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  1. Meghan’s not a baby? Well she sure acts like one so that’s news to me.
  2. I watched Joe Biden’s town hall and it was very good. He’s much better in town hall type settings. And I’m not surprised he’s doing well in the South. We do things a little differently down here. 🙂
  3. You’re right. She was completely wrong in her predictions about 2018. When they talked about the results on the show she tried to downplay it.
  4. I know, but all I’m saying is they’re going to take Bernie’s comments about Fidel Castro without context and run with it in their ads. Any further discussion about this would be off-topic though so I’m gonna stop there.
  5. This. This is why I think Joy, Sunny and Whoopi looked terrified imo. Meghan is relishing in it. All of this stuff and more will be blasted across the airwaves by Republicans. There will be no context. I’m already seeing ads here in GA. This is just the beginning.
  6. I think Joy said she’d vote for Bernie this November if he became the nominee during the segment. Someone correct me if I’m wrong...
  7. This. Trump defending Bernie isn’t a surprise at all. Putin’s main goal is to cause chaos and discord; to divide the country even further. All one has to do is look on social media and he’s succeeding it seems. The Dem party is severely fractured.
  8. They’re in denial about Bernie. Since the moderates couldn’t get their shit together early on, you have a bunch of people splitting votes and the one leading progressive unsurprisingly doing well with his dedicated base. Hell has truly frozen over because I actually agree with Meghan: Bernie is very similar to Trump in the way he’s running his campaign. They angrily rail against the media, the establishment, ect. I disagree with Meghan that Bernie and The Squad are now the face of the Dem party, but you can bet your ass Trump’s team is doing oppo research as we speak and this will be what they run with. This is only the beginning.
  9. The good brotha Dr. Michael Eric Dyson is on today, I may tolerate watching the show in its entirety just to see if Meghan says something stupid and he has to school her. Tbh everyone on the panel has been getting on my nerves so I haven’t really been tuning in this week. Already disagree with our beloved Ana that Obama should’ve done more about the Russians interfering with our elections. It’d be off-topic to discuss why though so I’ll leave it at that.
  10. I have a feeling a certain someone’s head on the panel will explode on Wednesday...
  11. She said she's not excited about any of the candidates during the first segment.
  12. As someone who also likes Maya, I agree. I was so annoyed with her and Kristin Wiig. Same! I can't explain why either, but she was kind of annoying during the show and I usually like Tyra. So about Sunny comparing Kamala and Amy's proprietorial records... yeah it's hard to stay on topic with this one, but I will say that all I saw and continue to see on social media, particularly from other black people, is "Kamala is a cop" and "she's not really black." There was a ton of disinformation about her online and it was disturbing to see.
  13. No Meghan! That means I’ll actually sit through the entire show today.
  14. I don’t have much to add that hasn’t already been said, but I loveeeee me some mama Ru! I’m biased so I loved everything with RuPaul in it.
  15. Did this moron Meghan just call Pete 'radical' after he gave an excellent response to her idiotic question?
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