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  1. The fact that he asked for narcan shows it was accidental. If he set out to kill himself he would have quietly succumbed. I suppose it’s possible that he had a last minute change of heart. Possible but not likely.
  2. http://www.thedailybeast.com/articles/2014/09/19/predator-doctors-take-advantage-of-patients-with-chronic-lyme-scam.html interesting article about the predatory doctors who treat Lyme. from the article “The problem is,” Dr. Hymes continued, “we now know much more about the disease and how to diagnose and treat it, and the activists around it haven’t caught up with that.” According to Dr. Paul G. Auwaerter, clinical director of the Division of Infectious Diseases and the Sherrilyn and Ken Fisher Professor of Medicine at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, pro
  3. I guess I'm a 12 year old boy trapped in a 50 year old woman's body because I can't wait for a new episode so we can put the discussion of bodily fluids behind us. Until then I'm putting my fingers in my ears ?la la la la, I can't hear you?
  4. Well according to Sonja ( with a sexy J) you are right. http://radaronline.com/celebrity-news/sonja-morgan-accusing-ramona-singer-diet-pills-problem/ it would explain a lot .
  5. I happened upon the original interview ( if you could call it that). The question to Kelly was basically " would you return to reality TV?". There's is nothing about Bravo being interested or her returning to RHoNY. I'm sure she would like to return, how many jobs are out there for a gummy bear loving lunatic? The big question is ,who, if anybody, is offering Eta this was in response to Duke's post. I quoted the wrong poster :(.
  6. I will be careful not to mention Ramona, the fact that her daughter has catapillar brows, her mother( who may or may not be disappointed to hear she uses the F word) , the outer boroughs, dry cleaning, cocaine , her next husband who is not John, Viagra or how the Hamptons are superior to the Berkshires. I hope I thought of everything.
  7. That is clearly totally different. Can't you see the sexy j? /sarcasm font/
  8. ITA . I had to laugh when they were in Dubai and Eileen was defending Yo saying "of course she's sick, why would she miss such a fabulous vacation?" Erika, girl we know the annual housewife trip is like Dantes inferno, who are you kidding? Some people would rather chew their own arm off like a bear in a trap then go on the housewife trip. I did wonder if Lisa may have cleverly "forgot" to get her passport renewed so she would be in violation of the six month expiration requirement. To us regular folks a working vacation would be a great perk but all of these woman can afford to travel wherever
  9. Ok, listen. I will personally get in my car and drive to each and every posters house and give you five dollars if you don't mention any activities that go on in Lu's private parts ( you know, where her bathing suit covers) . I'm glad Lu just laughed it off and I'm fairly certain I was more embarrassed then she was. Good for Lu, I've been in a shame spiral since I heard it. I have a love/ hate with all the ladies of NY but I'm now officially done with Ramona. I will be in NYC later this week and I vow to find Ramona and kick her in the shins, ok I probably won't kick her but I will give her a
  10. Here are two interesting documentaries about the early days of the Aids crisis We Were Here. the early days of the crisis told by 5 people who survived it. And How to Survive a Plague. This film is about Aids activist fighting for proper treatment. Yo compares Lyme to Aids because it fits perfectly into her victim narrative.
  11. My very active 80 yr old ( still takes dance and yoga classes weekly as well as volunteers at hospice ) mother loves QVC like a Rinna consumer loves their cat and cake but I doubt she knows who Lisa R is let alone what Twitter is. I think your preconceived idea is pretty accurate . My mom and some of her old lady posse even took a guided tour to QVC headquarters in PA. Those host are like rock stars to the over 65 crowd.
  12. Bonus points for brilliantly incorporating Patrick Swayze into your post . 10/10.
  13. What happened to the excuse she gave a month ago that she was knee deep in her feelings because she missed the father ? You know the one she was to busy to visit before he died, the same one who repressed her feelings and made her a raving lunatic on social media. I guess she afraid that the fat, cat loving, toothless ,vagina losing, home bound consumers won't buy her her damn jeggings or whatever other polyester monstrosity she is shilling. I imagine she can say goodbye to the plus size line she has. Who would put money in her pockets after she calls the fat. She is just a lunatic with no
  14. I think this list shows the Bethenny really is a good business woman and/or has excellent advisors. She slapped her trademark on every product that she could possibly conceive of producing. It shows that she is thinking ahead , I think that's pretty smart. Contrast that to Sonja and the Nigerian Football team, the Saudi Royal family and the ever popular gold and diamond collection ( collection of what I don't know) that never seems to materialize .
  15. This is from Yolanda's first blog of the season Lyme disease is six times more prevalent than AIDS ever was in the early 80s. The globe united beautifully with one voice to combat HIV, so I pray every day that we will come together and find a cure for Lyme, affordable for all. so yea she did compare Lyme to Aids. ETA : She has also stated that the stigma around Lyme disease is similar to the stigma of Aids in the 80's. That may be one of the craziest things she's ever said. Talk about comparing apples and spaceships ( thanks Carole).
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