'd love to go back an watch it! More recently, at Dorinda's birthday dinner Hannah looked scared to me. The kind of look that she was wondering when the shit would start flying. Also, that ridiculous lunch scene with the two of them and Hannah fawning over her mother. Wonder how much Dorinda paid her to do that?
  13. Irrc, we have seen Elyse many times. Social functions and I remember at least one visit to the female dermatologist. The scene with Tom in season one, I believe she was there too.
  14. Now, if there ever was a REAL case of systematic bullying, its got Dorindas name on it. Clip !
  15. Thanks for letting me know. It is hard for me to hear them clearly a lot of the time.
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