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  1. Watched the first three episodes today, and am pleased to know there’s more coming. Holy smokes, these people! Who even, in this day and age, falls for cult leaders’ bullshit anymore? And yet, here we are. Dieting for God. Still giggling over the former member’s assessment of Gwen’s appearance morphing from Christian housewife into strung-out hooker.
  2. Okay, who’s handing out the bingo cards? I’m putting money on the body in the coffin being the BLM guy. Possibly after a wild night with Tanya. I noticed today that the BLM guy is Uncle Rico from Napoleon Dynamite.
  3. Have we had a Canadian yet that didn’t play hockey?
  4. Okay, I’m glad Tim was able to turn it around in the end. Still, though...what happened to the storage locker?
  5. OMG I hate this guy already. Plus I can only understand every other word. Canadians, eh?
  6. I guess we’re back to Canada. I was liking the Las Vegas angle
  7. I can’t even imagine being adopted out of an orphanage in Siberia as a baby and then rejected by your adoptive family at 11. It’s not like a pair of shoes you can take back or leave by a trash can. His wackadoo mom who adopted a bunch of random kids and then cut off the two youngest, and didn’t protect them from the predatory older sibling...no wonder he felt like a worthless piece of shit. And he would never find a home in the narrow, conservative political world he tried to fit into. I just felt so sad for him.
  8. The sisters in this family were so oddly smiley, even when talking about sad and painful things. The brother & the mother had the saddest faces I’ve even seen. Shame on mama for blaming her for the rape & not owning up to the knowledge of Erika’s trauma in the intervention. Tsk-tsk on the gay best friend for aiding & abetting her sex work so that he could share in the drug spoils. At least the boyfriend tried to curb her usage.
  9. Here’s a bit of background on Mona Foote: https://www.nytimes.com/2020/03/24/style/nashom-wooden-mona-foot-death-coronavirus.html I enjoyed this episode. It will stand as a marker for this period looking back, but it does seem unnecessary to mansplain to all of us watching and going through it what the pandemic was like. I didn’t know that so many queens had covid19... how fortunate they came through it, especially Tamisha.
  10. In case anyone is left on earth who hasn’t seen this legendary video clip of Tandy Iman Dupree, here it is:
  11. Lamé vs. sheer. So yeah, it seems they would have had to pack for both possible categories.
  12. I thought it was smart to include Noel Gallagher and a Jonas brother, not only for the always-necessary modern musician viewpoint in a documentary of musicians from an older era to try to appeal to The Kids, but also to speak from the experience of being a brother band. I was not aware of the competitive friction between Robin and Barry. I had always assumed it was Robin as the lead singer, the others as accessories. I had no idea how much input and control Barry had, and how much they all contributed to songwriting. Nick Jonas said that in brother bands there are long-simmering resentments g
  13. This show is delightful. This is what the Vegas show wishes it was. Just goes to show you...the raw material is probably there in both countries’ shows, but it’s up to the WOW show runners and editors to present it to us. I’m sure there many light-hearted moments in Vegas that aren’t contrived and manufactured, but the show runners think we won’t be interested unless there’s some beef and drama and beat us to death with it. Unless the UK queens really are silly and funny and just happy to be there and grateful for the opportunity, and the US queens really are a bunch of miserable petty bi
  14. Did they say what state the kids’ bodies were found in? That must have been a long, terrifying ride for them from New Hampshire.
  15. Oh, I could listen to Vanjie all day every day. Girl makes me laff. They are really pushing the Derrick Berry drama, with the backstory about mom and stepdad. Don’t care. Don’t care about the thruple home life. The whining when she tried to placate the rift between Naomi and Nebraska set my teeth on edge.
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