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  1. They did it better in The Producers. That's not the biggest blooper, however...
  2. I've said it before many times; there is a very unhealthy relationship between Tamra and her son Ryan.
  3. This commercial annoys me, but I keep wondering why the people in the Coffeemate commercial are giving the worst clues in the world for "snow", the word taped to a gingerbread man's forehead, and why he keeps repeating the two new (holiday?) flavors after they told him they're not the word. Oh, that was sppsd to be the wife? I thought they were going to try to start a long romantic story in future commercials.
  4. Are you expecting historic accuracy? :-D
  5. My Dad took some sort of speaking/grammar course. I remember one urged the speaker to use "explosive T's".
  6. Am I the only person who finds the botox commercial that promotes being able to express yourself facially amusing, if not ironic? 🤷‍♂️
  7. That's always bugged me about that commercial! Maybe the cat is psychic?
  8. Isn't it a YouTube thing for youngsters to post vidclips of people's reactions to things and the watchers are yelling "Unfair!" b/c whatever is being offered is not available to them? I think ice skating is lame as hell, but dammit, I would probably go watch Progressive on Ice!
  9. I've had it several times and like it, but yeah, I noticed the nutritional labels for both were practically the same. Wasn't there an ep of Bob's Burgers about this?
  10. I see Libery Mutual has made new versions of its lame commercials with Zoltar and the man who lost weight and quit being a loser. Remember the one with cartoon babies on a stage, twerking until their diapers ballooned up? He reminds me of the stereotypical millennial snowflake. Ugh. The only thing I like is that someone clearly tricked that moron into thinking that miniature pony is a "service dog".
  11. Is that the one in which his date's mother started berating him and acts like a maniac that I saw recently? It annoyed me and there was something weird about the ending. They think they're being "edgy".
  12. Well, now I know for a fact that LinkedIn is the "Craig's List" of professionals. :-D
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