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  1. I still stand by my theory of the Salon Sweets (as one here cleverly put it). It was the timing that made it for me. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion although I'm a professional assumer and snarker.
  2. Is this what she wants to portray to her daughters? Endless pics of her dressed as little as possible? She raved about JLo and Shakira's crotch and butt-focused performance at the Superbowl like it was every female's goal. It's really strange this verse quoting woman obviously feels the need to show as much of her skin as possible to complete strangers. Let's also mention it's a great way to invite a possible loony or even dangerous stalker into your life - and your family's.
  3. Right. Notice how it was purchased when certain people were living with her and she said one in particular was always giving her money - that's just the way this individual was. Now you have Jobless at home underfoot during Covid with no hobby and voila, he now owns a Salon Suites. Addendum: we all know how she lies, so money given to her I guess would be hers even though it was probably a gift, along with the ring and Mustang for Jobless. She needs to take "her money" and get that drippy nose fixed. It doesn't seem to be getting any better, sniff sniff.
  4. She's pining for that British life, married to a lord, giving orders to the manor servants, but she ended up with good old Joe who she throws under the bus at every opportunity. 1, 2, 3 drink ...
  5. Is she joking about what was advised? She needs to go get her dream job of being a nudist colony director and be done with it. Such a blatant exhibitionist. That must be hard to mix it in with all that religion.
  6. She's the cheer mom who doesn't realize she looks like an idiot. Is she subconsciously competing with her daughter for attention? That pose with her legs is comical.
  7. That pursed lip, supposedly fierce "I' am the storm" look is hilarious. Martha saw a poser and so do we. Can it Miss Stank, it's not working.
  8. She's just a colossal dumbass. The fedora and half reveal bathing suit looked too forced to be "cool". Notice how she's a total label wh#re. Who GAF about Gucci, etc except this hag who's a fail at being a "white Oprah".
  9. The OAP made a point of talking about one does not have a bright lip with heavy makeup on eyes and blush, pick one to emphasize. I feel like she was shading the garish clown with class. Thumbs up rlm!
  10. The good doctor wouldn't be the least interested in this hot mess. Truthfully when you love and respect your spouse, does one behave like her? Me thinks she's one miserable individual who loathes her personal and professional life.
  11. She's such a narcissist she probably is reading everything about herself so hello Skunky!
  12. I check back periodically for new comments. I laugh at "juicy". I wonder if the dimwit knows they're there.
  13. Omg, how crass. She wants to be the "white" Oprah"? No wonder Martha axed her inappropriate butt first.
  14. Just Google p*ssed consumer (not customers as I previously wrote) and put Shawn Killinger in the search bar. Enjoy.
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