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Found 13 results

  1. Welcome to a place for answering random questions as honestly as possible. Rules: QotD "questions" will be gold posts. Once the "Day" is over and a new gold post is up, don't answer old gold post questions [or discuss old gold post answers] or you will be publicly executed in the Village Square. (And I will force a confession out of you and/or replace your comment with a GIF of my choosing.) Complaining about the questions isn't a good look for you. Participate, or risk being ridiculed and ostracized. Know someone who may enjoy participating? Mention/tag/@ them with your answer. If there's a lot of participation or not enough, the question may stay up for longer than a day. This isn't a discussion thread. There are questions, and there are answers. That's it. Be honest! We're all just as weird as you are. Probably weirder. I may make up rules as we go along. Grape is the best Kool-Aid flavor. If you would like to submit questions for DD:QotD [please do] - I can be reached via PM and/or by raven to the Nightlands, c/o The Great Stallion. **ETA: My esteemed colleague will be joining to help keep questions moving along since I've been recently distracted/constantly out saving Gotham City. Welcome, @JTMacc99 - and best of luck with these heathens.
  2. Hey Everyone! If anyone uses Discord and wants to join us, we have created a Discord Server about HDM with many features and friendly members, but we are still small and would be happy if people joined. Feedback would be appreciated too! We have created an AD so people know what we are about: Welcome to His Dark Materials, a new server for people to talk everything about the books and the TV show by BBC and HBO. Share fan art, memes and of course talk about dæmons! There are many channels to participate in. We offer : ✦ Dæmon chat, dæmonism and dæmonology. ✦ Many bots to help out, ✦ LGBT friendly, ✦ Friendly staff and active members ✦ Levelling system ✦ Verification system ✦ Custom emojis ✦ Self Roles. ✦ And much more! We hope you enjoy your stay! https://discord.gg/rDPV8feZ
  3. Are you new to the forum? Have you ever wondered why certain people are called things other than their names? Here's the place for explanations of who's who and how they got that way. You can also try out new names for the convicts, lovers and other losers that inhabit the wonderful world of Love After Lockup.
  4. I have created a Survivor-themed board game and I am trying to engage the Survivor fans to get some feedback on the game and see if it can be successful on the market. I want to be able to pitch this idea to game companies and CBS, but I first need feedback from Survivor fans and would appreciate if this poll was not removed. It is a simple yes or not poll on if people would enjoy a Survivor board game. I am not trying to sell anything or break any forum rules, I just want some honest feedback and have a conversations about a potential idea that I have for this game.
  5. Recent discussion in the Media thread reminded me of this line of thought. As fans of the show and the game of Survivor, there's always that question of "What if?" What if certain events played out a different way? Things that did happen didn't? Or things that didn't happen did? Multiversal theory says there are alternate universes out there where those are the reality, and that what we saw play out is the "what if". So, let's speculate and discuss how we think these AU Survivor seasons went down. But first, some basic rules. Every initial change has to start from a real event or possibility as presented in the show. The thread like this back on TWoP said: no creating random new events to change things, like Fairplay getting chomped on by a shark and medevaced, or creating a brilliant strategy for the cute but less-than-strategic player you may be crushing on. But random events that did happen (ex: Jeff in Palau tripping on the coconut) can be undone, and failed coups/bootings can succeed instead. Unless the event is specifically changing the winner of a single challenge, the original winning tribe/team/individual still does so. How they do so may change, and any other results, like additional placement and take-alongs on rewards, may also change. However, if the winner of a challenge was voted out before that challenge in this AU, then the 2nd place (or later, depending) should probably be the winner, unless someone else now in play makes even more sense as the winner. After the change, play out the chain of events as far as you can, and show your reasoning. Since all possibilities can be real (per the multiverse), anyone can construct another timeline based on the same initial change, but it can go in a different direction. And all are valid. (IOW: Disagree politely, but no one is ever "wrong".)
  6. I thought this season would be the perfect one to do one of these games. Basically, you pick a team of 4 people and then you receive/lose points throughout the season based on what your team members do in the game. Here's the points breakdown: Tribe wins reward challenge +1 point Tribe wins immunity challenge +2 points Individual reward challenge +2 points Individual immunity challenge +3 points Find/Gifted Advantage +3 points Find hidden immunity idol +5 points Successfully play hidden immunity idol +10 points Incorrectly play hidden immunity idol -3 points Voted out with hidden immunity idol -5 points Go to tribal council and don't get voted out +1 point Make jury +2 points Make final TC +5 points Sole Survivor +15 points Survivor Hashtag +1 point Say Episode Title +1 point Require Medical Attention -1 points Require Medical Evacuation -2 points Quit -10 I may add some after the premiere if there are any twists. All you have to do to play is pick your team through this google form before the premiere.
  7. Season 1 is over and season 2 is planned. The bone collector was collected (or was he?). what titles can we offer for the upcoming seasons. Make your suggestions below. For example, Lincoln Rhymes: The Search for Relevance
  8. Let's have some fun. We all know that we have seen more than enough holiday movies to write our own. So let's write our own! I'm going to start this off by writing one sentence. Please copy that sentence and add your own sentence. Then the next person can copy the previous two sentences and add a sentence. You get the idea. Run-on sentences are allowed. Feel free to jump in anywhere and there's no rule that says you can't add more sentences later in the story. Here goes . . . Holly was a high power executive in a big city, but was originally from a small town called Mistletoe Springs that she hadn't been back to since her father passed four years ago.
  9. Personally I like it when a series doesn't wrap every character in a box, leaving us to imagine what happened. Wild speculation, crackpot theories, and thoughtful discussion all welcomed!
  10. Here's the place to share your appreciation with art, song, etc. This is the last season, so let's have some fun!!
  11. I'm no expert on Shakespeare, but have noticed some connections with names. Perhaps they're clues, or more likely, the writers just having fun, but here's what I have so far. "Puck" is an adorable fairy/shapeshifter who loves pranking people and creating chaos in Midsummer Night's Dream, "Philostrate" is 'Master of Revels' , a bigass party planner in the same play. "Egeus" is another character, though the spelling is only similar to the horny neighbor. "Imogen" is the King's morally pure daughter in Cymbeline and is married to the exiled Posthumus. After some dirtbag lies to him about banging her, Posthumus arranges to have her whacked. There must be more!
  12. On the night of the Billboard Music Awards show hosted by season one winner Kelly Clarkson.....I thought I'd go over some Idol chart facts:. Dim the lights and here we go. There have been 60 singles charted on Billboard's Hot 100 ....... David Cook has charted 11 of those to lead the pack. Five Idol singles have gone all the way to number one. "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson......"This Is The Night" by Clay Aiken......"I Believe" by Fantasia....."Inside Your Heaven" by Carrie Underwood...... and "Do I Make You Proud". by Taylor Hicks. Five Idol singles have achieved Gold certification,. four have gone Platinum Philip Phillips.... Season 11 winner has to date the biggest selling singles in terms of units sold......5.4 million making it four times platinum..... it peak position was #6. Season 12 winner Candice Glover has to date the lowest charting single to actually make the 100..... peaking at number 94....... two years later season 14 winner Nick Fradiani made number 93. The two most recent Idol winners ... Trent Harmon and Maddie Poppe have not yet charted. So it seems the show is losing steam in it's hit making power.... but make no mistake..... it has had a major impact on American music.
  13. Hello Everyone!! I know we are all saddened that TARcon is no more. But going forward, the TAR FINALE PARTY will continue! This is a personal INVITE for this season's Finale Party for all the fans who love and support the show and cannot quite yet imagine not watching with your TAR friends. Event: TAR 25 Finale Party Date: Friday December 19, 2014 Place: LA area This is a BY INVITATION ONLY event. For security reasons the details can only be shared privately. There is no charge except for your own food and drink. If you would like to be added to the guest list, please email me at TAR25FinaleParty@gmail.com and I will provide more info re location/hotel info/other activities. Please also feel free to pass this info on to any of our former TARcon friends who you believe might want to attend. If you do wish to RSVP, Please include a real name as it will appear on the ID you will use to check in for each guest. But let me know who you are please? I still best know some of you by your user names! The space IS limited, so if you want to come, please do RSVP soon. This event will be well attended so we could reach a space limit at any time. Looking forward to seeing you all!! Special thanks to David for allowing us to share the Invite here.
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