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  1. Now that's cute as hell. I watched it 3 times on IG this morning.
  2. Dawn is a POS human. No wonder Leah has issues.
  3. Fuck that chick. I'm refusing to read she kept her ass out of the clink.
  4. Oh these videos are being passed around like a pack of smokes in the 70's. Hatterville is hopping with memes, captions and snark. We can't do Easter. May as well rubberneck.
  5. "Jesus God, Leah!" has never been more appropriate. Also, FFS LEAH! I'm calling Monkey on her ass everydamnday now.
  6. So Gary at least saw Andrew bleeding and thought what? He just happened to be bleeding? I hadn't thought about Gary seeing that but that makes sense. Gary is losing points with me but I'm not sure what he could have actually done. But...say something if he had any clue. He got his ass kicked several times. It's not hard to connect those dots.
  7. Oh Hun....I'm so sorry for your loss. I don't think there is ever a great time to suffer such loss but the current conditions have made it even worse. Sending that virtual hug and loads of fairy dust.
  8. I'm exceptionally bat shit crazy at this point and now we have lost Kenny Rogers. 2020 has really sucked ass and I would like to cancel it. You know we are totally fucked when they extend the tax season until July. I'm back to watching Hallmark Christmas movies to lull my ass to sleep. Average time my feet hit the floor is 2 P.M. I am now on the same schedule as my teen grandson that games all night.
  9. I thought I saw that too! She is an idiot. She never learns.
  10. SMH....Well I guess it's not permanent. The whole package is just all wrong to me but whatever. She will look a real hot mess in 48 hours. One of the Hatters counted 22 gift bags for 11 participants and their models. I wonder how profitable the event was. I thought I saw cupcakes and a Motel 8 but I could be high.
  11. Totally a Six Feet Under fan. Yup, Cate looks casket ready!
  12. FairyDusted


    What the hell is she trying to say?!?!
  13. Thanks @druzy for all the updates. I wonder what happened with that UA?
  14. It's a bad time to be firing attorneys when she has an appearance on the books this WEDNESDAY. Will they grant a continuance of some sort?
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