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  1. HyeChaps

    Snark Talk: Home, Home on the (De) Ranged

    Say what you will about this woman, but she sure does provide employment for many.
  2. HyeChaps

    The Kitchen

    OMG I was making a ham sandwich and when putting on the mustard, the phrase "crust to crust is a must" came out.
  3. HyeChaps

    I Love Lucy

    If Ricky performed most of his nights at the nightclub, would he be having dinner at home very much (necessitating all those dishes)?
  4. HyeChaps

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    A shower for a third child? And the mother is very well off? Oh well. None of my business.
  5. HyeChaps

    What's Cooking? Cooking Shows, That's What

    IIRC, she visited Nancy Fuller on Farmhouse Rules.
  6. HyeChaps

    Worst Bakers in America

    Always could count on new programs Sunday and Monday nights. This past Monday was quite a disappointment. There is plenty DDD without cluttering up Monday too.
  7. HyeChaps

    Tamron Hall -- Today show worker and MSNBC anchor

    In New York, Rachael is moving to 2:00 p.m.
  8. HyeChaps

    Worst Bakers in America

    All of you--pull back your hair when you are baking!!!
  9. HyeChaps

    Food Network in the Media

    I didn’t like Marcela on The Kitchen, but I like her fine as a judge on the Best Bakers program. She may be a good fit for this program.
  10. HyeChaps

    The Big Bang Theory

    I like the pillow in Sheldon’s spot.
  11. The commercial for Chopped Junior features Clinton making a comment but the photo is of Ted. Who is the host?
  12. A judge would pass judgment on cooking skill and camera presence. It was great in the old days when Alton and Guy would mentor the contestants about what works on camera. Bring back Guy as a mentor (if he has time with all his projects).
  13. HyeChaps

    The Mary Tyler Moore Show

    And why couldn’t Rhoda live happily ever after with Henry Winkler?
  14. Do all scientists realistically pine for a Nobel prize?
  15. HyeChaps


    I have it on very good authority that Nicholle’s Program is what they had hoped Morning Joe would be.