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  1. HyeChaps


    I have it on very good authority that they are not experimenting with changing the hosts now. It's all a matter of efficiency in getting the programs put together. Most of the producers and writers are working from home.
  2. I admit, the dancing on the table made me laugh.
  3. Well, Little House on the Prairie had Mary go blind, as per the books. (Although they threw in all kinds of wild crap that had nothing to do with the books.)
  4. HyeChaps


    They can always use a medical excuse.
  5. Bravo to Dr. S for making a dream come true!
  6. IMO, Anne was an excellent teacher on Secrets of a Restaurant Chef.
  7. Oh, no! Not more Buddy and Duff! That was so awkward and painful the first time!
  8. OMG! Al's glasses today are the worst! Even uglier than the orange ones!
  9. Ewww. Please don’t EVER match up Mellor and Lainey. Squick!
  10. I thought we’d have Decades back in New York by now.
  11. Last week I wanted Wilma to match up with Mellor.
  12. She did eventually put it on correctly, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/savanna-guthrie-backward-dress_n_5e331430c5b6f26233260b64
  13. Adams sure sounded like an alto in the episode.
  14. HyeChaps

    S02.E12: FeMellor

    I thought for sure Mellor was going to wind up with Wilma.
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