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  1. I'm going camping and plan to download the next 3 episodes for spooky camping night time watching. Yes, i'm one of those people who actually takes electronics camping (but I blame the child who will be with us!!!). ;)
  2. Killer definitely killed U Wear It Well and the lipsync. She is super expressive and was fun to watch. I don't like to see her try to death drop. I think Carmen was very interesting in either challenge. Sure she's beautiful and can sew, but her lipsyncs were crappy! Oh and complaining about the song being too repetitive? LOL - don't let Mama Ru hear that!
  3. Wait - what???? Ooh - I must know more! Nevermind - someone posted more info! :) I wasn't fond of this episode. I think the writers are TERRIBLE so it wasn't funny. I wanted to see the 3 boobies that A'Keria may have been wearing. LOL I wasn't happy to see goofy Emma Roberts. She's so horrible and doesn't deserve to grace the table with Ru!
  4. It's a slow burn, but I love it. Is it slap happy? Yes. I just enjoy watching something that I can suspend belief and just giggle. Is it an award winner? I don't know yet, but I do find it wicked.
  5. I think the other girls were pretty harsh on Pupi and she kept on laughing, smiling and joking along. Maybe the others were like "we are pretty hard on her and she was always keeping our spirits up." but I agree that Aranxa was the more congenial. :) I'm all Killer Queen now. I'm still not a fan of Carmen.
  6. Irvine! Just down the street and some the corner from you. Lol. But yeah 2015??? What the what?
  7. I worked for a couple of attorneys in the late 80's who made us wear dresses/skirts with hose. Drove me nuts. Then they had the balls to call a meeting and tell the ladies "we don't want our girls to have a naked face! Make up and lipstick!" ugh!
  8. Ooh good catch. That could be it but dang it still hurts...
  9. Although Dovima paints beautifully, I didn't get why she was so awful to Hugaceo and that in turn, made me not think she was that beautiful inside. I'm glad she's gone. I like Carmen, but there is a lack of humility there. I don't know. I like my queens to be a bit human. Carmen is too good. Maybe it's like in the main show when the judges say "we need to see your flaws to see you."
  10. Yeah - I love and will always love Ru (even with her questionable Netflix choices - AJ and the Queen, anyone?), I'm not happy she will show up on UK and Australia, but won't throw a dang bone to Canada, Espana, Holland or the land of true Queens, Thailand. :( There is something to be said with "leave 'em wanting more!" Well Ru, leave us wanting more.
  11. I'm struggling from RPDR fatigue.
  12. Isn't he la sheriff? The sheriff's in la are currently being seriously looked at. They have multiple gangs in the sheriffs and the chief, sheriff villaneuva, is supposedly tatted up with all of them. Makes me wonder if her son is a complete criminal like her and tom.
  13. Right? I had to look away!
  14. But she didn't even show up on video for Canada, did she? I think she did appear on video for Thailand once. I've said it before and I'm saying it again - hands down - Thailand drag blows all the others out of the water!
  15. My sister worked for an attorney that brought in this group of shady characters. The attorney said "ok, here's a check for the trust account as a retainer. Now whenever he needs money, he'll send over this guy, you take him to the bank and take that money out of the trust account." I said "you need to leave right now - he's laundering money!" Turns out, the attorney had removed his and his wife's name from the trust account and the only signer was my sister, so he was totally setting her up to take the fall on MONEY LAUNDERING!!! She didn't believe me and thank goodness her husband talked
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