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  1. Now her attorney wants back in? Weird. She mentioned her son son living with them at some point. Bet he is hiding.
  2. FairyDusted

    S10.E24: MIA

    I usually don’t watch from the channel but I heard Jade sent her pill popping mom to fetch her scripts!!!! Hellll no! Her only good choice was Bri! Her parents are awful
  3. Whew! Thanks for all the great notes. Show got mass deleted somehow before I got to watch any of the Sharon mess and beyond. I never picked it back up because I don't know the hosts.
  4. And here I was waiting on Dwight popping out in the hardware store. Now that would be a twist.
  5. I love Eve and I'm sorry to see her go but I understand why she can't handle the back and forth and the uncertainty of the future. I hope all her dreams come true. I wonder who and how many will join the panel next. This show just isn't strong enough for a rotating cast.
  6. Holy crap! That's so wrong and screwed up. Fuck Dawn. What a sick thing to do to your child.
  7. Awww Man! I'm not ready. Dina is flawed AF but I still love her. I hope the Marla is well. It would be the perfect time to bring John back for a final moment.
  8. I'm not surprised she left. I like her well enough I guess, just not for this show. One season was more than enough. I would have enjoyed her more as an occasional fill in.
  9. Thank you! I appreciate it.
  10. Stupid question...So are they using a fake background for the other hosts?
  11. I forgot that Jade was on. Wow.
  12. Actually I really like that photo. I'm not sure if its make up or filters but Leah looks pretty good.
  13. Patron?? Does she mean Patreon ? Doesn’t really matter because like all her projects it won’t go anywhere. She has no choice but to try selling social media. Even if she wanted a 9-5 I think she would be shut out of everything. I can’t imagine how she’s even feeding her kids unless Barb is continuing to fill up her fridge.
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