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  1. Strive With Janelle is now offering accountability coaching for $45 for either 14 or 21 days (she doesn't know). Let's save ourselves some dough and some futility and support each other with our goals - for a whole month! Your goal may be working on your weight and health, finally getting the garage cleaned out, starting that hobby or project you've always wanted to do, repairing a relationship, whatever. We are here for you! Please share your goals here and we'll help keep everyone on track. I'll admit it - I went hog wild this summer and now need to lose some weight. For my situation, I know that keto and intermittent fasting work really well for me. I'm committing to sticking to this plan for September. I'm also going to alternate yoga and cardio workouts each day. And then I'll tackle that garage... Let's make this a great month and set ourselves up for a healthy and happy fall and winter!
  2. Seen a funny meme? Share it here. -- Only relating to stuff that has already happened on the show please, any spoilery stuff will be removed. Thanks in advance for your consideration.
  3. Welcome to a place for answering random questions as honestly as possible. Rules: QotD "questions" will be gold posts. Once the "Day" is over and a new gold post is up, don't answer old gold post questions [or discuss old gold post answers] or you will be publicly executed in the Village Square. (And I will force a confession out of you and/or replace your comment with a GIF of my choosing.) Complaining about the questions isn't a good look for you. Participate, or risk being ridiculed and ostracized. Know someone who may enjoy participating? Mention/tag/@ them with your answer. If there's a lot of participation or not enough, the question may stay up for longer than a day. This isn't a discussion thread. There are questions, and there are answers. That's it. Be honest! We're all just as weird as you are. Probably weirder. I may make up rules as we go along. Grape is the best Kool-Aid flavor. If you would like to submit questions for DD:QotD [please do] - I can be reached via PM and/or by raven to the Nightlands, c/o The Great Stallion. **ETA: My esteemed colleague will be joining to help keep questions moving along since I've been recently distracted/constantly out saving Gotham City. Welcome, @JTMacc99 - and best of luck with these heathens.
  4. A place to discuss all of the podcasts and reviews of the show that have been popping up these days, can you believe it has been almost 31yrs since the pilot? My favs are 90210MG- hosted by Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling. And The Beverly Hills 90210 Show:Producers Charles Rosin, Larry Mollin and Host Pete Ferriero explore a song by song, episode by episode look inside the making of the original Beverly Hills 90210! (they also produce on YouTube which is fun to see the cast) Again With This was the first podcast I ever listened to, and it got me hooked.
  5. We are past the equator of the season and I think it is a good time to set some predictions and see how good we were doing when mystery solves.at the end of the season. 1. Who is the masked character in the passage? 2. Who is the unknown character at the bar? 3. Who is the glittered masked character? 4. Who is the killer?
  6. In a few short months, season 3 will be upon us, I thought I’d reissue the poll from a couple years ago to see if anyone’s picks have changed.
  7. I thought it would be interesting to take a poll and see how the percentages swing as far as viewing intentions go.
  8. Are you new to the forum? Have you ever wondered why certain people are called things other than their names? Here's the place for explanations of who's who and how they got that way. You can also try out new names for the convicts, lovers and other losers that inhabit the wonderful world of Love After Lockup.
  9. I have created a Survivor-themed board game and I am trying to engage the Survivor fans to get some feedback on the game and see if it can be successful on the market. I want to be able to pitch this idea to game companies and CBS, but I first need feedback from Survivor fans and would appreciate if this poll was not removed. It is a simple yes or not poll on if people would enjoy a Survivor board game. I am not trying to sell anything or break any forum rules, I just want some honest feedback and have a conversations about a potential idea that I have for this game.
  10. Recent discussion in the Media thread reminded me of this line of thought. As fans of the show and the game of Survivor, there's always that question of "What if?" What if certain events played out a different way? Things that did happen didn't? Or things that didn't happen did? Multiversal theory says there are alternate universes out there where those are the reality, and that what we saw play out is the "what if". So, let's speculate and discuss how we think these AU Survivor seasons went down. But first, some basic rules. Every initial change has to start from a real event or possibility as presented in the show. The thread like this back on TWoP said: no creating random new events to change things, like Fairplay getting chomped on by a shark and medevaced, or creating a brilliant strategy for the cute but less-than-strategic player you may be crushing on. But random events that did happen (ex: Jeff in Palau tripping on the coconut) can be undone, and failed coups/bootings can succeed instead. Unless the event is specifically changing the winner of a single challenge, the original winning tribe/team/individual still does so. How they do so may change, and any other results, like additional placement and take-alongs on rewards, may also change. However, if the winner of a challenge was voted out before that challenge in this AU, then the 2nd place (or later, depending) should probably be the winner, unless someone else now in play makes even more sense as the winner. After the change, play out the chain of events as far as you can, and show your reasoning. Since all possibilities can be real (per the multiverse), anyone can construct another timeline based on the same initial change, but it can go in a different direction. And all are valid. (IOW: Disagree politely, but no one is ever "wrong".)
  11. I thought this season would be the perfect one to do one of these games. Basically, you pick a team of 4 people and then you receive/lose points throughout the season based on what your team members do in the game. Here's the points breakdown: Tribe wins reward challenge +1 point Tribe wins immunity challenge +2 points Individual reward challenge +2 points Individual immunity challenge +3 points Find/Gifted Advantage +3 points Find hidden immunity idol +5 points Successfully play hidden immunity idol +10 points Incorrectly play hidden immunity idol -3 points Voted out with hidden immunity idol -5 points Go to tribal council and don't get voted out +1 point Make jury +2 points Make final TC +5 points Sole Survivor +15 points Survivor Hashtag +1 point Say Episode Title +1 point Require Medical Attention -1 points Require Medical Evacuation -2 points Quit -10 I may add some after the premiere if there are any twists. All you have to do to play is pick your team through this google form before the premiere.
  12. Season 1 is over and season 2 is planned. The bone collector was collected (or was he?). what titles can we offer for the upcoming seasons. Make your suggestions below. For example, Lincoln Rhymes: The Search for Relevance
  13. Personally I like it when a series doesn't wrap every character in a box, leaving us to imagine what happened. Wild speculation, crackpot theories, and thoughtful discussion all welcomed!
  14. Here's the place to share your appreciation with art, song, etc. This is the last season, so let's have some fun!!
  15. I'm no expert on Shakespeare, but have noticed some connections with names. Perhaps they're clues, or more likely, the writers just having fun, but here's what I have so far. "Puck" is an adorable fairy/shapeshifter who loves pranking people and creating chaos in Midsummer Night's Dream, "Philostrate" is 'Master of Revels' , a bigass party planner in the same play. "Egeus" is another character, though the spelling is only similar to the horny neighbor. "Imogen" is the King's morally pure daughter in Cymbeline and is married to the exiled Posthumus. After some dirtbag lies to him about banging her, Posthumus arranges to have her whacked. There must be more!
  16. On the night of the Billboard Music Awards show hosted by season one winner Kelly Clarkson.....I thought I'd go over some Idol chart facts:. Dim the lights and here we go. There have been 60 singles charted on Billboard's Hot 100 ....... David Cook has charted 11 of those to lead the pack. Five Idol singles have gone all the way to number one. "A Moment Like This" by Kelly Clarkson......"This Is The Night" by Clay Aiken......"I Believe" by Fantasia....."Inside Your Heaven" by Carrie Underwood...... and "Do I Make You Proud". by Taylor Hicks. Five Idol singles have achieved Gold certification,. four have gone Platinum Philip Phillips.... Season 11 winner has to date the biggest selling singles in terms of units sold......5.4 million making it four times platinum..... it peak position was #6. Season 12 winner Candice Glover has to date the lowest charting single to actually make the 100..... peaking at number 94....... two years later season 14 winner Nick Fradiani made number 93. The two most recent Idol winners ... Trent Harmon and Maddie Poppe have not yet charted. So it seems the show is losing steam in it's hit making power.... but make no mistake..... it has had a major impact on American music.
  17. Well, mstaken, I see your Supernatural Quotes Game and raise you one Hangman...Hee! It's pretty simple, like regular Hangman--ask for letters until you get enough to solve the puzzle. Whoever solves the puzzle sets up an runs the next one. I thought I'd start us off with something simple, but recurs a few times, in fact I might call it a theme of the show. ::psst...that was a hint!:: _ _ ' _ / _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ / _ _ / _ _. Yes: No:
  18. Rules: I'll give you a category. The last person to successfully list an item from that category (24 hour time limit) is the winner. That's it. Those are the rules. I'll start. CHARACTERS WHO HAVE BEEN IN MORE THAN 1 EPISODE AND HAVEN'T DIED* God * If they came back to life, they still died: Dean, Sam, Rowena, Castiel, etc have all died.
  19. Who wants to test their Supernatural knowledge? Here's how the game works. I'll be asking questions in the following categories: The Winchester Brothers (Blue) Angels and Demons (Pink) Locations (Yellow) Spells, Objects, and Rituals (Purple) Creatures (Green) Join the Hunt (Orange) Each question counts as a piece of pie. ;-) The first to get 6 questions right, one in each category, wins! Don't worry, I'll keep track. This won't be like traditional Trivial Pursuit -- each question will be open to everyone. Now, no cheating. It'll be strictly honor code. I trust no one will Google or use the superwiki to answer the questions. Who wants to play? We'll start as soon as we have 4 players. :-)
  20. I'm hopelessly addicted to these games and hope a few of you are as eager to waste time as I am! The rules: once per 24 hour period, you can vote for (++) or against (--) a total of three of the items on our list. Once half the list has been eliminated, we change the ++ to + to ensure that the game doesn't last forever. Starting with Season 1 Episodes: 15 - Pilot 15 - Wendigo 15 - Dead in the Water 15 - Phantom Traveler 15 - Bloody Mary 15 - Skin 15 - Hook Man 15 - Bugs 15 - Home 15 - Asylum 15 - Scarecrow 15 - Faith 15 - Route 666 15 - Nightmare 15 - The Benders 15 - Shadow 15 - Hell House 15 - Something Wicked 15 - Provenance 15 - Dead Man's Blood 15 - Salvation 15 - Devil's Trap My votes: Benders ++ Scarecrow ++ Home -- 17 - The Benders 17 - Scarecrow 15 - Pilot 15 - Wendigo 15 - Dead in the Water 15 - Phantom Traveler 15 - Bloody Mary 15 - Skin 15 - Hook Man 15 - Bugs 15 - Asylum 15 - Faith 15 - Route 666 15 - Nightmare 15 - Shadow 15 - Hell House 15 - Something Wicked 15 - Provenance 15 - Dead Man's Blood 15 - Salvation 15 - Devil's Trap 13 - Home
  21. Anyone up for another delightful time waster? How about one that requires us to stare at pictures of "our" boys?! Yeah, me too. :) The rules are simple: Just post any screencap of your choice, and the rest of us get to guess the episode it comes from. Since there are a zillion episodes, feel free to ask whoever's posted the picture about which season the episode comes from, how many words in its title, etc. Needless to say, I'll be begging for a lot of hints along the way :) Here's a really easy one to get us started:
  22. As it's Summer, and basically because there's nothing else to do, I've been "Chuck"ing a few fantasy casting ideas around in my head. Specifically, what roles I would cast the SPN team in, in a world where Supernatural had never been commissioned. If anyone else would care to play the game with me, pick a show, or even a movie, from any point in (past!) time and tell me who you would cast in any particular role, and why. To give you my starting thoughts, I would have Jensen play Josh Lyman in the West Wing, because he can handle drama and comedy with consummate skill and can hold his own in a 1st class group of actors. I could also see Jensen as DiNozzo in NCIS, again for the serious vs. lightness and well, because like Michael Weatherly, I see a little of the 'matinee idol' in him. As for Jared, how about Detective Flack in NCIS NY, because (a bit like Eddie Cahill in that role), he can keep a fairly tight rein on his emotions, and is athletic with a strong physical presence. Or even Halstead on Chicago PD, because there's a bit of the 'boy scout' to that part, a 'junior partner' role like Sam. None of the others are 'jumping out at me', so I'd love your inspiration.
  23. Here's the "game" -- I name something that is repeated over and over throughout Supernatural, and we try to find as many examples of it as possible. The winner is everyone, because we're all winners for watching this show and posting on this forum. I could try to keep some kind of score tally, or we could just have fun with it. When it seems like responses are dying out, I'll add more things to look for to the master list. If you find an exmaple, you may also suggest something new to look for that I'll add to this post. I'll start with two things and one example each to get us started. 1) Long Hallway Full of Doors They love to use a long hallway full of doors for dramatic effect, even when it makes no sense in the building's structure. Off-hand, you should be able to think of a bunch of these, but I'll start with this one: 8.12 - As Time Goes By - The MoL clubhouse is a big hallway full or doors that Abaddon dramatically opens one by one while looking for Henry. 3.10 - Dream a Little Dream of Me - When Dean gets trapped in the dream, the hallway and floral wallpaper extend and as Dean goes down it, it turns into real woods. 10.17 - Inside Man - Heaven is a long hallway full of doors 2) Winchester Announces What's Happening Instead of Killing/Escaping This could take the form of alerting the monster to an impending blow or allowing a Demon to smoke out by yelling "Hey!" for no reason ... or this gem from Season 4: 4.22 - Lucifer Rising - When the final seal is broken, and it's clear some bad shit is about to happen, Dean smartly wants to get the Hell out of there; but Sammy holds him up and stands there dramatically and says, "Dean. He's coming." Because why? 10.23 - Brother's Keeper - The Darkness is coming and Dean's trying to drive the Impala out of a pothole, but Sam grabs him by the shoulder and points to The Darkness and says, "Dean", because apparently that's his move.
  24. How to play: One person (the respondent) thinks of an object. It can be either a person,* a monster, a place, a thing, or an episode. The respondent states at the beginning of play which category the object is in. *A person can be a monster, but it needs to be a specific character. For example Dick Roman would fall into the person category, but leviathans would fall into the monster category. Everyone else (the questioners) will then ask yes/no questions to figure out what the object is, up to 20 questions. If the respondent is unable to answer with a “yes” or “no,” they may also answer with something like “usually,” “sometimes,” or “rarely." A new question can only be asked after the previous question has been answered. Guesses are counted as questions, however one guess by each questioner will be allowed after the 20th question has been asked. Whoever answers correctly will start a new game. If no one has answered correctly 24 hours after the 20th question has been asked, the respondent will start a new game. If no one guesses the answer to the respondent’s second game, they will nominate someone else to start a new game. I'll start the game with a thing.
  25. You know what we all totally need in our lives? More productivity-ganking games. You know it's true! Just post any line of dialogue/brief conversation of your choice, and another poster guesses who said it, the person they said it to, and in what episode the line was uttered. (If the quote is said more than once, feel free to go with the episode in which we first heard it.) I'll kick us off with one that just MIGHT sound a tad familiar to fans: "Dad wants us to pick up where he left off: saving people, hunting things...the family business."
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