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  1. Thank you reminding me about Meghan's Hispanic poll. She and others in the media are really pushing this idea that Biden is losing Hispanic voters. Florida is what they keep talking about. We Hispanics live all over this country and have different views on politics than the very specific view Florida Hispanics have. Meghan just loves to keep saying that because like always if you say it enough some will completely believe it's true.
  2. I haven't watched the talk since covid started. Governor Dewine always picked their time slot to talk about corona and I fell out of habit over the summer. I'll have to start tuning in again. I need good energy.
  3. I hated hot topics. It felt like they talked around the topics. I thought Meghan hated ageism? Yet, she keeps saying she's tired old people running the debates....wtf, idiot. I don't listen to Desus and Mero regularly, my now 28 year old son used to listen to them a lot,a few years ago. When He still lived at home. I have watched them here and there over the years. Thay have made me laugh hard, not today. They just got on my nerves πŸ˜„.
  4. Speaking of her eyeshadow, did anyone else notice a design on her eyelids? Everytime she blinked it looked like two painted eyes looking at us....ok I exaggerate, but if MM can lie about fake attacks on a white Christian fertile female I can exaggerate too.
  5. Lol, just like Christmas is under attack every yearπŸ™„πŸ˜„
  6. Because as she said, going after Barrettes religion and her 7 children will make a section of this country "think" Democrats want to get rid of religion and children, even though it a big fat lieπŸ™„. So, if they are on the fence about Trump it will make them jump to vote for him. Those dang liberals hate god and babies. Meghan knows how stupid some people are and if she repeats this enough some people will believe it. She's fighting for Trump and her team.
  7. Thank you! Meghan is trying to convince someone that Barrett is being persecuted, it's not true. Loved Joy's little speech about privilege. If Meghan had any kind of self awareness she would be very uncomfortable. I know she's clueless about her privilege.....I enjoyed it though.
  8. I love any kind of greens and beans. So I liked Jeff's grilled version. I definitely would put the sausage on the grill a bit longer to really get some brown bits. Ratatouille is my all time favorite dish. It's so simple and easy. I love mine topped with feta. GZ is right, the first time I made it, I wondered if I was following the recipe correctly. It had almost no liquid added but it came out perfect. I don't use crushed tomatoes just fresh and little white wine. πŸ˜‹
  9. Oh I bet that is actually what she wants. And pissing off Joy on The View, more than likely got her way more appearances on consecutive media and probably a spot when she loses.
  10. I also wondered what it was about. Lol.
  11. After @ROLLACOASTER mentioned that it might have something to do with Hispanic Heritage month. I realized that's probably what it was. Meghan rambling about black and latino men and all her expertise on how on they're voting, she probably was frustrated that HH month wasn't mentioned.
  12. Exactly, she even made sure it was Joy before she threw out the obviously planned remark. I bet she doesn't even know when the "black face" happened it's a BS attack they brings up, Donny Jr. Also brought it up.
  13. I'm sorry but how was it relevant to Joy's question? Kim threw it out there as I'm assuming a planned remark to embarrass Joy. Reminded me of that Judge/Fox personality being pissed that Joy wasn't there.
  14. Meghan saying be polite as Sunny and Joy had it with Kim Klaclk, really ?The rudest person on the panel to guest she considers, not on her team. Stfu Meghan. Kim was spewing BS, so I'm not even going there. The question I have is what shade was Sunny throwing? Meghan rambled on about black and latino men. Then Joy asked Sunny to weigh in, She had this smirk on her face and asked is this September? , then said I have nothing to add.
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