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  1. Peter was a total dick for trying to make DJ Muppet Baby drink at that party. Hey! It's Max, son of successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks! What the fuck was wrong with LaLa at the girls' pool party? Does she wear an apron while getting a tan? I was so scared that this was going to be a repeat of what Phaedra said on RHoA when the topic of "tasting yourself" came up. Poor Schemer. NOT. I'll have to add the rest of my thoughts later.
  2. I keep forgetting to mention that in addition to Schemer trying to do that sexy spin while holding a tray of drinks in the opening credits, I laugh at LaLa posing next to her wearing what appears to be a skort with little pouches covering it!
  3. Is that the Pepto Bismol commercial that seems to imply their product is probiotic?
  4. I liked the SA commercials with the weird nonsensical sayings. That reminds me of the series of Quickbooks commercials in which businesses owners have so much free time that they can ponder stupid questions like "why are pizza boxes square instead of round?". Really, it takes you any significant amount of time to figure that one out? Just how long did this discussion take place?
  5. I guess that's better than Destiney dressed up like a "sexy" porno nurse. WTF? I wanted to see this again because I could only "like" it once.
  6. I forgot to ask, but I thought GG had her baby, so why's she in the hospital?
  7. This week, Scoobie Douche investigated Haunted Hollow, a funhouse/haunted house, never stopping to think that their claims of supernatural occurrences were a way to drum up business.
  8. Get out of my mind! :-D Wait, I thought Arianna said that! I knew someone who pulled that shit on me all the time. Does anyone else wonder if Brett's interview with Schemer was a ruse to get her mad at him enough to quit pestering him?
  9. Did she say she returned dresses to the store after wearing them once? I have no recollection of that. I swear, Charli is like some sort of TV vampire to me that cannot be recorded. Good point!
  10. Thank you, successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks, for showing us how to give boners to ponies. Katie's having a party! Kristen's not invited! What could possibly go wrong if when she finds out? Sadly, when while reading off the guest list, I totally wondered who Charli was! I totally didn't recognize who wanted to interview Schemer for his YouTube page. Why the hell would he put that with his exercise videos? Was this a sneaky and underhanded way to get rid of her? Whoa, back off, Schemer! He's not into you! In honor of Jax's 40th birthday, Tom and Max TP his house. Besides being childish and a waste of an important resource in this new Wuhan Flu world, who the hell does it in broad daylight? What did Brett mean about never seeing Schemer's place while sober before? Oh yeah, they banged each other between seasons and that's why she's stalking him. Meanwhile, at stately Lisa Vanderbucks mansion, Lisa is planning to attend her mother's funeral. Wait, I thought she said she was unable to attend it, which is why she made it to the interminable wedding. Naturally, Schemer tattles to Kristen about frumpy Katie's party. At the party, Lala bullies Raquel for no decent reason. Damn, this is like watching someone kicking a stupid puppy. Jax, with the help of "Fofty", gets his revenge on Flat Iron Tom. I don't why Katie and Schwartz got into a nasty fight about it. Arianna demonstrates that she is serious about comedy and pranks.
  11. OK, here's the commercial: https://www.ispot.tv/ad/dnTt/resolve-pet-expert-max-and-cooper
  12. But they were naked! Were they engaged in foreplay?
  13. This commercial for removing pee stains from carpets is so confusing! It begins with two dogs on a couch wearing clothes telling us about the time they peed on the carpet while playing, cutting to them ticking each other while naked! 😮 It then cuts to this human woman cleaning the carpet with the product, so what's going on here?
  14. That reminds me; where did they get Daug? It looked like they got it from a random guy off the street.
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