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  1. I don't know, I've always been a fan of hushed snark in the real world myself, and I found it enjoyable during the Tribal Council too.
  2. I don't know....my daughter struggled hard with anorexia for about 8 months, and then turned it around pretty quickly with proper treatment. That may not be the norm, but it's not unheard of. And Rinna may be a very controlled eater, but there is a difference between that and straight up anorexia. And it is incredibly scary to watch your child basically try to slowly kill themselves....I felt for both of them and appreciated this storyline.
  3. Can you even begin to imagine the amount of support, compassion, and sympathy Kyle would (rightfully!) expect if it was Kim or Kathy who had committed suicide?
  4. Counterpoint...nearly every one of my friends who is married lived with their husband before they got the ring and the wedding. As did I. Twice. I would say maybe it's because I'm an old, but most of my friends got married in their 20s or early 30s (as did I, the first time), so I think maybe you and your friends just know a lot of jerks? I don't think that "why buy the cow" thing really exists so much otherwise. And who wants to get married for hopefully forever before you even know if you get along together in the same living space? That said, I think it's pretty plain by now that tragic bac
  5. Well that was an interesting juxtaposition of temperaments among the teams. My temperament is somewhat split among the two; I've certainly got my share of introspective, wry mope but ultimately my party animal green team side ends up winning out, just like what played out on the show! Brian was a weirdo and I think it was a most deserved chop, but he had my heart a little bit when he grasped onto someone's forearm and said, "It's a Lake Cumberland Miracle!" all dramatic like when the electricity finally came on. And while his bitching about how hard he worked and why didn't anyone stand u
  6. https://goo.gl/images/KBVDpM This is who I think she looks like, the actress Collette Wolfe (she was in Observe and Report, Cougar Town, bunch of stuff)--Well shit, looks like the pic cut off and I'm too tech dumb to fix, but if you google her I think you'll see it
  7. Yes, as a matter of fact. Coming to Fox this summer. I for one welcome my reality TV overlords.
  8. Brother always seems to me like he smells like beef jerky. Something about him just makes me kinda cringe.
  9. I like your style, referencing Crazy Ex-Girlfriend! (always never believed in you)
  10. That seems about right to me. He's the writer, not the bankable A-list star. Sure he acted in it too, but in a small role. I liked what Nick said about the prize money, that it would allow him to follow his calling and work (presumably for much lower pay) in the area he's interested in helping...500k or so should help him do exactly that; it's not really enough to give up working forever, but it would be enough to get a sweet house in Kentucky with no payments and take a lower paying legal job.
  11. I would bet a lot of money that the reason for that was that Top Chef will soon be hopping on the Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, meal kit delivery service bandwagon.
  12. Bastet, I was completely with you...I too hated Asshat, loved pot, bourbon, and fried food guy, and found the feisty southern ladies a delightful surprise, but then I got to the part where you said you didn't like yolks or pimiento cheese and I was like, nevermind, you are a monster. (kidding...a little)
  13. Not so much forced as let them know that if they didn't vote against Goliaths yet again, they would for sure never be trusted by the Davids, who at this point have at least equal power to the Goliaths, and seem to consistently be able to pull a winning move out of their hat so betting against them in a tie scenario might be especially risky.
  14. I very much agree with your Kara analysis and would also add that she did NOT seem to want to team up and be Goliath Strong again, but felt like she was forced into it because of Alec and Allison's double-flip back into the Goliath fold. Don't sleep on Kara...she's not dumb, and turning on Dan wasn't a mistake. I think she more than any of the other Goliath's correctly read the David-threat level and realized her best move was not to try and beat them but to join them.
  15. Yes, this...and that is why I thought it was quite a brilliant move to steal Allison's vote, not someone whom they truly had no loyalty to like Dan...it was a message to the flippin-three that they were on to their two-faced ways, and then forced Alec and Kara's hand into voting against Goliaths. It's also why they made sure to show Kara straight up lying to Dan about whether or not he should play his idol....at that point Kara realized she had to scramble on back to the Davids, and proceeded to betray Dan to his face. It made the Davids move more delicious, fo sho.
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