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  1. My favorite scenes were when Saint Brooke would chastise someone for loose morals, conveniently forgetting when she meander into immoral acts herself. Remember when she cas pregnant and wanted her ex, Eric, to cover her secret and say he was the father?
  2. Well I am sort of new as I haven't been a watcher for decades, but I've viewed it off and on. I've got to realize that there's a limited amount of actors and even though it's a "town", the has to be some awkward pairings among people in the love/sex department. I've always loved how Brooke had relationships with the old man, his sons, the sons friends, um am I missing anyone? I call Liam, Lame Liam though.
  3. I just thought of this: why are Stuffy and Dope wrangling over Liam? He's a big loser if there ever was one, yet he's some kind of great baby daddy with tremendous angst. It's like he's some kind if saint. Ick.
  4. Wollstonecraft

    Don't Be Tardy

    I saw it at Burkes Outlet for $3! I'm sure her whole line has tanked and isn't worth $100 let alone "millions".
  5. Yes she seems resilient and deep down unhappy. I don't think she can get grounded and count her blessings.
  6. My 2 cents about the Countess: I remember when Noel was a little guy, begging his mom to stay home because it was taco night. She said she couldn't. She was going to a party. He looked crushed. I didn't think too much of her after that.
  7. Wollstonecraft

    The McGees

    Why am I not surprised? He's a sex menace and she's bona fide deranged. I feel for their unfortunate children, hopefully an agency will keep tabs on their welfare. Hopefully they'll be canceled. Now I'm ready for that show with the Duggar tribe doing nothing interesting except breeding. Correct me, but wasn't their brother found to have molested them? TLC needs to clean house.
  8. Did she really say that and why do I miss the good shows?
  9. Thank you. I was wondering what that ugly crying was all about!
  10. She certainly isn't the exclusive beauty and fashion maven anymore. Getting a dressing down must have been the catalyst for the mucho "girls only" getaways. They were probably boosting her bruised ego and of course she had the much beloved adult beverages. Those same old, tired hoof covers. Why? I thought she bragged about being a RealReal shoe addict, so why the same 2-3 pairs over and over? Like said before, those things have got to smell.
  11. Wollstonecraft

    The Spoiler Collection

    What man hasn't been with Brooke?
  12. That sure was an "ugly" cry. I almost cringed at that scene.
  13. Wollstonecraft

    The Snowdens

    Was there talk of the pH of Dimitri's penis? Is it clean and healthy? They seem to have amnesia that he stuck it in an earlier candidate. (you know the one who didn't admit anything to Ashley, but it was ok for Dimitri to have sex without prior permission).
  14. Wollstonecraft

    The McGees

    Quite an accurate description of Mr. I Want More Love. If I ever feel the need to purge, I'll keep a mental picture of that pork chop wallowing around in bed like a beached whale.
  15. That would mean she has manners which we all she does not. Those open toe boots have got to smell.