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  1. SMH....Well I guess it's not permanent. The whole package is just all wrong to me but whatever. She will look a real hot mess in 48 hours. One of the Hatters counted 22 gift bags for 11 participants and their models. I wonder how profitable the event was. I thought I saw cupcakes and a Motel 8 but I could be high.
  2. Totally a Six Feet Under fan. Yup, Cate looks casket ready!
  3. FairyDusted


    What the hell is she trying to say?!?!
  4. Thanks @druzy for all the updates. I wonder what happened with that UA?
  5. It's a bad time to be firing attorneys when she has an appearance on the books this WEDNESDAY. Will they grant a continuance of some sort?
  6. Sending you extra fairy dust for a speedy recovery! Sorry I've taken so long to get back here. Huge hugs and a PPP! xoxox
  7. There was a part I saw of the video where there's a fart noise and Janelle says that's her ELBOW. I'm like....bitch does need a doctor after all.
  8. Cate's little brother Nick was recording Cate while she drove yesterday. She finally said she is NOT pregnant. That's about the last things she needs right now. Can't wait until we get some reviews of that sad make up party.
  9. Really I bet it was. At first I thought it was high for Michigan and then she said it was in NYC. It doesn't get more expensive than that. She was cagey about everything. That was so weird about how much would you pay and telling ppl to send their receipts to get a follow and group DM. LOL! They gift bags and VIP tickets were eye roll worthy. And don't forget your make up kits they want you to buy before you get there. What young mom has that kind of money and time? She looked really ROUGH on the second broadcast. Either seriously high or crying.
  10. She was trying to say the site was slow because tickets were going so fast. I clicked in her live 2 times that day to ask questions. She never once addressed the questions. Her face fell when she read that. All comments were shut down after round 2. Seriously she was trying to ask what the highest they would pay! I commented her current prices plus make up and hotel in NYC was impossible for the average fan. Yup, I'm going to hell.
  11. I was pissy today and caught her on IG live getting her make up done. She was trying to sell those 200 buck tickets! Well turns out you must come in pairs!!!! I gave her so much shit! WTF has 400 bucks to do each other’s make up! Which you are required to bring with you too! 😂😂😂😂😂 SHUT UP CATE
  12. Lol! I thought I got some strange weed cuz it wasn’t clear to me either! 🤷🏻‍♀️
  13. I’m ashamed. I clicked😓
  14. I hate to ask....I’m confused. I THINK I read that she is pregnant on IG. Dear Moon Let me be wrong. I might be high..
  15. I believe she CAN, though I’m not sure of the probability 🤞
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