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  1. Thanks! Glad you enjoy the nicknames. I don't remember anything specific about their costumes, err, uniforms before now, but that does ring a bell. Now that you mention it, didn't he react or almost say something but catch himself in time?
  2. Unless you use a trained cat instead of your own, I wouldn't expect it to turn out any differently.
  3. That does ring a bell... remember the time Slade and Jo tried to "accidentally" bump into some tacky rich dude and wife who put gems (probably fake) on their car hubcaps and riding horses so Slade could do business with him?
  4. Speaking of obnoxious, I had forgotten about Stassi's younger brother who they try to make into some font of wisdom. Is he still making an appearance once a season?
  5. Good point! She did act like she thought it up all on her own, didn't she? 😃 I find that hard to believe.
  6. I hate to take the side of that moron who claims to have never eaten pasta, but I remember my PT and nutritionist telling me that fruits and vegetables, not whole grains (pasta), should be the base of the food pyramid and it's partially why we're getting fatter. Didn't Sandoval say something about bartending at SUR or finding himself getting behind the bar whenever he visited? Having her hair pulled tightly in a ponytail n top of her head, a la Madonna during her pyramidal bra stage isn't doing Schemer any favours, either.
  7. Did I infer correctly that the reason the new staff were having trouble with their training was b/c Schemer failed to give them successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbuck's official pink book of rules? Perhaps I am mistaken, but I think undergarments come in other colors than white. TBH, I'm not convinced that Stassi's book show at TomTom wasn't something TPTB made them do.
  8. I cannot take either side in this week's argument dramatics. Stassi didn't need to respond to FI Tom (or at least not with yelling and pointing her finger in his face) and FI Tom shouldn't have texted those nasty things to her and shouldn't have gone to the event to confront her. You could tell he and Arianna were itching to fight when they arrived. But (heh) that's how they get bigger tips! LOL I wonder how pentagram wearer Lisa Vanderbucks felt about what they had to say? Clari's (?) claim of never eaten pasta before was total bullshit. but I was disappointed they didn't randomly throw in a clip of DJ Muppet Baby's pasta rant. How does she afford that on a waitress salary? Apple Watches cost about $1K, right?
  9. Wow, Lala looks like the proverbial wet saddle in the opening credits! Fuck, I had forgotten about this show foisting Nicholas, Stassi's wise old younger brother on us at least once a season. Just stop it! What was the deal with her mother? I missed last season so I assume there's more to what she told us about her. Why is Schemer telling successful businesswoman Lisa Vandbucks, who is wearing a pentagram, about her private affairs with Brett? It just confirms his claims about you being desperate for a man. Speaking of desperate and stalker-like, love how she showed up with the guys hanging out and shooting the breeze in order to have a heart to heart with Maxx. Schemer then proceeds to act like a stalker and repeats the same things we heard about that perfect bf of hers who could install flat screen TVs in less than two minutes. Stassi gets a nasty text message from FI Tom, presumably b/c he felt excluded from her plans to sell her books she bought at Books-A-Million at "his bar", or maybe at the producers' request. Meanwhile, Schemer and some other girls decide they're going to make their SUR "uniforms" more slutty, sharing all sorts of things I did not want to know. Does Danica taking money from Brett and then having sex with him make her a hooker, and why is talking about his long talk with Schemer (who ignored him) as if it didn't happen last week? Later, at Statssi's "book signing", we discover Schwartz fucked up and didn't get bartenders lined up so they had to get some third stringers, including Mongo the moron. "Mongo make drinks!" Did I hear Schwartz claim he could have bartended? Oh, really? Oh crap, Nicolas is there! I guess he's going to hear about her losing her virginity after all.. OK, I really don't care about FI Tom's hissy fit and them all standing in a circle clucking and squawking, but I thought the quick cut-away of Kristen innocently sipping her drink while trying to eavesdrop was funny. Naturally, successful businesswoman Lisa Vanderbucks has to get involved the next day. Schemer sucks as a trainer, BTW.
  10. That man in the Trojanman commercials is so gross looking! I always feel like I have to take a shower after watching them. Are they going to be turned into zombies?
  11. Yes, but not sure which. I see why Jay (?) got divorced. Am I the only who was amused at Dildo Baggins trying to choke himself?
  12. I always thought Brittany's southern farm girl act was just an act. If memory serves, she flew to Vegas to meet Jax and claimed to have never seen this show.
  13. That's b/c she's in new ones hawking buffalo chicken in a pouch. Yuck.
  14. I imagine, if properly made, it would be reminiscent of some sort of a chicken sheppard's pie, but not the way it appears in the commercials. And that means Shamrock Shakes are coming soon!
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