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  1. Top Chef Amateurs https://www.facebook.com/RachaelRayShow/posts/10158536747692324
  2. Just last week, Bev planned a wedding for Murray’s friend, WHO WAS DIVORCED.
  3. Carla doesn't drink coffee or alcohol, but she will eat them.
  4. https://wpdh.com/watch-today-hosts-butcher-name-of-upstate-new-york-town/?fbclid=IwAR2QrFTer0cZUQPG-XbvX0-6zua52qeCBN8cUA_qYMVcBq28GBFNQd504qs
  5. Have you seen the episode with the washing machine or the old timey one where Ricky rides up on a horse? Some of the apartments have a kitchen door that opens up onto a porch overlooking an alley.
  6. When they were recording this over the summer, Carla and Nancy were sequestered together in a small apartment or suite. They did some cute videos of them cooking with limited equipment and utensils and ingredients.
  7. Good luck to Billy in middle school.
  8. HyeChaps

    This Is CNN

    Bravo Jake Tapper: https://www.huffpost.com/entry/jake-tapper-arlette-saenz_l_5fa96438c5b67c3259b17838
  9. So, is Geoff going to Spain, or not?
  10. I knew it wasn't Little Red Riding Hood because Ricky Ricardo called her "Caperucita Roja".
  11. Also, for safety's sake, Jesse needs his own fork.
  12. Superstore is handling pandemic story lines very well.
  13. I always thought a point system would be preferable in the Kids competitions, to avoid sending one home every week
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