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  1. Rylee

    Long Lost Family

    Thanks for this info.
  2. Rylee

    Flip or Flop Las Vegas

    I agree and have been thinking this since the Las Vegas show began. Aubrey should work for Mattel designing Barbie Doll houses. She could remain true to her little girl inner child idea of what is glamorous. All that purple, pink and teal, and chintzy bling... the young girls would love it. I don’t dislike Aubrey and Bristol, (well, except for her voice,) and it’s fun to tune in to see what crazy design she’ll come up.
  3. Rylee

    All Episodes Talk: Orange is the New Yuck!

    I thought the whole sleeveless (no matter what the temperature or season) look started and came in with Michelle Obama. I was hoping it would go out with her, too. I don’t have anything against women wearing sleeveless clothing, I just think during colder temperatures, they can find attractive clothing more appropriate for the season.
  4. Rylee

    S07.E23: There's A New Team In Town Part 1

    I'm still tuning into this show but it doesn't hold my attention, so... were Ashlee and Yolanda telling the truth about the other moms wanting to get rid of Camille and Camryn? Not that I care about Camryn or Camille, I really don't. They are the least featured mother and daughter on the show. Both seem boring... nothing to love or hate.
  5. Rylee

    S07.E00: Abby Tells All Exclusive

    I had the show on, but only bits and pieces held my attention. Abby, alone, is not all that interesting and neither is her life. She has an immaturity and a vulnerability about her. We've seen her immaturity again and again, with her lack of self control. Lashing out at people, and especially children, is not a sign of strength, it's a sign one has lost control over their own emotions. And we saw her immaturity again last night by her refusal to fully accept responsibility for her choices and actions. In this particular case, she accepts her punishment... she'll do her time and be done with it, (she has no other choice) but she has not accepted responsibility. As for her vulnerability, it might be the one thing that keeps her somewhat likable. However, she's vulnerable because she's so immature. She simply has not figured out that a relationship is more than just how SHE feels about someone, it's more importantly, about how she makes THEM feel. She can love this person or that student, etc., but if they don't know they're loved, if they don't feel loved, it's really doesn't matter. I think this is quite evident by her lack of long lasting serious relationships. It seems to me, that she is lonely, and filled with sadness but can not connect it to her own behavior. I hope she will one day learn, but sadly, I feel that won't be the case. She'll be back, she'll try to stay current and keep relevant, probably somehow try to use all this to her advantage, and a few people may take notice for awhile, but she won't have changed or learned anything.
  6. Rylee

    S07.E00: Abby Tells All Exclusive

  7. Rylee

    S07.E00: Abby Tells All Exclusive

    When will it be on?
  8. Rylee

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I hope she's issued a pillow for her tears.
  9. Rylee

    Dance Moms in the Media

    *Yawn* Well, I see nothing has changed. Kira can be the meanest, most hateful mom, but what you see with her is what you get. Unlike Jill, who THINKS she is pulling one over on everyone by cleverly disguising her real motives under the guise of all that is "fair and just" for the children and all mankind. She's shallow, superficial, and transparent. And... she's far too arrogant to recognize how ignorant she truly is. Abby has always been her own worst enemy. I fear she will never learn. Anyone on this show, calling anyone else on this show, a fame whore... now that's just silly.
  10. Rylee

    Dance Moms in the Media

    https://www.google.com/amp/www.etonline.com/tv/220116_watch_abby_lee_miller_tearful_exit_sneak_peek_from_her_final_dance_moms_appearance/ampdoc.html Watch Abby Lee Miller's Tearful Exit in Sneak Peek From Her Final 'Dance Moms' Appearance Sorry if I dint do that right.
  11. Rylee

    Dance Moms in the Media

    I'd like to think Chloe is returning for one reason... Obviously, I don't know the reason behind the decision to return to the show but I'm hoping it was Chloe's choice, not her mother's, and I hope it's not just for fame and exposure. Chloe was on the first four seasons, from ages 10-13, and leaving the show was the right decision at the time. Now, at nearly 16 years old, when offered the opportunity to return, I'm hoping Chloe, after giving it much thought, saw it as an opportunity to show everyone, especially "Miss Abby," what a strong, mature young woman she has become, and how she wouldn't be beaten down by a bully in position of authority. Coming back, bigger, better and stronger, should be empowering to Chloe. *I realize as I now write this, it's been announced Abby won't be returning, but when I first heard Chloe would be making an appearance, I thought it could be healthy for her to confront her tormentor.
  12. Rylee

    Flip Or Flop

    My favorite is when a mother asks her young daughter what she thinks of the kitchen, (usually white and gray) and the child replies, "These colors really make it pop!" Or when a 10 year old boy says... "I like how they carried the same tile and counters from the kitchen and the fireplace into this master bath."
  13. Rylee

    Flip Or Flop

    And Tarek will be on the Today show.
  14. Rylee

    S07.E10: Breathless in Denver

    Finally a dance (end of the group dance) with what Kendall does best... moves in slow motion.