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  1. Not to get too off-topic, but I wonder if Ana’s online back-and-forth with Meghan’s besties Janice Dean and Clay Aiken has something to do with her absence... Ana hasn’t been on the show for quite awhile. I really hate how it seems Meghan gets her way on the show constantly.
  2. Yep. Also notice that Jon mentioned that once he started talking to Joe and got to know him personally, his mind changed, basically. I feel like a lot of the negativity about Biden comes from people who may not know the depth of his grief.
  3. I’m not gonna get too much into the weeds of what Jon Stewart said about being a Sanders/Warren guy, but I do appreciate what he said about Biden; that because he’s a man who’s experienced such tragedy in his own life, he may be just what this country needs at this particular moment. That kind of humility isn’t something that can be bought, as he said, and it’s something Trump certainly doesn’t have.
  4. He looked completely dejected and defeated after getting off Marine One. After all the bragging about how massive the crowd was gonna be by him and his people, I was pretty happy with the image. If zoomers really did register for seats to screw with the numbers, I say well played, kiddos.
  5. Guests: Susan Rice, George Will, Andrew Sullivan, and Malcolm Nance
  6. Poor Meghan is afraid that she won’t be able to buy a baby crib in person. How devastating. I can’t imagine the pain she must be going through. 😰 I really don’t know how Whoopi, Joy and Sunny are able to keep a straight face.
  7. Oh how I love that Kamala Harris flipped the question on Meghan 🤣🤣🤣 ”How do you define defunding the police?” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  8. “He [Trump] finally got his fence! Are the Mexicans gonna pay for it?” -Joy 🤣🤣🤣
  9. I’m looking forward to a few of the guests this week for the first time in awhile, but Idk if I’m gonna be able to watch it without getting extremely pissed off. I’m sure Meghan will make up for their time off by going completely off the rails.
  10. Guests: Killer Mike, Frank Figliuzzi, Michael Steele, Rosa Brooks
  11. A woman on another forum I’m on said she biked through there after getting off of work and that it doesn’t look like a war zone. She said it’s fine. So yeah, looks like Meghan is lying. She’s getting made fun of all over social media and I don’t feel sorry for her. I’m SO glad they’re not on right now. Meghan would’ve been insufferable.
  12. I can’t stand Chris Hayes so I skipped out on that interview, but I liked Stephen’s monologue.
  13. Guests: New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman; family physician Dr. Cate Shanahan; filmmaker Michael Moore
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