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  1. I read a couple entries on Deux Moi that it was to edit Brandi down because of her racist comments. I think it may have been due to the ones mentioned above. Another one said that she is paid per episode aired so they want to also edit her shows down to not have to pay her as much. I can't stand her and am disgusted by this storyline, so I don't mind losing her.
  2. Agreed. It's not even a pleasure to watch for the yacht porn. If this is how it's going to go, i'm done with this show. Screw sandy on her post show watching support. Sandy, hannah went to you and you told her to fix it. I can't stand Sandy. I was impressed with Malia's handling of her lead deck hand.
  3. When everything came to a head, stassi would have been smart to say, before this was exposed, "I made some terrible decisions and choices with regards to Faith and I'd like to apologize now to her." Then actually pick up the phone and call Faith directly. This would have gone a long way for her but no, she's so stupid, I bet she figured it'd never be found out. Idiot.
  4. Recent info has come to light about stassi and kristen tormenting Faith over the tryst with Jax. Here is a list of crap the cast pulled to get her arrested! This is from Reddit. I'm disgusted.
  5. Did we get a reading mini challenge this year? I feel like we haven't and if we did, was it so bad, I've forgotten it?
  6. That guy was a pachuco. A group of young Mexicans from the time. They are considered a gang of juvenile delinquents here (Lewis called them jv in the first episode).
  7. My first introduction to Santa Muerte was a bit back and she was known as the patron saint of the cartels. I don't mind borrowing her here, but she has not recieved rampant "press" until early 2000's. My dad was a pachuco so I enjoyed seeing them here. I loved the pachuca with her pomp and zoot suit! I've known the history of Dodger stadium and Chavez ravine so seeing similar here was interesting. I've seen photos of the eviction at Chavez ravine and it was very bloody and horrifying. After seeing nathan Lane here, I wanted to watch Birdcage. Lol
  8. Sherry Pie should have been in the bottom for a 17 min set! She's not a newbie and new exactly what she was doing.
  9. You know all this Miss Manners bs from Sutton is driving stupid "champagne in a wine glass" Dorito crazy because the ladies are all "oh sutton is just so southern, how cute" while Dorito was made fun of. Hahaha giving me life!
  10. James is doing the AA route just for screen time. I don't believe he's following it and know the minkie the season ends, he's off the wagon. This episode was boring. Scheana totally was going Brett would want her. That video was so gross and then her pulling the "it's called acting Brett, don't take it so seriously" was straight out of weinstein's playbook. Poor brittany. I can't believe i typed that. I can't wait you see jax lose his shit over no one showing up for his pool party!
  11. Kyle - you realize that when Dorit can call you out for not knowing what you're doing in fashion, you look like an asshole. I'm sure that Kyle was given a full portfolio of what was walking and when on who at least a week in advance. Her coming in and pulling items she didn't like was a bollocky power move. Her daughters will not be gracing any runways near you anytime soon. That was so painful. Sutton is a try to hard. No wonder Rinna likes her. Next! I could not care at all about teddi being pregnant. Boring! Denise - in the clip, erika said it correctly "you do not have to excuse anything!" Her sex life and get married life is her own business. When we hear all about harry and Mauricio, maybe then I'll listen to this bs. I don't enjoy the glee that was in Kyle and Rinnas' voices when they were saying she was finished. I'm all for some shade and some schaudenfreude but this is too much. If you just really want to destroy someone, that's crossed the line and I won't be watching.
  12. Charli - you don't recommend Cheesecake Factory as better cheesecake than your workplace cheesecake, you dumb ass. I loved what she wore to the party until the nipslips began happening! Dang you dunce, get those under control! I can't stand Raquel, she's so vacuous, but "i'm a bad axe bitch" had me rolling. Lala - come on, what person shoots oj! Shots are for alcohol and if she has to do a shot that's non-alcoholic, she better be calling her sponsor. I can't stand her. I try so hard to be understanding of everyone's sexual choices, but she fucked that fat fuck to get further in the business and the car. I'm so not cool with that. Especially since his ex wife looks like lala's sister.
  13. I literally ran into Brandi at work. I walked past her and thought "that looks like that creep brandi from RH. Oh wait, it is that creep." And then ran into here again and rode an elevator with her a few times. She looked like hell, wearing sweat pants, loose expensive t-shirt, she just looked greasy and dirty.
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