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  1. Sooooo all 4 of us are kinda watching ? I don’t like this format for this show. I vote a MISS on this one.
  2. And I TOTALLY believe Amber shells out money to both Shawn and their Mama Mumbles.
  3. I remember that shit too @MyPeopleAreNordic Rox done them DIRTY!! I don’t even like Bre and I cried over that.
  4. You are right about that. TWO of my brothers were beaten up by their wives. One with a golf club. When he disclosed to me I got him numbers to call for abuse. He even reported it police and they laughed in his face! UGH! Neither one of those chicks are allowed in my home.
  5. @BitterApple "....Newports and Wild Turkey." Killed me DEAD! Spot on! On the upside much better hair game for Chelsea with less extensions and yes to Leah with darker locks. Much better Ladies. Small voice....I kinda don't mind a cleaned up Leah and Jeremy but they need to keep the kids out of it. I'm even ok with FB as long as they manage to hook up when the kids are not there.
  6. I kept on saying...."The one where Victoria gets knocked up." Oh... and I noticed a perfect hand print on her face when she was talking to Leah at the picnic table. That must have been some rough play!
  7. I've done some of those weekends. I love the quiet and reflection but no way with these chicks. I did get a laugh outta Icki showing up with In N Out. Damn I miss them. (The burger, not Vicks) The LV display was awkward and embarrassing. Emily has a fine figure but the whole deal was a big NothingBurger. Gina would be smart not to drink but I guess she is filling up before she gets prohibited. Dummy.
  8. Boy did Pole and Karenee make a beautiful baby. So dang cute. Looked just like Pole. ( I need to go wash out my mouth now for complementing him)
  9. Katey has a great voice. I tried to find her 1st LP way back when. She's had some since but I heard the first one back when she was Peg. It would be cool if she had a musical moment with Dan. I loved scenes from a BBQ.
  10. Amber acted like candid camera showed up. She knew about them. She admitted EVERYTHING in that last audio. I thought I had a potty mouth. Nope. Amber speaks like a drunken sailor. So damn demeaning. @CouchTater is totally right. If that was a guy, he would be in jail right now. Dang, she's hateful.
  11. Yeah of course Shannon freaked but fucking Kelly had no right to hit her in the head. I wouldn’t have gone to the ER. I’d be in jail for kicking her ass.
  12. Chelsea is losing the good will I usually afford her. She has always been shitty to Mary IMO. I do really understand being stuck in a car with a raging panic attack but shit, all she had to say was we need to get off the road for a few minutes. Roll your ass into the store, get a drink, take a pill and splash some water on your face. Ride it out. Let the med kick in instead of ripping into your mother. Great...now Aubree thinks she needs a counselor. Considering the Adam bs probably not a bad idea but Chelsea should have been directed by Randy long ago to get in there herself.
  13. Exactly that! I knew my ass wasn't going into a 4 year school. I figured I could still party and be a teen if I enrolled in Cosmetology through my high school. I had that license before I could even drive.
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