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  1. There is another singer-songwriter named Patti Smyth whose name is pronounced "smithe" but that's not who Mika was supposed to be talking about. She was probably so proud of herself thinking she got it right.
  2. I have to confess, I am getting bored with MSNBC and just about everyone on it. I'm tired of Joe's shouting. Tired of Mika flailing and stumbling her way through the news. Tired of Joy Reid's poorly executed snark. Tired of Rachel's long, rambling stories. Tired of Tiffany Cross shrieking at me on Saturday mornings. Tired of Lawrence's drama. Tired of Christ Hayes's outrage of the day. Honestly, the only people I really enjoy now are Nicolle Wallace and Brian Williams. I feel like the rest of them just need to change things up a bit.
  3. She saw them in the window and couldn't resist. [tm Carol Burnett] And big floppy shirts in general. Rashida Jones sports a hideous mustard-colored drapery shirt in her latest Expedia commercial.
  4. This morning’s show so far is a cacophony of paper rustling and heavy sighing happening in the background as guests speak. I’m sure it’s Mika. Does no one know how to mute the mic?
  5. She was REALLY bad today, just flailing and stumbling all over the place. Maybe there is a problem with the MSNBC teleprompters, because I caught Andrea Mitchell at noon and she could barely sputter out her own report. Seriously, though, I think Mika's problem is that she can't decide whether she wants to read the news or comment on it so she constantly trips herself up.
  6. I was never a big Kasie fan either; I always felt like she came from the Chuck Todd Both Sides School of Punditry. Sometimes her commentary outright annoyed me. But my opinion of her changed a bit after the Capitol insurrection; she was so obviously shaken and upset by the events it seemed like she became more human in her appearances.
  7. This is just speculation, but it is clear that Kasie was very traumatized by what happened on January 6. She talks about it a lot. I wonder if she just kind of got to the point where she couldn’t do it anymore. Hat tip to Meeks this morning. She struggled to pronounce “flash flooding,” but she eventually choked it out.
  8. She did not do a good job today. I like Karine Jean Pierre overall, but she didn't bring her best today. She seemed tentative and just babbled a lot of nonsense. The reality is, there's not a whole lot the White House can do that they're not already doing. They need to nod to bipartisanship publicly, but, as was said on the show (or maybe it was a different show), they are applying pressure privately. Calling out Manchin and Sinema publicly is only going to get them to harden their stance. I believe a lot of this is theater - well, at least with Manchin anyway. They need to go through the
  9. This morning, Mika was trying to read COVID statistics on the air and she bungled the reading so badly I honestly could not understand what she was saying. Usually, you can eventually translate her garbles into normal English. Not today.
  10. I watched the entire NYT video on Sunday. It was indeed gut-wrenching, and so deeply upsetting. Good conversation today in the end portion of the show between Eddie Glaude Jr. and some guy who is advocating against the teaching of Critical Race Theory. I thought Joe actually did a decent job moderating the discussion (mainly because he defused tensions and let other people talk for a change). I don't like Eddie, but I agreed with his points. I'd like to know who this "intelligent, well-educated friend" of Joe's is who keeps sending him Chinese cult conspiracy theories.
  11. I used to fly out of Newark when I lived in PA and I kind of liked it too!
  12. I believe they sold the Nantucket place. My spies on the island have not seen them around in a while.
  13. Wow, looking back on 2020 was way more traumatic than actually living through it (at least at the time).
  14. What I’m struggling to understand is why Kate would not apply that same logic to Jeanette when she thought that Jeanette was the one who had seen her. Again, Kate was not being held prisoner at the time she thought Jeanette had seen her. So I don’t understand her anger, and I don’t understand why she would reveal it on national TV when anyone digging into the question would have immediately learned the truth.
  15. No; I'm not sure where that theory came from. It makes no sense. Which kind of gets to my whole issue with the premise. Why did Kate even bother to publicly accuse Jeanette of "seeing" her, when she *wasn't* trapped in the basement but was freely moving around the house, talking on the phone, etc.? Why even bring it up? Why get mad about it? Why make it a thing at all? If it *had* been Jeanette who saw her and Jeanette had admitted it, she would have also been able to say that Kate had free run of the house. So what was the point?
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